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Michael McClure  T‐206    Reflection     

The song that I chose is I’ll Try Anything Once, a demo by The Strokes. The

Strokes are a band of friends from New York that basically started the entire independent movement by adapting 70’s style sound and apparel a la The Ramones which hadn’t been seen in a very long time. They set of a whirlwind that has produced some great music, some annoying people, and a whole lot of terrible music. The Strokes maintained their style not changing anything just because the indi had become mainstream, because they didn’t do it to be cool but because it was just what they wanted to do, which I respect immensely. In the song I’ll Try Anything Once, frontman/songwriter/singer Julian Casablancas sings about the past and how it unknowingly shapes your life in ways you don’t expect or understand. The lyrics “ten decisions shape your life, you’ll be aware of five about” is one of the most powerful statements of the song as it delves into the idea of lacking control of ones destiny, which brings the idea of just saying screw it and live life. That brings up the title of the song I’ll Try Anything Once, “why not try it all, if you only remember it once” which postures the question what do you have to live by referencing a lack of immortality we humans possess. With the images of an airport walkway I show how you move through time no matter what just as the walkway continues to move, but

its what you do and the people you surround yourself with on that ride that really matters, or in other words what you try. Â


It is the best

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