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The Man Who Cheated Death By Michael Bain Albert Edward Bain died in August 2004, which wasn’t unusual for a man of eighty-five. But he had gone through so many encounters with death that he practically cheated death many times, including stomach cancer, chemotherapy, torpedo attacks, bladder cancer and all the side effects of all of them. In 1989, Albert was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which kills 95% of people with stage four stomach cancer, and his doctor told him to put his affairs in order, as he only had 6 months to live. Seeking a second opinion, he found a surgeon who was willing to operate, but the cancer had spread, and he lost the beginning of his small intestine as well as two-thirds of his stomach. Still not giving up, Albert was treated by oral chemotherapy and had to repeatedly take foul tasting toxic chemicals which made him violently ill, and made him vomit frequently. Amazingly he survived through this ordeal, but he had an extremely small stomach from the surgery, and was forced to eat meals in small portions and frequently. Missing bits of his intestine made him unable to process iron from food and had to take supplements, as well as vitamin B injections.

But Albert still did not give up. It was so tempting to just let it all go, but he kept on fighting everything that was against him. His wife, Rona would make new foods each day to help him to eat. It got so bad that it came to the point where if his body weight dropped below a certain point then he would die. This went on for the rest of his life. In midst of all of the cancer and stomach problems, his love for music never ended. He taught students of all ages and taught well until his later ages, but never lost his passion and his love for music. Albert’s old aged years were not his only years which tested his determination and courage. In 1981, he had a bladder tumor removed the size of a cauliflower. Also during World War II, whilst serving HMAS Australia in the Pacific Ocean, an enemy torpedo hit the ship but failed to explode, sparing him and many others, their lives. He then went on to walk through the ash and debris of Hiroshima, three days after the famous bomb which killed many. Albert Bain was a very brave man, and lived through times that would bring despair and hopelessness to many, but lived on and enjoyed life and battled on against the odds.

The Man Who Cheated Death  

High school assignment I wrote about my grandfather. RIP

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