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Swimming for the soul, body and mind. November 21st, 2009

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Different types of water activities

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Inside this issue: Different types of water activities


What’s makes water aerobics a great way to exercise


Treatment of arthritis


How swimming affects sleeping pattern, organization and fitness


Treatment of high blood pressure


How many calories you really burned.




There are many types of water activities to choose from. Whether you are just trying to stay active and stay in shape, rehab an injury, or to make new friends and have fun doing it. There’s an aquatic activity for everyone! For the challenge and endurance seeking people there is competitive swimming. Competitive swimming tests your endurance and gives the swimmer a great cardio workout. There are 4 different types of strokes, but-

do athletes who compete on terfly, backstroke, dry land.” (2) breastroke and freeFor the easy style. Each stroke regoing people, there is quires a different musrecreational swimcle group. ming; this As stated swimming in the Haris a more vard health laid back journal, version of competicompetitive swimtive swimmers, train ming. The Alain Bernard Swimming the arm, main focus freestyle in the 2008 Olymleg, back pics would be and abtechnique dominal and amount of laps muscles as well as swum. The recrea“cushioning the joints, tional swimmer would water greatly reduces the likelihood of athletic injury; not have to have an competitive swimmers suffer interval that they far fewer sports injuries than

Water aerobics would swim on they could swim at their own pace, moderating their speed. This is a great way to stay in shape and stay active. In a study, “which tallied up the deaths that occurred among 40,000 men

between the ages of 20 and 90 over a 13-year period, swimmers came out on top (only 2% of them died) compared with runners (8%), walkers (9%), and people who didn’t exercise (11%).” (2)

For the people who have injuries, certain disabilities, or

just don’t like the fact that they have to put their head in the water, there is an activity called water aerobics. This activity does not require being fully submerged in the wa-

Swimming for the

What water aerobics can help with ter. There are many different exercises that help treat certain injuries and diseases. Water aerobics can also lower blood pressure by requiring the heart to pump more blood, improve the person’s mood, and relieve arthritic pain by not putting strain on the joints and by increasing flexibility, toning large

muscle groups, and promoting weight loss. (2)

An athlete swimming butterfly.

What makes water aerobics so great? What makes water aerobics so good is first of all the buoyancy factor. The water creates buoyancy, making us feel a lot lighter than we really are. This helps take stress off of joints and parts of the body that may be in-

jured, if you are doing water aerobics to rehab an injury. This activity is a great way to lose weight as well. It is estimated that a person can lose 350-500 calories swimming doing this activity for an hour. If a person is also over-

weight, the buoyancy the water creates helps relive the joints of stress. Water aerobics is also a great way to stay active and socialize with friends. It doesn’t require you to submerge your head under water so you can still exercise and be social while doing it. (2,5)

Treatment and pain relief from arthritis with help of water exercises.

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Not only do water activities help you stay fit and active, but they also help treat health issues such as arthritis. The buoyancy of the water lightens the load so that the person feels lighter.(2) It is said that gravity is re-

duced up to 70% when a person is in water.(5) This helps not put any strain on hips, knees, ankles and feet. This way, people who have arthritis can do exercises to help relieve pain from arthritis without having to do it on

Someone affected by arthritis

dry land where there is no weight relief due to buoyancy. (1,2,5)

Volume 1, Issue 1

Being a swimmer myself, it has helped me develop a daily pattern that fits me and helps me stay healthy, and it’s all thanks to swimming. When you have 5am. workouts, it forces you to stay focused and stay on task so you can get to bed on time and get your required amount of sleep. Swimming has taught me the benefits of being flexible and strong. It has also

trained my lungs to have a larger air capacity compared to someone who doesn’t exercise. This has benefited me in other sports I love to participate in, such as running, biking, lacrosse, you name it, and swimming will help benefit it. Swimming has also taught be healthy eating habits that I don’t even think

about now. I automatically chose an apple over chips. Not only does swimming help build muscle it also helps people establish a daily routine that sticks with them for life and helps them be active, have healthy eating habits and healthy bodies throughout life.

Reducing swelling, helping circulation Swimming and water aerobics are also great at helping reduce swelling and circulating blood. The waters hydrostatic pressure or fluids at rest, help the body relieve of fluids which lead to reduction in swelling. The massaging of the water also helps push the bloodstream along benefiting circulation which also leads to helping blood pressure.(5) Exercising in water also creates resistance which

forces you to work different muscle groups more to try to break through the resistance that the water is creating. This forces your heart to pump faster and pump more blood through your body, it’s great cardio workout and it helps with the appearance of the body!(2,5)

How many calories you really burn You may be surprised to know just how many calories you can burn doing water activities. “Experts have long known that swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories, but other types of water exercise can be beneficial. According to research by Len Kravitz, director of exercise science at the University of New Mexico, and associate Jerry J. Mayo, deepwater running burns an average of 11.5 calories per minute, or 690 calories per hour. That's

Ladies participating in water aerobics

similar to running a 9-minute mile on land, which burns 11.4

calories per minute. In general, the research showed, water fitness classes burn 5.7 to 6.5 calories per minute, comparable to aerobic dance classes (6.2 to 6.6 calories).”(5) The reason so many calories can be burned is quite simple. The water created a massaging and cooling effect which helps the person do this activity for an extended period of time opposed to running outside on a hot humid day. The resistance of the water forces the body to

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work the many different muscle groups. This forces your heart to beat faster and pump blood through your body. It also has to get more oxygen to your muscles so they can keep supporting you and working through the resistance. Water activities pair flexibility, endurance, cardio all together to make a perfect combination of an activity that is great for the soul, the body and the mind! -Masha Podokshik

Bibliography SCHOOL-

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pain and ask about some bene-

I asked Coach Kristen Keiser about the benefits of swimming to health because she has been a swimmer all her life and she is currently a swim coach. She has trained many swimmers who swam competitively, swam for physical therapy, rehabbing injuries from accidents and other sports, and she has trained many kids who swim to get into shape and get fit.

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Arthritis today, Arthritis Today

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questions hotline

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certain health issues and inju-



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