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Finding an RPI alum on LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function

Simple and powerful ďƒ‘

You have found a name. This is the person who could be the next great connector in your network. Now you need to find out if they graduated from RPI. LinkedIn is your multiuse tool for so many of your networking needs and this is no exception. Read on for the very simple method for finding out if someone is an RPI alum.

Go to the button “Advanced” next to the search box at the top of the LinkedIn page.

Click here to reveal…

The Advanced Search Menu On the left side of the menu, input any data (First Name, Last Name, Company, etc.) you have and click on the “School” button under the “Advanced People Search” Column.

Your network or everyone? Be sure to check the “3rd + Everyone Else� box if you want results from outside your immediate network. If you want to search just your immediate network, leave that box unchecked.

For your immediate network

For all of LinkedIn

Adding RPI Click on the “School” button under the “Advanced People Search” column

Click “+ Add”

Now type “Rensselaer” and choose RPI and/or RPI - Lally from the menu that appears.


Click “Search” and review your results

This method can be adapted for job titles, locations and employers (current and previous).

It only works if you use it! Your network will fuel your job search. Do your best to know exactly what your network is and how you can fill in any gaps. Knowing who is in your alumni network is a great way to start.

Finding an RPI alum on LinkedIn  

Using the LinkedIn Advance Search function to discover if a potential connection is an RPI alum.