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A Professional Investigation Firm.


From the dirt streets of Afghanistan, to the back alleys of Birmingham; my firm has conducted some of the most dangerous and rewarding operations in the world.


Our Security Division has been tasked with vip protection stateside, as well as high-risk executive protection in developing countries and other hostile environments. Most often the success, and therefore the value, of our protection services are not easily quantified on paper. What value do you place on a kidnapping that never happened? Can you put a value on a threat that was never known


about, because the security that was in place made you a ‘hard target’? However, it is our Investigations Division that produces monetary results for our clients that can readily be seen. From our insurance defense investigations, to our corporate intelligence and litigation support; our investigators and support staff knows what you want, we know what you


need and we are ready to become your primary vendor of choice! Please feel free to look over this services brochure and contact us for a no-cost sales presentation, proposal and consultation. I am more than positive we will meet, and exceed, any expectations you have for an investigative service provider.

Michael Saad

1870 The Exchange w Atlanta, Georgia 30339 w (678) 894-3264

“Michael has a staff that are experts in their field, and management knows how to assign the right investigator for the case.” Kris - Montgomery, Alabama

ABOUT THE FIRM Michael Saad International provides tailored solutions to a diverse range of clients – including multi-national corporations, small businesses, insurance companies, law firms, entertainment agencies, and high net worth individuals. We are committed to each of our clients, regardless of size, to providing the most innovative and effective solutions to their investigative and protective needs.

The New Standard in Investigative Solutions. Private Investigators backed by decades of successful experience, Michael Saad is sure to meet and exceed any expectations you have for an investigations firm. Let our investigators, our methods and our reporting create your new standard when assigning an investigation.

New Technology Your business is important to us. Your cases are important to us. That’s why we invest heavily in new technology and investigative equipment. The better equipped our staff is, the more you will come to trust the Michael Saad international brand. Digital Video Cameras, Covert Video Systems, audio recording equipment, Laptop Computers. Items that are usually considered a luxury in most agencies, are standard issue at our firm. A Professional Investigation Firm.

“Your staff has always been very helpful, highly productive and genuinely interested in helping to fulfill our case needs. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Michael Saad International.� Sara - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

About our Staff Our staff utilizes state-of-the-art technology to complete real-time field investigations while maintaining communication with our clients and management. Our Investigators hold valid and current licenses in the jurisdictions in which they work and we are confident in providing you with the best service for your needs. Our Investigative Assistants (some with paralegal training) prepare your final investigative report to your specifications, as well as provide field support for the investigator working your case.

Quality Control We know how important the cases you entrust to us are. That is why we have a special division specifically tasked with the responsibility of quality control and employee misconduct. When you assign a case to us, you can be assured that it will be worked, to your specifications. Our full-time Internal Affairs Investigators employ various quality control measures to ensure all company policies and case-directives are being adhered to. With our firm, you never have to wonder if your case is being worked the way you expect.

The overall direction of our firm is led by Laurize Mimay, Operations Manager; who oversees the day to day activities of all divisions and support personnel, stateside and abroad.

“We contacted you when we were in a bind, and through your professional and thorough work, brought an end to the claim.� Gary - Denver, Colorado

The combination of our intelligence-gathering abilities, surveillance documentation, interview techniques and compilation of detailed reports gives you the knowledge and evidence that is needed to make informed decisions.

INSURANCE DEFENSE With insurance fraud on the rise by persons who insist on bilking an employer by making a false claim, our experienced staff will gather the evidence pertaining to the insurance claim(s) that are suspicious or otherwise doubtful. Activity Checks



Accident Investigations

LEGAL INVESTIGATIONS Law firms with criminal, civil, corporate, environmental or international cases can depend on us for prompt, professional investigations. Our investigators have the attitude, competence, demeanor, and determination to assist you and your clientele, even in the most adverse or hostile conditions. Litigation Support

Family Law

Criminal Defense

Child Custody & Abduction

CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE Employee theft, extortion and other crimes can drop the profit margin. Corporations wanting to deter (or discover) employee misconduct, before government investigations occur, can also benefit from our services. Theft (internal & external)

Product Diversion


Due Diligence

OTHER SERVICES Our firm offers a wide-array of other services not listed in this brochure that is limited only by your imagination. Please discuss your needs with an Account Manager, and we will develop a solution to your problem. Background Investigations

Undercover Operations

Interviews & Statements

Training Programs

A Professional Investigation Firm.

“Your reports are comprehensive and always delivered immediately!” Paul - Starksville, Mississippi

SURVEILLANCE INVESTIGATIONS Our clients utilize our surveillance expertise for a number of reasons Insurance providers, 3rd party administrators and self-insured businesses task our firm with surveillance on suspected fraudulent insurance claims. Law Firms use our surveillance investigators for domestic cases such as divorce, child custody and various other legal situations. Corporations need surveillance for employee misconduct and misappropriation allegations. Whatever your problem, our firm provides high-quality video surveillance that offers a clear image of the subject’s activities.

99.3% 1%

Our low ‘burn’ rate, keeps confrontation down, because they never know until the evidence is presented.


Our investigators are the best at what they do, and their video rates show it. We give them the tools they need, their experience and training gives them the edge.


Our investigators obey all traffic laws, and still average a high contact rate during mobile surveillance.



Investigative Reports

Results of our investigations are delivered in a professionally written, extensive report; with still images for use as reference when obtained. Our reports flow in chronological order, referencing supporting evidence as the reader progresses. The narrative, photos and evidence create a strong understanding and mental image of what transpired for the reader..

Surveillance Reports

We extract photographic stills from surveillance video and incorporate them into our final report. This format allows you to quickly reference key points without setting up or replaying the video again and the easily referenced photo still leaves a lasting impression.

“Michael is always the ever consummate professional. Each time I’ve hired him, he has ALWAYS been nothing less than respectful, attentive, helpful and very much at the top of his game! “ Skye - Chicago, Illinois

CASETRAK online case management system Reports, Photos, Audio and Video - on demand. No more expensive shipping costs or having to wait for packages in the mail. With our state of the art case management system, CaseTrak, we offer all types of media for our clients to view, download or stream over the internet. What’s more, they’re all available 24/7 on demand, when you need it.

You’re in Control. CaseTrak allows our clients to manage their entire case-load online. You can easily assign cases, including the ability to upload documents, photos and assignments over the internet without the need to send emails or spend money on shipping.

Detailed Subject Profiles. Our system allows you to store as many subjects on a case as you need. Each subject has their own profile where you can store all sorts of information including addresses, employers, doctors, vehicles and more!

On the cutting edge. Our case management system includes all the tools you’ll need to easily and efficiently manage your case load. What’s more, our CaseTrak is entirely web-based, giving our clients and staff access to vital case information from anywhere... at any time.

The Choice is Yours. We provide CaseTrak as an added feature for our clients, but it is not required to use. Our clients still have the option of assigning cases through their Account Manager; by phone, email or in person. A Professional Investigation Firm.

“I was amazed at how easy your casetrak was to navigate and view my video! Great work!” Charles - Enterprise, Alabama

Investigations Firm Launches New On Demand Case Management System Michael Saad International launched a new online case management system which enables their investigative clients to get up-to-date information, on demand, anytime day or night. This state-of-the-art high tech system allows the client, the field investigators, and the office staff to be able to interact and share vital information in one system.

There are no more timely delays or having to wait for information to arrive in the mail. The Investigative Division of MSI is a leading provider of services for the legal community, insurance companies and corporations worldwide. They were founded in 1994 and have grown considerably, expanding to be able to investigate cases nationally and internationally. In addition to investigations, their Security Division specializes in high-profile executive, celebrity and vip protection in hostile environments around the world, as well as low risk settings in suburbia.

They customize their programs and reports to the precise needs of their clients. The launching of their online case management system, which is standard for all cases with no extra fees, is another way that they stay ahead of the competition. Their investigators have always been equipped with state-of-the-art resources such as laptop computers, digital video cameras, concealed camera equipment and digital audio recorders, and many more hightech devices. With all of this specialized equipment their clients receive fast and accurate reports or videos and updated information 24/7. Michael Saad International provides a wide range of services which include both discreet and interviewbased investigations. They assist law firms with litigation cases and corporations use their services for internal theft, Workman’s Comp, and security issues. They also assist insurance companies with fraudulent claims.

When asked about the launching of the new online case management system, here is what some of the management of Michael Saad had to say about the new system: In today’s internet-driven world, clients want information available when they want it. I think this System is just one example of how Michael Saad is meeting this demand. Laurize Mimay, Operations Manager I can be at my desk, and know what my investigators are doing, have done and will be doing tomorrow. Deidra Vincent, Investigations Manager Gone are the days of waiting for the mail to arrive before our clients can see the video we captured. With streaming media, our clients can access the system and see the video in seconds. Zana Muhma, International Operations Manager

“All MSI employees that I have worked with can be described as experienced, professional, knowledgeable and hard working.� Janet - Manila, Philippines

CLIENT SERVICES We understand that you need the answers to your questions quickly. Our turn-around time on assignments may range from one-day to two-weeks, depending on the case. When you place your request, your Account Manager will work with you to establish a budget and a dependable expected time-frame for completion; including rush cases. New files assigned to Michael Saad International will be initiated within a defined time frame. Case assignments considered a priority are accommodated by immediate attention and service. We also know that many times you may need work done at odd hours of the day. For that reason, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no additional cost to you.

Your Account Manager Account Managers are the conduit between your case and the investigator assigned, keeping everything streamlined for easy reference and guidance by coordinating all cases, status updates and Investigative Reports. Our Account Managers continuously update you on the status of the case, ensuring that the work is being performed according to your needs and help reduce the cost in most cases.

We listen to your needs and tailor our investigation to meet your satisfaction! Before beginning any assignment, we develop detailed objectives with the client to ensure that all possible fact-finding and research activities are identified. We communicate with our clients diligently throughout the investigative process.

Our New Business Development and Sales Division is led by Tami Teufel, National Accounts Manager; who oversees the client development, satisfaction and retention goals for investigative and protection services within the continental United States.

A Professional Investigation Firm. 877-364-6867 ext 140

In order to maintain the strictest quality control, all investigative assignments, reporting, clerical assistance and file supervision are maintained at our Corporate Offices.

Let Michael Saad International be your full-time investigative source. Your Account Manager can prepare a custom proposal for you, based on your long-term projections; or, you can use us case-by-case.

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