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Printed T-shirts – The Perfect Message Medium Believe it or not, printed t-shirts can do a thousand things. They can make up someone's mind; or make them think differently about something; they can make them laugh; or preach a message to them; give them ideas; or simply spread a name around a bit.

Everybody these days, in every industry and in every country of the world, knows the power of advertising, and printed t-shirts are just that – superb advertising. Message Positivity A promotional printed t-shirt will remind people of your company every time they see it or use it. Creating an extended relationship with your customers through the printed t-shirts you give them is a brilliant way of keeping your promotional message at forefront of their mind. A promotional shirt that has been used at an amazing sporting event or corporate function, for example, can hold a million positive memories and emotions – positive feelings which are stimulated whenever people use or see that t-shirt. Message Longevity As social media and the Internet in general reach new heights, many promotional advertising companies are finding that traditional printed advertising is no longer as efficient as it once was. The use of inventive branded promotional items therefore, such as printed t-shirts , can raise the marketing profile of your company in a more cost-efficient manner than many traditional advertising techniques, and in a more instantly communicative and personal way too. In fact, unlike normal TV or printed advertising, the promotional and sales advantages of printed t-shirts can continue to occur for many years after their initial production! That's an enormous amount of brand advertising longevity! Message Visibility As more and more brands fight for their place in the market, brand presence and familiarity is becoming even more crucial. The more often people encounter your logo identity on printed t-shirts for example, the more your branding receives the benefits of familiarity, credibility and visibility. And of course – they are inherently visible, behind a counter, in a competition, across a table, much more so than a folder in a briefcase. Message Cost Cost-wise, printing t-shirts – or for that matter, mugs, memory sticks or even ipods – with your own brand message is a cheap and inherently visible way of extending your brand into the home, the wardrobe, the car, in fact just about anywhere you want it to go. The Membership Message

And printed t-shirts don't just work to drive the brand message (and therefore sales) – they work inside an organization too. Giving printed t-shirts to staff can build unity in the workplace and make everyone feel at home and connected. Just like a uniform gives identity, printed t-shirts give a feeling of membership, and foster a team ethic, as well as being practical and hard wearing and far cheaper than many uniform options! How to Get your Printed T-Shirts Right • Think about how your printed t-shirts will fit in with your marketing event or promotional campaign – do you want different colours for men and women, or kids sizes? Do you need different slogans for staff and customers? •

Work out your delivery timeframe for your printed t-shirts. Consider where the best location for the delivery of the t-shirts will be. Is it the main office, warehouse or corporate occasion organisers? Try to allow a little leeway for the delivery of the t-shirts so that you can feel more relaxed about your marketing deadlines.

And finally, look for a wider range of t-shirt product styles and other garment types too. This way you can obtain a cross product message, which will just add more and more value and interest to your brand.

Many companies now offer superb t-shirt printing services and can tailor orders to include bespoke designs and colours, huge numbers and very short lead times. If you are looking for companies that can take your brief and deliver it perfectly, internationally even, look at Evolve Branding in Peterborough, Fanela in Leicester and T Print in Lancashire.

Printed T-shirts – The Perfect Message Medium  

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