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AIM FOR THE BEST. You know who you are. You know what you want. Being prepared for whatever life throws at you and your truck comes naturally to \RX<RXXQGHUVWDQGWKHEHQHȴWVRIKDYLQJPRUHIXHORQERDUG you want to drive further and longer than the other guy. The only decision to make is which fuel tank or tank combination ZLOOEHVWȴW\RXUQHHGV


You’ll leave the plastic fuel containers for boys who don’t know how to do anything other than run a lap top or lift anything heavier than a smart phone. You’re an aluminized steel kind of man. You aim for the best. Transfer Flow fuel tank systems come complete with everything you need for installation. Engineered and manufactured in Northern California, our aluminized steel fuel tanks have been time-tested tough in the USA for more than 33 years. Check out our website and choose the right fuel tank for your truck.


Prepare now for whatever is going to happen next. Get a Transfer Flow fuel tank and spend less time at the pump and more time doing what YOU want to do!

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Unlock Your Vehicle’s

Maximum Potential!!! FlashScan V2 from EFILive allows you to scan, data log and reprogram your vehicle for maximum performance and outstanding drivability. 100’s of custom tuning parameters.

Take the guess-work out of tuning. Features include: » Fastest, safest flash available. » Real time graph and gauge updates when using PC software. » Specific parameter tuning to suit customers’ requirements (i.e. altitude, towing, racing, MPG). » Wastegate and VGT controls. » Rescaling of ECM sensors. » Multi-vehicle licensing scheme. » Free custom operating systems available. » Read and clear DTC codes.

» Smooth, linear power gains. » Control over injection timing and amount for all injection events. » Data logging, scanning, tuning & trouble code reset without using a laptop. » Tune Security. Tuners can add security to prevent unauthorized reading, editing and flashing of their custom tunes. » Fastest and most comprehensive Scan Tool on the market. » Edit tuning maps in easy to read 3D or 2D tables.

Rebrand AutoCal as your own tuning device to distribute tunes to your customers. FlashScan V2 and AutoCal are backed by unequalled technical support and can be used to tune all EFILive supported vehicles including: » 2001-2016 Duramax 6.6L » 2014-2017 Duramax 2.8L » 2006-2017 Cummins 5.9L & 6.7L » Late model GM Gas Vehicles

Software updates are provided at no additional cost

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Volume 12 | Number 1 March 2017



THE YOUNG ONES Diesel Enthusiast Gets An Early Start

MARCH 2017



Building an eye-catching truck is a daunting task on its own, but what about doing it while you’re still in high school and working full-time at your family’s farm? 17-year-old Mason Walker built a SEMAworthy truck with a lot of hard, honest work…as well as a little help from his friends. Cover Photo Trevor Mason




40 PROJECT DATE NIGHT PART THREE Transmission Complete

DEPARTMENTS 14 TALK’N TORQUE Beyond A Diesel Magazine

16 WINCH TO HITCH Pin The Blame On The VW

20 SHOP TALK Products, News, Updates & More

48 POWER OF PINK The Girlymaxx 2.0

45 ADVERTISER INDEX Page Number Listings

52 TRUCKS NEXT DOOR Real Trucks On A Budget

Diesel Dominance Starts Here. Summit Racing Equipment is the source for parts, tools, and accessories for everything diesel, and more. Plus, you’ll get unbeatable service, expert tech advice, 24/7 ordering, and fast shipping. Millions of Parts. One Source.

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Interlocking V-Band Exhaust Clamps

Stock Replacement Clutch Kits

NitroCat 3/8 inch Composite Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

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Headache Racks

Rear Wheel Well Guards

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D-Ring Tie-Downs

Cheetah Holset VGT Turbocharger

Ultra-Lite Diesel Truck Analog Gauge Kits

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as low as $226.97 pair

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Shop Press

Ranger Products Whether you’re looking for sophisticated equipment like a wheel alignment system or just a shop press, Ranger Products offers a diverse array of affordable shop equipment for you to customize your ride.

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• ULTRA RELIABLE • HEAVY DUTY • Superior Design • Easy 5 minute installation • 300,000 mile life expectancy • No more charging problems • 1-year unconditional guarantee • Up to 300% more charging power • Precision balanced for smooth operation

• HEAVY DUTY • ULTRA RELIABLE • ALL APPLICATIONS • Easy to install • No “Hot Start” problems • 100% more cranking speed • 100% more cranking power • 2-year unconditional guarantee

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Diesel Tech Magazine is published by Harris Publishing, Inc. Subscribe: $19.95 per year for 10 issues. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. Publisher not responsible for content of materials submitted or advertising claims. ADVERTISING AND EDITORIAL OFFICES: 360 B Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Phone: 208-542-2293 Fax: 208-522-5241 ADDRESS CHANGES: Diesel Tech 360 B Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, 800-638-0135

MARCH 2017

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BEYOND A DIESEL MAGAZINE If you were a little surprised by our new look last month when you picked up your copy of our publication, you probably weren’t alone. But while the updated layout and revamped logo may have appeared to have come suddenly with no apparent warning, this is actually something we’ve been planning and anticipating for months and we’re anxious—to say the least—about it being released to kick off the new year.

a publication. Accessible on a computers and phones, the digital version of the magazine allows readers to enjoy Diesel Tech from anywhere in the world. Next, of course, is our website,, which provides up-to-date information from the world of diesel pickups on a daily basis.

MARCH 2017

“If all owners were content with keeping trucks stock and not interested in improving, our staff here would be forced to get real jobs.”


In our last issue we launched a complete redesign for 2017, which included changing the logo that has proudly anchored the top of our magazine for ten-plus years. So what do you think? Hopefully the fresh look with the new layout format and masthead are being wellreceived; to be honest, it’s no small task to get the entire staff at Diesel Tech to agree on lunch, let alone a logo change. We must have looked at a hundred different fonts, styles and looks before unanimously coming to the conclusion that this was exactly what we were after. So why the new look? The answer is quite simple: to keep up with our ever-changing industry that is always evolving. If all owners were content with keeping trucks stock and not interested in improving, our staff here would be forced to get real jobs. So since we’ve come to expect and recognize that diesel enthusiasts simply always want more, we felt we couldn’t ask any less of ourselves, which led to our redesign. We started by dropping the word “magazine” from our main logo because to be honest, we’re a lot more than just

Along with our website is our ever-growing library of video content, which runs the gamut from our DT Tested series to interviews with the big names of the diesel industry to test drives of the newest trucks on the market and much more. Our Build Series is another great offering that brings thousands of visitors to the site every month to read more about our own project trucks. Simply put, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing and want to share that with our readers as quickly and

efficiently as possible and our actual print magazine is just the beginning. Our social media presence has skyrocketed thanks to our live streams at various industry events such as SEMA, the Ultimate Callout Challenge, and PRI. Our old logo served us well for many years, but like the industry, we’ve evolved as

well and we felt it was time for a fresh look. We wanted a logo that was attention-grabbing, something that reflected us as a staff. While some publishing companies operate out of skyscraper buildings with employees who drive foreign luxury cars to the office, that’s not who we are. We have assembled a DIY-type staff because we daily-drive our own diesel pickups to work each day and never back down from an opportunity to go elbow-deep into an engine. We feel our new logo is bold, just like today’s diesel trucks that have a rugged off-road feel to it. It reflects both our attitude of pursuing the best things our industry has to offer as well as our desire to roll up our sleeves and get dirty with our own project trucks. Diesel trucks are who we are and we feel we now have a logo that perfectly reflects our passion for the industry. As we continue to move forward, make sure your seatbelt is fastened because we’re all in for a thrilling ride. DT

Brady L. Kay, Diesel Tech Editor

$70K FOR A NEW TRUCK? What’re you gonna do?

Protect it with... the

FS-2500 The world’s

most compact and efficient bypass oil filter.

• Stops 99% of wear particles from your oil and transmission fluid • Super-cleans the oil down to 1 micron (99.38% at 1 micron to be precise) • Safely extends oil change intervals to 80,000 miles or more • Saves thousands of dollars in oil filter costs • Dramatically increases injector life (especially HUEI injected Powerstrokes) • 20+ years of real-world tests prove it

Get The Kit That Fits! Approximately 9” tall and 5” wide, the FS-2500 is small enough to fit on any truck frame. We have more than 350 different pick-up truck kits designed to make installation simple, no matter what you drive: • Dodge Rams w/Cummins and the New ECODIESEL • Ford Powerstrokes 7.3L thru 6.7L • All generations of the Chevy/GMC Duramax engines • As well as automatic transmissions for Ford, Chevy and Dodge We also have kits available for Class 6-8 trucks, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, marine, mining and gen sets of all kinds. If it has a pump and you want it to last 3 to 4 times longer than normal, it needs the FS-2500. Call today!

• Quick and simple installation comes with full custom install kit • Won’t affect your factory warranty

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By now, you’ve no doubt heard of what the media has been calling “Dieselgate.” In short, Volkswagen was caught cheating on their emissions testing and was slapped with a positively gargantuan settlement of $14.7 billion. Some of that money will be used to promote zero emissions vehicle technology and an environmental remediation trust, but the bulk of it will be spent on restitution and an option to buy the offending vehicles back or modify them.

MARCH 2017

“That’s great,” I hear you say. “But I’m a real man and don’t drive no stinking TDI or anything like that. What does this matter to me?” I’m glad you asked!


“So where does that leave you, the dieselhungry consumer with money burning a hole in your pocket? With limited options, unfortunately.” Our industry has been going through a ton of changes lately, some for good, some for ill. One of the biggest shake-ups has been the EPA’s crackdown on deleted vehicles. For those of you who don’t automatically know what that means, here’s a quick primer. A deleted truck is one that has had either the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation)

system or the DPF (diesel particulate filter) removed or “deleted” from it. People like to delete these systems because they allow a truck to function more efficiently, but at the expense of, you know, the environment. I think it’s safe to say that the whole Dieselgate thing carries a fair share of the blame in getting the EPA to start taking a more critical eye toward diesel trucks. After all, if these tiny little passenger cars are spitting out too much smoke, what about that gigantic 1-ton dually pulling a horse trailer up a mountain?

That’s not the only way Dieselgate has affected the rest of the industry. As of this writing, there is still a fairly large number of light- and medium-duty vehicles, like the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, for example, that haven’t been certified by the EPA for the 2017 model year. “But,” I hear you say again, “2017 already started. How could that be?” As ever, the explanation could just be chalked up to governmental red tape. But in this particular instance, there’s a little more to it than that. Some dealers have taken the EPA’s footdragging to mean that those vehicles won’t be sold at all. In fact, we read a report on car enthusiast website from one such dealer that would be pretty upsetting if it weren’t entirely based on conjecture: “Unfortunately, I’ve come to the realization...that FCA Chrysler is not making the EcoDiesel available for any vehicles in ‘17... So that engine has been discontinued. I don’t know if it’s on a temporary basis, but I cannot even order one.” That sounds pretty dire, but if you do a little bit of digging and actually call Fiat Chrysler, they’ll tell you that “certification is pending.”

In addition, the website Automotive News did a report in October that showed that the EPA was taking extra time to ensure that every new diesel-equipped vehicle passed emissions, which is certainly due to Dieselgate. According to EPA spokesman Nick Conger, “It is true that diesel vehicles are getting extra scrutiny and that has extended the certification process longer than normal. In general, manufacturers have been supportive of this additional testing and have adjusted their timing to account for the additional test duration.”

So where does that leave you, the dieselhungry consumer with money burning a hole in your pocket? With limited options, unfortunately. Not many 2017 diesel trucks are out there yet. We’ve personally had a hell of a time trying to find a Ram to test drive; I can’t imagine anyone else has had much better luck. Hopefully by the time you read this, things will have gotten sorted out. If not, you could always get a gasser. Hey, wait, where are you going? DT

Trevor Mason, Diesel Tech Assistant Editor

TAKE CONTROL AFC LIVE with Power Driven Diesel’s

• Complete p-pumped diesel in-cab tuner for every power level

• Increases horsepower by 150 over stock

• Instant EGT control, makes towing a breeze

• Smoke control while you drive • Innovated by Power Driven Diesel

• Immediate max power adjustability

“hat AFC LIVE is so lippin’ awesome! My truck has never been so drivable or so fast!  My Ole Lady can actually drive it now and not piss of the whole county, HA HA!” Dylan Carmack – Delta, Colorado




Keep Your Gear Safe

Improving Both Load Capacity and Ride Quality The new Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL provides 7,500 pounds of load-leveling capacity. This kit provides an excellent combination of adjustability and ride quality. By properly distributing weight to all four wheels, the LoadLifter 7500 XL maximizes vehicle stability while eliminating unsafe and uncomfortable driving conditions such as poor braking, unresponsive steering, or trailer sway. The massive 7-inch double-bellows air springs have also been specifically engineered to handle extreme loads and offer greater leveling at all pressures for a safe and comfortable ride. The durable two-ply fabric air springs are adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI to maintain ride comfort. The 7500 XL kits come with exclusive Air Lift roll plates, which shield the air springs from sharp edges and increase load capacity up to 10 percent. Installation can be completed in three hours or less and no drilling is required; a fullyillustrated instruction manual is included. (800-248-0892 /

Strength and Flexibilty, Keys to Quick Maintenance You now have more options and flexibility to get your maintenance jobs done right the first time with some new versatile products from Ingersoll-Rand. With brute power, the PowerSocket can knock bolts loose regardless of how stubborn or rusted, thanks to 50 percent more torque than standard impact sockets. Fasteners, bolts and lug nuts are loosened fast so technicians save time and money by eliminating the need for additional tools. With hefty durability, the PowerSocket is ideal for applications that usually require a larger impact tool or a breaker bar. To accommodate more bolt and lug nut variations, the PowerSocket is now available in six additional sizes: 18mm, 22mm, 24mm, 3/4-inch, 7/8-inch and 15/16-inch to go with the existing 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 26mm and 27mm sizes. The new IQV20 combo kits include the W5132 3/8-inch Impactool, a revolutionary cordless wrench with 550 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and 365 foot-pounds of max reverse torque. That’s 50 percent more torque compared to the cordless 3/8inch impact wrench. With that, the kit also includes a W7150 1/2-inch Impactool, two batteries, one universal charger and a tool bag. These kits offer a one-stop-shop for technicians by providing several tools in one kit and 20-volt battery platforms. A work light is even included in the IQV20-3022 kit. (

MARCH 2017

A Stronger Coolant Holder


The New Sinister Diesel Degas (Coolant Overflow) Bottle for the Ford 2003-2007 6.0L Power Stroke is made from TIG-welded 6061 aluminum, which has been pressure tested for maximum strength. This makes this one much stronger than factory tanks, which are molded from two sealed plastic pieces that cause stress, cracking and leaking. Aluminum also dissipates heat in the coolant system better than plastic, improving overall performance and longevity. Sinister’s Degas Bottle features a sight glass for easy inspection of the level. It is a direct bolt-in replacement for stock reservoirs and can be installed with basic tools in under 30 minutes. The Degas Bottle is available in a raw finish, or powder-coated Sinister Blue for added corrosion resistance and a clean look under the hood. (888-995-0766 /

A.R.E. Accessories’ fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers add function and style to 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks. Made to fit all rugged F-250, F-350, F-450 and dually models with all bed and cab configurations, both products are sure to help keep your valuable gear secure. The truck caps are designed with good looks that blend with OEM styling, durability that holds up for daily on-the-job use, and theftresistant protection for tools and other cargo. They are available in aluminum or fiberglass with a variety of options to tag on, including various window configurations, lighting and organization accessories. The company has a variety of designs made of high-quality fiberglass that can withstand the demanding nature of commercial work or recreational activities. A.R.E. backs its products with a limited lifetime warranty. (800-649-4273 /

More Color Options for Your Calipers When a project requires products that aren’t “generic”, Wilwood Colored Calipers provide the right finishing touch to specific needs on a vehicle. You could combine 24 colors, including the signature black and competition red, with a choice of black, silver, white, red or blue Wilwood logos. Wilwood’s proprietary five-step coating process ensures a durable, solid, and uniform finish. Additionally, the specially-formulated powders create a finish resistant to heat and brake fluid. Colored Calipers can be special ordered with kits, or in sets of nearly every Wilwood caliper. Not sure which caliper and logo combination to go with? Now it’s easy to mix-and-match all the color options available with the Wilwood Caliper Customizer. (805-388-1188 /

An Easy Way to Maximize Blending in Well with Your Headlights Your Truck’s Potential These ReadyLIFT leveling kits, made for the 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks, contain subtle yet critical differences compared to the previous generation. The available 2.5-inch leveling kits, 3.5-inch SST Lift Kits, and even the 6.5-inch Lift Kits add many new components to enhance handling and ride quality, including new shock extension brackets and sway bar drop brackets throughout the offering, as well as rear block options also designed specifically for the 2017 trucks. If you really want to exploit your truck’s potential, though, you’ll love the 6.5-inch kit. It’ll allow for a tire height of up to 38 inches! The kit also uses replacement coil springs with a 1.5-inch lower spring spacer, giving you the option to set the front height where you like. Radius arm drop brackets, a track bar relocation bracket, a new dropped pitman arm, and long sway bar end links are only a few of the many great options offered on this kit. (800-549-4620 /

Better Than Replacement

These mounts and LED grilles from Rigid for 2016 and newer Nissan Titan trucks are constructed of laser-cut stainless steel with a black powder coat finish to match also-available headlights for a seamless look. The bumper mounts secure a 30-inch E-Series or 30-inch Radiance light bar into place, providing you with a brilliant lighting solution for your vehicle. The SAEcompliant fog light mounts conveniently secure a set of SAE-compliant D-Series lights (included) into the existing fog light openings on your vehicle. These mounts work with existing factory location holes for easy installation. The grille includes stainless steel button socket head bolts and nylon nuts – no welding necesssary. The grille can hold a 20-inch E-Series or Radiance light bar (sold separately). All of Rigid’s OE brackets and mounts are made with 100% stainless steel and covered with UV- and abrasion-resistant powder-coat to ensure years of use in the harshest conditions! (855-760-5337 /

Efficiency for Off-Road Navigation Custer Products Never Night Off-Road Series LED Light Bars deliver excellent performance, reliability, and value for off-road navigation. State-of-the-art LED technology provides brilliant illumination while using very little battery power. The light bars combine a wide flood beam pattern with a far-reaching spot beam pattern, making it easy to adapt to changing conditions requiring low-speed or highspeed driving. Curved light bars are available for an even wider beam. Durable die-cast aluminum housings and high-impact polycarbonate lenses ensure durability for extreme off-road use. The light bars are IP-67 Certified for water and dust intrusion. There are 11 models available, and they range from 7 to 51 inches in length. They’re perfect for automotive, ATV, and UTV applications! The lighting systems include mounting hardware, and they are supported by Custer’s renowned friendly and knowledgeable customer service. (800-490-3158 /

Upgrade your truck’s grille within minutes with TFP’s new ABS Grille insert overlays. There’s no need to drill, cut, or remove the OEM grille; installation is easy. If you’re not a fan of the looks on your stock grille, these overlays will be perfect for you. Only a few minutes of work will give your truck really nice looks. The overlays are available in chrome and gloss black, and they’re available for all full-size Ford, GM, and RAM pickups. No matter which color you choose, your truck will shine brilliantly with ABS Grille inserts. (800-949-1370 /

Need new antifreeze/coolant? Try Cor-Guard! Prestone antifreeze/coolant with Cor-Guard corrosion inhibitors has five times the protection strength against corrosion as the competition, thus delivering longer engine life. Prestone‘s Cor-Guard formula reduces the risk of breakdowns and prevents engine damage from worn-out antifreeze. Corrosion is the enemy of any cooling system; it strips engines of performance and causes premature failure. Cor-Guard tackles it by preventing corrosion from forming on water pumps and radiators better than its competition. It improves existing technology while maintaining the flexibility to work in any light-duty truck. Cor-Guard is available in two products: Prestone Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant for flushes and Prestone 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant for fluid topoffs. The Prediluted antifreeze/coolant can be added to any existing fluid to optimize the cooling system. (888-269-0750 /

A Powerful Corrosion Inhibitor





A Safe Grabber for Your Winching Needs The new Grabber from Bubba Rope is a safer and simpler way to attach a synthetic winch line to a winch drum. The Grabber stands out from the crowd as it can hold at least five wraps of synthetic winch line on the winch drum at all times. It also ensures that the winch line will continue to hold the winch’s connection, even near the end of the line. Made from 1-inch-wide polyester webbing with two loops sewn in, the winch line runs through one loop, makes five wraps around the drum, and its end slips through the other loop. The Grabber tightly cinches the rope onto the drum. It works universally with all winches. (877-499-8494 /

“Quite frankly, I don’t think I quite got a grip of what I was getting into as it is.” Page 26 “I don’t know how many of you have installed a transmission, but those suckers are heavy.” Page 40 “It’s one of those trucks where, in 20 years, I want it to be just as clean as it was in 2006.” Page 48

An Easy and Effective Performance Gain BD’s Single Turbo kits for the 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins are complete and easy bolt-on replacements for your OEM turbo, boosting power, response and reliability. All kits come with everything necessary for installation. Now with Borg Warner SX-E turbo options, expect even more! A larger blade surface allows the SX-E to spool quicker, flow more, and be more efficient with a smaller inducer size. Exclusive to BD, the SX-E turbos are waste-gated to mount on stock T3 manifolds. T3-style housing and manifolds create a higher velocity, allowing for 400 to 700hp ranges. These SX-E turbos utilize enhanced, lighter, high-strength Forged Milled Wheels (FMW), which increase turbocharger life, pressure ratio, and turbo response compared to a comparable cast wheel. FMWs are standard on all SX-E turbos. (800-887-5030 /

nsmission Pans and Differential Different Differentia Covers Heavy Duty Transmission

MARCH 2017

>Magnetic drain plugs  >Cast Aluminum A356-T6 >Tapped for temp. probe >Longer service intervals



>Magnetic dipsticks >25 To 50º Heat reduction >ARP O-rings most application >Quicker, cleaner maintenance

Copied, Often C opied, Never Duplicated!






A Stylish Hood Protector Multiple Layers Enhance Add Some Style Effectiveness Under the Hood

MARCH 2017

LUND’s Hood Defender is the newest addition to its line of hood protection! For a lifetime, the Hood Defender protects your ride while giving it stylish looks. We know that road hazards and harsh weather can take a toll on your truck before you know it; the Hood Defender guards against the unexpected. The Hood Defender’s three-piece edge-toedge design is custom-molded to fit perfectly on your vehicle. It comes in two finishes: smoke (constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate) and chrome (made from an ABS-PC blend with chrome nickel-chromium plating). Hood Defender installs easily with included 3M tape; there’s no need for special hardware or drilling! Hood Defender purchases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. (800-421-7219 /


Baldwin’s new BF46002 Dual-Stage Fuel Filter is the first fuel filter to take advantage of a recently-developed media technology. It has multiple layers to trap and hold the smallest contaminants, providing optimum protection to modern high-pressure fuel systems. Side-byside comparisons with the OE show the BF46002 is clearly a better filter. It performs 28 percent better at particle sizes less than 5 micron compared to the OE product. It also continues to provide ISO 4406 12/9/6 cleanliness levels about 30 percent longer than the OE (measured in gallons of fuel filtered). It even has a dirt-holing capacity that’s more than 25 percent higher than the OE. (800-822-5394 /

It can be hard to keep your oil cap from shooting off your Duramax when it’s so hard to tighten the cap. Now you can easily virtually eliminate oil cap blow-off, while at the same time dressing up your truck’s engine bay a little. This new billet milled aluminum Oil Filler Cap features an easy grip to assist you when installing and removing between tight engine spaces. The filter also been designed with a secure cam-lock fit to match your OEM or aftermarket filler neck and to ensure it stays in place. A new Viton O-ring is available (but sold separately) and sized to fit snug on the cap. (714-985-4825 / DT


MARCH 2017



Most of us have been into diesels for most of our lives. Some of us come into the scene a little later on. But how many of us are into them from birth? Better yet, how many people can say that they have a SEMA-worthy truck at the tender age of 17? Not very many, I’d wager. Luckily for us, Mason Walker is one such individual, and I hate to say it, but his 2014 Ram 2500 Crew Cab is better than your truck. We caught up with Mason after last year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Hailing from Prairie Grove, Ark., he and his dad drove across the country to show his truck off and he was gracious enough to give us a few minutes of his time. On the Saturday after the show concluded, we met up with him on what we thought was a secluded stretch of road by Nellis AFB, but the arrival of some locals aiming to do some target practice quickly dispelled that notion. With the reports of the rifles echoing in the background, we listened to what Mason had to say.

FROM AN EARLY AGE Mason grew up on a farm, and as you might expect, they used diesels to haul the big loads that are common with farm work. With that as his foundation, he bought his irst truck a few years ago, a 2007 5.9L 24-valve Dodge Ram. “It had just a few mods, nothing too fancy, but it was loud and I hated it,” he says. There’s a decent diesel scene back home, “not like Texas or anything where there’s a huge amount of them.” He has a few friends who tune their trucks for performance, and beyond that there are some shops that have done work that inspired him to make this build. “I was kind of fascinated with the whole ‘SEMA Build’ thing for a while, because it’s a challenge for me,” Mason says. “I was interested especially in SEMA builds when Arkansas Customs had their Motivated Build like two years ago. It was a little Chevy 1500, but I was taking my truck there at the time and thought, ‘Wow, that thing is crazy to look at. I want my

truck to look like that.’ So I got to talking with one of my sponsors, Backwoods Bumpers, about it. He’d gone the next year and we talked about possibilities and I ended up here with this thing. It just kind of progressed along the way.” BUMPER TO BUMPER The Backwoods Bumpers were one of the irst things he added to the truck. The Road Rage series houses a 30-inch light bar and four light pods in the front and four light pods in the rear. The actual irst thing was the BedRug bedliner. Mason says, “I thought it was just going to be something to put on there, but I’ve come to love that thing because it’s so much nicer than having a ilthy bed liner.” Also in the bed is a CargoGlide 1800HD, which is pretty handy for getting stuf in and out. It’s all covered by a Retrax Pro with a matte inish. The truck is riding on 24/14 Hostile Sprocket Blade Cut wheels wrapped in 40x14.5x24 Interco M16 wheels, with a

down!” he says with a laugh. Finishing up the exterior appearance is a pretty sweet-looking wrap, which was designed by ECD Customs in Canada and installed by Tyler Wrap in Tyler, Texas. We’ve had our wrap work designed by ECD in the past, and we can attest to how good their stuf looks. Everything that needed paint, such as the bumpers and individual pieces in the undercarriage, was done by Pud’s Paint/Fab and Collision in Garield, Ark. The interior of the truck sports red and black leather seats and a leather headliner from Roadwire, as well as three Kicker L7 subwoofers paired with a KX2400 amp and four Marine speaker pods, for a total of eight speakers. WORKING HARD FOR THE MONEY As with any build, there are bumps along the way and changes to your original plan. Mason says, “It was completely diferent from the rendering that we designed for it. Originally we were going to run a 12-inch Stryker lift kit with

14-inch King coils. Just completely diferent bumpers, no wrap, diferent wheels, diferent tires, but luckily, everything just came together. It came out better than I ever thought it would.” Now, you might be asking yourself how exactly a 17-year-old high school kid can aford a truck like this. Well, the answer is actually quite simple: a lot of hard work. “Most of it’s been laboring, especially during the summer,” Mason says. “I was working 10-, 12-, 14-hour days trying to pay for this thing. It’s just long hours and stuf like that. There’s times where I was like, ‘Man, I hope this it worth it.’” If you didn’t grow up on a farm, it’s hard to appreciate that the “hard” in hard work is diferent than you think. Hell, I’m from Idaho, but I’m a city boy, so I don’t really even get it. According to Mason, they raise 700 head of commercial cows and take them all over the place to sell the steers for meat to other companies. That occupies a lot of their spring through fall and even into the winter. They do all their own work

Stage 3 Ultimate Air Ride 9- to 13-inch long arm kit, 14-inch 2.0 (front) and 2.5 (rear) King shocks, and dual Viair 480C compressors hooked up to an Accuair E level all riding underneath. Other features include two sets of HornBlasters Shocker XL horns—“There’s supposed to be an 8-horn kit, but there are only six because with the air tanks and everything we ran out of room,” Mason says—as well as an S&B air intake and ilters, T&K Perfromance tunes, and a Jamo 5-inch exhaust that dumps out in front of the rear axle. “We were afraid that if we took it behind, the traction bar would come down and crush it when we let the air out, so we didn’t want to risk breaking the exhaust,” he says. The truck is also sporting a Royalty Core RC2 grille, Retroshop LLC dual-color headlights with a Morimoto projector swap and full HID upgrades, Go Recon dual-color taillights and third brake light, and Amp Research Power Steps. “I keep forgetting about those, because I don’t ever see them



MARCH 2017 WINTER 2017

MARCH 2017

at home, machinery-wise, so they’re pretty self-suicient, but it means they have to have people mending fences and running machines constantly to keep up with all the work. “I was very blessed to have my parents’ support through this,” Mason says. “A lot of people think it’s a joke, but it’s been a blessing to have this truck. I’ve driven this thing for more than a year and a half now, and it was my daily driver all through that time. It’s been a great truck.”


A BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD Mason is also very thankful for the help he’s gotten from his sponsors and especially from No Limit Autowerx in Palestine, Texas, who took on the build almost at the last minute. With only 30 days to go until the big show, Mason found himself without a shop due to some unforeseen complications. No Limit jumped in and pulled some all-nighters to get things squared away in time for him to make the journey. Also on his list of thank yous are Kris and everyone from Jamo Exhaust, who helped him get everything ready for display once he got to Las Vegas, as well as Tyler and Doug Howard from

Ultimate Air Ride, Mike Cunha from Hostile Wheels, Kellan Meadows from Envy Motorsports, Evan House from Backwoods Bumpers, Bobby at Tyler Wrap, Pud’s Paint/Fab and Collision, and Sam Burrell, the project manager from Extreme Builds. So what’s next for Mason? He’s looking at getting a bunch of lights put on, like a 50-inch Universal Pro 6 and 30-inch custom-color light bars from KC Hilites; an Ekstrom Design roof rack to accommodate the lights; and a low boy headache rack from Weapons Grade Fabrication to accommodate kicker marine speakers. He’s also working with Point Blank Performance (whom we featured in the April 2016 issue) in Brookland, Ark., to get some more performance out of the truck in the form of a turbo kit, fuelers, and injectors. Mason had attended SEMA the year before to get an idea of what he’d be in for if he ended up building a truck. Now that he’s made it this far, he says, “Quite frankly, I don’t think I quite got a grip of what I was getting into as it is.” Luckily for him, he’s got the rest of his life to igure it out. This truck is the irst step on the great diesel journey. DT

SOURCES: AccuAir 877-247-3696 Amp Research 800-309-6823 Backwoods Bumpers 479-200-5664 Bedrug 800-462-8435 CargoGlide 877-525-9535

Morimoto No Limit Autowerx 214-708-7809 www.facebook.comnolimitsautowerx Point Blank Performance 870-236-4900 Pud’s Paint/Fab and Collision 479-330-2500 Retrax 800-206-4070

ECD Customs

Retroshop, LLC 314-669-4437

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Tyler Wrap Company 903-710-2373

Kicker 405-624-8510

Ultimate Air Ride 928-308-9905

King Shocks 714-530-8701

Viair 949-585-0011


Part 2


MARCH 2017

Smokeless Power


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) went on the attack nearly a decade ago by hamstringing auto manufacturers and forcing them to comply with stricter emission standards starting with all 2008 models going forward. Aftermarket companies thrived for years with “deletes” to work around these new restrictions, but eventually the government put an end to this or at least drastically slowed it down. For those not wanting better fuel economy or improved horsepower, it was easy to keep trucks emissions-equipped, but in reality that’s not what most diesel truck owners want. Is it possible to build a 700hp truck and still keep all of your emissions equipment? When we first started our latest project truck we weren’t really sure, yet still wanted to try because this is where our industry needs to be heading. Fighting the EPA is a battle no one will ever win.

PART 1 RECAP In the irst part of this build series Matt Rosenberg, owner of Rosenberg Automotive in southeast Idaho and the owner of the 2016 LML Duramax, laid the groundwork to get us started. Before touching anything on it, the truck sat at 347hp with 511 lb/ft of torque. Upgrades included a FASS 150 lift pump, Edge CTS 2 and BDS RECOIL traction bars. ROAD TRIP In order to take this LML where we need it to go, we called in reinforcements. Wehrli Custom Fabrication in Sycamore, Ill., has earned a solid reputation in the industry as the go-to shop for innovation and custom fabrication work thanks to owner Jason Wehrli and his brother Ryan, who is the head of the fab department. We dropped the truck of to the brothers with more questions than answers and trusted in their expertise. “We’ll see,” was the response Matt received when talking to Jason after reiterating his goal of getting his emissions-

Truck owner Matt Rosenberg takes a closer look under the hood. equipped truck to reach the 700hp mark. At this point it hadn’t been successfully done before, so Jason admits he was a little bit worried about this project. Matt, however, was not. “I knew who I had in my corner,” recalls Matt. “So I got a lot of good sleep knowing my truck was in good hands.”

SUNCOAST Before getting to the twins, the transmission needed to be rebuilt to make sure it could hold the power when our build was done. To ensure we wouldn’t have any issues, we reached out to SunCoast Diesel Transmissions. SunCoast started with a quest to an-

swer the demand for quality aftermarket torque converters, transmissions and parts. Since then the Florida-based manufacturer has identiied and corrected failure points within numerous OEM transmissions and torque converters. SunCoast formulates test data using real-world scenarios, along with the latest technology and design methods, to manufacture parts that correct the cause of these failures. Using the SunCoast kit, the guys at Wehrli rebuilt the transmission, but there was still plenty more work to do before getting to the twin turbos. For injectors we contacted S&S Diesel Motorsport and owner Greg Spoolstra recommended the 60 percent over injectors to help us reach our lofty goals. We also included its CP3 10mm conversion stroker pump, which was a must for this project. STUFF IT? The hardest part of the entire project for Wehrli Custom Fab was working with the size restrictions of the engine compartment. “It was frustrating at times since we

had a lot of stuf to it into a very small location,” recalls Jason. “There was a lot of trial and error. We had to scratch our heads a couple of times and go back to the drawing board.” The questions Jason and his brother Ryan needed to igure out were where to put the turbo, how to mount it and where to put all the pipes. A lot of brainstorming and a lot of ideas all came together and after a couple of diferent attempts and rebuilds, the fab shop was able to come up with a bolt-on compound turbo kit with working emissions that was also compact and still able to it under the hood. DOWNSIZING “Anyone who looks under the hood might think it would be impossible to add another turbo without removing some of the components, but we made it happen,” says Jason. “Because of room constraints we went down a size to the S300 frame turbocharger, with some special modiications to it. It’s not your typical S475 mainly because of

REDEMPTION This wouldn’t be the irst time Jason attempted something like this. He irst worked on an emissions-equipped Duramax build back in 2013 together with his friend Nick Priegnitz, owner of Duramaxtuner in nearby Marengo, Ill. “Jason and I did a similar project on my own personal LML and when Matt called me it felt like a chance for redemption,” says Nick. “I went for 700hp on an emissionsequipped truck and I fell short at 640hp, so that’s always kind of haunted me. I was excited to get back in the twin turbo game with this truck and tackle the question that’s on everybody’s mind: ‘What’s the limit with a factory emissions system?’”


MARCH 2017


the size and because we had less room to work with and had to go a little smaller.” To come up with some extra room, the bulky factory cooling tank had to go. The shop rebuilt and fabricated a coolant tank that is a touch smaller—they estimated maybe a quart smaller as far as capacity goes—and allowed them enough room to get the turbocharger squeezed in along with the OEM factory air intake box, as well as all the EGR components, factory battery and all the factory battery cables. LEARNING PROCESS Getting the ninth injector to work in the down pipe and having a good solid connection at the exhaust system was a

problem they ran into two and half years earlier with their irst attempt. “It is really important to have a good solid connection at the turbo down pipe to the exhaust system because of the ninth injector that is spraying fuel in there, plus the pressure in those pipes. GM engineers designed these components the way they did for a reason so we re-used as much as we could of their design,” says Jason. “We’re not smarter than GM and there’s no reason we need to pretend we are, so we re-used as much as we could of their design. The toughest part was to get everything to it and not interfere with everything else. It was very tight and we didn’t take a lot of the truck to get it to work. It ended up being a really nice inished prod-

uct that looks factory. If we powder-coated it black you’d hardly notice there was another turbo there.” FINE TUNING Now completely satisied with how the kit turned out on the emissions-equipped truck, it was all up to Nick and the guys at Calibrated Power Solutions (home of to get this truck where it needed to be and build a tune for it. “When it showed up on my doorstep I was amazed Wehrli was able to get all that stuf in there,” recalls Nick. “The biggest challenge on our end was matching the new air flow situation to the substantially larger, 60 percent over injectors without

particulate output and very concerned that I didn’t hurt this thing as I’m going through the tuning process, so I had to start small.” CALIBRATING In the irst week Nick estimates he got the truck to about 80 percent of where he wanted it to be. From there he just needed to do a little polishing. “It’s called calibrating for a reason and we literally needed to dial it in,” says Nick. “Bob Peterson did a lot of that work too so he deserves some of the credit. We needed to trim of the fat wherever we were going to see extra smoke, where we’re going to see air/flow ratio dips, adjusting the shift points, so the driver can

do whatever he wants with the throttle. “In the end the truck responded great with zero smoke output.” Nick also credits S&S Diesel Motorsport for helping with the injector calibration. “Those guys went through and fully calibrated the injector set and by doing that they allowed me to know how much fuel I was injecting into the truck and once I knew that I could use the mass air flow rate and understand how much air flow I need in order to control smoke.” THE RESULTS Bob ired the truck up with it strapped on the Duramaxtuner dyno, as it was now time to measure the success of the build, at

upsetting the emissions equipment on the truck. There’s a very small window of error; managing those injectors under hard throttle to minimize smoke out was a big challenge.” With a goal of 700hp Nick knew he had to manage the air/fuel ratio, he had to manage the EGTs, he needed to manage opacity and smoke output while balancing drivability. That’s a lot to ask but he was up for the challenge. “I had a truck with aftermarket injectors in it, an aftermarket pump, and a twin turbo kit with a DPF. So I basically had a smoke-making machine with a smoke catcher on the back of it,” says Nick with a smile. “I was very concerned about the


MARCH 2017

least from a numbers standpoint. The truck now sits at an impressive 733hp and 1338 lb/ft of torque, proving 700hp is in reach for a emissions-equipped truck with the right team involved. However, the real test came when the truck hit the open road and began the 1500-plus-mile journey back to Idaho. Both Nick and Jason were conident the trip back would be a success since they had each already put a lot of seat time in making sure there would be no issues and we’re impressed by their own experiences. “The truck acts very stock. It acts like one of our tuned LML trucks,” explains Nick. “It’s quiet and you can barely hear the


big turbocharger but when you lay into this thing it’s responsive. It takes of, zero smoke and it’s mean and it wants to go. It turns the tires over hard. You’re talking 1300 pound-feet of torque, so it’s up there. It wants to eat the tires of and the coolest part in my opinion is the EGTs. Anyone can make horsepower, but it’s about maintaining your fuel ratio and controlling EGTs and even at the power levels we’re at we’re 1250, 1270, barely over 1300 degrees and that’s at triple-digit speeds. “Jason adds that the Borg Warner S369 SXE model is a very popular turbo that we sell a ton of in single applications. Who

would have thought it was something that was going to work in a compound application? It comes to life before you can even think about it. Five or six pounds on the boost gauge and that charger is ready to rip. It goes and it pulls all the way through and is a blast to drive.” MOVING FORWARD With our goal of 700hp now met, the story doesn’t end here. The Ultimate Callout Challenge is on the horizon and this LML is ready to compete in the emissionsequipped category. “I’ll step up to whatever is put in front

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SunCoast Diesel Transmissions 850-864-2361

Ultimate Callout Challenge www.ultimatecallout

T-REX Grilles 951-270-5388

Wehrli Custom Fabrication 630-277-8239

TruXedo Bed Truck Covers 877-878-9336

At the heart of BDS 4” lift system are a pair of heavy duty replacement radius arms. These arms bolt into the stock location and correct the front end caster at 2-4” of lift. The BDS arms are a huge improvement to the stock thin wall stamped steel arms built from 1-3/4” OD -10GA DOM tubing with support gussets for superior strength with a lower cam lock adjustment. The arms are inished in a durable textured black powder coat and use a large 3-1/4” bushing to minimize road vibrations in the cab.

This 4” system comes complete with everything needed to properly lift your late model Super Duty including the heavy duty radius arms, gas or diesel speciic ProRide coil springs, FOX 2.0 gas shocks, a beefy track bar bracket, forged drop pitman arm, bump stop and brake line extensions, replacement steering stabilizer, rear 5” replacement block and longer u-bolts. After getting some miles on this truck with the lift, wheels and tires installed we can say it rides better than stock, looks better than stocks and is more capable than stock. Great job by BDS on this 4” radius arm system. The new BDS radius arms bolt right into the factory location using factory hardware to make installation a breeze. The lower axle mount on the radius arms includes a lower cam slot to accommodate a cam lock to correctly position the front axle.

Released in this Fall, the new 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks have been a selling well with consumers using these trucks from work, play, and daily activities. Along with updated styling inside and out, the 2017 Super Duty boasts improved power from the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel, a new light weight aluminum body (shared with the F150), and more strength and rigidity thanks to a fully boxed frame. Underneath, the suspension and drivetrain have remained relatively the same with the tried and true solid axles at both ends held in place by a coil sprung radius arm setup in the front and leaf springs in the rear. This setup ofers a decent ride quality and good all around performance, but there’s always room for improvement. While there are some people out there that like a stock height truck, that’s not our style. We like to get some extra height to it larger, more aggressive tires. For that, we turned to BDS Suspension for their 4” Radius Arm System with FOX shocks to provide enough room to it 37x12.50 Toyo R/T tires on 20x10 Fuel Hostage wheels. This setup with perform well and help this truck access the job site daily, regardless of how remote it may be. With the truck on the hoist at Eastern Truck & Accessories in Norfolk, VA the list was installed in a matter of hours. Check out some of the kit highlights. D254


How fast is your engine wearing away? (From L to R) Nick Priegnitz, Austin Carlisle, Bob Peterson, Matt Rosenberg and Jason Wehrli we’re all instrumental in getting this LML where it is today. of me,” says Matt. “I’m looking forward to getting out and showing people what this truck can really do.” Adds Nick, “There’s a chart of beneits to deleting and beneits to keeping emissions equipment and we keep crossing those lines of in the delete column. Better EGT

control? I think we crossed that of today. The ability to make over 700hp? We crossed that of today. The smoke output, the quietness, the case is there. The decision to delete is not as easy in my book as it was.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here’s to the future of diesel performance! DT

Oils designed to protect engines, not DPF’s!

MARCH 2017

Not recommended for trucks with diesel TEVXMGYPEXIƤPXIVW

38 435-962-9555




MARCH 2017

Just when we think we’re making progress, we realize just how far we still have to go. That said, we’re getting real close to the inish line. It’s been a long process, but the end is inally in sight. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, we need to focus on the present: getting the truck ready to move. Last time we “stufed the turkey,” as Gary Fields, our mentor from Diesel Pros, put it. We got the engine installed, but it takes a lot more to make a truck roll down the road. Speciically on the docket for Part Three were a new transmission, a new turbo, an exhaust system, and completely inishing the engine.


GET READY TO TRANSMIT Let’s start with the most obvious. The transmission was an issue from Day One. Even the truck’s original owner knew that it was going out, and he priced the truck for us accordingly. We had times where we couldn’t even make it go into reverse. We knew that we wanted something beefy enough to handle all the extra power we were throwing its way, so we turned to Dieselsite. They make some of the best 7.3L transmissions out there, so we knew we were in good hands. I don’t know how many of you have installed a transmission, but those suckers are heavy. In a former life, I owned a GMC 1500 that needed a new transmission. I got a cheap one from a junkyard (don’t do this), just had a buddy help me (don’t do this, either), and we didn’t have a lift or even and jacks at our disposal, so we just used a forklift (SERIOUSLY, DON’T DO THIS). Yeah, we had a bad time. Anyway, I thought we might be in for a similar situation, because all of the lifts at Diesel Pros were spoken for on the appointed day. Gary wasn’t worried, though. He’s never worried. Our solution was relatively simple and ended up working almost as well as using a lift. We raised the front of the truck with a floor jack, then put jack stands under it to keep it elevated. We couldn’t put the transmission on a jack yet, because it wouldn’t

clear the bottom of the truck. Instead, we placed it onto a piece of cardboard and slid it under the truck until it was close to its inal resting place. Then we all summoned what strength we had in the cramped space and raised it just enough to remove the cardboard and slide in the transmission floor jack underneath it. At that point, our arms and shoulders were tired, but the efort was worth it. The jack made the rest of the installation a breeze. All that remained was to jack it up into place, attach the bolts into the engine, then set the cross braces and we were done. SPOOL IT UP With the (literal) heavy lifting out of the way, it was time to tackle the turbo. Hypermax’s H2E is the perfect replacement for the stock turbo. We knew we’d save ourselves a lot of time and headache by doing as much we could to lay a lot of the groundwork for the turbo before we stuck the engine last time. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough clearance to leave the turbo itself installed when we actually put the engine in, but we were still able to attach the mounting pedestal to the mounting plate and bolt that to the engine. We also hooked the pedestal up to the exhaust manifolds.


MARCH 2017

With that taken care of previously, we just needed to get the turbo itself on, which was a little cramped, but not terribly diicult. In fact, the hardest part of the whole operation was making sure the feed tube was properly installed. It was in such a tight spot that it was hard to get tools in there, but ultimately Gary got that sorted.


AIN’T IT COOL The next step was preparing the way for the intercooler, starting with getting the intercooler pipes installed, which simply attach to the turbo and Y-bridge with some gaskets and hose clamps. From there, we had to reattach the rest of the components that live on the front of the engine, such as a new serpentine belt, the power steering pulley, the fan and shroud, the radiator (along with all the necessary pipes and tubing), and inally the intercooler itself. Again, hooking it up was a simple matter of a couple of gaskets and some hose clamps, though it does gain a lot of structural support from the cross brace that slots in above it that the hood attaches to when closed. At some point in the truck’s past, somebody had the bright idea (read: not a good idea at all) to cut the lines to the stock transmission cooler and install a new one by bolting it directly to the

radiator. That obviously wouldn’t work with our new setup, so we removed that one and acquired a brand-new stock transmission cooler and slotted it into place in front of the intercooler and fed new lines back to the transmission. THESE PUNS ARE EXHAUSTING With all that out of the way, it was time to tackle the exhaust. The Magnaflow exhaust we chose is a nice-looking 5-inch system and almost went on without a hitch. We laid all the pieces out on the ground prior to installing anything to make sure we had everything lined up properly. Thinking we were good to go, we got on some creepers and slid under the truck to get to work. We started at the rear with the tail pipe and worked our way forward. Everything went smoothly until we got up to where the exhaust meets the downpipe. The kit included some reducers necessary to make the system it the included downpipe, which is smaller out of necessity to it in the limited space behind the engine. However, we weren’t using the Magnaflow downpipe. We were using the one that Hypermax included with the turbo, which was specially designed for it and the turbo’s new location, which was diferent than where the standard turbo would sit; the Magnaflow pipe

MARCH 2017



Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. 800-352-8216

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MARCH 2017



simply wouldn’t work. That left us with a single option: make it it. Luckily for us, Gary keeps a stack of extra exhaust tubing lying around for just such an occasion. “Aftermarket exhausts rarely it the way they’re supposed to,” he says. There are almost always more pieces in the kit than you need, so Diesel Pros had accumulated quite a few extra pieces over the years, and we were able to ind the right tubing to marry the two systems together. With a little creative welding, Gary fashioned a reducer that it perfectly and joined things up just right. Rounding out the list for Part Three were the Mag-Hytec front diferential cover, Viair dual air compressor system, and Edge Insight CTS2. We cleaned the front axle assembly with degreaser, then after letting it dry gave it a few coats of Dupli-Color to make it stand out. Removing the front cover is easy enough with a socket and a hammer, and after draining the fluid we gave the front ring/ pinion and fluid a good once-over for any obvious issues; nothing to be found! Mag-Hytec covers come with an embossed O-ring seal in the surface of the cover ensuring a nice leak-free installation. Following the installation instructions was simple; after checking to ensure no contact was being made between the cover and the tie rod, we were good to go. The Viair system is a complete kit with an auxiliary tank, two high-output compressors, all associated wiring, air hose, and

mounting hardware. With so much other stuf going on with this truck, it was tough to ind a good home for it, but we realized that Date Night has an in-bed toolbox from the previous owner that would be an ideal location. After getting everything slotted in and running the air lines to the tank and regulator, we decided to tap into the ignition wire to ire the relay so the pump won’t turn on during key-of. Everything it really well and now it has a nice spot that can lock up and keep it out of harm’s way. The Edge Insight CTS2 is a super versatile monitoring unit, and installing it was a breeze. We installed the EGT probe into the previously drilled port in our LH exhaust manifold, ran that cable through the bulkhead, and hooked up the supplied OBD2 connector to the vehicle’s port. The CTS2 will come in handy for telling us how everything under the hood is performing, and it’s expandable to allow for other sensors in the future if we so choose. FINAL PASS With all the major components installed, all that remained was to clean things up and get the rest of the engine bay squared away, such as reinstalling the boxes for the batteries and airbox. There’s still a fair bit of work left to be done, but we can inally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We just hope that it’s daylight and not the headlight of an oncoming train. Part Four will be here before we know it!

and seat heaters, whereas with the old seats, only the driver’s chair had power and no heater. The rear bench seat was a beast of a thing to get into place, but once we did, it looked fantastic. With everything we’ve done to the interior, it barely looks like the same vehicle. We can’t wait to inish it up next time. DT

GDP Transmissions and Torque Converters Multiple converter, lock-up, and stall speed designs.

After getting the new carpet kit installed last time, the next step to making the interior really shine was to put in some new seats. We chose to go with seats from OEM Car and Truck Seats to match the center console we dropped in last time. The seats are a really nice black leather with updated controls. Both seats are now equipped with power controls


MARCH 2017



Chelsey Hennig of McKellar, Ont., has a Duramax background that dates back to 2010 when she bought a mid-2007 Silverado with an LMM Duramax. That truck was featured at SEMA in 2012 and gained lots of popularity in the industry, as it was supported by many brands. It had such mods as a 10inch suspension lift, 40-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers, and a 5-inch MBRP Turbo-Back Exhaust with a 6-inch tip. She named it Girlymaxx. However, she sold it in 2013 because she ultimately wanted more performance gains that Girlymaxx couldn’t achieve. Shortly after that, she bought a 2008 6.4L Power Stroke, which she was able to easily modify up to 600hp. She sold her 6.4L in December of 2015 to avoid imminent oil cooler failure, and that’s when she bought her dream truck, a very clean 2006 GMC Sierra LBZ Duramax with less than 80,000 miles on it.

LOOKS, MODS, AND UPGRADES You’ll be amazed when you see the outside of this truck. “A literal ‘old man special’ or ‘unicorn,’ never winter-driven and always taken care of,” Hennig says. She loved how clean this truck was when she irst bought it, but when she drove it in wintry conditions once, she realized she made a huge mistake. Winter driving completely ruined the looks of the truck for her, because plowing crews in Ontario use a compound of salt and brine for clearing the roads. Since then, she has never winter-driven it again. It can look ugly when the compound gets kicked up onto your truck. She’s actually continuing the truck’s previous lifestyle, as the prior owner never drove it during the winter. This truck features a 6-inch Rough Country suspension lift, 20x10 Fuel Lethal wheels custom-

wrapped in purple 35-inch Cooper STT Pro tires, custom badges, a color-matched front end, AFE intake, MBRP Exhaust with a 4-inch down-pipe, custom powder coating, Anzo headlights and taillights, and EFI Live with the DSP5 switch tuning by Canadian Diesel Online. The truck is an SLE trim, but Hennig recently revamped the entire interior with full leather and aftermarket heated seats. She also made the inside look more like that of an SLT trim by installing heating controls, steering wheel controls, and heated rear glass from that trim. The only non-SLT feature it doesn’t have is the Bose speaker set and 6-disc CD changer. FOR THE LOVE OF DIESEL Hennig mostly uses her truck for hauling her dirt bike; she races in women’s

motocross. She loves how her LBZ looks and performs while hauling her motocross. Of course, the LBZ has more than enough power, but it’s most convenient to use a full-size pickup to carry such a bike around. Other than that, she simply uses the vehicle for daily driving. At this point, she simply doesn’t see herself driving anything other than a diesel. We can all understand from her that once you’re used to that extra dose of power and the higher ride height, you’ll never want to drive a smaller, nondiesel vehicle again. When you drive any lifted diesel like hers, you feel empowered on the road, both literally and iguratively. “I like to call my LBZ Girlymaxx 2.0,” Hennig says. “This truck is incredibly clean and fully loaded. Some people have given me comments saying, ‘Why didn’t you keep your LMM?’ ‘Why did you buy a 10 year old truck?’ Stuf like that. When I sold my 6.4, I knew what I wanted: a clean, low-mileage LBZ and after a few months of searching, I found it. The LBZ is my dream truck; no DPF, no DEF, and an incredibly reliable engine. I love my truck!” Many might think that older engines are more reliable because of no DPF or DEF, and that’s deinitely true with Chelsey’s truck. Of course, we all know how much of a hassle emissions systems are to maintain. Currently, as it’s been snowing in Ontario late this fall and now that it’s winter, Hennig hasn’t done much with her truck while it’s in storage. However, she has

taken her fog lights apart to install LED Concepts Halo rings in them. In January, Hennig also put together an enhanced hands-free sound system to make driving more safe and convenient. It’s a full touchscreen system with Clarion navigation and Apple CarPlay; she plans to install it in the truck when the snow melts. Vehicles as old as 2006 didn’t come with hands-free systems as options from the factory, but you can always buy an aftermarket system, and it never hurts to install one. When the weather gets warmer, she plans to do more motor work, including installation of a larger turbo from BD Diesel (either a Powermax or a Supermax), and an MBRP down-pipe. STAYING TRUE TO VALUES We can now understand it’s clear that Chelsey doesn’t want to give this truck up and is very optimistic about keeping it running nicely for many years to come. “It’s one of those trucks where, in 20 years, I want it to be just as clean as it was in 2006,” says Hennig. Let’s not blame her; if you had a 2006 that was so clean, wouldn’t you want it to stay that way? Although Hennig truthfully inds a diesel unnecessary overall, she’s become so accustomed to the diesel life that she never wants to drive a gas vehicle again. If you store your truck for the winter and only use it during warm weather, you’ll probably get longer life out of it. DT

MARCH 2017



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Whoa, hey, this isn’t Trucks Next Door! What’s going on here? Don’t worry, imaginary person, TND will return next month safe and sound. But this month we wanted to take a minute to appreciate some trucks that take things to the next level. “Over the top” doesn’t even begin to describe some of these trucks. How much is too much? We’ve all got a little bit of Goldilocks in us, after all, and too much for some might be just right for others. THIS TRUCK IS TOO TALL!


MARCH 2017



Okay, we might be a little bit biased with that last one. As always, if you want to see your truck in the pages of the magazine, send an email to or use the Trucks Next Door form on the website. DT



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ATSDIESEL.COM/DT 866-490-5573 ATS Diesel Performance sells replacement parts designed to improve a diesel engine’s efficiency and reliability. Some states, specifically California, have strict regulations applicable to parts that you may legally use on your diesel truck. Be sure to review applicable municipal, state, and federal rules before you purchase and install an ATS product to make sure you are in compliance. ATS designs and manufactures certain parts for off-road and race use only. These parts are not intended for sale in any state, including California, where the items do not comply with local rules.

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