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VPS L&D Meeting Meeting minutes Meeting title

L&D Network - Welcome 2013 with a plan to engage

Time and date

10:00 – 12:00 Thursday 14 February 2013


Corinna Tsao and Jessica Sanders


Room M0101, level 1, 1 Macarthur St East Melbourne

Minute taker

Corinna Tsao and Jessica Sanders


Andrea Beasy, Jo Stefan, Benjamin Elisha, Brooke Atkins, David Bold, Erin Ryan, Garath Sambrook, Gill Kalnins, Jenni Allison, John Cross, Keith Williams, Maria Zerella, Michael Smith, Roberta Dimuzio, Robyn Launder, Ruth Fleming, Tracey Bloxsome, Voula Andritos, Margot Costanzo, Leanne Crowe


Benjamin Cranthan, Erin Garden, Gillian Fleming, Karen Hartig, Kitty Gordon, Laurie Barker, Leanne Ansell – McBride, Mark Ryan, Natasha Polatidis, Renata Popovic, Robyn Thompson, Romany Lambert, Sandy De Mel, Steven Curry, Terri Scott

Minuted item Item Description


Welcome and speaker introduction

Corinna Tsao

Stakeholder engagement mapping session

Kerrianne Bradley

Catching up on L&D initiatives


DOJ: • • • •


Getting Manager support to involve them and staff in PDP learning plans and using existing online learning opps. Strengthen and network with L&D reps across jurisdictions to understand their L&D plans. Major change to court services as it transitions to Courts Executive Service. Positive psych, eLearning packages, tailored management programs, career development, stakeholder engagement in records management, and commence shared learning programs with DBI and DOT.

• •

Member PD day on 22 March 2013 at the MCG, any L&D people who want to join, please let Garath Sambrook know. VCAT are experiencing loss of all remaining L&D budget. Garath will be on a secondment to VLDC in March.

• • • •

Developing online PDP that is a lot simpler and user friendly. LMS tender. Running partnership workshops with DOJ and DOT for cost savings. Innovation transfer – DBI piloting an “outside in project”.


PTV: • •

Settling in a new LMS. PTV’s location has moved to 750 Collins st Docklands.

VPS L&D Meeting DOH: • • • • DPCD: • • • CAV: • • • •

Building Resilience rolled out with great success and positive feedback. Launched L&D calendar for first half of the year. Leadership VPS6 program being finalised. Managers focused on team building and re- engagement. Developing a Bullying and Harassment training for managers. Developing a program on leading change for VPS 6 staff and upwards. Implemented a compliance training on workplace obligations both face to face and eLearning program. Management in 60 minutes. Mindfulness – piloted and endorsed. Modularised legislation programs. Independent learning.

PV: • • • DTF: •

• • •

Increased lunch and learn programs from 3 – 6 programs in 2013. High engagement for resilience sessions half day workshops. Leadership program commencing April 2013. Capability building conversations across the Department and push with DTF’s capability strategy – involves several of Market based solution events and Advisory/Influencing workshops. Capturing capability improvements – evaluations. Occupational Culture Inventory roll-out to Department. Leadership development program to be launched.

Debrief and close

Jess Sanders

Next meeting Chairperson Time, date and location

Ruth Fleming to confirm

VPS L&D Network Minutes 14 Feb 2013  

VPS L&D Network Minutes 14 Feb 2013

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