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If it’s out there, it’s in here. There’s nothing the 30,000 physicians on Sermo haven’t seen. Join the nation’s largest online physicians-only community where insights are exchanged in real time. You can even get paid for your contributions. Sermo is free and has no advertising or promotion. Register at on or before 11/31/07, and get a $15 Amazon® gift card to jumpstart your earnings. Enter promo code SILVERMAN.


July 2, 2008

Dear Dr. [Insert Physician Last


agues on Sermo. In the less thousands of your physician colle nly I am writing to invite you to join on’s largest online physicians-o Sermo, we have become the nati than two years since I founded ion! sician populat members — 10% of the US phy community with nearly 70,000 s to capture and aggregate simple: leverage new online tool was o Serm for n visio inal orig My to improve patient care. Basically sicians that all of us could use s early insights from practicing phy t. Sermo’s online platform allow e all trained under — with a twis r you the peer review model we wer from instant feedback tion or comments and receive you to post questions, informa venience. con r you at and s term ; on your colleagues around the country could ever have imagined. something much larger than I Today, Sermo has grown into s place among physicians nd eSthat ermtake roving based on discAours o is Nationwide, patient care is imp sim ent community inve plistm s, the fyin toent maage g the prong attention of governm kencie itr dec e a cess on Sermo. We’ve captured the s are ie We s. r ision for you even seei Sermo, to inform thei on ns sicia tonote phy pay parts ic now who on and industry ng pari ipate. com by rs -party payo playing field withDthird ear Clinical physicians use Sermo to level the Investigat or, billing codes. We know that keep ing u and mentors: pro epas witteac cess to ys don h thehers e alwa t we’v partici latest clin ing us to do wha pate can b ic pos itive teamed u tria have The simple truth is Sermo is allow — e time ls and the e d aunting. T a al the sam p w— ithat care and lead hat is why possible patient ing study organizatio Sermo has help each other provide the best sponsors ns (CROs) and contr to stream participat profession. act resear line the p ing in the impact on our practices and our ch rocess of advancem finding an ent of in. nOur uniq ue d o com va mo. O ti .ser ve n www on S es th e agu rmo you ca erapies. rly 70,000 of your colle n: to d I invite you to join me and nea ecte subj U Learn never be icipa abou to part t the te, you will never pay latest clin U Acces sated for business model guarantees that al trcom s onortu be ials inpen to ic line to s nitie your field opp s ol erou s num to r U streamline Leverage encounte study-spec imp nce, pathe pe advertising of any kind and will exp rw rove or can U k (cerie we ific materials Com how oming soon on mun icate mor stions or thoughts online and e easilyon ant. ) lestr dpa your insights. If you have any que prep at o Serm w on ith me sage your own st udy sponso private mes time munity. You can Beca rs use Se I’m always available to the com rmo is the every spe largest on cial lin most qual ty, CROs and study e community of ph ified clinic ysicians in al investig sponsors come to us ators. Beco me one o to find the f them tod ay.

Daniel Palestrant, MD Founder and CEO, Sermo

Join at w




a ® when you register. Consider it you a $15 Amazon Gift Card ity. mun PS: I look forwarded to sending com o Serm the of a part ng relationship you’ll enjoy as down payment on the rewardi 11/10/08. by 146 join e cod o prom r Go to and ente

215 First Street

Sermo, Inc.

Cambridge, MA 02142



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vative the 1. Go to ww rapies. m/clinicaltr 2. Type joi n143 into ials the promo 3. Get a $1 box 5 Amazon® Gift Card* *Terms &


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sermo Know more.

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We’re the Se rmo commun ity: nearly 7 solving difficu 0,000 physici lt cases, exch ans anging the la and working test medical together to thinking, shape the fu ture of our p rofession.

That’s why go vernment ag encies, financia to inform thei l services firm r decisions an s and industry d pay physici business mod look to Serm ans for their el, also fuel m o insights. And, any of the op through a un portunities av ique ailable to our U Financial ea members: rnings for sh opinions aring U Fr ee online CME U Thou sand s of clinic al di sc us sions U A jo b boar U Millions of d— with no re physician co cr uiters mments U Acce ss to U Money-s av the FDA and ing bu sines s AM A te U Sp ecialty-s chniques U Clinic al tr pecific ca se ial op portun conference s ities U And muc h more It’s free to jo in and always free to particip at e. Sh ou ldn’t you be Visit www.ser at the center to le of it all? arn more.

Yo u ’r e a lm o st th e re .

1 Go to www. be fore 09/15/08 2 Type join14 5 into the prom o box 3 Get a $15 Amazon ® Gift Card Registration takes just 60 seconds. Be the center of fore you know the nation’s it, you’ll be largest phys at icians-only on line commun ity. l l ) a

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Dan Towvim Director, Physician Acquisition T: 617 497 1110 F: 617 497 4005 215 First Street Cambridge, MA 02142

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