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All About OCD 11/24/09


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11/24/09 OCD is often misinterpreted . While minor symptoms are seen quite often. Mild to Severe symptoms are often occur away from the public. Many people believe that OCD is just a minor disorder. They believe that it is when people must have their desk arranged in a certain way. Another classic example is over washing hands. These symptoms can be seen quite often and are present in many peoples’ lives. However mild to severe symptoms often can get in the way of everyday activities. Some symptoms include repeatedly walking through doors, going up and down stairs, and getting in and out of

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chairs. Since these symptoms are fueled by a person’s fear, OCD is listed as an anxiety disorder. People feel that if they do complete the actions their fear will happen, making OCD harder to overcome. Also the more you repeat the actions the worse your case gets, leading many mild cases to turn severe. Severe cases include low hygiene and isolation. People become scared and believe that if they go somewhere, or brush their teeth, or take a shower they will get caught up in a repetitive ritual, that may last hours.







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Treatment OCD is not a virus or a bacteria. It is simply a trait passed down from your family or it can be a side effect of ADHD. While medicines can not make the gene go away , they can reduce the symptoms of OCD. Medicines that work best are anxiety pills , or pills built spefically for OCD. OCD symptoms are like a chain reaction. The more you repeat the actions the worse they get ; the more you resist or don't think about your fears the better your anxiety and OCD gets. This can also be a problem a because patients might go off their meds for a

while and one day there might be a really stressful event that occurs which often increases OCD symptoms. So medicine is not always recommended.

Misunderstanding Many people misunderstand OCD. Most people believe that it is just a need to be organized, and some people still have never heard of it. OCD is actually found in most people. But moderate and severe systems are seen less. Also the disorder has increased its percentages due to the increase of ADHD. OCD

can actually be helpful to people with mild symptoms because it can keep them organized and on task . On the other hand it can get in the way of people’s lives if they have moderate to severe symptoms .

Famous People with OCD

Radio host Howard

Many famous people have OCD such as Donald Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio , Camren Diaz, Jessica Alba , Albert Einstein, Justin Timberlake , and David Bechham. Many of these stars must keep things in order on their desk ( Justin Timberlake , and David Beckham). Leonardo Dicaprro has to resist urges to walk in and out of doors.. While Donald Trump, Camren Diaz, and Jessica Alba wash their hands constantly or will not touch anything dirty.

Stern and actor Leonardo Dicaprio both have OCD along with many other celebrities (, Caption describing picture or graphic.


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Question and Answer What percent of people have OCD and what are their symptoms?

Lots of people have minor cases of OCD. Many mild to severe symptoms are found in people who also have ADHD. Since these two are strung together about 25% percent of people with ADHD show symptoms of OCD. Another 25% have uncontrollable ticks, and 25% show no other disorders. Minor disorders include over organizing, washing hands over and over , a need to have everything in a certain place, or constantly

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organizing their work space. Mild symptoms include many repetitive tasks such as going in and out of doors, reerasing writing, skin picking, and going up and down stairs. Severe symptoms include withdrawal and depression.

National: Dr. Greg Mattingly. Works at 330 First Capitol Dr. suite 390 St. Charles mo 63301. His phone number is 636 949 5760. He helps spread awareness because he speaks nationally on teenage anxiety disorders. My locale resource was St.Louis Children's Hospital. There phone number is 454 TEEN. They help because St.Louis children's hospital spreads awareness about OCD and have BJC behavioral health line. My school resource was Mrs. Morgan. She is a Health Teacher at MICDS , and she educates high schoolers on anxiety disorders. Bibliography 1. My last rescores was Www. It helps people with OCD 21 may 2009. web 22 Nov 2009 2. . 20 Oct 2009 . Web 22 Nov 2009 3. “ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (Signs and symptoms” 4. “ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)” Web , web Nov 22 2009erstand their disorder.


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