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Vintage in Bloom Yesterdays fashion, flourising once more...


nspired to create a vintage look for yourself but not sure how to spot the real vintage clothing? Well, you don’t need to be an expert to work this out. With these easy steps you will be able to spot the real deal vintage. Unfortunately nowadays there are more and more replications on the market – mainly made in China or outside of the U.S. The easiest way is to spot the ‘Made in China’ tags as authentic vintage goods were made in Japan from 19401960’s, then Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. The hallmarks for authentic quality vintage include: hand-rolled hems in silk scarves, brilliant colour as well as fine and durable leather. Another easy and final way to find genuine vintage is to look for hand-sewn or hand written labels in your garment. You can easily use resources on the Internet to check the labels by decade. Hopefully these steps will put you in the right direction for a authentic, vintage outfit.

Sheena Holland

Exquisite, elegant, and engaging. Sheena Hollands headbands are far from ordinary. Reworked aged leather, antique glamorous jewels and vintage feathers compliment her distinctive hand crafted designs. Hollands rare retro pieces have once again made vintage fashion current and sought after. From weddings to everyday use her individual headbands can cater for any occasion. Designs are evolved on a personal level ensuring each

“Exquisite, elegant, and engaging.” Sheena Holland

headband is unique, distinct and different from the rest. Sheena was born in Camden, London where she remains based. Her early background in fashion was used whilst designing large floral sculptures for extravagant events, tours and films; The Mummy and Sense and Sensibility are to name a few. She started constructing her headbands in early 2003 channeling shapes, colours and fashion from her floristry into her designs. Hollands original pieces have gained huge recognition over the years. Gracing the covers of fashion magazines such as Vogue, modeled at London fashion week, and acquired by many well known stars, such as pop artists Pink and Lily Allen.

Beyond Retro

You can never have too many hats, gloves and shoes! With that in mind, a visit to Beyond Retro is the ideal destination to fulfil your shopping needs. Based in the trendy area of brick Lane, this chic vintage store has been cladding out local lads and ladies for years. Its beloved by fashion students and stylish indie kids and its easy to see why. Its like a vast warehouse packed with rail after rail of clothing, with everything from silk scarves to spangly evening dresses. As long as your not colour shy, Beyond Retro is a paradise for the fashion conscious. The selection available here

is endless. From pretty frocks and vintage jeans to capes and cardigans! Beyond Retro has a character all of it’s own which makes it one of Londons most beloved thrift store. On top of the clothing the store also hosts bands most Saturdays, keeping its customers amused whilst they rumble. So, for a store which tag’s itself humorously as ‘selling dead people’s clothes to meet the sartorial challenges of east London’s beautiful people’, will you find what you’re looking for?


if you want traditional, original vintage clothes, then you should certainly visit http://www.etsy. com. Since it’s opening in April 2010 the online store has gone from strength to strength. Etsy’s clothes are extremely well made, with styles ranging from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. Their collection is fantastic. From dresses to skirts and trousers to tops Etsy has all that you want. All Etsy’s clothing is fairly priced, as their clothes are original vintage. They understand how rare each item is but they still don’t want to charge a premium price for something that can be used everyday. You can follow @Etsy on twitter for up to date information on new stock additions or sales and exclusive offers. Otherwise feel free to email them with any other questions you have.


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