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Seven letters to the Church:

The vocation of writing notes august 24 2007 of writers and writing fiction and nonfiction american novelists cather ellison

Dissemination and the Abyss

west bellow educators washington dewey newman the case of william faulkner

Then the theory of imagination depends on the

modern writing all of the above versus

(differential) confrontation of two opposing

postmodern writing derrida pick up work

forces, that can be termed “Dissemination” and

from first book metaphysics in christ word-

“The Abyss”: Where do I get these terms and

listen-work vocation-calling-work the word

what do they mean? I originally encountered them in my reading of Jacques Derrida in 198586: Of course, one of his key early works (of the canon of the first twelve) is La Dissemination: while use of the term “abyss” is ubiquitous in the early works: to disseminate is scattering the seed or whatever there is to be scattered, signs or spaces, names, texts, effects, phonic and graphic traces, with or without meaning: constructiondeconstruction-reconstruction, a hopeless circularity of creation and destruction like Krishna or love and strife, is shown brilliantly in Glas: The disseminative is

at work in writing writing as listening interpretation the work of god prayer spirit in the world hearers of the word word without meaning there can be no work words need meaning to work decon play words of love works of love love in service don’t play at love meaning of love love of meaning vocation work as calling if a soul had an axe it would be writing work as response to calling the work of listening chop chop elimination of the call by txt elimination of the call by the proliferation of writing if everyone is a writer then no one is a writer if writing is all there is then service

centrifugal, wandering, as Derrida said in a place

work for all servant of all the service of

in his text that I am no longer able to identify, he

writing of listening if you have ears to hear

does not mean to return to the Father: The

then hear definition effacement of voice

Abyss, on the other hand, is centripetal, turning

lack of conversation lack of conversion

inward, repetitive, perhaps in terms Freud would

endless turnings there is no turn critique of

see in a case study or in the fort-da of Beyond,

the derridean idea about writing you know

madness, as in thought echoes, which is hellish, a


room full of mirrors, and as in the heraldic “mise

case of rousseau from education from

en abime” the picture repeated in the picture ad infinitum, and so the doubling, as in Glas, or novels of the 19th century or shadows of whatever genesis: Light scatters while darkness gathers: or so it seems in these latter days: life death: and in Derrida not clearly demarcated as in Nature, but more than deeply interfused, juxtaposed in the great contamination, the complicated relation of deconstruction and what is the turn of events in the coming deconsecration: These figures which introduced themselves to me in the 1980s were to me Romantic:

which is a depth in the psyche, an aspect of

novel from de renovation of writing hear say yes joyce to be read case of joyce calling who calls how do I respond call of the prophet samuel here I am lord writing in vocation vocal speech writing is a response to the word heard and understood god church world I for vocation of writing second sheet 8-24-07 hierarchy and classical writing logic dialectic rhetoric grammar became eliminate dialectic logic rhetoric play of language how is this collapsed to just language elimination of the subject no one to speak write

“This therefore will have been a signature”

elimination of the theme leaves language itself and nothing besides hierarchy of

The necessity of such a beginning will I hope

become clear: It is an appropriation of Derrida,

language signified signifier parole langue

and remarks the epic time of the beginning,

expressive indicative exp is aa indicative sig

starting in the middle of things like the Odyssey

sig significant by every thing being a sign

or the Iliad, or as in the Romantic epics of Blake

nothing has meaning laparole souffl where

and Wordsworth: Media Res: For like the state of

is the difference the contrast bellow gainer

things in Paradise Lost, too, we are falling, as

la parole souffl by inflation parole

Joyce says in the epic Wake, 32 ft ps ps, and are

eliminating leaving pure so called

in the middle of things, as it may seem, as we

language play grafted into language all

have been told, though our place on the timeline

lang is rhet only rhet no logic wo logic

is only necessarily middling, if the origin is immemorial and the end by commodious vicus cannot be, river run: The signatures, here already and to come, are keys to the disseminative, neither theory nor practice nor effect nor chance nor real nor ideal, a binding and loosing for which the signatures hold the key not the authority of the see of peter or the hierarchical structure built around it, and I quote Derrida more or less, repeating the first line of Dissemination:

rhetoric lang collapse into one point for hierarchy when 3rd is eliminated the other 2 automatically de derrida’s love for pure language is it lang or parole parole is never pure collapse spiritual meaning material sign eliminate spirit leave only sign only langue can be pure a language unspoken the possibility is pure but he said anything but purity I repeat the structure of the raw and the cooked the basis in these very pp sp elimination of subject leaves only predicates no substance only

“This (therefore) will not have been a book�

accidents no essence elimination of substantive leaves being appearance as in

My text mirrors his: and between the mirror and

the history of an error which led not to truth

the scattering of the light of the lamp unto my

but only more error after 1888 the verso of

feet of the wisdom of God, I then have

sheet two 8-24-07 if all meaning as such is

approached the thesis of the 1986 essay on

displaced then words can mean whatever

Romantic poetry: “We have then a thesis: a

you want if nothing is true everything is

description [let us say almost barely invocation]

permitted truth

of two textual effects from Derridean theory,

eliminated no truth no lie only words wo

those of dissemination and the mise en abime, as

meaning sign of the times time of the signs

they figure in the work of the English Romantic

in order to affirm everything when

Poets: thus this text now repeats, mirrors my earlier text, though I cannot help wandering a bit, and this being I think a fragmentation or element of it, to combine scattering and repetition, to at once close and open, for closure, what may be seen as The God Enclosure, is a problem building for years and now disclosed here:

everything and nothing are the same eliminate difference between yes no no no yes yes no yes no being but appearance adhering to the absolute everything nothing sign is appearance to the absolute txt we are signs in the world txt but then not even that ciphers what is left over what do we call the remainder play writing trace chance spacing think about excerpt resource of writing and eternity works of mercy spiritual and corporeal and justice corporal and capital la parole souffl parody of inflation inspiration breath spirit psyche rising falling

on parole justice god church world I here in

logos the energeia meaning words words

the raw you see the cooked side by side

words language retrieval of work work and

going back and forth but you will never

meaning significance of work definitions

necessarily on one mad instant of decision

work of reality and reality of work play is

read them simul at once in one time for

fantasy necessity and fantasy addictions

you find the raw and have pleasure the

play addiction sober work relation of

cooked takes time in joy what reams now

creativity to play and work fruitfulness my

for you a genet yes yet reminds the hegel

father was thoughtful god church world I

ss let be rest is fire remain first p of next

sheet aug 25 vocation of writing

work 8-24-07 against wittgenstein tractatus

continuation of previous night on hierarchy

and quine I say relationship is is an ontology

the deconstruction of hierarchy we know

bode body of christ for metaphysics in

that it is the third term that structures the

christ meaning still is it is this relationship of

hierarchy as such if there are only 2 the

the head and members raw cooked hegel

automatic de-con is inevitable they

genet body of christ christ fixed point of

collapse into 1 grafted onto each other in

reference gives meaning to all in relation to

a parody of the aufhenbung it is not a

and on the great and terrible day of YHWH

synthesis of the 2 whatever spiritual

in relation to that final fixing this gift is real is

elements of the right or top whatever recto

not as existing merely symbol and can be

is eliminated that which was related to the

perceived through acts of charity see how

3rd proper spiritual term allowing circulation

they love one another or not word listen

only by restriction can economies function

work vocation to christ metaphysics of

well not through general consumption de-

christ words work aristotles on work the

con means elimination of spirit mind idea

ideal the form the structure logic logos geist

then nothing there is affirmative hesitation

to be replaced by ghosts by simulacra

between the 3rd and the 4th but the radical

twilights the marginal by an indefinite

decision is between duality and non-duality

neither definite nor infinite witness a

which Christians seem to know in part but

difference between the infinite in levinas

cling to the nihilistic path rather than

and the indefinite in derrida the definite

ascend, for the 3 requires that I become

dogmatic the speculative infinite and the

truly I to complete and perfect god church

skeptical indefinite so without the holy spirit

world by effracting it and unless I arrive no

the father-son relationship is leveled into

one can there is only the system at point

one indefinite pantheism as trinitarian

balance which tends back down toward

thinking is necessary to maintain hierarchy

hell but which the I can free for the heaven

and the spirit in the world derrida

the computers are wrong there is essentially

heidegger nietzsche did not come so much

no difference between the 1 and the 0 as

to deny or ignore god but to re-write him

Rothko paintings could not hold the form

to re-invent him but the fourth term beyond

but collapsed to hell and in languages

god church world paradigmatics that is

logic rhetoric grammar or dialectic style

what perfects genesis or telos the godhead

language collapse by the elimination of

or the great and terrible day of YHWH

logic a perversion of phenomenological

completes the hierarchy by reverential

bracketing merging style-language

referencing absolute exteriority the limit

purifying the language by eliminating logic-

opening to true containment against the

meaning difference does not begin with 2

leveling bad closure with three there can

but with 3 not between but among

be a 4th but with two there is then 1 and

difference is not just spiritual but is the spirit

articulating the joints holding apart and

we will have none there must be three in

together at once differences as derrida

fact we are at the complete 4 if the

said in his presentation on differAnce the

relation to come is peace not war page for

material rewriting of spirituality part of the

metaphysics in christ aug 25 2007 god

re-invention of the whole not done to

angels man nature the 4 aquinas the

deprive us of god but in order to place

angelic doctor the elimination of god and

god out of the reach by deconstruction of

angels leaves man and nature which is

those bent on deconsecration back of

leveled not into a humanized creation but

sheet vocation of writing aug 25 2007 the

the natural man rousseau and the natural

terrorist attack on the wtc in nyc 9-11 was

standpoint quine god angels man nature

the visible sign of the post-modern de-con

god acts on people still through angels but

leveling of structure and of babylon by the

there is only one mediator from us to god

book terrorism against capitalism us west

christ fifth term hypostatic union pointing up

christians and dialectical hierarchical

denial of christ god-man and development

thinking the leveling of the wtc is the most

of angelic hierarchy is gnostic back of

important spectacle of the era the great

sheet on metaphysics in christ aug 25 2007

perception consumed by everyone

degrees 4 out of the 4 one comes christ

everywhere the leveling of our minds

fifth gnomon pointing up pointing way out

occurs silently and is not perceived directly

off square see joyce dubliners theory first

the effects wtc internet globalization totality

page paralysis simony gnomon christianity

totalization types of terror also simulacra

islam capitalism communism accordingly

denial the virtual reality online with one

none of these can be the 1 as in god


angels men nature what wd the fifth be

religion religion economy economy a union

a consumer perceiving protestant

of religion and economy a theological

capitalism to a creating believing catholic

economics either genuine or spurious

economy that must sacrifice itself even the

capital catholicity which may be being

fifth is a union of the 2 cath cap in christ 2

feigned through social doctrine to deceive

natures 1 divine being in ce 1 being a

some and cover the tracks of what

matter informed by spirit but having

is already happening yet a genuine

already been turned out of ideal to

catholic economy wd be a good thing if

hypocritic contamination of spirituality by

not a lie while what will happen with islam

money rather than the purging of dirty

and communist east 2nd sheet of

money by faith see simony at peters see

metaphysics in christ aug 25 protestant

metamodern hyper consumption chinese

capitalism transformed into catholic

position old dialectic or not perhaps

economy the problem of restricted and

already contaminated by fascism

general economy globalization and

capitalism in china mega-modern

globalatinization derrida term derridas idea

hybrid future already no longer infinite

of the capital economy with rome was a

dialectic of marx but indefinite monster

correct intuition though he did not tout it

neither one nor the other post-m grafts and

but feared it because the whole of his

juxtaposition not synthetic end of history no

career was an oblique but steady

opposition marcuse 64 fukayama 91

confrontation with the papacy with the

everyone forced into fascist closure the

end in view which the lay faithful of the

god enclosure of globaltinization of what

church know not but is coming how

would be ce but became the last

globalatinization occurs is all important from

imposture the ritual abuse now and to

come a church opposed to the kingdom of

vacant obj realism taste style beauty no

heaven god church world to be effracted

longer moral but immoral what proceeds

by individuals so the kingdom will come

the jective throw who throws doubt equals

aug 25 next sheet subj obj descartes

abyss abyssal logic of deconstruction

dualism led in nietzsches de-con logic to

repetitionend aug 25th notes on the somber

the collapse 2 always leads to collapse

realization that the theory and practice of

roman sacred clergy and profane laity

catholic economy actually describe two

grace above nature below we go to their

beasts to come so call these the keys of

keys for grace mercy forgiveness before

the abyss

descartes 3 hierarchy spiritual the failure of modernism but post reaps the whirlwind obj

Michael Bolerjack

subj collapse into vacant subj idealism or

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