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ABOUT ME Hi, my name is Michael Bull and I am a third year student studying Mdes Product Design at Coventry University. Product Design is a subject I am passionate and euthusiastic about and is what I consider as my ideal career. My interest for Product Design grew from when I noticed the differences between things that were designed for a purpose of being useful and things that would just be there to please the eye. I am currently seeking a design placement opportunity to gain experience in a commerical environment to build on my growing set of skills.

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"Good design is thorough down to the last detail." - Dieter Rams

What’s Inside...








AdaptRunner Self-Initiated Project ‘‘Design something that solves a problem.’’ (James Dyson Award)

Research Phase

$5,000 to $50,000 Cost of a new Prosthetic Leg



Below - Knee Amputations

60% 40%


Average Age for Lower Limb Amputations (UK)

World Amputee Population: 10 million

Causes: • Vascular disease 90%, consisting of atherosclerosis 60%, diabetes mellitus 30% • Trauma 5% • Neoplasm 1% • Other causes 4% Issues: • Stumps change shape over the year sockets need adjusting or replacement. • The needs of amputees change. • Prosthetic replacements change and the devices require care and maintenance. • New, appropriate devices are being constantly developed and these may be available to the prosthetist to supply.

5 Key Insights and Challenges



Comfort & Fit



After looking into issues that amputees and prothetist have to gain insight and understanding challenges they face. I then narrowed it down to 5 key issues I wanted to target.

Concept Development Concept/Solution Overview

Then came up with 4 different proposals to cater to the respective challenges that were faced to ensure a holistic and comprehensive solution.

Structure Improvement

Modular Attachment

Conforming Vaccum

Smart Technology

Usage Scenario Stump Volume Alteration

One of the issues with prosthetics in general is that the limb may change over time, which will affect the fitting of the prosthetic.

1) Removing the Prosthetic Leg

2) Heating Oven

3) Protective Lining

4) Wearing Socket

5) Activate Vaccum

With the use of conforming Polyurethane Liner which adapts, it saves the cost of replacing the entire socket when the residual limb volume fluctuates.

Concept Exploration Adapting Human Form and Form Development

Pistons Pistons Ver. 2


Springs and Fibreglass Lightweight Springy Heel

Springs and Pistons

Concept Exploration Exploring Feet Form

Connector to the main leg section.

Grip Options

Concept Finalisation Inside of the prosthetic leg, there is a Pylon which gives the leg support and adjusts in height to suit the user.

The pivot allows the user to move the attachment, which allows them the move about.

Either a Ice Skating Blade or a ski.

Ski Prosthetic Attachment Two buttons on the side allows the user to disconnect the foot attachment and replaced with another one.

Gives the foot support and when supressed, it returns back to it’s orginal form.

Polyurethane Grip

Running Attachment

Connects to the socket and locks the foot attachment in place.

The pivot allows the user to skate like a professional and move the top of the prosthetic into the move into the correct position.

Ice Skating Attachment

Rock Climbing Attachment

Indented section at the front to adapt to different rock forms. Inspiration from hiking boots with a modern take.

AdaptRunner The AdaptRunner Prosthetic Leg changes the very experience of being an amputee to help them adapt back to a healthier lifestyle and blend back into society. It is able to adapt to different solutions that the user may put it in by changing the foot, to suit the type of exercise they might do. Instead of switching the entire prosthetic between sports, an open and diverse range of attachments allows for manufacturers and designers to Design feet catering to different sports - much like our shoes.

The height of the leg is adjustable to suit accordingly to the individual users, by activiating a system that adjusts it for the users.

Rubber Hexagonal Patterned Outsole. The sorbothane structure provides better shock absorption as well as improve the overall structural integrity to cater to both planarflexion and dorsiflexion, unlike conventional products which mostly cater to one.

Jonnie Peacock. Team GB T44 men’s 100 metres Athele.

Carbon Fibre Structure.

Release Buttons with Rubber Grips.

Featuring an elevated vacuum suspension System, supported by a PU foam liner which softens when heat is applied, AdaptRunner ensures comfort and is able to adapt according to individual users.

Lexon Visual Brand Language 1 Week Individual Live Project ‘‘To explore the brand and design a chopping board that would fit into the design language of the company.’’

Visual Brand Language Research

A French based company that creates unique products that are designed to enlighten daily life in a variety of environments. Either a designer or a group of designers take part in the aesthetically pleasing collections. Lexon designers come from different parts of the world, which provide different views to Lexon due to its origins, cultures, personalities and diversity of experience. I have researched into Lexon’s Visual Language and Brand Values by looking at existing products and highlighting brand qualities they focus on, which are product diversity, simplicity and function.




Concept Development 1

Extra board to place waste or other foods.

Bamboo board


Traditional and simplistic design

HDPE or Polypropylene board with a bamboo drawer

Drawer is able to come out to be washed.

Slot to store a knife within the board Place either utensils/ Knifes or waste food.



Raised boundary around the edge of the board, to keep food.

Drainage Walnut Board

Different coloured frame for each board, as part of a set.

Concept Finalisation After completeing a task analysis of using a chopping board, I found a problem with picking up and lifting the board when moving food and waste. Through brainstorming and sketching, I have created a solution for this problem by having a part of the board raised from the surface and a hole, making it easier for the user to pick up and lift.

Bamboo - Frame


Section to keep waste food and extra food out the way.



Able to switch the 6 different boards to suit the types of foods.

Maybe having a two different coloured boards on each side.


3D Form Development 5 Week Individual Project ‘‘Using Clay to model an animal using 4 themes, Fluid, Architectural, Monolithic and Dynamic.’’


Form Development This page shows inital sketches of the Raccoon clay model. I was challenged to modify form based of different themes; Fluid, Architectural, Monolithic and Dynamic. The right shows my ideas based of the inspiration with the different themes.









CAD Development Skills 4 Week Individual Project

‘‘To replicate an existing iron using Rhinoceros 3D.’’

Process Phase


This project involved using Rhinoceros 3D (CAD) software, creating a 3D model of an existing iron. I began this project by drawing orthographic views of the iron which were then imported into the CAD software and used to create the 3D model. I also dismantled the existing iron to be able to understand how each components are made and assembled together. The next page shows a Keyshot render of my final model.


(Above) The existing model dismantled. (Right) Orthographic views of the iron.


Gardening Project

3 Month Individual Project ‘‘Design electric secateurs that could be used by elderly consumers for use in the garden.’’

Persona User Group: Gardening Elders Roy (74) and Mary (72)

Retired for 7 Years. Bungalow in St.Ives, Cornwall (UK) Large Gargen: Joint Projects and place for grandchildren to leran and play. Social Life: Meals, Coffee Mornings and Playing Bowls with friends and family. They are both passionate cooks in which they use produce from their garden. Roy: Arthritis in his hands. Mary: Loss of hearing in one ear. ‘‘We love gardening as it requires patience and careful attention. We are both restricted to the amount we can do, so we appreciate help when it is needed.’’


Accent Colours


User Experience

2) Preparation

3) Wearables

4) Environment

5) In Use

6) Cutting

7) Dispose

8) Charging

9) Placed Back In Storage

1) Storage

Human Factors

Two types of grips used: Control and Power grips.

Research: Task Analysis The analaysis was carried out on Bosch electric.

Neutral Hand Position.

1 The position of the trigger is

Where contact is made with the product.

Similar hand position and grip when using electric secateurs.

It is vital that the users physical and emotional needs are understood so that the product can and be tailored to the end user.

Emotional Requirements

1) Sophistication The product should meet the users visual preference and give the user a sense of purpose and satisfaction when using the product. 2) Therapeutic The user should feel a sense of peace and joyfulness as they continue to be a rewarded and satisfied experience. 3) Comfort It should give the users the feeling of physical ease, relief from pain or stress if the users has arthritis.

uncomfortable - gap between the handle and the trigger.

2 The form and weight of the

secateurs put a lot of strain on the wrist due to the way the users holds the product.

3 When wearing gloves, there is not much room to get the operating finger on the trigger due to being covered by plastic.

Design Developments

Grips Types

Grips Types

Safety Catches Safety Catches

Trigger Options

Ball Pivot

Holding Options Trigger Options

Trigger Options

Final Design Development Safety Catch similar to a drill except that the two buttons will lock the blade.

Trigger (Indent) simliar to a flashlight button that turns the light on and off.

Three Jack Plug - attaches to an external battery.

Grip Textures

External Battery Ball Pivot Hole for Wrist Strap

Internal Components

Trigger Mechanism: A similar mechanism to a flashlight, but press once to open and close blade. Bevel Gears: the pinion is Mass (g): 5g attached to the end of the gear box to give it direction and power to turn the Crown wheel. Three Jack Plug: the users can Pinion and Crown Wheels: connects the electric secateurs Stainless Steel from the battery to easily store Mass (g): Pinion - 12g Crown Wheel - 112g the product.

Motor: Measuring Voltage: 28V Torque stages: 16 Position Max. speed: 18000 rpm Mass (g): 200g

Bypass Blade with Arc Rack: This blade moves into the correct position using the crown wheel. The blade can be replaced by unscrewing it from the arc rack. Blades: Stainless Steel Arc Rack: Anodised Metal Screws: Brass Mass of Both Blades: 20g

Gear Box: No. of gear stages: 4 Direction of rotation: Both Mass (g): 124g Anvil Blade: a non- stick coated and stainless steel blade. This blade is screwed to the metal guard to keep it secure to the product.

Materials, Manufacturing and Assembly

Casing: ABS injection moulded

TPE Grip: Dual shot moulded over the ABS casing. Slight textured pattern giving the surface a non-slip grip.

The casing will have a 4mm thickness and the ribbing have 1mm thickness.

Stainless Steel Blades

Safety Catches


Dual locking system for safety.

Final Concept Indent Trigger allows the user to use their thumb (strongest on the hand), which gives the user precision when cutting.

A rubber grip on the button, to prevent it from moving when placed on a flat surface.

Ball Pivot - Cable Management

Hole - option for wrist strap or for storing.

Power Indication on the On/Off: - Light up green when full. - When it needs charging it will light up red.

When going around the garden, this would be placed into a bag/apron to make it easliy portable.

External Battery Battery voltage: 48V Charging time: 5 hours Battery Life: Over 8 Hours Mass (g): 2400g

Self-Initiated Projects ‘‘Observe existing drawings and products to either replicate or redesign them, to test and strengthen both my CAD and drawing Skills.’’

Photography Hobbies and Interests

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Thank you For viewing my portfolio

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Industrial Design Portfolio 2016 - Old  
Industrial Design Portfolio 2016 - Old