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For someone who is making a name for themselves in the internet marketing business, spamming is already a familiar term and is actually considered the bane of all online businesses' existence. It is perfectly understandable that to make money online, one would need to advertise their website to be able to attract potential clients. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of online entrepreneurs resort to such low techniques like spamming other websites to advertise their business. Before I get carried away with ranting about spam, let me do a quick rundown on the negativity of using spam as a way to advertise your site: &bull;Spam or spamming is sending unauthorized emails or advertisements to people who could care less. These are pesky emails and ads sent to users with the aim of grabbing that person's attention. &bull;Spammers hope to be able to create a business transaction from being purely annoying. Not only do they target personal emails, they post on forums as well as blog sites as well. So, now that you know what the term means, it is time to discuss why spam is not such a good business practice and why it would prevent internet marketing businesses to make money online. Spam, being an unsolicited advertisement, is a hated form of grabbing someone's attention. They clog inboxes, and therefore, is frowned upon as a form of advertising your online business. People would all the more stay away from you and your business instead of doing the exact opposite. So how can an online business avoid these circumstances? One great idea that actually adds to your business' credibility is building a mailing list. Online businesses offer visitors to their websites an option to get a monthly newsletter or updates on sales and new products sent via email. This is also a great marketing strategy to make money online. By signing up for these newsletters, people agree to receiving advertisements from you and are most likely to respond positively as opposed to spamming. Just be sure thought that you only send out emails or messages that are relevant to the kind of services or products that your business offers.

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