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Last Longer In Bed And Increase Size by Michael Brofy

There is a major problem in relationships today, specifically from men not being able to last longer in bed than most women would like. We all know that it usually takes "most" women quite some time to reach their climax. This could take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, even through direct clitoral stimulation. But "most" men.., not all, but most, can only last a mere few minutes before reaching climax. This is a funny trick that (the big guy above) has played on men and women for centuries. And, for centuries, men have longed for a true remedy or method to be able to last longer in bed to first and foremost, pleasetheir women. And also to please themselves emotionally and physically. The men that are well endowed and can last a long time during sex tend to be more confident, especially interacting with women. They also tend to be more comfortable with themselves. It’s just something you can sense. They have a demeanor about them of confidence. I think this stems from being able to “completely” sexually pleasea woman. In recent times companies have manufactured all kinds of pills and concoctions that are supposed to help men last longer in bed but most of these products have fallen short of their goals and expectations. Yet many men of all agestoday still purchase these products hoping for the day they find the holy grail to cure their premature ejaculation issue. But yet, there is no proof that any of these remedies work to help men last any longer during sexual intercourse than without them. I have not seen any real results by actually using some of these products myself. So what can we as men possibly do to satisfy our women? There are techniques you can try that have been written about in many articles such as: 1. Using different breathing patterns. Try to breath using long slow breaths. Don’t overdo it though, you might passout. 2. When you feel your climax approaching you can stop and reposition yourselves. This will allow your pleasure to subside a little and you’re ready to start again. 3. You can use a condom to dull the excitement a bit. This might not be a perfect solution as feel is very important to both of you, but it has helped me and is one technique I’ve used that does work.

4. Giving your woman more foreplay during sex is also a fun way to make your lovemaking time last much longer. You can perform oral sex on your lover and she will surely love that. You can use toys and have tons of fun while both of you use toys on yourselves and on each other. 5. You should try new masturbation techniques when alone. You need to retrain your mind and body to NOT want to climax so quickly. This is probably how it all started in the first place as a young adolescent. You most likely trained your self to climax quickly and now that’s exactly what happens during all sexual encounters. There are also toys you can use to increase penis size substantially. Some of these toys work better than others. There are sleeves, hollow sleeves, and other great toys that you may not know about or may not have thought about to help you last longer in bed. Some of these toys will help you last as long as you want, or as long as she needs you to last for her satisfaction and pleasure and to deeply satisfy your woman each and every time? You can find more information by visiting my website. If you’re looking for serious solutions to completely satisfy your wife or girlfriend, last longer in bed, and also to increase your size, please visit our site and you’ll find more ways to satisfy your woman quickly.

Last Longer In Bed & Increase Size