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For community minded developers and owners, Quantum United partners with you to lead the way in educating and enabling vibrant and connected communities. Quantum sets itself apart from other owners corporation management companies with its dedication to community building, passion for innovation, and commitment to educating the market. Because Quantum has improved and refined it’s unique proven management model since 2006, we know it will be loved by your communities.


Playbook Summary

Playbook Summary We all have a strong desire for a connection with others. In November 2018 The Australian Loneliness Report produced by Swinburne University and the Australian Psychological Society was released. This report explored the loneliness levels of Australians and the impact on their health and wellbeing, as it’s a growing concern globally. The report concluded 1 in 4 Australians are lonely. They are experiencing a personal feeling of social isolation. Loneliness signals a need to form a meaningful connection with others.

Quantum United’s vision is to create vibrant and connected communities all around the world

Our team strive to become the world’s most sought after, trusted and engaging large scale community management and consulting company. Dedicated to building community through emotional connection, intentional simplicity and mutual support. At Quantum, owners corporations are communities. Whether they are greenfield estates, high rise, apartments or town house projects, our team remains committed and passionate about building communities. We have developed a proven management model known as the Quantum Solution. It’s the foundation for our professional management that we provide your communities. The Quantum Solution incorporates five key principles for transforming everyday buildings into vibrant and connected communities.


Playbook Summary

These are: 1. Business: administration, meetings, strategic planning, financial management, insurance etc; 2. Quantum Assist: 24/7 asset management, protection and project presentation; 3. Governance & Compliance: committee governance and owner compliance with the various legislation, Rules & other governing documents; 4. Communication: active ongoing community engagement; and 5. Community: building and maintaining a sense of safety, security and a sense of belonging. Owners and residents within communities managed by Quantum, feel more alive and connected to their neighbours and community. They feel heard, understood and that they have all their questions answered. Perhaps most importantly they feel proud to call their community home. We work together with your team in our shared passion of creating engaged and connected communities.

Our Key Principles


Quantum Assist

Governance & Compliance





Quantum Overview Quantum United Management Pty Ltd as trustee for the Quantum United Family Trust ABN: 69 202 124 813 Head Office: Level 2, Suite 12, 100 Overton Rd, Williams Landing, Victoria 3027. Telephone: +61 3 8360-8800 24/7 Quantum Assist: 1300 000 QUM [786] Email address: info@quantumunited.com.au Victoria Business Licensing Authority Registration No. 104 Professional Indemnity Insurance Chubb Insurance Company Australia $10 Million each policy period | Policy No. 93310726 Authorised Representative with Whitbread & CHU


Our Story

Our Story

Quantum United has been providing our niche clients owners corporation management and consulting services since February 2006. Our wonderful team are passionate about working closely and building relationships with our clients and our communities. We understand the key challenges projects go through in the planning phase and during transition of the development across to owners corporation management. One of the biggest challenges we observe in these projects is poor engagement and poor communication. Humans are social beings and thrive when connected with others, this greatly serves their overall health and wellbeing. If owners do not have that strong sense of connection with their community they’re not going to feel a strong sense of belonging. We’ve found this feeling of belonging is the secret ingredient to a vibrant connected community. Quantum’s key vision in this partnership with you is: working together to carry forward the vision of the Developer following transition, to develop a thriving community, whose residents are proud to call home.


Our Services

Our Services

For community minded developers and owners, Quantum United partners with you to lead the way in educating and enabling vibrant and connected communities. Quantum sets itself apart from other owners corporation management companies with its dedication to community building, passion for innovation, and commitment to educating the market. Because Quantum has continued to refine it’s unique proven management model since 2006, we know it will be loved by your communities. We have many years of experience and understand, the complexities and challenges a developer works through when bringing an extensive project to market. When working together with developers our focus is supporting you to set up the structure and operation of your owners corporation component as effectively and efficiently as possible. We have worked through this for a number of our developer clients including: Development Victoria, Frasers Australia, Armitage Jones, Ian & Philip McNaughton, Stockland, and Villawood. Our services incorporates our consultancy and the Quantum Management Solution. This solution incorporates our owners corporation management and our Platinum Suite of services being – • Quantum Leaps – strategic planning & education for communities; • Quantum Connect – building community & mobile apps and web platforms; and • Quantum QC – governance and compliance.


Our Services

Our Services


O/C Management

Quantum Assist

Platinum Suite


Our Services


Our Consulting Solution is the initial tailored consultancy service approach that will provide you the support to plan, manage, anticipate and work through the setup of the owners corporation within your project. It incorporates engagement and support for the development team from our consulting team and importantly education and support for the sales team moving forward in the initial phases. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with developers in supporting them on all owners corporation related matters. Whether it is drafting the initial owners corporation rules in line with your expectations for the project, review and advice around the plan of subdivision, working with your legal team around structure and contracts or creating fact sheets for your sales team; the development team doesn’t need to feel overwhelmed or concerned. The development team will feel at ease and confident this side of the project is on track, allowing them to focus on other key areas of the project delivery. This would be a wonderful way to work through and bring your project to life wouldn’t it. When providing our consultancy services areas we can assist with include: • Review of the plan of subdivision; • Review and advice on the Owners Corporation Rules and any other governing documents; • Review of the common property facilities and its functionality; • Preparation of Owners Corporation Certificates for Contract of Sale; • Setting up initial budget forecasts; • The setup & legislative requirements for the O/C’s; • Community education and engagement programs; • Mobile App, website design, structure and operation advice; • Facilities Management setup and operation; and • Reviewing all Lease & License Agreements relating to the owners corporation operations. 9

Our Services

Owners Corporation Management

Quantum United harnesses the expertise of industry experts to deliver innovative, effective & efficient owners corporation management solutions to built form communities. By applying our Quantum Solution principles and detailed internal systems we ensure a consistent professional management service that results in a well presented project, and happy and harmonious communities. Specific service areas we focus on include: • Professional Financial Management & Reporting We maintain accurate & detailed financial records supported by transparent financial reports that owners can trust and rely on. • High-level Maintenance & Management of Assets The Quantum Assist team ensures the protection and enhancement of your asset through appropriate maintenance, a 24/7 on-call maintenance solution and an Asset Maintenance Tracking solution; • Close collaboration with the developer during early project stages We advise and assist during the various phases of development, particularly during the important phase of transition; • Meticulous Governance & Compliance measures Setup & apply structured governance models to ensure proactive and focused Committees and appropriate systems of management & compliance with any owners corporation rules or other governing documents. • Active, ongoing Communication to the developer, Committee and importantly all owners regarding the Manager’s responsibilities and overall operation of their owners corporation. Good after-sales service for purchasers creates positive word-of mouth for the development and supports future sales. If there is not ongoing communication with purchasers after settlement this can cause community dissatisfaction and raise questions about whether the Developer is meeting its commitments and will fulfil the vision that the purchasers have bought into. As your Owners Corporation Manager, we can provide a seamless after-settlement service for your purchasers and support them through the settlement process.


Our Services

Quantum Assist Facilities Management

Quantum Assist is the hub of our Facilities Management operations. It encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the project and the management of their impact upon residents and the environment. Effective facilities management, combining resources and activities, is vital to the success of any development. At a developer level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives of the project. On a day-to day level, effective facilities management provides a well-maintained project and infrastructure and will ensure the appropriate operation of the community facilities. Through Quantum Assist we’ll deliver a comprehensive customised support & maintenance solution to ensure the effective operation of the key facilities & services. We’re able to work together with the developer to develop a facilities management solution that’s tailored to the specific needs of each project.

24/7 Quantum Assist - ‘1 300 000 QUM [786]’

24/7 Residents Assistance

24/7 Contractor Call Out & Tracking

Infrastructure Maintenance Monitoring & Scheduling


Our Services

Platinum Suite We’ve found it’s very common for a developer to feel there’s a disconnect between their initial vision and plan for the community, to the one that eventuates under management. This often revolves around the presentation of the development and the lack of a sense of belonging amongst residents. Our Platinum Suite is a range of speciality services that explore, research and resolve problems around communication, planning and good governance. These services incorporate: 1. ‘Quantum Leaps’- Strategic planning & education for communities 2. ‘Quantum Connect’- Building Community & Mobile apps/web platforms 3. ‘Quantum QC’ – Governance & Compliance These are the key ingredients that make up our secret sauce; that when mixed with the right knowledge, experience and team, creates our vibrant connected communities. The initial strategic planning process, owner education forum, events & activities and active ongoing communication through the communities mobile app, all blended together and served up by the Quantum team, strategically address all of these challenges. The developer and their community are connected with the project’s vision. No frustrated owners, only happy, engaged and informed ones

Quantum Leaps

Quantum Connect

Quantum QC


Our Services

Quantum Leaps Strategic Planning & education for communities Not knowing what your future holds and not being clear on where your elected Committee is directing your community, is a common concern among developers and owners. Quantum will work with you and your communities to research, develop, implement and review a Community Strategic Plan. This will provide a clear 3-5 year plan for the community, adopted by the community, that remains consistent, even with changes to the committee. Importantly we aim to ensure that these strategic plans align with the developers vision and intentions for the project. This will cover areas like governance and compliance framework, community, key asset management, business and administration, and communication. The Strategic Plan that Quantum works with developers and/or communities to develop, provides confidence to all owners that there is a clear path of management, growth and focus on key areas of importance for the community for future years, regardless of changing Committees.

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Our Services

Quantum Connect Buidling Community and Mobile apps & web platforms Communities with poor or no communication are all too common. It results in residents who feel disconnected and isolated from their neighbours, their community. Quantum Connect creates vibrant and connected communities. Our team works closely with our communities to activate community by assisting with initiating events and activities and offering communities their own mobile app and web platform solution. Our Community App provides owners access to extensive information, documentation, new & updates etc about their community, at their convenience. Importantly it allows us to send Push Notifications to owners about numerous events, maintenance alerts, meetings, activities etc in relation to their community. This provides a sense of security and comfort for residents within the communities. This extensive information will also be replicated within a web platform for owners. These services greatly support and build community and ensure residents feel a sense of belonging within our communities. Communities our residents being proud to call home.


Our Services

Quantum QC Governance and Compliance A common challenge within communities are Committees who are elected who are not well informed about the structure and operation of their community and, at times do not have the best interest of the community as a priority. This often results in poor decision making and frustrated and angry owners, all of which impact the brand of the developer. This creates a great sense of concern amongst residents and a feeling of uncertainty about their future. Quantum QC incorporates Committee education and training, including our own CRIP – Committee Recruitment and Induction Program, and our onsite inspection & reporting services if requested. Our CRIP program combined with our Committee training assists in owners with the right intentions getting on the Committee and that these owners are provided all the tools, information and support needed to become great Committee members who commit themselves and proudly represent their community of owners.

What we value from Quantum United is simple ‌ things get done, with a minimum of fuss. The people at Quantum United are flexible in their approach while making sure that we meet our legal obligations. They have also provided useful advice as we developed our strategic plan, updated our Maintenance Plan, refreshed our Insurance Valuation and restructured our financial management practices. Ongoing support of the Committee and its operation is smooth and efficient. In summary, Quantum United meets our expectations and delivers what we need. David Lipshut: 13th Beach O/C Chairman


What sets us apart?

What sets us apart Interwoven within the fabric of both our consulting and management services is our core focus on building strong vibrant communities, not just standard legislative compliance. This is a matrix of key value added services that adds the finishing touch to our overarching Quantum Solution; it’s what sets us apart. This is continued and expanded on with our Platinum Suite of services. It’s the comprehensive Strategic Planning process we work through with the community, the focus on education and information and of course active ongoing communication and education via our community mobile apps, web platforms and events and activities. The Platinum Suite is our secret sauce; when mixed with your vision and our knowledge, experience and team, creates vibrant and connected communities people are proud to call home.

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Our Communities

Our Communities Consulting Communities include:


Our Communities

Management Communities:

Eynesbury Township

13th Beach

Club Delaray

Botanica Springs





955 lot residential community

275 lot golf and residential community

653 lots residential community

404 lot residential community.


Proposed 1,063 (on completion) community

circa 4,000 golf & residential community on completion.

The Heartlands

Saltwater Coast

Waterstone Hill

Wyndham Waters





1,031 lot residential community.

1,985 lot residential communitys.

332 lot residential community.

827 lot residential community.



Our Community Support Team Quantum United has been particularly focused and deliberate in selecting and developing a passionate professional team around it’s great culture, and in particular our team’s values. Our values are to: • Be passionate about building communities; • Be impeccable with our communications; • Provide guidance and leadership; • Demonstrate focus & commitment; and • Be Awesome Our team is made up of three accountability groups, each having a team leader. Meeting every fortnight they review and discuss their rolling 90 day plans, all revolved around our clients services and needs. This dynamic model sets up great problem resolution sharing amongst our team. Our professional team are predicting and solving our clients challenges before they realise they have them. Our approach to management leaves our developers relaxed and able to focus on the many other challenges that arise for them in other areas of the project. Importantly it leaves our committees and communities free to relax, enjoy the lifestyle they bought into and connect with others within the community. 19

Team Members

Team Members Michael Darby (CMCA)

Rupert Murray-Arthur (CA)

Michael [CMCA] is the Founder - Managing Director of Quantum United Management. He has over 16 years experience in the setup, structure, management and operation of owners corporations and community associations within large scale projects.

Rupert [CMCA] is the General Manager of Quantum Rupert has over 9 years’ experience working within Owners Corporation committees and held the position as Chairman of a high-rise property. His professional experience includes working with committees, financial management, operational implementation, system development, human resource management and strategic planning.

Chantel Pearson

Sherlyn Peter (CMCA)

Chantel Pearson has been a Client Manager with Quantum for over seven years and is also a Team Leader. She manages her own portfolio’s and has recently completed her Certificate IV in Property Services. She is passionate and dedicated to her future growth within Quantum.

Sherlyn is a Client Manager and Team Leader within Quantum and has had over six years experience working as an owners corporation manager on built form projects and large communities.

Managing Director

Client Manager

General Manager

Client Manager


Team Members

Shane Goldfarb (CMCA) Kylie Maclennan Client Manager

Client Support

Ashleigh Barber

Sebastian Barbagallo

Assistant Client Manager

Client Manager

Nadene Muller

Trish Barnes

Client Manager

Compliance & Administration

Natasha Yeow

Christine Ganonis

Assistant Client Manager

Administration Assistant

Saranya Pillay Compliance Officer

Natalie White

Client Manager Support


Industry Associations

Industry Associations The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) is Australia’s peak representative body for all segments of the urban development industry.

Active member since 2006.

Community Leaf Partner Recognising Quantum United as the leader in Community within the development sector, we were approached by UDIA to partner in the program by supporting and providing advice on the Community component. We’ve been the Community partner since 2013.

A USA/ international organization dedicated to building better communities, CAI provides education and resources to community association homeowner leaders, professional managers, association management companies and other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to community associations.

An organisation of Excellence for the nations not-for-profits providing advice, tools, resources and training.