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Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skih端tte amam Arlberg. Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skih端tte Arlberg.

With issue 03 of his magazine, Florian Werner is providing insight into the diverse artistic activities of the Kunstquartier Hospiz for the third time. With his initiative, he has formulated the ambition of attracting special attention to the promotion of contemporary art, and of making this, in addition to the internationally renowned Bordeaux Collection, a significant and self-explanatory part of the hotel over the long term. After two years of intensive cooperation, we are pleased to find that significant steps have been taken, and that the original impulse, or even passion, has been coupled with the ambition to be professionally active in the art business. Florian Werner has created a broad base for his artistic activities. He uses the hotel as an exhibition space, has created an artist in residence programme in combination with an art prize and operates a gallery in Bregenz, which serves as an extended arm and communicator for him. He has been successful in combining these different areas of activity with one another in such a way that they not only determine one another, but also transform the Kunstquartier Hospiz itself into an art district. These multi-layered activities have resulted in a concomitant effect that was not intended but is therefore all the more valuable because of this. The intention to set processes in motion and to understand aesthetics as a more broadly based perceptual capacity in a multilayered reality arose from the intention of implementing art as a decorative element. The possibility for artists to integrate the location into their artistic creation has resulted in a constant reflection of the location�hotel“. The potential of art takes effect in various forms of expression, inscribes itself into the hotel structure through permanent intervention and allows new stories to unfold time and again in the long hotel corridors. Guests are invited to temporarily take part in artistic creative processes and to visit the artists in residence in the studio. The presence of art in the hotel creates new centres of attention and makes it an unmistakable location. So, land is in sight and the first steps have been taken. The desire and the energy to take this path, and the necessary persistence, are more than sufficiently present in Florian Werner. It is with great pleasure that we look forward to this mutual journey.

land in sight! section.a companion and curator


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DATES 2010/11

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WINTER ExhibitionS 2010/11

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ARTISTS in residence 2010/11

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kunstquartier hospiz introduces itself It is divided into the following sub-areas:


Hospiz GalERIE St. Christoph


Hospiz GalERIE Bregenz


Hospiz Artist in Residence


Hospiz art prize


Hospiz art collection

* mission statement In its approach the Kunstquartier Hospiz corresponds with to that of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel as a traditional, exclusive hotel with a focus on the guests and their well-being. In the Kunstquartier Hospiz, the focus is on the artist instead of the guest. Accordingly, all activities at the Kunstquartier Hospiz are based on fair and open principles of community. In accordance with the tradition of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph, the Kunstquartier Hospiz serves the purpose of promoting and making visible a younger generation of artists at the start of their creative lives. The Kunstquartier Hospiz provides access to all artistic directions, from traditional artistic formats to New Media Art. The multi-layered programme at the Kunstquartier Hospiz is as dedicated to hotel guests as it is to lovers of art. The Kunstquartier Hospiz is dedicated to its regional location, with which it is closely integrated and carries out an active exchange, without losing sight of the international focus. The Kunstquartier Hospiz is another exclusive trademark of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel.

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MOMENTE DES STAUNENS FUNKELNDE EINKAUFSERLEBNISSE 6112 Wattens, Austria, Tel. +43 (0)5224 51080 Täglich geöffnet von 9.00 – 18.30 Uhr Letzter Einlass 17.30 Uhr 2. und 3. November-Woche geschlossen

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Die hohe Kunst des Verpackens.




Anna Lehmann-Brauns | DE EVA & ADELE | DE

Florian Werner | AT



ART IN THE COLLECTION ROOM Art Brut, ARTISTS of the Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg | AT Lukas Moll | AT Heike Herda | AT Helga Nagel | AT Bernhard Amann | AT Klara Rützler | AT Lucia Sandholzer | AT Gebhard Winkel | AT


Patricia Novello | IT Daniela Novello | IT Ernest Pignon-Ernest | FR Lorenz Schimpfössl | AT Andreas Reimann | AT Benjamin Nachtwey | DE

ART IN THE POOL Kirsten Helfrich | DE Isabel Haase | DE




Ottmar Hörl | DE Gerhard Diem | AT

Is awarded annually in November by the Kunstquartier Hospiz.


2009 Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder | DE

Herbert Zangs | DE Siegfried Anzinger | AT

2010 Anna Lehmann-Brauns | DE

ART IN THE FOYER Anna Lehmann-Brauns | DE


Is awarded annually in December by the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.


2008 Janice Heberling | AUS

Florian Senn | AT Florian Werner | AT

2009 Gabriella Makovina | AUS

hospiz galerie st. christoph 11

Alfred Bradler | De

Linde Brodner | AT

Andreas Pasqualini | AT

Lorenz Schmipfรถssl | AT

Antony Gormley | UK

Luise Heiss | AT

Besa | De

Marsilius | De

Dennis Thies | De

Maximilian Majo | AT

Edgar Leissing | AT

Ricarda Maria Pohl | De

Florian Walter | De

Roland Adlassnig | AT

Florian Werner | AT

Rudolf Zimmermann | AT

Gerhard Diem | AT

Siegfried Anzinger | AT

Hannes Fill | AT

Steve Kaufman | USA

Hannes Mair | AT

Sylvia Vorwagner | AT

Ilona Griss | AT

Takashi Murakami | JP

Inge Lasser | AT

Uschi Huber | AT

Isolde Mall | AT

Volker Uiberreither | AT

Julian Hoffmann | De

hospiz sammlung 13

December 2010 – APRIL 2011 anna lehmann-brauns | DE EVA & ADELE | DE art brut | AT patrizia novello | IT daniela novello | IT florian werner | AT eva chytilek | DE

winter exhibitions


kirsten helfrich | DE franziskus wendels | DE christl melle | DE kirsten helfrich & isabel haase | DE florian senn | AT Florian Werner | AT

insitu & sculpture



28.11.10 – 12.12.10

Eva Chytilek | AT

05.12.10 – 23.12.10

Kirsten Helfrich & Isabel Haase | DE

02.01.11 – 11.01.11

Uta Belina Waeger | AT

12.01.11 – 23.01.11

Alfredo Barsuglia | AT

30.01.11 – 20.02.11

Lies Maculan | AT

20.02.11 – 27.02.11

Die 4 Grazien | AT

27.02.11 – 13.03.11

Cristina Fiorenza | IT

13.03.11 – 27.03.11

Marlene Hausegger | At

27.03.11 – 10.04.11

Christian Falsnaes | DK

10.04.11 – 17.04.11


17.04.11 – 24.04.11


artists in residence


Florian Werner has opened his 70 m2 studio and made it available to 15 national and international artists. The artists paint and relax on site in the Hospiz for one week each. Each day from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the artists provide guests of the Hospiz studio insights into their work and look forward to interesting discussions and an invigorating exchange of opinions.



Kirschbaum Freeride & Lifestyle, bei der Rendl Talstation - Kirschbaum Fashion, Mitten in der Fußgängerzone Sport Pangratz & Ess GmbH - Hotline 05446 34535






Karl Reyer Sport & Mode Handels GmbH • Weissgerberweg 2-6 • A-5400 Hallein bei Salzburg • • Tel.: +43 (0) 6245 20435


Born 1967 in Berlin/DE Lives and works in Berlin/DE Gallery: Kunstagenten, Berlin/DE Hospiz Art Prize 09/10 During the last season Anna Lehmann-Brauns was a guest in the Hospiz last season from 23 to 29 December 2009. From the 22 artists in residence in 09/10, she was chosen as the winner of the Hospiz Art Prize 09/10. The photographic representations of her miniature interiors, located at the boundary between fiction and reality, convince through the force and coherence of their expression.

anna lehmann-brauns spatial constructions

December 2010 – April 2011


still love you

Winter exhibition in the Passage


rush hour



Kulisse Telenovela

Anna Lehmann-Brauns finds and invents spaces which immediately captivate the viewer. Her photographs the onlooker fascinate with their intensity of colour and their light moods, as well as with their direct sensuality. At the same time, the settings surprise the viewer with their feeling of abandonment, quiet and loneliness. The illustrated hotel lobbies, bars or cinemas are witnesses to the life, lustre and glamour of days which seem long past. These locations take on an intimate monumental character with their tidy design. According to the artist the longing to pass away and the desire to preserve it is the guiding principle of her work. Her documentation of these locations from the past are not dissociated, matter-of-fact or cold, but rather intimate, direct and warm, making sophisticated use of the attractive design media of colour, light and space.







Bust size









EVA & ADELE, ”312“, 2010, A4 hotel paper, graphite, collage, chocolate bar wrapper foil, yarn

Live and work in Berlin/DE Gallery: Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris/FR Claire Oliver Gallery, New York/US Together, EVA & ADELE created the artistic character ”EVA & ADELE“ at the beginning of the 1990‘s. They not only present themselves as EVA & ADELE in public, but also consistently live out the artistic character in their private lives. The leitmotif for their amalgamation and their work is the concept ”Beyond the boundaries of gender“. They regard themselves as a living work of art and astound onlookers with an art of life which they have now been courageously and decisively displaying to the world for the past 20 years. Parallel to the performance aspect of EVA & ADELE, the artists have established a complex, material, mediaoverarching body of work.

EVA & ADELE – WHEREVER WE ARE IS MUSEUM Works in public collections ABSOLUT Collection, Stockholm Cutting Edge Collection, Montblanc, Hamburg DZ Bank Collection, Frankfurt/Main Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki


Tate Gallery, London Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris

coming out of the future

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam Museum der Moderne, Salzburg Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn Österreichischer Skulpturenpark, Graz Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin Sprengel Museum, Hannover Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart Video-Forum, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Münster Winter exhibition in the Passage December 2010 – April 2011


Futuring Company, 2003 60 x 80 cm, gouache, water colours, oil pastel

Futuring Company, 2003 60 x 80 cm, gouache, water colours, oil pastel

DAILY SELF-PORTRAIT, St. Christoph, 27.07.2010

Transformer Performer – KÖNIGSBERG, 2006, 150 x 200 cm, oil on canvas

Monographs 2010 EVA & ADELE. Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst (Critical encyclopaedia of contemporary art), text by Hans-Joachim Müller, Munich 2010 2009 EVA & ADELE, STEREOEFFEKT, Exhibition catalogue, Tallinn Art Hall (texts by Harry Liivrand and Eugenio Viola) 2008 EVA & ADELE, ROSA ROT, Exhibition catalogue Lentos Kunstmuseum; Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Rupertinum, Cologne 2008 (texts by Margit Zuckriegl, Sabine Kampmann and Nina Kirsch) 2004 EVA & ADELE. Geschlossene Gesellschaft (Private function), Exhibition catalogue Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin 2004 (text by

During their summer residence in the Hospiz Hotel in 2010, EVA & ADELE developed a series of 26 performative drawings and collages. In the process they discovered the hotel line of consumer articles and used hotel stationery as a background for their drawings, upon which elements such as chocolate wrapper foil (the chocolate tablets that come with the hotel espresso, pilfered), paper doilies and the sewing kits of the hotel series were collaged. Nine sheets bear the reproduction graphic of a press photo from the Kronerzeitung (Austria‘s largest newspaper) of 29 July 2010, which was taken of the artists on the occasion of the Salzburg Festival. EVA & ADELE also integrated the spectacular view of the mountain from the panorama windows into their work on paper.

Mark Gisbourne) 2003 EVA & ADELE. DAY BY DAY – PAINTING, Exhibition catalogue The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Ostfildern-Ruit 2003 (texts by Bera Nordal, Sabine Kampmann and Andreas Schalhorn) 2000 EVA & ADELE. CLOSE-UP & BLOW-UP, Exhibition catalogue Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris 2000 (text by Robert Fleck)

The two artists work at different locations and artistically appropriate these in their own way. They also assume that the atmosphere of the location, in the sense of the ”genius loci“, will find expression in the drawings. Here they like to cite Hans Belting from his book ”Bild und Kult“ (Image and Cult) (1990): ”The connection between image and cult is, as one can see, linked in many ways. The memory an image conjures applies to both its own history and that of the location. Copying has the purpose of distributing the veneration of the image beyond the location itself in such a way that all copies reproduce the face of the one location-bound original. The memory bound to the original remains undivided in the process. The copies remind of the original of a famous image of the location, and this reminds of the privileges that it has acquired in its history with the location and for the location.“ Maike Fries, Magister (roughly equivalent of MA), Art History, Humboldt University, Berlin

EVA & ADELE. LOGO – MEDIAPLASTIC-WINGS-LINGERIE, Exhibition catalogue Saarlandmuseum (Saarbrücken), Overbeck-Gesellschaft (Lübeck), Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein (Dresden), Ostfildern-Ruit 2000 (texts by Gesine Last, Dietmar Kamper and Thea Herold) 1999 EVA & ADELE. WHEREVER WE ARE IS MUSEUM, Exhibition catalogue Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Ostfildern-Ruit 1999 (texts by Renate Puvogel, Robert Fleck, Thomas Wulffen, Paolo Bianchi) EVA & ADELE. NOTA – Licht auf Weimar, (Light on Weimar), Exhibition catalogue Licht


auf Weimar – Die ephemeren Medien (The

Museum der Moderne Salzburg

ephemeral media), Ostfildern-Ruit 1999 (texts

” Körper Codes“ (Body codes) Human images from the collection

by Dietmar Kamper and Bernd Rosner)

6 November 2010 – 27 March 2011

1997 EVA & ADELE. CUM, Exhibition catalogue Sprengel Museum Hannover, Ostfildern-Ruit 1997 (texts by Paolo Bianchi and Ulrich Krempel)

Transformer Performer – TRIANGLE, 2005 110 x 140 cm, oil on canvas

Transformer Performer – LA STRADA, 2005 110 x 140 cm, oil on canvas

Transformer Performer – ROTE LIEBE (Red Love), 2005 200 x 300 cm, oil on canvas



Monika Mazagg

The ”Art Brut Week“ An exhibition of 14 artists of the Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg Art Brut describes the artistic creation of people at the margins of our society. The decisive characteristic of these works of art is that they stem from outstide the established art business, regardless of whether traditional or modern. These works impress through their immediacy, creative energy and power of imagination.

art brut


Lukas Moll

July 2010 – April 2011

Elisabeth Graff

Winter exhibition: Collection room

Bernhard Amann

Christian Nachbauer

Heike Herda

Angelika Untermoser

Lucia Sandholzer

14 painters of the Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg were guests at the Hospiz St. Christoph from the 13th to the 20th of June. In addition to their work, they visit the ARTeliers and the painting studios of the Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg once a week. In the summer of 2010 they were provided with an opportunity to show their creativity for one week. These works can now be viewed in the hotel.


In the Manner of Old Masters (particular)

Patrizia and Daniela Novello Born 1978 in Milan/IT Patrizia Course of study in Brera/IT Lives and works in New York/US Daniela Course of study in Brera and Milan/IT Lives and works in Milan Gallery: Art Contemporain FABBRI, Milan/IT

Patrizia Novello is a painter. She concerns herself with nature and its representation. Her images imitate the photographic medium (polaroid format with white frame), which she supplements with journal-like comments. During this process she shifts the focus to unspectacular details, like in a snapshot. On the other hand, she cites (natural) scientific forms of representation which become a kind of visual poetry through their decontextualisation.

Daniela Novello is a sculptor. Under the title ”Archaeology of the Everyday“, she created a series of small sculptures in which she immortalises disposable consumer products. She has carved a package of cigarettes, a container of milk or a piece of soap in red marble, black or white granite and sheathed them in lead. This ironic play with the dislocation of the significance of waste products through the refinement of the material into a high-quality work of art is the discerning aspect of her work.

patrizia novello

December 2010 – April 2011


In the Manner of Old Masters

Winter exhibition in the spa area

In the Manner of Old Masters

Tracce urbane

daniela novello


Bangla 61


BR 11.01

Born 1966 in St. Gallen/CH Lives and works in St. Christoph am Arlberg/AT What goes on inside an up-and-coming artist? What does a self-taught artist do when he stands in front of the canvas and rolls up his sleeves? Ideally he paints that which he can paint well. The impression is thrust upon us that we are dealing with a young painter who wants to conquer the artistic world with ”sevenleague boots“. This hastiness, a sign of our times, is clearly visible in his work. It contributes to an understanding of his paintings, which ”at first glance“ reflect the rhythm of our times. However, his technique reminds us of past painting styles of the American modern. We are dealing with a passionate, young artist who is looking for the means to optimize his pictorial expression in his own time. To put it simply, this can all be explained with molecular structures, which every great painter leaves behind as his legacy, and which is unconsciously or even consciously used by his successors.

florian werner

December 2010 – April 2011


BR 11.05

Winter exhibition: old sauna

BR 11.03,

BR 11.02

Florian Werner’s paintings distinguish themselves by means of a simple language, a good feeling for colour and dynamic movement. It is the small incidents that merge with one another in his paintings. They are accessible to the observer, also due to their spontaneity and their feel for originality.

BR 11.07

BR 11.06

BR 11.04

Klaus Drobig, Centre d’Art s’Estació de Sineu, Mallorca


Peter Paul Rubens, Detail aus «Porträt der Clara Serena Rubens», um 1616 © Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, Vaduz – Wien, LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM, Wien.

Vermögen aufbauen. Ein Leben lang. Vermögen erhalten. Über Generationen.

Nehmen Sie uns beim Wort. LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG, Herrengasse 12, FL-9490 Vaduz Telefon +423 235 11 22 Vaduz und 28 weitere Standorte weltweit.

fantastisches lebewesen (fantastic life form)

Born 1982 in Zams/AT Course of study in Kramsach/AT Lives and works in Zirl/AT Florian Senn is a craftsman and artist, or more precisely, a steelworker and a glass artist. In the course of his activity, he has acquired comprehensive knowledge, which define his artistic creativity and thinking. Senn deals with fundamental questions about the meaning of life in his work. His artistic examination strives toward harmony and spirituality, toward a connection between philosophical discourse and the processed materials, toward a transformation of the elements. Florian Senn operates the �Little Art Gallery“ in Zirl, which is both studio and gallery. In the summer of 2009 he created a metal sculpture for the Hospiz in front of the hotel complex.

florian senn fantastic life form


Fliegende Bank (Flying bench)


Since 1862

Christophorus Exploded 2008

Born 1976 in Weingarten/DE Course of study in London/UK, Munich/DE and Ravensburg/DE Lives and works in Bregenz/AT Gallery: Galerie.Z, Hard/AT In her artistic work, Kirsten Helfrich deals with themes involving beauty and transience. In her work the artist reacts to ideals and that dominate our society but negate its reality, by means of various media. Whether it be the beauty myth of the fashion magazines or the protective idea of the statue of a saint, Kirsten Helfrich reveals the superficiality of these phenomena in her artistic transformation. The Christophorus statue in the Hospiz chapel in St. Christoph was badly damaged by travellers over the decades. The Swabian children took small wood splinters with them on their journey over the Arlberg to Germany, in the hopes of returning with something more and of a safe journey. Other travellers also believed in improving their chances of a safe journey with the holy splinters in their luggage. This is how parts of the statue ended up scattered throughout the world. My work for the Hospiz Galerie St. Christoph combines the lost wood splinters with the traditional hiking song ”Der frohe Wandersmann“ (The happy wanderer) of Joseph von Eichendorff. The first verse of the well-loved song: Wem Gott will rechte Gunst erweisen … (When God wishes to show true favour to someone), is formed by thousands of small wood pieces which have been hurled against the wall as if after an explosion

kirsten helfrich

Detail Christophorus Exploded

Detail Christophorus Exploded

christophorus exploded

in situ


Dress Up 2009

Born 1960 in Daun/Eifel/DE Course of study in Berlin/DE and Montpellier/FR Lives and works in Cologne and Daun/DE Franziskus Wendels deals with the theme of ”light“. He is especially interested in artificial light in the context of the city. The brightly lit city is to him a symbol of our ”Enlightened times” with all their ambivalence. He has created three installations for the Hospiz Galerie St. Christoph. In the expansive rooms of the basement boiler room, the observer sees things that at first glance seem to have been placed there arbitrarily. However, when the lights go out, these become a landscape with enormous spatial depth. These works subsist on the tension between the images of day and night. The same can be said for a series of graphics. two stories entering a dialogue with one another are told on eight sheets.

franziskus wendels rural exodus in situ


SeilBahnen 2009

Born 1955 in Munich/DE Course of study in Augsburg/DE Lives and works in Schmiechen near Augsburg/DE In the installation SeilBahnen I dealt with the theme of Seilbahnen (cable railways) very literally (Note: the German term ”Seilbahn“ literally means ”rope track“). Wooden supports carry the sisal strings, dyed in the colours of the rainbow. The installation adapts to the mountainous terrain, traverses stairs, paths and exits, travelling along rivers and under bridges. Without a beginning or an end, the strings always travel along the same path, a symbol for the ultimately always identical processes of life, which however at the same time take on a cheerful life-affirming quality due to their rainbow colours.

christl melle cable railways

Würfel (cubes) 2007

SeilBahnen 2009 Detail in situ


the orange way of Creativity

Kreativität bestimmt unseren Alltag, wenn wir Termine, Wege und Möglichkeiten flexibel kombinieren, um die Ziele unserer Kunden so effizient wie möglich zu erreichen. Deshalb gehört auch die Förderung kreativer Projekte fur uns seit mehr als 500 Jahren zur Unternehmenskultur. Erleben Sie selbst: GW bewegt.

Servicetelefon 0800.201.666

Untitled, 2008, wood, enamel, brush strip draft excluders, hinges, 40x40x92 cm

Born 1981 in Vienna/AT Course of study in Hamburg/DE and Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT Eva Chytilek surprises viewers of her installations with her magical narratives of the apparently impossible: a cabinet which is increasingly peforated by an inner force and ultimately transformed into a light sculpture, a rubber boat that leaves the narrow, dark space of a box or sofa cushions that reveal their secrets. Chytilek plays with the dysfunctionality and transformation of everyday objects in the process. She confuses the viewer by allowing by allowing the familiar to become unfamiliar. In doing so, she departs from apparently ritualised patterns of perception and meaning. Whether as video, photo collage, sculpture or drawing, each artistic transformation of our everyday world of things has a humorous foundation, which, in addition to the intensive artistic examination, is an important characteristic of the work of Eva Chytilek.

eva chytilek

Winter exhibition: Media room from December 2010 – April 2011


Interior scenes (detail), 2008, video installation,

from 28.11.2010 – 12.12.2010

4 mini-screens, video & sound, wooden frames, variable dimensions

Artist in Residence

Untitled, 2010, wood, enamel, 130x130x200 cm

4 C-prints, framed, each 30x40 cm

The fifth chair, 2007, wooden chair,

metal, sewing silk, C-print, digital montage

Untitled, 2010, installation view,

Interior scenes, 2008, video still from camouflage manoeuvre


Echo, 2009/10, wood, 34x25x120 cm

Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase – Install

Kirsten Helfrich Born 1976 in Weingarten/DE Course of study in London/UK, Munich/ DE and Ravensburg/DE Lives and works in Bregenz/AT Gallery: Galerie.Z, Hard/AT

Isabel Haase Born 1975 in Vienna/AT Course of study in Munich/DE Lives and works in Munich/DE

In her artistic work, Kirsten Helfrich occupies herself with themes involving beauty and transience. In her work the artist reacts to ideals and that dominate our society but negate its reality, by means of various media. Whether it be the beauty myth of the fashion magazines or the protective idea of the statue of a saint, Kirsten Helfrich reveals the superficiality of these phenomena in her artistic transformation. Isabel Haase‘s artistic work is also characterised by the use of various media. Through photography, video, objects and installations, she explores themes such as the relationship between public and private spaces, just as she includes objects of daily life. In addition to fine, clear aesthetics, her work also subliminally radiates a great deal of discomfort and unrest. Through subtle changes, everyday objects are given new, unexpected meanings that confuse and amuse viewers.

kirsten helfrich & isabel haase

from 05.12.2010 – 23.12.2010 in situ in the swimming pool area


Kirsten Helfrich – Pure egoism

Artists in Residence

Kirsten Helfrich – A dream longer than one night

hike along the undersea ridge

Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase – Quiet

Together, Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase playfully fill the swimming pool area with a work of art that was created especially for this space and will remain there permanently. Kirsten Helfrich has already provided a permanent endowment in the corridor of the Hospiz Galerie St. Christoph with her installation ” Christophorus exploded“.

Isabel Haase – The noise of time

Isabel Haase – Seven sleeper



Born 1966 in Lustenau/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT and New York/US Lives and works in Dornbirn/AT Gallery: Galerie Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden/DE Everyday iron objects provide the raw material for Uta Belina Waeger‘s artistic transformations. In the course of artistic processing, these found objects lose their original function as tools. Waeger emphasizes and focuses on the character of the object character, which she simultaneously permanently conserves. Wrapped up in layer upon layer of paper, like sacral devotional objects, they are relocated to cartons or wine cases, accompanied by text information that reinforces the act of contemplation. For Uta Belina Waeger, the act of creativity is closely connected with the capability of people to generate valuable changes and innovations through a change of perspective.

uta belina waeger

from 02.01.2011 – 11.01.2011


figuration kl draht mt 13

Artist in Residence

figuration kl draht mt 5

Die hohe Kunst des Private Banking. Centrum Bank. Jeder Künstler hat den Anspruch, ein einzigartiges, individuelles Kunstwerk zu schaffen. Genau dieses Ziel haben auch wir als unabhängige Privatbank in der Vermögensverwaltung. Es ist unser Bestreben, in einer von Vertrauen getragenen Partnerschaft für unsere Kunden individuelle, nachhaltige Lösungen zu gestalten und umzusetzen. Wir leben ein Private Banking, bei dem Sie als Kunde im Mittelpunkt stehen.

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Born 1980 in Graz/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT Gallery: Lukas Feichtner, Vienna/AT In his installations, Alfredo Barsuglia poses the question of the durability of glamour and the star cult. What are the mechanisms for the acceptance of beauty, how do they function and by means of which media are they transported and reinforced? In the process, Barsuglia plays with stylistic elements from fairy tales, as well as with erotic allusions and side glances into the world of show business. Portraits are a component of his voluminous installations, which refer to the tradition of trompe d‘oeil painting. Barsuglia does not illustrate individuals here, but rather placeholders of a societal condition. He is interested in the everyday rituals, and places these in a relationship to the star cult; the existential processes that we all perform as a matter of course, and which, precisely for this reason, escape our attention.

alfredo barsuglia

from 12.01.2011 – 23.01.2011


Escap[ad]e, 2010

Artist in Residence

Wegerich-Scheckenfalter, 2009

Tür zum Wissen (Door to knowledge), 2008, 225 x 140 cm, C-print on aluminium, Edition: 3

Born 1977 Vienna/AT Course of study in Geneva/CH, Vienna/AT, London/UK and Los Angeles/US Lives and works in Vienna/AT The human being and his immediate habitat provide the focus for Lies Maculan‘s photographic work. With the large format photo installations, the artist achieves an impressive, sculptural dimension and keenness through the composition of the photo in the original size of the pictured subject and by dispensing with any kind of background. By means of reducing his motif down to one person and their direct environment, or to one object, the pictures lose their temporal character and are transformed into monuments of the everyday. These include the objects of her ”Dream Shop“ photographed on shelves against a black background, for which she collected 100 desires and wishes – a magic chamber of personal dreams in contention with dazzling consumer goods from glossy magazines.

lies maculan

Liquid Joy, 2009, 33 x 61cm, C-print on alu, Edition: 5

Elephant, 2010, 280 x 155 cm, C-Print on alu, Editon: 3 Artist in Residence from 30.01.2011 – 20.02.2011


Born 1965 in Vienna/AT Petra Gell Born 1976 in Linz/AT Susanna Schwarz

G. Maria Wetter, ” Kiss me“, 15 x 21 cm (Detail), mixed technique on paper

Mela Kaltenegger

Petra Gell, ” Kritzes“, 15 x 21 cm (Detail), mixed technique on paper

Die 4 Grazien (The 4 graces)

Born 1978 in Vienna/AT G. Maria Wetter Born 1967 in Vienna/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT 2002 Founding of the artist group

”Die 4 Grazien“ (The 4 graces) painting performers who met at the Academy of Fine Arts and have since managed to continuously stylise and stage themselves with that necessary hint of irony and cleverness. Their paintings revolve around thematic complexes such as lust and passion, sports and leisure, fashion and eroticism. They also create accompanying videos in which they physically train together and abduct viewers into a world of light with a zest for life. However, behind all of this ease and directness

Susanna Schwarz, “Giant rabbit”, 15 x 21 cm (Detail), Water colours on paper

Gallery:, Vienna/AT

Mela Kaltenegger, ” The truths do not look alike“, 15 x 21 cm (Detail), Tempera on paper.

Live and work in Vienna/AT

is the artists‘ critique of the societal construction of femininity.

die 4 grazien (the 4 graces) Artists in Residence from 20.02.2011 – 27.02.2011


Transit, 2010, detail

Born 1973 in Naples/IT Course of study in Naples/IT, Weimar/DE and Berlin/DE Lives and works in Vienna/AT Gallery:, Vienna/AT Cristina Fiorenza‘s painting focuses on human beings in their everyday environment. In the process they guide ornamentation toward a new renaissance. The dresses of her quiet protagonists, the carpets, floors and wallpapers in the pictured interiors are patterned with rich detail. These set-pieces lift off collage-like from the pictorial ground and insist upon their arbitrariness within the overall visual structure. The reduction to the purely functional in the pictorial background of her works stands in contrast to this. Prosaic, bleak, stereotyped housing scheme architectures rise like soulless layers from storeys, windows and balconies. Cristina Fiorenza‘s pictorial works tell of this incongruousness, of isolation and loneliness while they reveal the architectural efforts of the modern era as a failed utopia.

cristina fiorenza

pillar houses, 2008, detail

looking people, 2009, detail Artist in Residence from 27.02.2011 – 13.03.2011


Büros Zentrale St. Anton Gegenüber 4er Sessellift Gampenbahn T +43(0)5446-3411 F +43(0)5446-2306 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2526 Fußgängerzone Skischul-Vorverkaufsstelle Büro Nasserein T +43(0)5446-2738 F +43(0)5446-2738-20 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2738-10 Büro St. Christoph T +43(0)5446-2151 F +43(0)5446-2150 Kinderwelt T +43(0)5446-2151 Büro Gampen T +43(0)5446-3411

Skikurse . Privatkurse . Guiding . Kinderskikurse Snowboard . Funsport . Telemark . Langlauf Schneeschuhwandern . Skitouren . Heliskiing .

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Wennst ein Bild von einem echten Speck suchst.

Werde Tyroler!

Fly, C- print on aluminium, 2010, detail

Born 1984 in Leoben/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT and Montpellier/FR Lives and works in Vienna/AT Marlene Hausegger very subtly undermines public space. Her interventions are characterised by a dissecting, revealing eye. In the process she focuses on that which we are only too happy to overlook: bridge pillars, signs, asphalt surfaces. With subtle interventions she gives them a playful, new meaning and creates associative, surprising sensual contexts. The pictorial language she uses is derived from the world of comics, pictograms and graffiti. With the simplest of materials, such as tape, chalk or simple objects, Hausegger adds her new functions or meanings to the respective locations. Her manifestations have a temporary character. They disappear over time like ephemeral traces. They only receive the permanence they deserve through photographic documentation.

marlene hausegger

from 13.03.2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 27.03.2011


Windows, Open, building facade in Graz, 2010

Artist in Residence

Exhibit view, Kunst bei Wittmann, 2009

Reverse Anthropometry

Born 1980 in Copenhagen/DK Course of study in Copenhagen/DK and Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT Gallery: Rohde Contemporary, Copenhagen/DK The Danish artist, who initially studied philosophy, was later more at home in the graffiti, squatter and music scene in Zurich until he finally came to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, is fascinating because his performances subtly work at tearing down the barriers between high and popular culture, between fine arts and film, between music and language arts. Falsnaesâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC; performative actions are combinations of superimpositions of live performances and pre-produced videos. They subsist on the confrontation of philosophical conceptualities with a pictorial language fed by the world of pop, on a mixture of profound earnestness and a dark, slapstick-like sense of humour. His performances contain a subversive, critical potential in that they confuse viewers by means of irony and exaggeration, but also due to a conscious ineptitude.

christian falsnaes

There and Back Installation

Reverse Anthropometry Photo Artist in Residence from 27.03.2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10.04.2011


Anemona Crisan, room installation, Vienna 2010, acrylic, pencil/canvas, 150 x 110 cm, tapes: variable length

Born 1980 in Bucharest/RO Course of study in Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT Anemona Crisanâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s works are voluminous. Taking classic panels as a starting point, the artist creates installations that occupy the entire location and create a connection between the real and the virtual pictorial space. In the process she takes shapes and colours from her abstract, organic pictorial compositions, frees them from the constraints of the original context and expands upon them further in the space. Conversely, Anemona Crisan integrates real spatial objects such as windows, doors, walls into the pictorial compositions. Real space and pictorial space flow into one another. A recurring motif is a stereotyped female figure, which, in her life-sized representation, becomes a virtual counterpart, a vis-Ă -vis to the real visitor.

anemona crisan

from 10.04.2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17.04.2011


Anemona Crisan, o.T., 2010, pencil/paper, 65 x 50 cm

Artist in Residence

Anemona Crisan, o.T., 2010, pencil/paper, 33 x 25 cm

Observed Fall, 2010 (Installation view)

Born 1975 Vienna/AT Course of study in Vienna/AT Lives and works in Vienna/AT Gallery: Layr Wuestenhagen, Vienna/AT Together with Clemens Leuschner and Jenny Wolka, Stephan Kobatsch is part of the Vienna artist collective mahony. Their installations and performances are characterised by an ironic interplay of real conditions and utopian wishful thinking; whether they stage the sensational finding of an underground railway platform of the non-existent U5 underground railway line in Vienna, together with an archive, or recreate the journey of the potato from South America as a symbol of travel and movement in eating performances, sculptures and collages. The artist collective always works with an everyday language which blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction.

stephan kobatsch

Grammophon, 2010

(Installation view of the exhibit ” Weite Weltregal“ (Wide world shelf ))

We are the world, 2010

(Installation view of the exhibit ” Kimm Sun Sinn“) Artist in Residence from 17.04.2011 – 24.04.2011


Kunst und Internet Kunst ist eine Frage von Stil, Geschmack, Bildung, Kunstsinn und natürlich Emotionen. Mit diesem Beitrag unterstützen wir Kunst. Sie fragen sich, was wir sonst noch tun? unterstützt seine Kunden in allen Belangen rund um das Thema Internet. Kurz gefasst lässt sich unser Tun als „Ihr Erfolg im Internet“ zusammenfassen. Was das mit Kunst zu tun hat? Wir geben es offen zu: nicht viel. Natürlich haben wir online auch Bilder, Fotos und Farben. Und was wir ausdrücken wollen sind ebenfalls Emotionen. Bietet eine Website Emotion, gepaart mit den richtigen Informationen und verbunden mit der Handlungsaufforderung dann steckt die Internet-Erfolgslogik von dahinter. Interessiert? Dann freuen wir uns, wenn Sie auf uns zukommen. Ihr Michael Mrazek

Mit CheckEffect wissen Sie, welche Ihrer OnlineMaßnahmen tatsächlich Erfolg bringt.

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