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Table Of Contents Education………………………………………………3 Fashion…………………………………………………. 4 Film and Theatre……………………………………6 Food………………………………………………………7 Culture………………………………………………….9 Famous Music of the Times………………….10 Sports News………………………………………..12 Law and Order……………………………………..13 Way We Used To Live…………………….……..14 Celebrity Gossip……………………………………16 Government Politics…………………………….17 Domestic Affairs………………………..18 & 19 Foreign Affairs…………………………..21 & 22 Book Review……………………………………...24 Crossword Puzzle………………………………..25

Education Education in the 70s was very free. Students were encouraged to learn what they wanted. The reason for this was because there was much less government involvement because of the vietnam war. The schools in America started open education. This meant that the education of a child was much more flexible. Also, small classrooms were no longer used but much bigger spaces were used.

The vietnam did cause some problems within the school system. A lot of the funding was cut. Therefore, teachers were not able to get the necessary supplies they needed for their classroom. College students and even some high schoolers were being drafted for the Vietnam war. Therefore their education was sacrificed. Most of the protests for the war were also held on school campuses. Many of the schools allowed the children to do so. Unfortunately a couple of the protests went wrong and resulted in violence and ven death. In May 0f 1970, there was a protest at Kent State. Members of the Ohio National Guard were called in and killed 4 kids at the college. Two of the kids were involved in the protest and the other two were not.



70’s fashion was loud and bright. This decade was all about being yourself and individuality. A lot of the clothing was inspired by the disco and glam rock. Some clothing items included bell bottoms, tie dye, glitter, bright colors, and platform shoes. Men's fashion in the 70s was very tight and fitted. Men would wear low rise bell bottom pants that were very fitted with platform shoes. Men enjoyed wearing very bright colors. They also wore two types of suits: tracksuits and leisure suits. Men grew out their hair very long and took pride in their facial hair. Large jewelry was also very popular. Men would wear very large gold medallions over their chests. Women's fashion changed drastically throughout the decade. In the early 70s, the fashion was a lot like the fashion from the 60s. By the mid and later 70s, the fashion changed a lot into the more disco, bright colored, flamboyant clothing. Suits also became a very popular trend. Just like the men, women also wear track suits and leisure suits. Business women especially would wear suits to work. Gender boundaries were broken in the 70s, or at least compared to the other generations. The makeup in the 70’s was very diverse. During the days, women wore very natural makeup. They wanted to look very glowy and tan. During the night, most people spent their time at the disco, the makeup changed. Women would wear very vibrant, shimmery colors on their eyes with bold lips and false lashes. The 70’s was a very diverse period for fashion and trends.


Film & Theatre The 70’s was a very diverse era, therefore the movie culture was as well. A lot of the movies covered uncomfortable topics. Yet, the industry was booming and the movies had never been better. Also, for the first time, African Americans directed and starred in movies called “Black films.” A lot of these movies brought awareness to problems that African Americans were facing as well as taught people about their culture. Many popular movies included:

Star Wars was the biggest film of all

time, making over $400 million. Star wars was also one of the first movies that took place in another galaxy. Darth vader, the enemy kidnaps the Princess, Leia. A young Jedi, Luke Skywalker teams up with Han solo to rescue the princess.

The Godfather was also one of the biggest films of the decade. This was about very powerful Italian crime, also known as the mafia. It tells the story of a family who were involved in american crimes. The son of the joins the mafia and gets involved in even more crime and violence.

Rocky came out in 1976. It tells the tale

of a low class man who begins boxing. He strats training with a trainer and is chosen to fight in the heavyweight fights. As this is all happening, he begins getting money and falls in love with a woman named Adrian.


Food The 70s may be known for the strange food that was made. Some of these foods are still sold in grocery stores today such as “spam.” Another very popular item was “jello” it was put in almost every dish whether it be savory or sweet. People wanted their dishes to be very fun and decorated. Many ordinary dishes were turned into something much greater.

These lamb chops were This was a pairing This is tuna that cooked and then topped salmon that was put in was put in tomato off with jello. They also lemon jello. It was jello. This was also were garnished with served with hard boiled served with pimento capers. eggs over lettuce. olives. During the 70s, snack food became very processed. TV dinners were also very popular and of course anything involving jello. Although twinkies were not invented in the 70s, they were very popular. The brand Hostess also Pop Rocks were also very released “Ding popular among the Dongs” which younger crowds. This was a became a staple candy that fizzes when put snack. in the mouth



One world-wide phenomenon that started in the 1970’s in the United States was disco. It was led by well known disco performers including; Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, and the Village People, just to name a few. Disco was a type of club or party where people would dance to disco music. By the mid 70’s most U.S. cities had a thriving disco club scene the most popular being Studio 54 in New York City.

The 1970’s also brought us T.V. shows such as “M*A*S*H*”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “The Jeffersons”. These T.V. shows were very popular among all people. Monday Night Football was also introduced into the T.V. community which was a very big sporting event.

Another notable 1970’s occurrence was technology. Technology entered the picture in the 70’s and affected the way that people spent their leisure time. These new technologies included video game consoles such as an Atari. Although not big at the time, Microsoft was founded during the 70’s and would soon become a multibillion dollar company. 9

Famous Music of the Times In the 70s, music varied more than ever. Many styles of music became very popular. Rock n Roll was especially popular in the 70s. In fact some of the best Rock n Roll was recorded in the 70s. New equipment was also made so many more artists could expand their albums unlike in the 60s. Vinyl records for example, became very popular for they were made much more affordable.

Electric Light Orchestra

The Electric LIght Orchestra was an English band formed in 1970’s. The band was formed by the guitarist Jeff Lynne.The band was a rock/pop band that had many classical overtones. They made many popular songs such as Telephone Line, Mr. Blue Sky, and Don’t Bring Me Down. These songs are very famous and are featured in many new and popular movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Mr. Blue Sky). Queen was an English rock band that was formed in 1970. What brought this band international success was when they released the song “A Night at the Opera” that released in 1975. They entered the mainstream with “Bohemian Rhapsody” which is a very famous song. Soon many songs such as “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champion” became anthems at sporting events.



Sports News In the 70's the main sports were boxing, baseball, basketball, and football. These sports would bring families together because they would all watch the games together. Watching sports games is an american household tradition.

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier some of the biggest boxers. Frazier ended up beating Muhammad, he battered Ali for 15 rounds. Yet Frazier get beat by George Freeman, Frazier barley had a chance. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier are not doing so well right now , personally I think that this is their downfall. I think that George Freeman is on the way to the top.

70's Baseball Decade Team

The team consist of some of the greats, for the 70s at least. First baseman Rod Carew, second baseman Joe Morgan, and third baseman Mike Schmidt. These is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many great players that are this team, yet they do rival the past decades, maybe the 50's.


Law and Order Supreme Court Cases There were a lot of controversial cases during the seventies and also some pretty fishy stuff going on in the White House. The Supreme court took in some pretty big cases over the seventies. The two biggest cases were US versus NYT in 1991 and US versus Nixon in 1974 US versus NYT 1991 This case was very controversial, it was a battle over the first amendment or endangering America'.The New York times and Washington Post had received illegally copied leaks of The Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers were an internal Defense Department report for the Vietnam War. The New York Times wanted the right to publish the Pentagon Papers, the Us court district said no. They said this because it could endanger the the United States. The Supreme Court took this case and ruled in favor to the New York Times. It was a violation of the first amendment to not let them publish it. US versus Nixon 1974 The Watergate scandal is one of the most famous scandals regarding a president. 5 man were caught trying to steal documents from the government. Two men were traced back to Nixon's reelection. An investigation began an two journalist followed the bread trail all the way back to Nixon. The Supreme Court got involved when there was a debate over if Nixon should turn over the tapes or not. For all the readers that don't know what i'm saying, Nixon recorded every conversation in his office, these were called the tapes. The Supreme Court demanded that Nixon turn over the tapes because he did not have enough authority to hide the tapes from everyone.


Ways We Used to live The music back in the 70's was wild. Clubbing was very popular back in the 70's, yet it is way different then today's clubbing. Back then it was all about disco and makeup. It was very colorful back in the 70's. Well not in the White House at least. It was not an amazing time politically back in the 70's. Due to the Watergate Scandal and the Vietnam war. Politics back then were very controversial, they still are today. Sports in the 70's mostly was just boxing, basketball, baseball, and of course football. For some people it was go to work, come home, watch the game, and go to the club. The music was mostly electrical and rock. Some of the most listened to bands were Queen and Electric Light Orchestra. Protesting was very popular back in the 70's. This was due to the massive disapproval of the Vietnam War. Massive protest occurred on college grounds. Overall the 70's was a very weird yet interesting decade. The love for disco and sports, was countered by the hatred for the Vietnam War and the government.


Celebrity Gossip Watergate Scandal President Richard Nixon was running for reelection. Richard Nixon and his advisers decided to take an aggressive approach. Nixon and his team wanted information from the Democratic party so they broke into the Watergate building. In May of 1972, Nixon's committee broke into the Watergate building and stole documents but the wiretaps did not work so they went back to the building in June. The burglars had left tape on the doors so the security guard called the police and caught them.

Elvis Death Elvis Presley unfortunately died of an overdose in 1977. Presley was a rock and roll icon in the united states. He started taking drugs after his divorce for he was not well mentally. After two years of drug addiction, he was found on the bathroom floor in memphis unresponsive. A funeral was held in Memphis. He was buried with his mother

Marriage of Faye Dunaway and Peter Wolf Faye Dunaway was a renown hollywood star and Peter Wold was a blues singer who played the harmonica. The couple had been together for 2 years until they decided to get engaged. They got married the next day.


Government Politics In 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned from presidency. Nixon was accused of being part of the Watergate scandal which he was. The Watergate Scandal was when Richard Nixon and his reelection campaign hired burglars to steal from the Democratic National Committee whose headquarters were in the Watergate Building Complex. Not only did Nixon hire these burglars but he also payed them hush money so that they wouldn’t sell out Nixon. On top of this, while the FBI was investigating Nixon, Nixon instructed the CIA to stop the FBI’s investigation of the crime which is an obstruction of justice which is a crime. Although Nixon did a lot to cover up for what he did, he couldn’t hide it forever. White House counsel John Dean testified in front of a grand jury about the crimes that the president had commit. He also added that all conversations in the Oval Office were taped and that if prosecutors had those tapes they would have proof of Nixon’s crime. Nixon didn’t hand over the tapes. Eventually in October of 1973, Nixon gave up some of the tapes but not all of them. In July of 1974 the Supreme Court again demanded that Nixon turn the tapes over and soon after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Nixon. Then on August 5, 1974 President Nixon handed over all of the tapes and resigned as president. He would be the only president ever to resign as of today.


Domestic Affairs There were many protests held in the 1970’s and one famous protest was at Kent State University in Ohio where students protesting the bombing of Cambodia by the U.S. military forces clashed with Ohio National Guardsman on the Kent State university campus. Four students died that day. The Kent State shootings became a focal point of a nation divided by the Vietnam War.

The United States’ final moon landing was in December of 1972. The mission was called Apollo 17. Not only was this the last trip to the moon, but it was also the last time we left low Earth orbit. This was the first mission to include a scientist. On the moon, many tests were conducted including geological surveying, sampling of materials, and surface features in a pre-selected area of the Taurus-Littrow region.


Domestic Affairs One big agency that was started was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This was an agency that was founded in order to protect the environment and human health by writing and enforcing regulations which prevented people from harming the environment.

Many young adults made petitions to decrease the voting age so that they can have a say in their government. They believed that if they were able to fight in the military, they should be able to vote as well. After all of the protesting and petitions the 26th amendment was made which allowed all United States citizens who were of 18 years or older were allowed to vote.


Foreign Affairs The United States believed in the Domino Theory, it was if one country fell to communism, all of them would fall. The US had a plan to end communism, it was called containment. They wanted to isolate communist countries and make sure that no else would become communist. They also would intervene when a country was about to fall to communism. Two examples of this are the Vietnam War and the Korean War. The United States and The Soviet Union have always been racing each other to the top. With the Space Race and the Arms Race. We won the Space Race and Russia slightly beat us in the Arms Race. Nixon was actually able to smooth things out with The Soviet Union. He basically made The Soviet Union into a frenemy. This is one of Nixon's achievements. The Vietnam War was one of the controversial wars in American history. At first America was just there so South Vietnam did not fall to communism. Then the Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred. A ship in the Gulf Of Tonkin exploded and no one knew who exploded. Nixon used this as an excuse for more troops. He went before congress and congress gave Nixon the power to do what he needs to to resolve the issue. Congress never said to have a full out war with North Vietnam, yet that is what happened. To add on to this, the war was also on tv.


Foreign Affairs The Middle East played a small role in the 70's. Due to America's hatred for communism and love for democracy, American influence could be found everywhere. In the Middle East the underlying strategy was to reduce the Soviet influence in the Middle East. America did not really care about the Soviets selling weapons to the countries. They just wanted it so the Middle East would not wish to make progress in diplomacy with the Soviet Union. The US feared this because they were scared that the Middle East was going to fall to communism. The Yom Kippur War put the US and USSR at the brink of conflict. The events seriously damage the relationship between the two powerhouse. The US sided with Israel and the Soviets sided with Egypt and Syria. It was sort of a mix between the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. This could have caused a new war, lucky everything was sorted out .


Book review Brian’s Song: Brian’s Song is a story about Brian Piccolo, a Running Back for the Chicago Bears. During this time there was still racial segregation in football. A black man named Gale Sayers joins the team and they compete for the same spot. They become very good friends and their families are very close. Later, Brian is diagnosed with cancer and goes through a difficult struggle.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: This is a very famous children poetry collection written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. The book’s poems address many common childhood concerns. This book is on every teachers top 11 books for children. Some of the poems included: Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too, Hug O’ War, and Jimmy Jet and his TV Set.





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