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31 High Street, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6EY 01264 810833 Reviewed by Michael M Sandwick

The Greyhound on the Test I

f you have a fantasy about English country life, this would probably be it. Stockbridge is the heart of Hampshire. Rolling hills, marshes, woods, thatched cottages and The River Test. And it’s the real McCoy. Plenty of amenities for tourists without becoming a ‘twee’ version of itself. In the middle of it all is this gem of a country inn. Between the high street and the banks of the river, The Greyhound is everything we Londoners dream about for a weekend getaway. It’s old, well preserved, cosy, comfortable and tasteful without being posh, with great beds and best of

26 June 2015

all, fabulous plumbing! Scads of hot water in the ginormous overhead shower. Well, maybe not best of all. That accolade goes to the kitchen, with service coming in a very close second. The staff are brilliant. Genuinely friendly, laid back and gracious, they take care of your every need as if it gives them pleasure. Skills they surely learned from the owner, Lucy Townsend. She has chosen her staff with care. The kitchen is no exception. Chef Neil Cooper has done a remarkable job. His food is innovative, beautifully presented and packed with flavor. This, at the age of

28. Watch his space! Stockbridge mushrooms with crispy sage on toast (£12.50) was simple, and simply delicious. The mushrooms were cooked down enough to augment their flavor while still keeping them juicy. I could have made a meal of it. A glass of Chilean Merlot (£5.95) was a good pairing. Treacle cured salmon, lemongrass and ginger puree, radish and pickled beetroot (£9.95) was a fab combination. The zing of the puree really complimented the slightly candied salmon. The full body of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (£6.95) was

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