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eigh Zimmerman was our cover star in March when she told us about her starring role in A Chorus Line. She loved the West End so much that now she has relocated to the UK capital, along with her musician husband Domenick Allen and family. We caught up with the two stars in their new London home. So, what led the couple to the big decision to move home across the Atlantic? Leigh: It's not the first time we've been here. We lived in London for seven years, then back in the States for the last five. My rule is that if you've loved somewhere for seven years you can call it home. I feel like we've been welcomed back here with open arms. We're happy both sides of the ocean. The West End loves Leigh - as well as Sheila she's played both Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in Chicago and Ulla in The Producers. Did that help with the relocation decision? Leigh: Absolutely. I wasn't new to the city, or the industry here. As I started doing A Chorus Line word got out that I was back and I was so happy with the reception. Then I won an Olivier award. The industry opened up to me, which I'm grateful for. It made it clear to us that this is where we want to be right now. Relocating is a big decision, especially with a family, and they have been quoted as saying they’re moving to London permanently. Really? Domenick: Yes, as permanently as permanent can be in show business. For me it's even more of a coming back home because I was born in Scotland. It’s great to be back here, and also to see how Lon-

Leigh Zimmerman & Domenick Allen Welcome (or rather, Welcome Back!) to the expat showbiz couple as they launch their new show in London Photos by Michael Wharley. don has changed and evolved, even in the past five years or so since we were here before. I'll still be working in the States - I have another booking in November for my show Vinyl, the Classic Rock Experience and my special guest in it is Denny Laine who formed the Moody Blues and was then in Wings with Paul McCartney. I've worked with Denny before – he's just fantastic. Leigh: For Domenick it doesn't matter where we live because he's going out all over the world doing

concerts, where we live is a base. Domenick: I get my mail delivered to Heathrow Terminal 3! It's not the most pleasant thing, I love being with my girls, my wife and beautiful daughter. Musicians often say after a while that they'd like to get off the road and into a residency – or at least a job at Tesco! Las Vegas is kind of like that – we still have our house in Las Vegas, and a car, most of my guitars are there, so it's like getting home too, I can pick up where I left off.

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