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Das Arlberg-Hospiz-Hotel zu führen ist Kunst. Große Kunst.

Dem MooserWirt zu helfen, das MOOSER Hotel zu entwickeln, ist nobel. Sehr sehr nobel. Lieber Florian – vielen Dank!



Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skihütte am Arlberg.

Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skihütte am Arlberg.

In issue 4 of his magazine, Florian Werner presents, for the fourth time now, a glimpse into the many artistic activities in the Kunstquartier Hospiz. This issue of the magazine demonstrates the continuous involvement with the theme of art and strikingly documents how it is being consistently incorporated into the hotel. With the 2011/12 season about to begin, Florian Werner has chosen “the Art of Encountering” as the key element and guiding theme for the activities in his hotel Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and, in doing so, goes one step further than before. After having declared the hotel an exhibition venue, initiated an Artist in Residence programme in combination with an art prize, and established a new gallery in Bregenz, he is now also making art the identifying characteristic of everything that goes on in his hotel and, as a result, is making the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel a uniquely distinctive place. With this year’s overall theme of “portrayal”, Florian Werner is also concentrating on another of the significant and repeatedly asked questions in the debate about art. The relationship between the object, the item to be depicted, and the portrayal has been the preoccupation of philisophy and epistemology since time immemorial and the debate is constantly changing. What is the relationship between the original image and the image portrayed and, following on from this, to what extent is human perception a portrayal of reality? In this, the artistic works of Alfredo Barsuglia and Patrick Grijalvo Milos are examples of two ways of appreciating art that are at first sight quite contrary in terms of content and aesthetics, but which, at a second glance, both have in common the question of what is possible in the “portrayal”. Both attempt to portray real objects – whether it is the painted portrait of a person or the photographic representation of a building and, in so doing, to be as close as possible to the original image while, at the same time, attaining the greatest degree possible of artistic individuality. They are certainly extremely different in the way they express this attempt – while Alfredo Barsuglia recreates in a realistic way using paint, Milos uses realistic photographic closeness to produce abstract, graphical imagery which has largely distanced itself from the original object. The process of portrayal is also an emancipatory one, because it also always involves an element of rapture from the source. Another emancipatory process is Florian Werner‘s perseverence in bringing art into his hotel. We are delighted to assist him on this journey.

the art of encountering a portrayal section.a companion and curator




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DATES 2011/12

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WINTER ExhibitionS 2011/12

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IN SITU 2011/12

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ARTISTS in residence 2011/12

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kunstquartier hospiz introduces itself It is divided into the following sub-areas:


Hospiz GalERIE St. Christoph


Hospiz GalERIE Bregenz | Kunstvilla


Hospiz Artist in Residence


Hospiz art prize


art collection FLORIAN & URSULA WERNER

* mission statement In its approach the Kunstquartier Hospiz corresponds with to that of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel as a traditional, exclusive hotel with a focus on the guests and their well-being. In the Kunstquartier Hospiz, the focus is on the artist instead of the guest. Accordingly, all activities at the Kunstquartier Hospiz are based on fair and open principles of community. In accordance with the tradition of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph, the Kunstquartier Hospiz serves the purpose of promoting and making visible a younger generation of artists at the start of their creative lives. The Kunstquartier Hospiz provides access to all artistic directions, from traditional artistic formats to New Media Art. The multi-layered programme at the Kunstquartier Hospiz is as dedicated to hotel guests as it is to lovers of art. The Kunstquartier Hospiz is dedicated to its regional location, with which it is closely integrated and carries out an active exchange, without losing sight of the international focus. The Kunstquartier Hospiz is another exclusive trademark of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel.

kunstquartier hospiz 06

Kunst wirkt – Internet prägt Verstehen Sie Kunst? Wir verstehen das Internet …

Kreativität ist unsere Stärke.

Wir haben den Biss, immer nach der besten und effizientesten Lösung zu suchen. Ganz egal, ob es sich dabei um eine sichere Transportverpackung, eine hochwertig bedruckte Verkaufsverpackung oder ein kreatives Display handelt. Was können wir für Sie tun?

Ankommen an einem Ort der Gastfreundschaft, der Begegnung und des guten Geschmacks. Hektik und Stress werden zurückgelassen und man findet Zeit für das Wesentliche: gutes Essen und Trinken, geselliges Beisammensein. Das Winterstellgut, ein Juwel auf 1000 m Höhe steht für Herzlichkeit, Gastfreundschaft und Salzburger Tradition.

Gasthof Winterstellgut, Braunötzhof 4, 5524 Annaberg, Austria, Tel. +43 6463 60078,, Öffnungszeiten: 11.00 – 24.00 Uhr, Montag und Dienstag Ruhetag

Rondo Ganahl Aktiengesellschaft | Papiere - Wellpappe - Verpackungen | A-6820 Frastanz, Telefon +43 (0)5522/518 41-0, A-8181 St. Ruprecht/Raab, Telefon +43 (0)3178/51 00-0, H-1239 Budapest, Telefon (+36-1) 289-2300, RO-407042 Sânnicoara/Apahida, jud. Cluj, Telefon +40 (0)264/41 60 06, RO-130089 Târgoviste/Dambovita County, Telefon +40 (0)245/20 75 30,

ANNUAL THEME 2011/12 portrayal




ALFREDO BARSUGLIA | at Benjamin Nachtwey | DE

Patrik Grijalvo Millois | ES Ernest Pignon-Ernest | FR Lorenz Schimpfössl | AT Andreas Reimann | AT

Roland Adlassnig | AT

ART IN THE BASEMENT Franziskus Wendels | DE

HOSPIZ NAS RESIDENCY AWARD Is awarded annually in December by the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.

ART IN THE PARKING LOT Florian Senn | AT Florian Werner | AT

2008 Janice Heberling


2009 Gabriella Makovina


Kirsten Helfrich | DE Isabel Haase | DE

Is awarded annually in November by the Kunstquartier Hospiz.

Christl Melle | DE



2009 Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder | DE


ART IN THE NEW SAUNA Ottmar Hörl | DE christian hutzinger | AT

2010 Anna Lehmann-Brauns | DE



ART IN THE OLD SAUNA Florian Werner | AT ALFREDO BARSUGLIA | at Marlene Hausegger | at

hospiz galerie st. christoph 10




ANNA LEHmann brauns | De Alfredo Barsuglia | at Andreas Pasqualini | AT Antony Gormley | UK benjamin nachtwey | de Bernhard AMANN | AT Besa | De cristina fiorenza | At Dennis Thies | De Edgar Leissing | AT eva chytilek | AT Eva & ADele | de Florian Walter | De Florian Werner | AT gebhard winkler | at Gerhard Diem | AT gottfried bechtold | At Hannes Fill | AT Hannes Mair | AT HEIKE HERDA | AT HELGA NAGEL | AT Ilona Griss | AT Inge Lasser | AT isabel haase | de Isolde Mall | AT jakob kasimir | at Julian Hoffmann | De kATe terry | uk

kirsten helfrich | DE KLARA RÜTZler | at larry norton | sa Lies maculan | at lisa krabichler | at LUCIA sandholzer | AT lukas moll | at Linde Brodner | AT Lorenz Schmipfössl | AT Luise Heiss | AT marlene hausegger | At Marsilius | De Maximilian Majo | AT Michael von Hassel | DE Patricia Novello | it Peppi spiss | at PETER N. heikenwälder | de Ricarda Maria Pohl | De Roland Adlassnig | AT Rudolf Zimmermann | AT Siegfried Anzinger | AT Steve Kaufman | USA Sylvia Vorwagner | AT Takashi Murakami | JP Uschi Huber | AT Volker Uiberreither | AT 4 GRAZIEN | AT

art collection florian & ursula werner

Partner für neue Perspektiven


Neue Wiener Werkst채tte und Wolfgang Joop pr채sentieren: Die Kollektion

25.11.11 – 04.12.11

Alfredo Barsuglia | AT

02.12.11 – 09.12.11

Katharina Lackner | AT

09.12.11 – 16.12.11

Reinhold Braun | de

16.12.11 – 23.12.11

Nika Kupyrova | UA

28.12.11 – 10.01.12

Hubert Kostner | it

13.01.12 – 20.01.12

Bernd Oppl | at

florian senn | AT

20.01.12 – 03.02.12

Karin Maria Pfeifer | at

kirsten helfrich & isabel haase | DE

03.02.12 – 17.02.12

Maureen Kaegi | ch

kirsten helfrich | DE

17.02.12 – 02.03.12

Martin Bilinovac | at

franziskus wendels | DE

02.03.12 – 09.03.12

Tobias Maximilian Schnell | de

christl melle | DE

09.03.12 – 16.03.12

Maria Anwander | at

Christian Hutzinger | AT

16.03.12 – 30.03.12

Mariella Roos | at

Florian Werner | AT

30.03.12 – 13.04.12

Ernst Heckelmann | de

alfredo Barsuglia | AT

06.04.12 – 20.04.12

Lena Lapschina | ru

December 2011 – APRIL 2012 Alfredo Barsuglia | AT

Patrik Grijalvo Millois | ES

winter exhibitions

insitu & sculpture



artists in residence


Florian Werner has opened his 70 m2 studio and made it available to 14 national and international artists. The artists paint and relax on site in the Hospiz for one week each. Each day from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the artists provide guests of the Hospiz studio insights into their work and look forward to interesting discussions and an invigorating exchange of opinions.



Course of study in Vienna/AT, 35x50, acryl.linen, 10


Born 1980 in Graz/AT

Lives and works in Vienna/AT Gallery: Lukas Feichtner, Vienna/AT Hospiz Art Prize 2011

alfredo barsuglia portrayal / image

In his installations Alfredo Barsuglia questions the permanence of glamour and celebrity culture. What are the mechanisms for accepting beauty, how do they operate and via which media are they conveyed and reinforced? In the process Barsuglia plays with stylistic elements from fairy tales as well as with erotic references and allusions to the world of show business. Some of his extensive installations, which are in the trompe l’oeil tradition, are portraits. In these Barsuglia does not depict individuals, but examples of a social condition. He is interested in the daily rituals and presents these in relation to celebrity culture – the things we are all accustomed to do naturally and which, for exactly that reason, escape our notice.

bunny, 120x100, acryl.pastell.linen, 11

be.patient.with.yourself, 140x100, acryl.linen, 11


annika.or.maria, 140x100, acryl.linen, 11

December 2011 – April 2012

irmgard.and.finn, acryl.linen, 45x85,5, 11

Winter exhibition / corridor

snowscape, 150x150, acryl.linen, 11


Rothko 2010

Rothko 2010

Born 1984 in Bilbao/ES Course of study in Bilbao/ES and Athens/GR Lives and works in Bilbao/ES

patrik grijalvo millois rothko

The photographs of Patrik Grijalvo Millois are always inspired by an actual place – in the „ROTHKO“ series of works it is the Kunsthaus Bregenz, which the young artist came to know during a two month stay there. The artist has explored in minute detail the architecture and lighting design of Peter Zumthor’s prizewinning building and his series of works places a structural focus on what it contains. In these he concentrates on the surfaces, shapes, colours and atmospheric aspects of the building, like a painter. The result is a unique set of photographic works, which shed a new light on the Kunsthaus Bregenz.


Rothko 2010

Athen 2008

Athen 2008

December 2011 – April 2012

Rothko 2010

Winter exhibition / spa area

Rothko 2010



the orange way of Creativity

Kreativität bestimmt unseren Alltag, wenn wir Termine, Wege und Möglichkeiten flexibel kombinieren, um die Ziele unserer Kunden so effizient wie möglich zu erreichen. Deshalb gehört auch die Förderung kreativer Projekte für uns seit mehr als 500 Jahren zur Unternehmenskultur. Erleben Sie selbst: GW bewegt. Servicetelefon 0800.201.666

fantastisches lebewesen (fantastic life form)

Born 1982 in Zams/AT Course of study in Kramsach/AT Lives and works in Zirl/AT The new figure of St. Christopher has been completed in time for the celebrations commemorating the 625th anniversary of the Brotherhood of St Christopher on the second weekend in July. Having already been unveiled to the public, the statue is due to be officially inaugurated on the 9th of July. Tyrolean artist Florian Senn has moved away from traditional depictions of St. Christopher which show him as a giant of a man struggling under the weight of his burden; instead, Senn offers his own interpretation - his steel figure, seven metres tall and weighing nearly two tons, depicts a patron saint effortlessly carrying the Christ child and – as study of the saints tells us – the whole burden of mankind. “Everything’s getting easier”, explains the artist, “today it’s easier to fulfil your dreams”. The St. Christopher statue was commissioned by the Kunstquartier Hospiz and took over 1,000 hours to complete. Gallery-founders Ursula und Florian Werner are delighted with the finished work. “This sculpture is a real cultural asset for St. Christoph and provides a new link

Die hohe Kunst des Private Banking. Centrum Bank.

between Vorarlberg and Tirol.”

Jeder Künstler hat den Anspruch, ein einzigartiges, individuelles Kunstwerk zu schaffen. Genau dieses Ziel haben auch wir als unabhängige Privatbank in der Vermögensverwaltung. Es ist unser Bestreben, in einer von Vertrauen getragenen Partnerschaft für unsere Kunden individuelle, nachhaltige Lösungen zu gestalten und umzusetzen. Wir leben ein Private Banking, bei dem Sie als Kunde im Mittelpunkt stehen.

florian senn christophorus sculpture fantastic life form

Centrum Bank AG Kirchstrasse 3 Postfach 1168 9490 Vaduz Liechtenstein Telefon +423 238 38 38 Fax +423 238 38 39

fantastic life form

Christophorus sculpture in situ


Born 1976 in Weingarten/DE Course of study in London/UK, Munich/

Christophorus Exploded 2008

Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase – Install

Kirsten Helfrich

Born 1976 in Weingarten/DE Course of study in London/UK, Munich/DE and Ravensburg/DE

DE and Ravensburg/DE

Lives and works in Bregenz/AT

Lives and works in Bregenz/AT

Gallery: Galerie.Z, Hard/AT

Gallery: Galerie.Z, Hard/AT

In her artistic work, Kirsten Helfrich deals with themes involving beauty and transience. In her work the artist reacts to ideals and that dominate our society but negate its reality, by means of various media. Whether it be the beauty myth of the fashion magazines or the protective

Isabel Haase

idea of the statue of a saint, Kirsten Helfrich reveals the superficiality of these phenomena in

Born 1975 in Vienna/AT

her artistic transformation. The Christophorus statue in the Hospiz chapel in St. Christoph was

Course of study in Munich/DE

badly damaged by travellers over the decades. The Swabian children took small wood splinters

Lives and works in Munich/DE

with them on their journey over the Arlberg to Germany, in the hopes of returning with something more and of a safe journey. Other travelIn her artistic work, Kirsten Helfrich occupies

lers also believed in improving their chances of

herself with themes involving beauty and tran-

a safe journey with the holy splinters in their

sience. In her work the artist reacts to ideals and

luggage. This is how parts of the statue ended

that dominate our society but negate its reality,

up scattered throughout the world.

by means of various media. Whether it be the beauty myth of the fashion magazines or the

My work for the Hospiz Galerie St. Christoph

protective idea of the statue of a saint, Kirsten

combines the lost wood splinters with the tradi-

Helfrich reveals the superficiality of these phe-

tional hiking song ”Der frohe Wandersmann“

nomena in her artistic transformation.

(The happy wanderer) of Joseph von Eichendorff. The first verse of the well-loved song: Wem Gott

Isabel Haase‘s artistic work is also characterised

will rechte Gunst erweisen … (When God wis-

by the use of various media. Through photo-

hes to show true favour to someone), is formed by

graphy, video, objects and installations, she ex-

thousands of small wood pieces which have been

plores themes such as the relationship between

hurled against the wall as if after an explosion

public and private spaces, just as she includes objects of daily life. In addition to fine, clear aesthetics, her work also subliminally radiates a great deal of discomfort and unrest. Through subtle changes, everyday objects are given new, unexpected meanings that confuse and amuse viewers.

isabel haase & kirsten helfrich

kirsten helfrich christophorus exploded

hike along the undersea ridge, dust catcher


Detail Christophorus Exploded

Detail Christophorus Exploded

in situ

Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase – Quiet in situ


SeilBahnen 2009

Dress Up 2009

Born 1960 in Daun/Eifel/DE

Born 1955 in Munich/DE

Course of study in Berlin/DE and

Course of study in Augsburg/DE

Montpellier/FR Lives and works in Schmiechen near Lives and works in Cologne and Daun/DE


Franziskus Wendels deals with the theme of

In the installation SeilBahnen I dealt with the

”light“. He is especially interested in artificial

theme of Seilbahnen (cable railways) very literally

light in the context of the city. The brightly

(Note: the German term ”Seilbahn“ literally me-

lit city is to him a symbol of our ”Enlightened

ans ”rope track“). Wooden supports carry the sisal

times” with all their ambivalence. He has crea-

strings, dyed in the colours of the rainbow. The

ted three installations for the Hospiz Galerie

installation adapts to the mountainous terrain,

St. Christoph. In the expansive rooms of the

traverses stairs, paths and exits, travelling along

basement boiler room, the observer sees things

rivers and under bridges. Without a beginning or

that at first glance seem to have been placed the-

an end, the strings always travel along the same

re arbitrarily. However, when the lights go out,

path, a symbol for the ultimately always identical

these become a landscape with enormous spa-

processes of life, which however at the same time

tial depth. These works subsist on the tension

take on a cheerful life-affirming quality due to

between the images of day and night. The same

their rainbow colours.

can be said for a series of graphics. two stories entering a dialogue with one another are told on eight sheets. in situ


cable railways Würfel (cubes) 2007

rural exodus

christl melle

SeilBahnen 2009 Detail

franziskus wendels

in situ


O.T., (CH, 23, 2008), 2008

Born 1966 in Vienna/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT The artist, Christian Hutzinger, has developed a distinctive visual language in his painting, collages and spatial intervention installations. His preferred colours vary within a palette of vivid shades and find formal expression through rigid compliance with themes. In a world of signs and pictograms, the artist has created over time

Joseph Höger, Detail aus «Das Wetterhorn bei Grindelwald», 1868 © Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, Vaduz – Wien. LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections

his own artistic vocabulary in order to tell his story. The simple shapes, ellipses and capsules against monochrome backgrounds act virtually as substitutes, as synonyms for events. The play of colours, shapes and sizes are the parameters Hutzinger works within. Spatial interventions, the painted interconnection between images and spaces, open a discourse with the viewer and establish an immediate relationship with their surroundings.

christian hutzinger coloured structures

Gönnen Sie sich eine Auszeit. Wir kümmern uns um Ihr Vermögen. Für Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse bieten wir mass­ geschneiderte Dienstleistungen rund um die Themen Anlage, Finanzierung, Vorsorge und Nachfolge. Kunstliebhaber finden bei LGT Fine Art Services fachkundige Beratung bei der Auswahl, dem Erwerb und dem Verkauf von Kunstwerken.

Zellerndorf, 2009

in situ

Belvedere, 2009 Vaduz und 28 weitere Standorte weltweit.


Wir freuen uns auf ein persönliches Gespräch. LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG Herrengasse 12, FL­9490 Vaduz Telefon +423 235 11 22

Course of study in Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT

Of heroism and adventure, 2010, video installation


Born 1980 in Graz/AT

Born 1981 in Linz/AT Course of study in Linz/AT Lives and works in Linz/AT

Gallery: Lukas Feichtner, Vienna/AT

Katharina Lackner works using shifts and changes in perception and executes her artistic ideas

In his installations, Alfredo Barsuglia poses the

in videos, installations and temporary perfor-

question of the durability of glamour and the

mative interventions. A core topic of her work

star cult. What are the mechanisms for the ac-

is the study of movement (of self ) in space.

ceptance of beauty, how do they function and

Through this she introduces herself as a chan-

by means of which media are they transported

geable and sometimes magical figure and allows

and reinforced? In the process, Barsuglia plays

us to participate visually in her actual simple

with stylistic elements from fairy tales, as well

physical experiences. Her own body becomes

as with erotic allusions and side glances into the

a form of clay in order to test boundaries and

world of show business.

bring situations to a head. In the process, using

Portraits are a component of his voluminous in-

simple digital or analogue media, what is real

stallations, which refer to the tradition of trom-

is interwoven with what is imaginary or mani-

pe d‘oeil painting. Barsuglia does not illustrate


individuals here, but rather placeholders of a societal condition. He is interested in the everyday rituals, and places these in a relationship to the star cult; the existential processes that we all perform as a matter of course, and which, precisely for this reason, escape our attention.

32 Slide, 2009, Installation

from 25.11.2011 – 04.12.2011

Escap[ad]e, 2010

Artist in Residence

Wegerich-Scheckenfalter, 2009

katharina lackner

Very bright inside, 2011, photograph, drawing

alfredo barsuglia

Artist in Residence from 02.12.2011 – 09.12.2011


Course of study in Düsseldorf/DE


3 painted ghosts, 120 x 95, oil on canvas

Born 1961 in Karlsruhe/DE

Born 1985 in Ukraine/UA Course of study in Edinburgh/UK

Lives and works in Düsseldorf/DE

Lives and works in Vienna/AT and Prague/CZ

Reinhold Braun, artist and co-founder of the

Nika Kupyrova studied painting in Edinburgh,

D.A.R.M. group of artists, whets your ap-

but, in the meantime, her artistic experience

petite for colour with his painting that redefines

has principally been determined by spatial in-

boundaries and invites you to enter strange vi-

stallations and photography. All her objects

sual worlds. His works descend into night, into

and installations have their origin in items she

intoxication, into excess – into a universe where

has found and fragments of historical artifacts,

normal familiar behaviour only operates to a

such as furniture, toys, pots and rubber tubing.

limited extent and where things that are crude,

Like a tracker, the artist arranges these into new

childish, dreamlike and anarchic become more

forms, robbing them of thier original purpose

important. His approach as a painter is undog-

and, having transformed them artistically, uses

matic and he uses different stylistic devices in

them to tell new tales. Through the moment of

order to remain consciously in this area, on the

recollection and recognition she creates familia-

threshold between abstraction and represent-

rity and a sense of belonging.

ational depiction.

reinhold braun

nika kupyrova


sunset yellow 01

naphthalene 01

from 09.12.2011 – 16.12.2011

Worlds, 170 x 200, oil on canvas

Artist in Residence

Painted ghost, 120 x 95, oil on canvas Artist in Residence from 16.12.2011 – 23.12.2011


Course of study in Munich/DE Lives and works in Kastelruth/Castelrotto/IT In his works, Hubert Kostner addresses touristic clichés in an ironic style and parodies the kitsch and one-dimensional perception of the alpine surroundings. His miniature landscapes and his alpine landscape canvases adopt the theme of the excessive and problematic use of this space without pointing the moral finger. He gives a different significance to his subjects, which stem from objects used in his surroundings, which he transforms, giving them a new context. For example, an anvil becomes an oversized hammer and reminds us of the words from one of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poems, “You must either mount or fall, either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer”.


Turbo Lenz, 2010, performance

Born 1971 in Brixen/IT

hubert kostner „Campbell’s Soup Cans“ sind ein Kultobjekt. Dank dem Künstler und Grafiker Andy Warhol. Er verstand es, die Suppendose aus der Warenwelt in die Sphäre der Kunst zu heben, Markenführung und Kreation zu verschmelzen. Sein strategischer wie kreativer Plan: Er übertrug die Mechanismen des Marktes auf die Kreation. Eine neue, multidimensionale Marke – wie auch Silberball sie versteht – war geboren.

from 28.12.2011 – 10.01.2012


Msuite, 2008, 160 m2, installation,

Artist in Residence

Msuite, 2008, 160 m2, installation,

Wien | Bregenz | Salzburg | Warschau Geschäftspark schoeller2welten | Mariahilfstraße 29 | 6900 Bregenz | Austria

b.omili apron

Korridor, 2009, videostills

Born 1980 in Innsbruck/AT

Born 1966 in Vienna/AT

Course of study in Linz/AT

Course of study in Salzburg and Vienna/AT

Lives and works in Vienna/AT

Lives and works in Hagenbrunn/AT

Bernd Oppl‘s artistic work repeatedly revolves

In her role as artist, Karin Maria Pfeifer has re-

around the relationship between work with

served the right to observe things from below or

film and spatiality and architecture, as well as

from a skewed perspective. Her scenes of people

their media portrayal. The starting point for his

living their daily lives together are characterised

work is film scenes, in which the set presents a

by a bright colours and an apparent lightness.

real physical space and is not constructed virtu-

But, on closer inspection, they make a tongue-

ally. Oppl addresses the topic of understanding

in-cheek contribution to themes relevant to so-

film as an architectural art form which portrays

ciety such as relationships, fear of commitment,

space, transforms it and creates new spaces. In

or the process of letting go. The dissonance bet-

his subjects the artist recreates in miniature fa-

ween content and form is the dominant artistic

mous exhibition venues (such as, for example,

stylistic device in her large and airy pictures.

Tate Modern), which stand outside what is currently accessible and available to him as an artist, and playfully fills these with his own artistic works.


Korridor, 2009, videostills

from 13.01.2012 – 20.01.2012

Korridor, 2009, videostills

Artist in Residence sample of no commercial value

Winter exhibition / media room

karin maria pfeifer

b.turquoise waistcoat

bernd oppl

Artist in Residence from 20.01.2012 – 03.02.2012


Course of study in Vienna/AT and Zurich/CH

Barricade, 2009, C-print, 120 x 95 cm

Branches 1

Born 1984 in New Plymouth/NZ

Born 1981 in Graz/AT Course of study Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna and Linz/AT

Lives and works in Zurich/CH and Vienna/AT

Martin Bilinovac’s artistic work is a continuous debate on the topic of space. On the one hand

The aspect of fiction plays a special role in

it reflects an interest in actual space, its function

Maureen Kaegi‘s artistic experience, which

and social coding, on the other hand it depicts

is defined through the concurrent use of dif-

the malleable, three-dimensional qualities of

ferent media – drawing, painting, photography

space. In his photographic shots reality is inter-

and installations. The artist composes complex

woven with photographic space, always defined

visual universes out of simple reflections on

by the strict form of its composition – frontal

daily life, aided by the device of slow motion.

view, centered and symmetrical. This results in

She translates these scenarios with instinctive

visual worlds that move between portrayals of

assurance – a photograph is turned into a gra-

real life, fiction and stage sets.

phic, is then transformed into a painting so it can become a photograph again. Her staging of the installation and its spatial aspects, as well as her knowledge of the function and effect of architecture complete the way she thinks about and deals with her art.

maureen kaegi

martin bilinovac

Two doors II, 2009, C-print, 95 x 120 cm


Insurrection, 2010, C-print, 120 x 95 cm

from 03.02.2012 – 17.02.2012

starry sky

Artist in Residence

cloud coverage 1 Artist in Residence from 17.02.2012 – 02.03.2012


Büros Zentrale St. Anton Gegenüber 4er Sessellift Gampenbahn T +43(0)5446-3411 F +43(0)5446-2306 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2526 Fußgängerzone Skischul-Vorverkaufsstelle


SNOW! Skikurse . Privatkurse . Guiding . Kinderskikurse Snowboard . Funsport . Telemark . Langlauf Schneeschuhwandern . Skitouren . Heliskiing .

Büro Nasserein T +43(0)5446-2738 F +43(0)5446-2738-20 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2738-10 Büro St. Christoph T +43(0)5446-2151 F +43(0)5446-2150 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2151 Büro Gampen T +43(0)5446-3411

Wennst ein Bild von einem echten Speck suchst.

Werde Tyroler!

Everyones‘ Best Friends

rooted 01

Born 1974 in Tuttlingen/DE

Born 1980 in Bregenz/AT

Course of study in Konstanz/DE and

Course of study Vienna/AT

Bregenz/AT Lives and works in Berlin/DE Lives and works in Feldkirch/AT Maria Anwander’s artistic work is a consistent For Tobias Maximilian Schell art begins with

debate about the way art operates, the way it

analysing the verbal space, from which he filters

is standardised and regulated. She intervenes in

out forgotten and hidden fragments, double

this system, sometimes in a very ironic manner,

meanings or type faces. He treats these either

in order to avoid it or reveal it. So, over several

according to purely formal criteria such as, for

years, she has stolen name plates from inter-

example, the aggregate of lines and background,

national museums and art institutions, inter-

of black and white, or from the perspective of

preted them in her own artistic style and dis-

content, where he reveals transformed patterns

played them in an exhibition. She blew a kiss to

of meaning.

the Museum of Modern Art in New York when

The “how?” of the artistic signature only plays a

she broke the rules and left a trace of lipstick be-

secondary role in this. As a result, Tobias Maxi-

hind in one of the exhibition rooms. Methods

milian Schnell’s artistic form of expression is as

of appropriation and the question of authorship

much about objects as it is about performance,

of an artwork are constant themes in her work.

conception, installation or music.

44 ok centre maria anwander 2

from 02.03.2012 – 09.03.2012

blendend, 01

Artist in Residence

PR around 2As, 04

maria anwander

Hoarding at night

tobias maximilian schnell

Artist in Residence from 09.03.2012 – 16.03.2012


Avalanche slope

London Glasshouse, 2010

Born 1984 in Vienna/AT

Born 1948 in Wartaweil/DE

Course of study in Vienna/AT

Course of study in Munich/DE

and New York/US Lives and works in Munich and Lives and works in Vienna/AT

Lech bei Landsberg/DE

Mariella Roos‘ photographic works are specifi-

Ernst Heckelmann’s painting is dominated by

cally consolidated by overlaying images, which

fast, broad brush strokes and a dynamic style.

intensifythe theme depicted. In many cases her

Therefore his painting fluctuates in the border-

works elicit the feeling of seeing through the

line experiences between reproducing the real

object to what is inside – the skeleton – and

image and abstracting this image. His themes

yet others have quite the opposite effect, the

are archetypal mountain fantasies, often charac-

feeling of non-recognition is generated through

terised by avalanche-like landscape structures

the montage of familiar objects, turning them

which also often have a chaotic appearance.

into something completely different. Her works

Ernst Heckelmann is contantly re-extending

oscillate between the poles of hyper-reality and

the range of his pictures and charging them

constructed fiction.

with subjects that are nurtured by his pursuit of contemporary art trends.

46 Mountain village

from 16.03.2012 – 30.03.2012

London Building, 2011

Artist in Residence

Berlin Building , 2010

ernst heckelmann


mariella roos

Artist in Residence from 30.03.2012 – 13.04.2012


Launch Pad 65L

Born 1965 in Kurgan/Siberia/RU Course of study in Moscow/RU Lives and works in Vienna /AT Lena Lapschina‘s complex artistic work is defined by her preoccupation with the interaction between situations in individuals‘ daily lives and their effect and relevance to society. Her conceptual approach takes the form of photographic and video works. On her travels she films and photographs the situations in the daily life of an artist, which she mixes with scenes from the world of the media and uses in an unusual way. These are always very close and intimate aspects of private observation, which she deals with publicly.

from 06.04.2012 – 20.04.2012


under water

Artist in Residence

mural krakow

lena lapschina

Das Arlberg-Hospiz-Hotel zu führen ist Kunst. Große Kunst.

Dem MooserWirt zu helfen, das MOOSER Hotel zu entwickeln, ist nobel. Sehr sehr nobel. Lieber Florian – vielen Dank!



Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skihütte am Arlberg.

Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skihütte am Arlberg.

p ortr aya l

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