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VUSS enables a high level of efficiency AERO-LIFT vacuum gripper in detail Aluminum profile

Side cover

Interior suction cup mat

Screw-on plate Exterior suction cup mat

Easy valve replacement

Patented valve system

Wide variety of sizes and variations

Valve technology:

Suction cups:

 There is an appropriate valve for almost every product to be moved. That minimizes air consumption and thus decreases your energy costs.

Stable and reliable handling for every application:

 Valves are designed for a quick and easy changeover in order to keep set-up times short

 UV-resistant for use outdoors

Recommended areas of use of VUSS vacuum gripper:  Fully automated palletizing, picking, depalletizing and sorting of products  Metalworking industry

N  on-aging as well as moisture and temperature resistant

 Chemical and plastics industry

H  igh wear resistance

 No bypass holes

 S hort reset times for high number of cycles

 No blockage of valves due to dirt particles

Q  uick replacement of suction cup mat

 All parts are easy to access

V  ar. hole patterns depending on the product to be moved

 Furniture and woodworking industry  Package handling  Food processing and pharmaceutical industry  Packaging industry

Exterior seal & diverse valves

AERO-LIFT VUSS-vacuum gripper  
AERO-LIFT VUSS-vacuum gripper  

Not only uneven, structured surfaces but also undefi ned pick-up positions and varying dimensions can be easily be handled with the aid of t...