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One Wrong  Turn  

Once upon  a  time  there  was  a  small  boy   named  Austin.  He  was  very  unathletic  so  he   tried  to  get  better  at  running.  He  was  jogging   through  the  park  and  wanted  to  go  to  the   forbidden  forest.  Although  it  was  forbidden,   he  ventured  ahead.  Into  the  forest  little   Austin  ran.    

Austin kept  running  and  took  many  turns   and  went  into  places  he  had  never  seen   before.  He  finally  realized  he  was  lost.  Little   Austin  was  disappointed.  He  saw  an  old  lady   walking  along  the  same  road  as  him.  Austin   shouted,  HEY!!!  The  old  lady  turned.  

“What little  boy?”  the  old  lady  cackled.  Little   Austin,  a  little  frightened  asked  which  way  was   the  park.  The  old  lady  pointed  a  scrawny  finger   at  the  pitch  black  road.  Little  Austin  said  thank   you  and  was  off  on  his  adventure.  Little  did  he   know  what  surprises  awaited  him….  

Now little  Austin  was  so  happy  to  think   about  going  home.  So  he  ran  as  fast  as   he  could.  After  awhile  he  got  tired.  He   stopped  and  rested  on  a  big  tree.  He   thought  he  could  hear  someone   breathing  so  he  listened  closely.  Yes  it   was  definitely  breathing.  Little  Austin   shocked  by  the  discovery  listened   harder  and  BAM!!!  The  tree  he  was   resting  on  moved,  it  wasn’t  a  tree,  but  a   giant!!!  

Off little  Austin  ran  for  his   life.  Faster  and  faster.  He   outran  the  giant.  He  found   the  perfect  hiding  spot.  A   hole.  The  giant  would  never   look  there  he  thought.  

As he  jumped  in  the  hole  some   wildlife  came  out  of  the  forest.   Even  a  fox.  Scared  he  got   deeper  into  the  hole.  When  he   noticed  he  wasn’t  alone.  Out   he  jumps,  behind  him  a  giant   mole!  

Faster and  faster  ran  little   Austin.  He  sprinted  like  never   before!  He  had  almost  lost  the   mole  and  the  giant  when  he   started  to  recognize  the  park   again.    

Yes he  remembers  the  park.  Its   right  in  front  of  him.  Hes  running   as  fast  as  he  can  but  cant  get  to  it   fast  enough.  He’s  so  close.  And   yes  hes  made  it!  

Off he  ran  he  couldn’t  wait  to  be   home.  He  dodged  the  puppy  he   usually  would  pet.  He  just   wanted  to  see  his  mommy.  Off   he  ran  almost  to  the  house.  

Up he  ran  to  his  mommy  so   glad  to  be  home!  He  gave  her  a   huge  hug  with  a  huge  smile  on   his  face.  Austin  was  so  happy   to  be  home!  

One wrong turn  

Great fiction kids book

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