Michael Ray De Los Angeles

Michael Ray De Los Angeles

Bisbee, United States

Life is a ever-changing stream of growth and new experiences; along this journey I have learned to read, write and speak the languages of the Heart, Body and Mind and have discovered that one's focus does affect the future. Thus, I have spent a lifetime co-creating (to the best of my ability) with the knowledge that I am part of a global community. This small insight means the world to me and it has guided the way I eat, sleep and travel. We are interconnected; through our local actions, our communal rituals and self empowering activities. Together we are reflections of our community.

Today I live in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, a mega metropolis, where finding the pulse of community can be a little daunting--- although not impossible. In fact, I believe that together we can craft beautiful world that is respectful or human and nonhuman nature.

Paux, Amore, und Unity