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Michael Dettmers: The Advantages of Agile Enterprises

Gylanix Solutions, a leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, and innovation consulting firm was co-founded by Michael Dettmers in 1999. Dettmers has been at the forefront in predicting what kind of organizations will be successful in the 21st century. His unique vision was amply validated by the success of Dettmers Industries, Inc, his first entrepreneurial venture.

Gylanix Solutions, clients included InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, Amnex Inc., The Europe Japan Center, PPL Global, The PA Chamber of Business and Industry, Paine Webber, and others.

Some key aspects of agile organizations which Michael Dettmers introduces to his clients are: Agile Organizations individuality. 

Agile Organizations flexibility, and teaching. 






Agile organizations focus on “active learning” where a significant amount of time and effort is devoted to developing skill. 

In Agile Organizations, information and knowledge of the resource are just as important as the resource itself. ď Ź

Non-Agile organizations are characterized by a centralized, top down management style, whereas agile organizations allow for the free flow of information from =m top to bottom and vice versa. ď Ź

Using his expertise in organizational design, Michael Dettmers has played an important role in helping many companies restructure their operations to an agile format, thereby increasing productivity and sales.

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Michael Dettmers: The Advantages of Agile Enterprises