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Del Valle High School Speak Up Speak Out

We Present A Life Size High School Redesign

A New Vision, A New School

Why has there never been a Blue Ribbon High School In East Austin?

We are the largest high school in East Austin

Now, let us make us that Blue Ribbon School

Our students deserve nothing else or nothing less

To do this we will need a direction and a new vision

You can not keep on doing the same old things over and over and expect different results

We are currently thinking like this- way behind the times

This is a classroom of the 1880's

This is a classroom in the 21st Century 140 years later yet very much the same

Yet we need the flexibility to meet the current needs of students like this. Our problem is space and our solution is space- we must use the space to help our students by merging best practices of today and the best technology we have at our hands today.

Breaking down traditions are hard, yet if we are going to meet 21st century student needs we can not rely on 19th century answers anymore

Change is hard, yet we have done many changes before

At one time this was considered state of the art education

However, no one today would consider this to be state of the art today

At one time this was a state of the art high school

That time was 1917 not now

At one time this was the way we wrote at school

Not today

At one time all students sat in these seats everyday

Not today

At one time this was state of the art high school classroom

Not today

Today far too often the state of art is putting more and more students into one single room- is this what we need? Is this what our students need? Is this what we need if we are going to become a Blue Ribbon School?

At one time a student stayed in a classroom like this all day. Will this type of thinking get the results we need as we approach the the middle of the 21st century?

Every year we wait We loose more students and We fail to solve the problem Time is not on side The students we have in school today will be the leaders of the last part of the 21st century and parents of the leaders of 22nd century, do we really need to train them with 18th and 19th century techniques.

At one time this was considered excellent Teaching using excellent technology Would you want your child to be taught like this today?

At one time our schools looked like factories

Because they were functioned like factories Here a school goes from a factory high school to a factory warehouse because it was more suited for

storage of materials than teaching 21st century students. We don't want to get in the business of warehousing students and giving them a second rate education, do we?

Because if we want to be a model school we need to model the best teaching methods of today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

If we don't our schools will end up much like this abandoned Ford factory- no longer in use.

One size fits all schools that are inflexible do not work Our population is much more diverse

And will need have a much more globally based education than any students before them

Today High School Students Face overcrowded conditions

Do we want this to be our future ? Or is there something that we can do now to stop the thinking that has caused this ?

We now have different needs

We have different challenges

Every Student Deserves A First Class Education

We can no longer do the same thing


over again and expect the same results

Now Why Should We Change?

Because Local Businesses Like


They Do This Because Changing Space Makes Cents

Now Let's See What Makes Sense In Model Schools Today

Here In Spring ISD They Changed Space Through The Use of Flexible Walls- Why Leave Space Empty When It Can Help Student ?

Teacher Workrooms of the 21st Century

Flexible Computer Labs Means More Foreign Languages

Flexible Use Of Space Allows

For More Students Learning More Subjects and Learning More Effectively

Changing Empty Spaces

Makes The Use Of Space Make More Sense For Our Future Needs

We need to


be the difference that our students need and deserve

The Problem is space and our solution is space

More creative use of space creates more space

Using more enhanced technology we will create

more collaborate teaching opportunities

Using enhanced technology

Increases opportunities for tutoring

Increased enhanced technology takes this

Empty seats due to absences into this Money for the school because now the school can come to the student who is ill or home bound

Technology provides money and space

Using technology will allow High School teachers to Teach students at Other Schools In Your District Other Schools In Your State Other Schools In Your Hemisphere Other Schools In The World

Enrichment classes Foreign Languages CATE Classes Without the high school teacher leaving the high school

Enhanced technology will allow High School teachers from the main campus to teach students at alternative campuses

This will help students Keep up with their electives Get additional help Keep up with other classmates Allows a student to succeed Maintains quality control Increases opportunities for students Improves discipline

Enhanced Technology Allows A High School To Improve Inservice Instruction

Enhanced technology will allow for enhanced Foreign language instruction creating a foreign language magnet school

Enhanced technology will help more us to use your space much more effectively

How does this work?

From This we will gain

Higher Test Scores

Higher Student ADA

Lower Student Failure Rates and Increase Student Graduation Rates

Increase Your School's Report Card Grade

Now the question is can we actually do this?

The surprise is that we are actually doing some of this now

Here is a sample of an exchange with Sisler High

School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada We have done video conferences with more than fifty countries and twenty organizations this past year alone.

We are currently conducting Debates In Spanish

With Schools In Argentina

And with your help we will be able to do a great deal more in the future

Every classroom and every space can be turned into a place for world class learning because we can bring the classrooms of the world directly to your High School. If we can provide a world class education to our students and do so more effectively and with less cost than an ordinary education, should we not do so ?

All we have to do to get this done is to start thinking of all of the space that we have in the school as learning space. In the 1880's it was the classroom, in the middle of the 21st century we need to think outside of the classroom. The classroom is a place of learning. It is not the only place of learning.

This is not a redesign of our curriculum. Rather is is a redesign of the way we approach our teaching and instruction. We will take what worked well in the past

And combine it with is working well in the

To bring our students the very best education possible

Now through web based enhanced Life Size technology creative use of space and a redesign of efforts We will create a school that provides for everyone needs much better by providing Increased Tutoring Increased Foreign Languages Increased Test Scores Increased ADA Increased Electives Enhanced CATE Classes Higher School Report Card Grade Ability to Become A Model School

All of this will be accomplished through the use of Life Size Technology They provide H 323 Video Conferencing at fraction Of Old Way of Doing It. This technology will allow for the restructuring of the entire campus.

If you would like to have a school where other teachers and administrators want to study your success. You can tell by this presentation that we are on our way to accomplishing exactly that. Now with your help we can both create a high school that will be a leader not only in United States but in the world.

High School is more than a building it is space where our students come to learn everyday. Let us make this space work for our students and let us make our school a leader in the world.

Speak up speak out presentation  

Redesigning the modern high school

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