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Michael Dettmers Is A Well- Trained Professional

Michael Dettmers was one of the earliest and foremost proponents of the agile approach to organizational design. Michael is experienced in helping small to medium sized companies reach their potential in terms of productivity and revenue. Based on that experience, he co-founded Dettmers Inductries Inc., which was later selected in 1993 by Inc. magazine as one of the Best Small Companies to Work for in America.

Michael Dettmers and his team at Gylanix stressed the importance of organizations adopting an agile framework. In such organizations, the companies invested in continuing employee education and skill development through classes and on the job training. This allows employees to think outside the box and innovate. With innovation they bring more wealth to themselves and the company.

Upon earning a Bachjelors degree in Economics from Concordia University, he helped Timothy Gallwey, the Founder of the Inner Game to design programs in peak performance, executive coaching, and the human side of change management for Fortune 500 companies. Next he co-founded Dettmers Industries, Inc. a company that designed, engineered and manufactured seating and table products for the corporate aviation industry. Their clients included Gulfstream, Aerospace, Canadair, Falcon Jet and Learjet.

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Michael Dettmers  

Michael Dettmers is a well- trained professional. Michael Dettmers is an author, speaker, and professional organization and design consultan...

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