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Ensure tomorrow. Continue your legacy through Collegiate Recreation.

Be remembered for

Your Commitment Please consider being a part of the NIRSA Foundation Legacy Society, a special group of individuals who provide support to the NIRSA Foundation through planned gifts. Membership belongs to those who have made a deferred gift through the following methods.

a. Gifts by Will

NIRSA has been a huge part of my life, helping me become the person I am today. I cannot think of a better way to give back than

to include the NIRSA Foundation in my estate planning. Knowing I can

help students and professionals attend various NIRSA events gives me a profound sense of pride. The NIRSA Foundation made it easy for me to include them in my plans as there are many different avenues to consider. I want to leave something to the family that means so much to me,  I want to keep the Legacy alive — after all NIRSA is my family.” Kurt D. Klier, CRSS • University of Maryland

b. Retirement Plan policy c. Life Insurance policy d. Real Estate Through your participation you will remain connected to NIRSA, sustaining a lifelong commitment to the advancement of education, research, and scholarship in the field of recreation and sports. Help set an example others will follow, each in their own way.

Be remembered for

Your Passion As a Legacy Society member you will receive a Legacy Society ribbon at the annual conference, and an invitation to the NIRSA Foundation VIP Reception held at the NIRSA Annual Conference.

You will also be listed, unless you choose to remain anonymous, on the NIRSA Foundation website and recognized at the next NIRSA Annual Conference after your intentions are made known to the Foundation. The main reason I decided to contribute to the Legacy Society was to show my appreciation for what NIRSA has done for me both

professionally and personally. The numerous continuing education sessions and leadership opportunities provided by NIRSA prepared me well to pursue a career path that has been extremely satisfying and rewarding. I’m passionate about our profession and the ability we have to

make a positive difference in the lives of those we reach. I want to ensure that the opportunities I have had are available to future generations of students and professionals.” Stan Campbell, RCRSP, CRSS • University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Be remembered for

Who You Are We hope to welcome you as a member of the NIRSA Foundation Legacy Society. Members of the Legacy Society share a strong common bond of generosity and visionary leadership, nourishing NIRSA’s continued success. We welcome the opportunity to recognize those who are helping to ensure tomorrow.

I have many dear friends and colleagues as a result of NIRSA; I want to ensure they benefitted if anything happened to me. I encourage

other members to consider leaving a portion or percentage of your assets to NIRSA, no matter how big or small. This donation will live on

through our kids, nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, etc. for years to come. NIRSA will live on through your gift and all you have to do is

Members of the NIRSA Foundation Legacy Society, as of December 2017 Dixie Bennett

James Eubanks

Kristen Myers

Shane & Tena Bennett

Bob Golson

Jennifer Rezac

Darcy & Robert Bingham

Jen Gudaz

Rick Sedgwick

Laurie Braden

William Healey

Bill & Betty Sells

add NIRSA as one of your beneficiaries, and the benefits live on in your

Stan Campbell

Jean McClellan-Holt

Suzette Smith

name. Give so that the future of NIRSA can be secure and live on!”

Tony Clements*

Tom Kirch

Eric Stein

Bill Crockett

Kurt Klier

Bill Thompson*

Loretta Capra & Bill Ellis

Juliette Moore

Lee Wasson

Juliette Moore, CRSS • The University of Arizona (retired)

* indicates deceased

The future of collegiate recreation depends on you. NIRSA Foundation

Legacy Society To talk more about how you can impact the future of our NIRSA family, please contact Kim Holmes, NIRSA Foundation Director of Philanthropy, at 541-766-8211 or To download a bequest form, please visit

Your legacy continues.

Legacy Society 2018 January Update Brochure Booklet  
Legacy Society 2018 January Update Brochure Booklet  

Your life has been dedicated to improving the wellness of countless students and colleagues involved in campus recreation and your commitmen...