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ic Roldan is the Captain of the US Polo Team, he’s currently the leading American polo player with an impressive 8-goal handicap rating in the US and 7 in the UK. He’s the youngest player in the world to win the US Polo Open title - at age 15 - and has won matches on all five continents. Nic has many philanthropic activities and also has a burgeoning modeling career – not for nothing does his website ( call him the face of American polo! Here’s Nic Roldan, in his own words. Where were you born? Buenos Aires, Argentina And raised? Wellington, FL, where I live now, but I always traveled all over as my dad was also a professional polo player. I’m a fourth generation polo player. What was your schooling like? Exceptional! A straight A student!, not so much but I did have a


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great time at school. Sports were my thing, I played hockey, roller-hockey and golf at school to a pretty high level until polo totally took over. What did you want to be when you grew up? A rapper! What was your first job? My first and last, I’m still doing it; playing polo professionally! Actually my first real job was as a goal-judge aka “Flag-Wagger” at polo games being paid a couple of dollars a game. What would you have done if you hadn’t taken up the sport professionally? I was offered a hockeyscholarship. Aside of polo I also work in real estate, with my mother, we have flipped several properties and I really enjoy working with her remodeling properties. We love to bounce design ideas off each other. Her designs and style are unique and definitely inspired by her upbringing in Europe and by her travels. She loves to integrate old antiques into


NIC ROLDAN AMERICAN POLO STAR her designs. My style has been a mix of contemporary and modern. We try to combine both styles together in addition to my house being a lofty masculine look and feel. With two of my close friends we formed an equestrian development company where we design and develop equestrian properties. What do you find enjoyable/exciting about polo? The speed, the adrenaline, the horses, the family aspect, the travel, what’s not to like? Married, Single or Significant Other? Girlfriend. Do you have children? One step at a time! But I spend a lot of time with my sister’s two sons Santos and Indio. Your favorite restaurants in the UK and in the USA? UK: Zuma in London, Comestibles in Midhurst, W. Sussex. USA: Park Avenue Wellington, FL and Imoto in Palm Beach, FL.

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