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Leading the Way in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Michael Dettmers

Michael Dettmers is a well- trained professional and has a multitude of experience in organizational design and transformation. ď Ź

His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to the growth and development of the organizations with which he was associated. ď Ź

Upon earning a Bachjelors degree in Economics from Concordia University, he helped Timothy Gallwey, the Founder of the Inner Game to design programs in peak performance, executive coaching, and the human side of change management for Fortune 500 companies. 

Next he co-founded Dettmers Industries, Inc. a company that designed, engineered and manufactured seating and table products for the corporate aviation industry. 

Their clients included Gulfstream, Aerospace, Canadair, Falcon Jet and Learjet. 

Being a true visionary, Michael introduced several unique reforms in employee management. 

He allowed employees to select their own leaders, hire their own personnel, set own schedules, and even determine their own pay. 

With such a unique internal structure, it is no wonder that Dettmers Industries was selected by Inc. magazine in 1993 as one of the Best Small Companies to Work for in America. 

Because of the organizational changes Michael designed and introduced the company was able to significantly reduce production cycle times and increase profitability. 

Needless to say, the employees were very satisfied with this structure. 

The company was later sold to DeCrane Holdings in 1998. 

Michael has a comprehensive understanding of the way organizations need to be run to extract maximum productivity from employees and increase revenue for product sales. ď Ź

More importantly, he is not afraid to take the big steps or even completely overhaul the way a company is being run. ď Ź

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Michael Dettmers  

Michael Dettmers is a well- trained professional. Michael Dettmers has a comprehensive understanding of the way organizations need to be run...

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