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Positive Attitude

November 24, 2009


Special points of interest: A positive attitude can make you a happier and healthier person, and can help you overcome difficulties A positive attitude helps people accept circumstances that are totally out of their control and learn from their mistakes A positive attitude can help you become successful

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Why Having a Positive Attitude is Important A positive attitude can be described in many different ways. A positive attitude can be described as the power that drives a person to success, or something that makes your life happier. Positive thinkers are people that look at the glass half full and not half empty. A positive thinker is a person that when faced with a negative experience, learns to deal with it successfully and move on. Having a positive attitude is important because it can make you a healthier person, it can make you a happier person, and it can help you overcome difficulties. People have the choice of dealing with a difficult experience negatively or positively. If the person looks at the experience in a

positive point of view they have the chance to learn from the experience and move on. A positive attitude helps people accept circumstances that are totally out of their control, and also helps people learn from their mistakes. It a person has a disability than they can use a positive attitude to overcome that disability or to accept there disability and try to not let it get in the way of how they live their life.


A positive attitude can also help you find more opportunities to become a more successful person. If a person is not in a negative mindset then they might notice possibilities that they had never thought of before.

Being Positive is Contagious Just one smile or “hello� as you pass someone on the street or in the hallway can brighten a persons day. Having a positive attitude makes people want to be around you, and talk to you. If you are always bubbly and happy than people would want to be near you and talk to you so that they will feel the same. If you laugh and smile, you

will lighten the mood and people will start to open up to you. A negative attitude is also contagious. If you make a negative remark to someone they will most likely give you one in return. If you walk around with a frown it will make people not want to talk to you because you do not look

very inviting. People want to be around other people that are positive and happy. Everyone wants to be happy and if one person is happy than it spreads around to others so that more people are also in a positive mood.

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The Key to Being Positive There are many different ways a person can stay positive. You can use positive words, smile and laugh, replace negative thoughts with positive ones like “I can do it” instead of “its hopeless”, you can visualize yourself successfully dealing with a problem, and you can also exercise to stay calm and keep the positive thoughts flowing. “Positive thoughts can promote healing by stabilizing hormone levels, enabling stronger immune responses, and infusing a sense of calm and wellbeing.”

Encouraging yourself and using positive words is very important to staying positive. Just by telling yourself that “I can” instead of “I can’t” can change the entire outcome of a situation. Just by telling yourself that “I can get through this” can help you succeed when faced with difficulty. Another important step in staying positive is to surround your-

self by positive people. Both positive and negative attitudes are contagious, so it is important to surround yourself by positive people so that you can also stay positive. By following these ways of staying positive you will find that so many opportunities will open up for you. One of the biggest assets a person can have is to stay positive when life throws you curves. If you are able to see the bright side of things you will also be able to see opportunities that you might not have otherwise been aware of.

Being Positive can Make You a healthier person There are many different ways that being positive can make you a healthier person. Being positive can help you live longer, deal with stress better, have a stronger immune system, and also helps you become better physically and mentally. According to “Positive thoughts can promote healing by stabilizing hormone levels, enabling stronger immune responses, and infusing a sense of calm and well-

being. “

There have also been some tests done that prove that having a positive attitude can make you a healthier person. When a test was done on women with cancer the outcomes were that “The women who were "optimistic, empowered, spirited committers to overcoming illness" had the best outcomes in the study, whereas women who felt helpless/hopeless had the worst outcomes.”(from

Having a positive attitude is very important to overcoming diseases. It has been proven that if people with cancer imagine themselves killing off the cancer cells, then it will help them overcome the illness. There have been examples of people getting cured of most serious illnesses, just by keeping a positive attitude that they will be fit and fine soon.

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton are both excellent wrestlers, but the fact that they can wrestle is no minor feat. Dartanyon is legally blind, and Leroy does not have any legs. Both of these boys learned to accept their disadvantage and think of it as just a challenge. Both of these boys look at the positive side of the situation instead of the negative. Even though Dartanyon Crocket is

legally blind he sees his situation in a positive light. Dartanyon also has the will to prove people wrong. "Because people constantly tell me I can't do things because of my lack of vision, I wanted to prove them wrong when they said I shouldn't wrestle," When Leroy Sutton was 11 years old his legs were severed by a train. Like Crockett he views his disadvantage as an advantage. He says "My opponents

have a higher base, so they often don't know how to attack me". Both Dartanyon and Leroy are great examples of a positive attitude because they look at their disadvantages positively and have learned to overcome their disabilities with hard work and perseverance. Both of these wrestlers have learned to enjoy life despite what has been dealt to them.

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Randy Pausch Randy Pausch had pancreatic cancer, and His doctors only gave him 3-6 months of good health left. He was only 47 years old and had a wife and three kids. Randy Pausch had a lot of things to feel sorry for himself about, but he was not that kind of person. Randy always though of himself as a “tiger” or a positive character. He didn't see his illness as unfair, he just though that it was unfair the he had to leave his family so soon. Randy Pausch was given the opportunity at the college that he worked at to give “a last lecture” . In that lecture he decided to talk about what he has

learned and done in his life, and try to give people a little guidance on their lives as well. In his presentation Randy says “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” This quote shows how he realizes Randy Pausch that he cant change that he has pancreatic cancer, just what he does with the rest of his life. In the lecture he also says “If I don't seam as depressed or

morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you.” This quote shows how Randy Pausch stayed positive after knowing that he only had a couple of months left to live. Randy Pausch is a great example of a positive attitude because he did not let himself get enveloped by the moroseness of his disease. He kept his positive attitude for his family, and so that he could make his last few months of his life really count.

Nick Vujicic Nick Vujicic is a 26 year old that was born without any arms or legs. Nick Vujicic is a great example of a positive attitude because instead of looking at his physical limitation negatively he looks at is as an opportunity. One of his famous quotes is “though faced with struggles, you can overcome too.” Nick Vujicic is now traveling around the world preaching about how he has overcome his disability,

and how it is important to stay positive in the face of hardships. One of Nick’s famous acts is when he falls down. Everyone thinks that it is impossible for him to get back up again, but he moves over to a book and uses his head to push himself back up. The point that he is trying to make when he does this is that if he can teach himself to stand up, then people can do anything.

quotes is “life is limitless”. Nick Vujicic shows people that you should never give up, and that you need to stay positive when faced with difficulty.

Another one of his famous Nick Vujicic

Positive Attitude Quotes

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There are many different quotes that depict a positive attitude. Some of the most common quotes are “every cloud

has a silver lining.” or “look on the bright side.” Some other less common, but still just as inspirational include: “It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.” by Zig Ziglar. Another quote is "The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind." By Dr. Wayne

W. Dyer All of these quotes say different things, but pretty much mean the same thing. All of these quotes stress the importance of a positive attitude. These quotes all exemplify how important it is to see the positive outlook in experiences, no matter how grim the experience may be.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand” -Randy Pausch

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Resources For my local Agency I used “Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri.” To contact this organization I used email. I emailed the address asking them some questions about my topic. The organization supplied me with their opinion of what a positive attitude was and how it could help people overcome some of the common disorders that the organization deals with. The Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri organization

helped me because having a positive attitude is very important to mental health. For my national agency I used “The Mental Health of America Organization.” To contact this organization I emailed the address, and asked them a few questions. The organization supplied me with their opinion of what a positive attitude means, and why they think it is important. The organization also said how they thought that it was important to keep a positive attitude when recovering, or trying to recover from an illness. For my school resource I used the library to find the book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. The Last Lecture is about the last lecture that Randy gave entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. Randy’s lecture was about the

importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, and seizing every moment. This book is basically everything that Randy Pausch has come to believe throughout his life. This book helped me with my topic because Randy Pausch was a very positive man, which stayed positive even when he knew that he was going to die.

Positive Attitude