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Cover lines

Masthead Band name Main image

Main image Lead article

Cover lines Flash Red, black and white colour scheme.

Red, black, and white colour scheme This colour scheme really stands out and works really well because it has been carried through to the clothes which the band has been dressed in. Band name The band name is located in the middle of the screen and is only slightly covered up this shows that this article is very important.

Lead article This is done in ‘reversed out’ style with white lettering on black background this makes it a bit edgier and stands out against the red jumper worn on the band member located on the left third. It isn’t as noticeable on the right third as the other band member is wearing black.

Main image In this magazine the main image is two separate images an are on opposite sides of the page, this strengthens the main article of the band Oasis ‘splitting up’. Nether of them are making eye contact with the reader, this shows that this is about them. The left band member is looking at the other as if he is waiting for him to say something, where as the right band member is looking towards the ground to show that he has nothing to say to him.

Cover lines By putting the cover lines between the band members its as if they are breaking or stopping a fight. These are not as important as the lead article which is why they are down near the bottom and are under the main article.

Same every week

CONTENTS Page numbers

Images neatly arranged


Lead article Pull quotes

Advertisement Every week pages Small description

Images There are lots of images on this contents page this, by doing this the reader can see what sort of thing the article is about. The lead article has one of the smaller pictures this may be because it has already had a lot of advertisement on the front page so really the reader only really needs the page number to find it. The main image is of a different article which might have not got as much advertisement as the rest so by using a large image it may catch the readers eye.

Page Numbers On this content page all the page numbers are in the bottom right of the image by having this as a regular thing the readers will know exactly were to find it. It also keeps the structure of the whole page together as the page as a whole is very much structured and ordered.

Advertisement This advertisement would be very expensive as it is located actually on the content page, this is the page that will probably be seen by all the readers, so the advert will be noticed as well.

Swearing NME allows and encourages swearing by printing it in there magazine by doing this it shows how hard core and rock they are as they have no problem with it, although with swearing it limits the age group as not many parents would buy there child a magazine that uses harsh language. Every week pages As these pages are always in the magazine they don’t need any advertisement or brief summery, because of this the reader will only need to know the name and page number.

Brief summery By adding a brief summery the reader get a little idea about the article, this may interest the reader and may make them want to read on. Pull quotes Pull quotes work like brief summery they give the reader an idea of the article but also gives them a bit of an idea of what the artist or band is like as it is words from there mouths.

DOUBLE PAGE Lead image

Pull quote


Drop cap


Lead image The lead image shows the two band members of oasis but the image is split in two this is to emphasise the fact that the band has spilt up. The difference between this image and the image on the front cover is that they are both making eye contact with the reader, this is because here they are tell the reader what has happened and is going on with the band.

Drop cap

Pull quote

This is the first letter or the first word of the main article but made bigger and usually bold to draw in the reader and to show them were the article starts.

This is in the middle of the article but can be placed anywhere on the article, it is also in red to stand out from the rest of the article to catch the readers eye, it is also a good way to show the reader what the article is about like a brief summery, by not censoring out the swearing shows what sort of magazine it is (edgy, hard core and possibly aggressive).

Here the letter is also in the same font as the bands name this is to link them together and show that they are connected.

NME front cover  

Analysis of NME magazine, front cover, contens page and double page spread.

NME front cover  

Analysis of NME magazine, front cover, contens page and double page spread.