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michaelhobgood 2008-2011

michaelhobgood North Carolina State University College of Design Candidate BEDA Graduating May 2012 North Carolina State University Poole College of Management Candidate BA Finance Graduating May 2013 BridgePoint Construction Services, inc Project Superintendent & Sustainability Analyst LEED Green Associate 919.724.7029

1 georgetownurban precinct study 2 georgetownmuseum of the city 3 leca de palmeiravisitors center 5 north carolinachamber music guild 7 ncsubike shelter competition 8 ncsubike shelter design|build 9 baltimoreus lacrosse center 11 holesovicecity within a city 2030 13 assorteddesign|build|drawings

five pointsnolli map arches pencil photoshop


sophomore studioARC 201

instructor sean vance

Challenge: Design and build a 3d diagram representing occupancy density for assigned precinct. Design: We treated our project like a precious piece of hand-crafted furniture and used rare African Bloodwood’s distict amber color to dinstinguish the structure of the streets which supports the urban fabric being studied. Basswood ‘buildings’ are constructed with varying gaps to represent estimated occupancy density and are physically and symbolically supported by the streets. Our particular precinct’s urban fabric is a response to the river and the canal. Therefore these two very important site features act as the base for the rest of the precinct which is expressed by cantilevering over 70% of the model with embedded steel ballast that diagrams the location of water on the site.



precinct study

bloodwood basswood steel ballast

Challenge: Design a museum for displaying historic artifacts of Georgetown without using “walls” or “roofs”. Design: The design offers a new place for river-goers to wait, board and unboard the canal boat as well as provide access from the riverwalk and adjacent footbridge. A bar plan fits the narrow sight and uses a perimeter circulation strategy that interacts museum visitors with the canal and street-facing fascades which refelects portions of Georgetown’s very own grid.


of the city

basswood cardboard acrylic aluminum arches



leca de palmeiravisitors


cardboad basswood autocad illustrator lasercutter

sophomore studioARC 202

instructor epi pazienza

Challenge: Design a visitors center for Alvaro Siza’s Municipal Swimming Pools in Porto, Portugal. Design: Primarily an outdoor space nestled in the rocks, Siza kept the roof structure below the boardwalk to keep the view of the sea unobstructed. The site is very long and much of the program aside from the pools and seating are tucked away under the boardwalk. The addition does just that except being a visitors center it needed to strike a balance between prominence and respecting the views. Using thin structure on piloti, the box housing the visitors center and gallery has a completely glassed fascade facing the ocean and spans over newly added lap pools.

junior studioARC 301

instructor epi pazienza

Challenge: Design a space for the North Carolina Chamber Music Guild to house performances, a gallery, offices and a small school in Cary North Carolina. Design: The design is four consecutive 30’x30’ cubes with the seperated theater cube connected to the gallery by a small internal tunnel made of stone. The skin of the building was inspired by an old tobacco barn in North Carolina and interpreted in a contemporary way through the use of corten steel and glass wrapping a laminated wood column and beam structure.


north carolinachamber

music guild

autocad rhino illustrator photoshop pen color pencil

junior studioARC 302

instructor jianxin hu

Challenge: Design a bike shelter for inter-studio competition. Design: A twisting bench/shelter/information center rationalized into modular sections made of reclaimed framing timbers sealed with environmentally friendly linseed oil for prolonged use. The design can be arranged in many configurations to suit different site situations and needs. We chose to study and design this shelter for the highly trafficed area between SAS Hall and Park Shops on the NCSU campus.



shelter competition

reclaimed pine steel acrylic modular construction

(runner up) partner: tyler shannon

Challenge: Combine the two winning shelter design concepts into an aesthetically pleasing and efficient structure to be built in under two weeks using reclaimed structural materials. Design: Reclaimed damaged OSB boards CNC milled with mounting holes allowed for the structure to be assembled easily by hand and fastened with threaded rods. The structure uses a structurally integrated roof and bench to add strength and rigidity.

team: david benson, sara marley, tyler shannon,matt kelly, mia mulic, scott nelsen, ethan sitver


shelter design|build steel pvc pine reclaimed osb modular construction


junior studioARC 302

instructor jianxin hu

Challenge: Design a 75,000 sqft building and future development on a blank site located on the Baltimore Harbor for the US Lacrosse Association. Structure must be made of steel and use unconventional methods of supporting the building to be submitted to the American Institute of Steel Construction competition. Design: The main core uses a standard grid wrapped with steel bands to create an extremely strong vertical “tube� which supports the two-level bar that spans over a portion of a public park. The bar uses slightly inverted support members to redistribute compressive loads to the floor girders. The system offers a very rigid and light structural design and expresses the efficiency and aesthetic qualities of steel construction.



lacrosse center

archicad revit 3ds max photoshop

prague studioARC 490

instructor martin perlik

Challenge: Holesovice was once a thriving industrial center just outside Prague’s Old Town. With group members Sean Steinbuegeler and Garian Baker we each set out to plan and detail one third of the site. Design: The center of a city is the most crucial organ--even one already within a larger city. The center of holesovice is home to protected train repair warehouses and historic Bubny Station. It suffers from two very busy highways flanking the entire east and west sides causing the area to be uneasily accessible by pedestrians. The plan adds square-footage on top of a bisected repair warehouse via glass boxes on piloti, mid-rise residential on the north and south ends , and a new office tower with a completely public base for added community connectivity. For added life to the center during and after busy daytime hours a theater that doubles as a park is nestled in between all proposed buildings in place of a traditional courtyard, adding interesting pockets for resting yet open enough for viewing concerts from the terraced outdoor seating. Live. Work. Play.



within a city 2030

rhino sketchup kerkythea grasshopper photoshop



ccma cmu wall competition 1st place prize





hand drawings


5th Year Portfolio  

2008-2011student works in chronological order.

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