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steamy secrets inside!

sex Game oN! even if you’ve been together forever

Worst. tINder. dates. ever. 6 brave girls spill their horror stories

soleNN HeussaFF in full bloom CallING all my ladIes

Why it’s time to stand up for sisterhood

HoW to do It* IN tHe Car

*your makeup, we mean!

“Just doN’t make HIm Cry.” love advICe From tHe Cutest sourCes

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Contents february 2017

✱ On the Cover 24 solEnn hEussaFF

in Full bloom

we dare you not to fall for solenn and nico bolzico.

14 worsT. TindEr.

daTEs. EVEr.

you know what they say—the worst dates make the best stories.

66 how To do iT* in

ThE Car

by it, we mean your face!

80 Calling all my


here’s to helping each other win at life.

85 “jusT don’T makE

him Cry.”

kids answer your toughest questions.

92 sEx gamE on!

whether you’ve been dating for a few days or a few years, we’ve got you covered.

✱ Know 12 15 Things To do

This month’s must-tries.

16 Cosmo radar

The latest in pop culture.

20 iT’s liT

steamy reads that’ll keep you up all night.

24 Love looks good on these two

21 Cosmo CommandmEnTs speed dating dos and don’ts.

✱ Wear 38 TrEnd ChEaT shEET Five ways to wear pleats.

(PHOTO) sHaira luna.


Fashion 3-way

sheer genius.

40 sErVE ChillEd

relax, just do it (in the cutest loungewear).

FEBRUARY 2017 | CosmopoLitan






make smart, ecofriendly beauty choices

take your pick from our beauty bar

sugar and spice and everything stylish

104 your mosT priVaTE

sEx qs

matchy-matchy with the bae.


swEET disposiTion

86 FiCTion

a Vial oF VElVET

✱ Love

romance never looked this good.

✱ Bloom 60

brEak Too.

yes, your time is just as valuable.

date night with gabbi garcia

and ruru madrid.


84 singlE? you dEsErVE a

spring Fling

Fancy floral finds that won’t break the bank.

88 ThE sECond daTE


why you should give that so-so guy another chance.

91 hunk oF ThE monTh

say hello to nelson banzuela.

94 manThropology

62 niCE Try

✱ Work

Tried-and-tested (by us!) strobing staples.

68 whaT’s ThE sTory,

morning glory?

Champagne supernova-charged beauty looks.

✱ Feel 76 30 Things worTh

haVing by 30

The bucket list you need.

82 do you haunT your

FormEr FriEnds?

it’s not as harmless as it seems.


CosmopoLitan • February 2017

make your own bento box.

Finding love too late.

61 all ThE pEEls

need a boost? These micro-peels will do the trick.

106 loVE your lunCh

95 is iT mE, or was ThaT


welcome to the Feminist Fight Club.

100 shE sTarTEd iT

meet the brains behind Tita witty.

✱ Move 102 ThE insTanT

bEauTy boosT

workout tips from alessandra ambrosio’s trainer.

✱ Play 108 wandErlusT

Fall in love with melbourne, australia.

110 aT your plaCE

how to create the desk of your dreams.

111 plans This wEEkEnd? spend a crafternoon at The glass bar.

112 Food porn Cheese treats you’ll enjoy, whether you’re coupled up or not.

✱ Everything Else 10 ConnECT To Cosmo 113 shopping dirECTory 114 asTrologEr 116 good VibEs To go

photographer andrea beldua takes you to her happy place. WWW.COSMO.PH

(PHOTOs) dOOkie ducay, lOuie aguinaldO, cHarisma licO.

42 CouplE goals

answers to your top google searches.

Marla Miniano



TEAM PUBLISHER Tiffany Chloe Santos Canseco




SMOKIN' HOT Melt your blues away with a spicy sip that’s part mezcal (tequila’s cool older sister), part chili liqueur, and all together guaranteed to put that “Hot, Hot, Hot!” song in your head for the rest of the night. #SorryNotSorry Pour 1 oz. organic mezcal and 1 oz. chili liqueur into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with 6 oz. ginger beer, and garnish with a blood orange wheel.


CoSMoPolITAn • february 2017


Contributors Akiko Abad, Maggie Adan, Louie Aguinaldo, Alysse Asilo, Andrea Beldua, Jessica Bennett, Brei Cabreira-Garcia, Sari Campos, Ted Cavanaugh, Dairy Darilag, Cel Dayacap, Jason Delos Reyes, Dookie Ducay, Laurence Dutton, Raymond Galang, Elaine Ganuelas, Ben Goldstein, Dave Grona, Robin Hilmantel, Emily C. Johnson, Diana Jose, Amandeep Kaur, Joanna Kennedy, Chris Lanier, Charisma Lico, Sylvina Lopez, April Lozada, Shaira Luna, Janina Manipol, Emma Markezic, Patrick Martires, Anushka Menon, Erika Modina, Emily Mullin, Danika Rio Navarro, Nick Onken, Robbie Pinera, Dix Perez, Pranati Rai Prakash, Jon Paterson, Gerry Robinson, Alma Roxas, Emily Kate Roemer, Mark Rosales, Rachelle Santos, Rob Sarte Jr., Tamara Schlesinger, Chandni Singh, Aurora Tower, Rebecca Traister, John Valle, Tatin Yang


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from the editor

Resident beauty girl Bianca on location with photographer Shaira Luna and model Akiko Abad for this month’s dreamy beauty ed.


P.S. Hit me up on Twitter & IG @marlamini. We’re so happy to have social media superstar and flatlay expert @senoritostephen as our intern!


Cosmopolitan • FEBRUARY 2017

Marla Miniano, Editor in Chief

Your February cover shoot team!

Sos and Nico made us all swoon, sigh, and believe in true love.

Sofia was feeling under the weather when we shot her and Diego—but still looked gorgeous AF.


(P H O T O S ) S H A I R A L U N A , d O O k I e d U c Ay, S T e P H e N d e j e S U S

Gabbi and Ruru are the cutest! Look at those super kilig smiles!

ven with all the hyped-up romance that permeates our consciousness every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, the world is becoming increasingly aware of how single women fit into the picture. Which is a great thing. How does this holiday make them feel, we ask. True love isn’t just for couples, we assure them. And we hope whatever reaching out we do makes them feel a little less sad and alone. What may not be so great is how single ladies are stereotyped in pop culture and IRL: You’re either a) the sassy, independent woman who is angry at her ex, angry at men in general, and angry at love and the annual holiday that glorifies it; or b) the vulnerable, sensitive girl who is desperately trying to piece together her broken heart and planning to spend the 14th of February drowning in a vat of ice cream, wine, loneliness, and regret. But what if, as a single woman on Valentine’s Day, you’re actually just kind of…okay with it? What if you’re neither furious nor miserable, scowling nor sulking, and what if some part of you is actually happy? Happy because you have your whole life ahead of you to discover the kind of romance that works, happy because of all the positivity surrounding you, and even happy for the heart-eyed couples who have every right to celebrate their hard-earned relationships? There are tons of single women with this mindset—single women who are sassy and independent, vulnerable and sensitive, but also hopeful and content. To identify with them would put you in the best company. No matter what emotions (delight, dread, or somewhere in between) the impending Valentine’s Day stirs up in you, here’s to an amazing February! We’ve packed this issue with so much love just for you. <3


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The Sexiest Cover Yet. I never thought December would be this kind of sexy! Plus, Sarah Lahbati knocks our socks off. Another great cover In the history of Cosmo!

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—PhILIPP JohnSon Emborong

This cover is naughty, sexy, and lit AF! Keep up the good work, Cosmo. Love it! —KEnnETh DAvE FAJILAn

The palette? So refreshing. Check out that masthead too! —ChrISTIAn Do

omg! She looks like gigi hadid! I love herrr. —JIAn FAITh WILLIAmS

my favorite Cosmo issue for 2016! I really like Sarah. —YvETSKY mArY

@A Be G A IL _VA L eR Io At first glance, I thought it was Ariana Grande! :) I love you as always, my number 1 idol, @SarahLahbati!


spendin’ Christmas with Cosmo #sarahlahbati ForCosmo


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

#myCosmo @replikate go find the elusive unicorn! @cosm philippines’ Dece opolitan_ mber issue is an ode to unicorns, Sarah Lahbati on with the gorg the cover. And if I may self-prom the contributors ote, I’m one of of the month!

(p hoto s) c o ur t e s y of re s p ect i v e in s ta gr a m u s e r s .


YoU donUt WAnnA mIss oUt on the LAtest BUzz

emAIL Us At


H O t ,

f R E S H ,

A N d

R I G H t - t H I S - M I N U t E


(TEXT) angElica guTiErrEz. (PHOTO) SHuTTErSTOck.

...whether you like it or not. Fifty Shades Darker hits the big screens this month, continuing the trend of handsome, domineering, jealous, and insanely rich leading men. Whatever happened to sweet, caring, mentally stable men? and while weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re always down for a helicopter ride, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to keep the domination confined to the bedroom, please.

with the Balentayms Special Sticker set. P160, Diyalogo at The Craft Central.

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Cosmopolitan • FeBRuARy 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

and brighten up your space with these dinosaur plant pots. Mighty Apato, P1,250, Mighty Rex, P1,100, all Jurassic Pot at The Craft Central.


by channeling your feelings into poetry. The possibilities are endless. Poetry Magnets,P500, Common Room.


Profess your love for the cat-collector game with these adorable magnets. P200 for set of 3, Artsyology at Common Room.

(te x t) angelica gutierrez. (photos) louie aguinaldo.





(te x t) angelica gutierrez. (photos) (fistfight) courtesy of warner bros. (half worlds) courtesy of hbo. (goo goo doll s) c o u r t e s y o f g o o g o o d o l l s ’ i n s ta g r a m a c c o u n t. ( p o k e b o w l ) c o u r t e s y o f p o k e p o k e m a n i l a . ( c h o c o l at e b a l l s ) c o u r t e s y o f y u m m y. p h . ( p o t t e r y ) c o u r t e s y o f t h e g l a s s b a r ’ s i n s ta g r a m a c c o u n t.

when you watch Fistfight. In this comedy, mild-mannered high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) accidentally crosses his deeplyfeared colleague, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), who challenges him to a fight after school.



If you’re into Philippine mythology, you’ll dig this HBO series about Thai demons who live among mortals in Bangkok. Pinoy actor Jake Macapagal plays a demon named Kaprey.


Poke Manila. These sushi rice bowls are refreshing, incredibly tasty, and hit the spot every time. you can pick your own grains, protein, veggies, and flavors, or opt for one of their signature bowls. We especially love the Samurai bowl! Poke Poke Manila is located at estancia Mall, Capitol Commons.


when you watch the Goo Goo Dolls on February 11 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets available at


and give your guy some handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day. We love this easy-tomake Chocolate Orange Cake Balls recipe from


and get crafty with your boyfriend by taking pottery classes at The Glass Bar at Crescent Moon Café, Antipolo. Start with their “Pottery: Stoneware Building” class on February 4, then take their “Advanced Pottery: Wheel” workshop on February 18 and 25. See Shopping Directory for details.

FeBRuARy 2017 • Cosmopolitan


CONFESSIONS Because life (on Tinder) is sometimes stranger than fiction

I went out on a date with a guy who seemed like the perfect package: He was cute, smart, funny, accomplished, and smelled *really* good. Unfortunately, we ended up cutting the date short because he said he had to babysit his nephew. I later found out he was married and his ‘nephew’ was actually their son. —ALEx, 28

I had a photo of myself rowing in Madrid on my Tinder profile. Then one of the guys I matched with claimed he met me in a nightclub in Spain. He said, “You told me European guys are ugly, and that you liked Chinese and Korean guys, and you made me cry. I wish I were North Korean so that you’d like me.” —BEA, 23

I found my Tinder date asleep in our diner booth after I got back from the bathroom. I woke him up, and he admitted he was stoned and asked for two more minutes of sleep. When the bill arrived, he said he’d pay for “majority” of it since he ate most of my food, but I insisted on splitting the bill. I ended up paying more since he wouldn’t leave a tip!

My second Tinder profile picture had cleavage in it, and someone who matched with me was like, “You know, you shouldn’t show that much skin on Tinder. Do you want to be respected here or do you want to attract the manyak types?” —CAssIE, 21

I was on a date with a guy I met on Tinder when he said, “You’re in media right? Could you tell me why you’re so biased?” —ELIZA, 27

—sARAH, 25


Cosmopolitan • februarY 2017



After a weird date, I told a guy I met on Tinder that I just wanted to keep things friendly, and he made it seem like he got the message. But then he sent me a naked selfie. And the day after that, he sent me another selfie on Snapchat, USING MY FACE AS AN EFFING FILTER with the message, “This is our love child. Ganda ’no? Mana lang sa nanay.” He is now on my blocked list.



—DYAN, 28


It’s ComplICated pal dIll


sCott Eli introduced marnie to her ex, charlie.



Shosh lost her V-card to Ray.


Their capsule episode, when charlie came back, was ever y thing.

RaY hannah’s attempt to give Ray a blowjob while he was driving? Yeah, not one of her finest moments.

JosHUa FRaN A t wo-night stand for the books.




Remember when Thomas-John tried and failed to have a threesome with marnie and Jessa?

tHomas-JoHN HaNNaH

Will caroline, who has a child with Laird, come back this season?

Are they the endgame no one saw coming?

adam Jessa




NatalIa mImI-Rose


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

Ace tried to get back with mimi-Rose while he was seeing Jessa and mimiRose was with Adam.



Five seasons of Girls have brought us countless hookups, breakups, and everything in between. Brush up on who dated whom in time for the sixth and final season, premiering on February 13 at 10 p.m. on HBO.


YoU’ve Got maIl

When a heartbroken woman starts receiving and deeply relating to postcards meant for someone else, she takes it as a sign to bust out of her rut and follow the postcard trail from Batanes to Zamboanga. Catch the film Sakaling Hindi Makarating starting February 1—and write your own heartfelt message below!


How’s I


? Is it everything you imagined it would be?

Has it really been only yesterday when I last time, it feels like a lifetime ago.

months? It seems like it was you, but at the same

I received all the letters you sent, and I’m sorry it took so long for the other day, and she me to reply. I saw your to sends her love. I guess this is me, sending my wherever you are, too. . Does a part of you you again.

We never really talked about regret it? Because I do. I want to I hope this reaches you. I hope you still want to I



All my love, (Not so) pleNtY oF FIsH IN tHe sea So let’s get one thing straight: Disney made being a mermaid look way too easy. You’re not only bound to the ocean on account of your, uh, entire lower body, you’re also highly vulnerable to capture by entitled Korean noblemen. You’re absolutely clueless to the rules of life on land, and you don’t know who to turn to for help. And when you’re the last of your kind, you know some very bad people are out to get you. Clearly, the mermaid life is more than just the whozits and whatzits. So what’s a girl to do? You strap on your boots, fend off those goons, and figure out your life’s purpose. A little romance on the side couldn’t hurt, as long as you’ve eighty-sixed the whole using-afork-as-a-comb thing. Yeah, that’s not how things work around here. THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA, STARRING LEE MIN HO AND JUN JI HYUN, IS STREAMING NOw, EXCLUSIvELY ON IFLIX. vISIT IFLIX.COM FOR MORE DETAILS.


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

it’s lit!

BETWEEN THE COVERS Curl up in bed with these steamy reads.

by Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse is your run-of-themill Southern girl—that is, until you realize she’s the little voice you hear inside your head. Chick lit and supernatural lore coexist wonderfully in this three-part pageturner. If you’re a fan of True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, take a bite out of this.


by Diana Gabaldon British World War II nurse Claire accidentally travels back in time to 18th century Scotland, when the Scots are on the brink of rebellion against the English. All she wants to do is get back to her husband, but for her own protection she is forced to marry Jamie, a dashing and romantic Scottish warrior. Its premise may sound a bit ridiculous, but there’s a reason this sizzling historical romance is called the feminist answer to Game of Thrones—it’s full of adventure, sex, and intrigue, the love scenes are definitely written for women, and Claire is a plucky, intelligent woman who refuses to give in to the patriarchal standards of Jamie’s time.


by Paulo Coelho Maria, a Brazilian prostitute who’s had her heart broken one too many times, meets a charming painter on an unexpected trip. Ralf seems like the perfect catch, but taking a leap of faith is always risky. Will she keep things casual, or is true love in the cards? Consider this required reading if you’re contemplating a summer fling.


by Anne Rice In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming awakens the princess not just with a kiss, but by giving her a full-blown orgasm. He then whisks her away to his kingdom, where princes and princesses are trained as sex slaves so that they can return to their countries with “greater wisdom.” This often-wildly-politicallyincorrect cult classic is not for the faint of heart—Rice unflinchingly explores the darker side of sexuality, and that means hardcore BDSM, orgies, and pony play. Read it if you secretly harbor submissive fantasies, or just want to laugh at the over-the-top sex scenes on every page.

All available at National Book Store.






10 Things You should Know Before speed daTing When in doubt, remember that it’s alWaYs better to be slightlY oVerdressed than underdressed.


You’ll have two to three minutes with each person. it’ll feel like hours when there’s no spark, and mere seconds when there is.



It is awkward. You and the 30 or so people in the room can agree on that. If it helps, just think of it as an extended, real-time version of swipe dating.



be as discreet as possible When using the scorecards.


There are usually more girls than guys, so the organizers might ask their friends to join. Sometimes these men are actually looking, sometimes they’re not. Sorry.

You’ll spend most of the night talking about what you do for work and for fun. Variety is your best friend.

You can go with your girl friends, but never with a male relative. (Yes, it happens.) (No, it will never not be gross.)


be kind and considerate. it’s a small, small world, and there’s a big chance you’ll see these people again.



that said, be openminded. some people have found the one through speed dating, and you could, too!

if Walk-ins are alloWed, there’s a high probabilitY that You’ll be asked if You’re open-minded.


s t I , â&#x20AC;&#x2122; y b a B You

(dress) ever new. (earrings) parfois.

This February, we urge you to find the love you truly deserve.


c i g a M K 4 2 ing k a t o ic lz o B o ic N d aff an With Solenn Heuss ing h t y n a is e v lo l, e v new le le o h w a o t ls a o g ip #relationsh ng. ti n a ch en f o rt o sh g in th o n d but ordinary an

BY Marla MInIano luna a r I a h S Y B Y h P a r g Photo

on nico: (top) h&M. on solenn: (earrings) h&M. (roMper) ever new.

s w o l f r e t h g the lau Solenn and freely at er shoot, nico’s cov the easy warmth of their honeymoon glow spilling over on a Sunday afternoon in mid-January, a few days since the couple is reunited after Nico’s trip to his home in Argentina for the holidays. Nico is just as hilarious IRL as he is on Instagram, hamming it up for the camera Derek Zoolander-style and trying to tiptoe around the studio in skin-tight jeans, gesturing to his crotch and warning us, “If I become sterile, it’s all your fault.” The jeans fall a few inches too short for his statuesque frame, exposing the pair of hot pink and purple patterned socks he brought especially for the shoot, which he is only too proud to show off. Solenn, as effortlessly gorgeous and incredibly unassuming as ever, takes his bouncingoff-the-walls energy in stride, calmly calling out to him from her makeup chair, “Babe, calm down. Stop being so annoying.” Then, in a stage whisper: “I hate those socks so much.” There are frequent flirty glances exchanged between husband and wife. There is whip-smart banter, cheek poking, butt slapping, and nipple pinching (really). And dancing. There is a whole lot of joyful, glorious, madly-in-love dancing.

We know that a common friend introduced you guys. But how did you fall in love?

We hardly ever fight—except when I nag him to fix up when he leaves his shit around the house. n: All the ridiculous things you see on social media, especially in my posts, that’s how we really are. We just like to have fun and don’t really care about what other people think. We enjoy those little moments, simple things like having coffee together in the balcony at home. S: And we dance a lot! n: We do, especially to Argentinian music. S: Also, the dynamics of our respective families are really similar; like Filipinos, the Argentinians are very familyoriented and easygoing. That’s what we noticed at our wedding in France, that the people we loved were alike. n: Yeah, that was amazing. S: I think that’s a sign that two people are meant to be together.

How would you describe your relationship? All the stuff we see on social media—is that how things really are between you?

You both travel a lot and manage busy schedules. Is it hard being away from each other?

Solenn: It was when Nico made me feel that for the first time, a guy was actually treating me the way I deserved to be treated. In my past relationships, the guy would always be trying to control me or doing reverse psychology on me, but with Nico, I could be myself 100%. I could do what I wanted because I knew he trusted me. And he makes me laugh so much. nico: Okay, just to make it clear, she was the one who said “I love you” first. S: We know that already, babe… n: The first time I realized I loved her was when I missed her so much when she went to Europe for a month. And now we’ve been together for five years. She’s my best friend.

S: Oh, that’s super true. We love to laugh and work out a lot. We enjoy the same things but we also have different interests. We’re very chill.

S: It’s not so hard for me. I don’t know about you, Nico. n: We talk a lot even when we’re not together. When I was in Argentina, every time something interesting

FEBRUARY 2017 | Cosmopolitan


How do you balance doing your own thing with supporting each other?

n: Solenn is so creative and artistic. When I see the way she paints, sings, or acts, I see so much talent that I would never even dream of having. But when we start talking about numbers or business… S: We’re good at different things. n: I learn a lot from her, and I hope she learns from me, too.

How do you feel when people say you’re #relationshipgoals or #couplegoals? S: That’s fun. It’s a great thing to hear. I always tell girls who ask for relationship advice that they

“You have to make an effort to make each other happy—it doesn’t just happen.” 26

Cosmopolitan • FEBRUARY 2017

should find someone who lets them be themselves. Don’t change who you are, and don’t stop making your own decisions and having a mind of your own. Of course if you’re married, you have to compromise on certain things, but if you’re going to be with this one person for the rest of your life, you can’t be together all the freaking time. No matter how much you love him, that’s not healthy. n: You talk so much, I forgot the question. S: How do you feel when people say we’re #couplegoals? I mean, I don’t think we’re the ultimate goal… n: True. We have our flaws. We’re just normal; there’s nothing super special. S: There’s no secret. n: Can I answer the question?! Well, we’re just two people who love, respect, and trust each other, give each other space, have fun together, and laugh and dance. We work for the relationship every day. You have to make an effort to make each other happy— it doesn’t just happen. I think every couple who has a good relationship is #couplegoals. Maybe we’re just a bit funnier. Actually I’m funny but she’s not.

So do you think it’s healthy to have #relationshipgoals? S: It’s good to say, “Oh, they’re a cute couple, I like them,” but don’t try to be exactly like them. Maybe what works for them won’t work for you. You have your own personality. n: Each couple has their own thing. S: You just keep repeating what I’m saying! n: Yes, but with different words… Okay, you killed me. S: I killed you. n: You can look up to a couple and try be as happy as they are, but in your own way.

on nico: (button-down and pants) burton. on solenn: (dress) topshop. (bracelets) parfois.

happened, I’d take a photo and send it to her because she’s the first person I want to share it with. S: We’ve gotten used to our hectic schedules, so it’s not really difficult to spend time apart. We’re not clingy at all. We allow each other to have our freedom and our own time, but we always look forward to being together.

FEBRUARY 2017 â&#x20AC;¢ Cosmopolitan


Do you have couples in your life that you look up to as well?

n: My parents have been together for 52 years, and they’re still so in love with each other. They grew up together, and they always dance together, too. S: My mom and dad have been together for 40 years. They’ve had their ups and downs but they’ve remained strong. They’re very different people, but they’ve worked through it. We’re also lucky that the couples we’re friends with are good couples. They all bring out the best in one another and balance one another out.

S: We hardly ever fight, but when we do argue, we still make sure to listen to each other. No interrupting, no hanging up the phone, no walking out. n: The few times we’ve had arguments, I know what she’s thinking, but she doesn’t tell me. She just stays quiet and sad. And that pisses me off! How do you want me to make it better if you’re not going to talk to me? S: ‘Cause I’m the type of person who wants to have clear thoughts before I open my mouth. I don’t want to say something I don’t mean. So I just soak it all in, then talk to him after. n: No, you never talk to me after. S: That’s true! Not until he forces me. But there, we never hang up on each other or walk out. I’ve noticed that’s a very Pinoy thing. It’s so unhealthy and immature. n: We don’t like drama.

Yeah, you two are the antithesis of the typical celebrity couple drama queens. But what’s your favorite way to cheer each other up when someone’s feeling down?

n: Solenn always appreciates when we just spend time together and talk. Everything makes more


sense after. Or, if we have time, we’ll go on a trip somewhere. S: We’re not really materialistic. There’s nothing I can buy for Nico that would make him super happy… n: Uh, there are a few things… S: I like preparing food for him. Cooking is my love language. n: She makes the best meals ever and always takes care of me. S: My big baby!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from each other?

n: That you can be super close to each other while still giving each other freedom. S: With Nico, I’ve learned that things should come naturally. You shouldn’t have rules. Love is about two people who want the same things coming together. n: Solenn also taught me how

Cosmopolitan • FEBRUARY 2017

to listen. One time, she heard me arguing with my mom and she told me to apologize to my mom for hurting her feelings. S: And he manned up and did it, and since then, he’s had a really good relationship with his parents. He misses them so much and talks about them all the time.

To end on a light note, what’s the weirdest thing about each other?

S: Ohmigod, there’s one thing Nico did a long time ago that really grossed me out… n: The nails, right? Oh no. S: I’m a huge neat freak, but Nico’s always making a mess. And on more than one occasion, I’ve seen fingernails scattered around the house. Like he’d cut his nails and just leave them wherever. It’s disgusting. I told him to stop doing it and learn to clean up. So one time he was at home and I guess he

didn’t think I’d be coming home early. I enter the door and see him jump and put something in his mouth. I was like, “What are you hiding in your mouth? What’s the nail cutter doing on the table?” He put his nails in his mouth ‘cause he was scared I’d get mad! And they were his toe nails! They’re all dead from playing soccer. n: Hey, that cannot be public information! S: Can you think of anything weird about me? I don’t do weird shit. n: Nothing really weird about her, actually. Except she likes drinking wine in the dark and scaring me when I come home. She looks possessed. S: But other than that, I’m pretty normal. And I’m so transparent. n: Yeah, with you, what you see is what you get. You’ll post anything. Even your nipple. S: That was an accident!

(MaKeup) robbie piÑera. (hair) John valle. (stYling) happY lopeZ. (nails) alMa roxas of toKYo nail station. (dress) Miss selfridge. (necKlaces) parfois.

How do you resolve conflict?


the sexiest outfit i own: nickname:

all-time favorite drink:

Dessert i can’t resist: What i notice first in a guy:

my ultimate fitspiration:

When i’m in love, i:

What i always tell myself when i’m feeling down:

Best thing about being married to nico:

in my barkada, i’m the:

(dress) ever new. (photos) ieMoJi.coM, ig @solennheussaff, @churreria_la_lola, @KaYla_itsines, chris ecKert/studio d.

message to the Cosmo girls:

no-fail combo i feel hottest in:

FEBRUARY 2017 • Cosmopolitan


Availabl in Available booksto bookstores, newssta newsstands, and convenie convenience stores for P295

, e u q i n u f o e s o d e d s r a u b t Yo s i l , l a n o i t a ! c t u n d e e m n i a t info books




(PHOTO) dOOkie ducay. (TeXT and sTyling) HaPPy lOPez. (assisTed by) carie aguila and aPril lOzada. (makeuP) jasOn delOs reyes. (Hair) mark rOsales. (cHOker) call iT sPring, P555. (dress) sTylisT’s Own. (rings) cOTTOn On, P399 Per seT. sHOT On lOcaTiOn aT sugar facTOry, uniT gf5 grOund flOOr, sHangri-la THe fOrT, 3rd ave. cOr. 30TH sT., bOnifaciO glObal ciTy, fOrT bOnifaciO, Taguig ciTy, (632) 958-5175.

we like your style— so start owning it

sweet as candy

This love month, you deserve to look your best. From fun and flirty date looks to some much needed me-time essentials, our pages are packed with OOTD inspo you’ll be dying to try, whatever your style or relationship status.


trend cheat sheet

how to style: pleats

mix these on-trend pieces with your closet staples for an instant style upgrade.

Top, Promod, P1,495. Pants, Warehouse, P3,295. Bracelet, P490, and earrings, P390, both Parfois. Pumps, Call It Spring, P2,495.

looK 2

(photos) dairy daril ag. (st yling) happy lopez. (a ssisted by) Carie aguil a and april loz ada . (makeup) tin albano. (h a ir) dav e gron a for Cy nos inside h a ir Ca re. (model ) gl enn k rishn a n.

Give your work trousers a trendy twist with a wide-leg pleated version paired with a floral slip cami.

looK 1

Put your party heels on and take this metallic number out for a spin.

Earrings, Parfois, P490. Dress, Miss Selfridge, P4,990. Heels, Parisian, P1,195.

looK 4

looK 3

Meeting up with the girls? Pick a metallic pleated skirt to give your ladies-wholunch look a tougher, edgier vibe.

Earrings, Parfois, P390. Top, Warehouse, P2,695. Shorts, Promod, P1,695.

Pair your utilitarian chinos with a flowy blush top to give it a more feminine feel.

looK 5

Try pleats in small doses, like a pleated bell-sleeves top. Choker, P790, and bangle, P790, both Parfois. Top, Warehouse, P3,495. Pants, Dorothy Perkins, P1,595.


Cosmopolitan â&#x20AC;˘ FEBRUARY 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

Top, Promod, P1,495. Skirt, Ever New, P4,995. Bracelet, Parfois, P490. Heels, Primadonna, P1,399.95.


fashion 3-way

( t e x t & S t y l ing) H A P P y loP e z . (b o S w or t H, r AtA jko w S k i, PA l e rmo) re x f e At ure S . (H&m, S t r A di vA riu S , P ul l & be A r , m A ngo, z A r A , PA rfoiS) courteSy of reSPecti v e br A ndS.

wear it like...

black will never be boring with sheer pieces that give off a subtle hint of sexy.

emily ratajkowski

olivia palermo

kate bosworth

Your basic jeans-and-top combo gets a sexier vibe with a lace bra underneath a see-through top.

A tulle maxi skirt paired with a classic blazer and tee looks edgy and cool.

Trade your usual LBD for a sheer version to show off just the right amount of skin. Dress, Pull & Bear, P1,195.

Choker, Parfois, P790. Earrings, Parfois, P390. Blazer, Zara, P2,995. Top, Mango, P1,995.

Tee, Mango, P695.

Clutch, Parfois, P1,490.

Bralette, Stradivarius, P895.

Belt, Pull & Bear, P395.

Boots, Stradivarius, P2,990. Jeans, Pull & Bear, P1,795.

Bag, Zara, P2,595. Boots, Zara, P2,595.

Pumps, H&M, P1,190.

Skirt, Stradivarius, P1,590. See Shopping Directory for details.

FEBRUARY 2017 | Cosmopolitan


THE TOP Pick slinky lace pieces for a polished lounging look.

1 Pillow, h&m, p499. 2 Top, mango, p1,295. 3 Nightie, mango, p1,495. 4 Robe, h&m, p1,690. 5 Shorts, mango, p995. 6 Slippers, h&m, p899. 7 Eye mask, tickles, p325. 8 Socks, stradivarius, p395. 9 Pajamas, h&m, p1,190. 10 Blanket, H&M, p599.

1 2 3


THE PJ’S Silky sets do double duty on nights out—just add pants.




THE ROBE Fuzzy, fleecelined versions let you ditch your blanket cocoon.

9 8 9

shopping cart

serve chilled

staying in this weekend? no shame. shack up with your food baby in loungewear that doesn’t make you feel like a total slob. 40

Cosmopolitan • february 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.


(te x t) cosmo us. (st yling) happy lopez. (photos) courtesy of respective br ands.

THE SOCKS Rock a cute printed pair with boxers and keep your legs warm all night.

shopping cart


Dress, Miss Selfridge, price available upon request.

rising stars Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga show you and your bae how to look hot together. Dress, Zalora, P999.

Jumpsuit, Miss Selfridge, price available upon request.


Dress, Miss Selfridge, price available upon request.

for you: give florals and pastels a sultry twist with sheer layering, cutouts, and sexy bustiers. for him: a bomber looks casual but smart.

Dress, Topshop, price available upon request.


Cosmopolitan • february 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

On Sofia: Top, Robin Ortega. Skirt, Miss Selfridge. Shoes, stylist’s own. On Diego: Jacket, Burton. Shirt, Topman. Pants, Bench. Boots, stylist’s own.

Top, Zalora, P1,299.

(p h o t o s ) d o o k i e d u c ay. ( s t y l i n g) p e r r y ta b o r a . ( a s s i s t e d b y ) j ay a r b a d a j o s . (m a k e u p ) t i n d u q u e . (h a ir) dav e gron a for cy nos inside h a ir ca re. (s t il l s) court e s y of re spect i v e br a nds.

Top, Ever New, price available upon request.

Dress, Miss Selfridge, price available upon request. Top, H&M, P1,690.

Jumpsuit, Pull & Bear, P2,595.


Dress, Miss Selfridge, price available upon request.

for you: turn heads in a metallic number. for him: make a statement in a sleek, sharp suit.

Skirt, Pull & Bear, P1,595.

Skirt, H&M, P1,190.

On Sofia: Dress, Topshop. Shoes, stylist’s own. On Diego: Suit, Topman. Buttondown, Bench. Shoes, stylist’s own.

Skirt, H&M, P2,290. Dress, Pull & Bear, P1,795.

february 2017 • Cosmopolitan


Dress, Topshop, price available upon request. Romper, H&M, P1,190. Dress, Ever New, price available upon request.

Dress, H&M, P3,490.

Dress, Mango, P2,295.

SO CHIC for you: keep it simple but classy in a timeless little black, red, or white dress. for him: crisp navy and brown leather always look dapper together.

Dress, Mango, P3,395.

On Sofia: Dress, Sheiralyn. Heels, stylist’s own. On Diego: Suit, Burton. Shirt, Bench. Shoes, stylist’s own. Jumpsuit, H&M, P1,990.


Cosmopolitan • february 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

Best Brightening Soap and Lotion Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil Silka Whitening Lotion with Shea Butter Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with Avocado Oil

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DIsPOsITION On-screen sweethearts Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid take the hottest date night looks out for a spin. BY HAPPY LOPEZ PHOTOGRAPHY BY DOOKIE DUCAY SHOT ON LOCATION AT SUGAR FACTORY, TAGUIG.

(THIS PAGE) Top, Factorie, P799. Cuff, Cotton On, P399. Choker, and pants, stylist’s own. (OPPOSITE PAGE) On Gabbi; Dress, stylist’s own. Choker, Call It Spring, P555. Shoes, Charles & Keith, P3,450. On Ruru; Blazer, button-down, and pants, all stylist’s own. Shoes, Aldo, P6,495.

On Gabbi; Dress, stylist’s own. Earrings, Call It Spring, P555. On Ruru; Sweater, stylist’s own.

On Gabbi; Choker, P555, bangles, P455, and heels, P2,495, all Call It Spring. Dress, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own. On Ruru; Jacket, P2,999, and buttondown, P999, both Cotton On. Pants, Bench, P1,099.

On Gabbi; Choker, P555, and rings, P555 per set, all Call It Spring. Dress, Factorie, P1,599. Heels, Charles & Keith, P2,495. On Ruru; Buttondown, Cotton On, P999. Pants, Bench, P1,099.

(PHOTO) dOOkie ducay. (TeXT and sTyling) HaPPy lOPez. (assisTed by) carie aguila and aPril lOzada. (makeuP) jasOn delOs reyes. (Hair) mark rOsales. sHOT On lOcaTiOn aT sugar facTOry, uniT gf5 grOund flOOr, sHangri-la THe fOrT, 3rd ave. cOr. 30TH sT., bOnifaciO glObal ciTy, fOrT bOnifaciO, Taguig ciTy, (632) 958-5175.

Cuff, P455, Call It Spring. Top and skirt, stylist’s own. Sneakers, model’s own.

a vial of Bodysuit, H&M. Jacket, Vero Moda. Jeans, TommyxGigi by Tommy Hilfiger. Earrings, Outhouse.

The reigning overlord of sensual fabrics makes romance look good on anyone.


Dress, Kukoon. Stilletos, Pratinava. Leather choker, Ridhi Mehra. Choker with charms, Juicy Couture.

OPPOSITE PAGE: Top, Roberto Cavalli. Slip dress, H&M. Slides, Choker, Crimson. Bag and sunglasses, both Fendi.

Turtleneck and pants, Zara. Jacket, Roberto Cavalli. Boots, Dior. Earrings, Shivan & Narresh for Confluence by Crystals from Swarovski.

OPPOSITE PAGE: Crop top, Glamorous at Skirt, Dior. Choker with chain, Crimson.

Cape, Missoni. Dress, Vero Moda. Boots, Charles and Keith.

(photos) anushka menon. (styling) amandeep kaur. (hair and makeup) chandni singh. (model) pranati rai prakash.


G I r L- C r U S H -w O r T H Y

G O r G E O U S

(THE BEAUTY) LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES You never know what you’re going to get—until you try. No two red lipsticks were created equal, and the same red lipstick you’re wearing would look different on someone else. So if you’re still searching for the perfect red, pink, purple or brown, go to the makeup counter and swatch away. With the ever-growing beauty industry and the increasing amount of choices we’re afforded, it’d be a shame to not go out there and explore all the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to indulge your makeup cravings or sweet tooth—you deserve it.

I n S I d E

A n d


(L-R, T-B) The Body Shop Down To Earth Palette Quad, P1,395. Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Divine Wine and Rich Ruby, P299 each. Celeteque Dermocosmetics Long-wear Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey Grey, P725. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask P1,500. The Body Shop Matte Lipsticks in New Orleans Scarlet and Lima Magenta, P795. Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Wardrobe and Preview, P575. Eye of Horus Luminous Isis Shadow Palette, P1,350. Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer, P1,550.


2 3 1





holy grail

SPRING FLING With these finds—nothing over P800—florals for spring can actually be groundbreaking.

1 The Human Nature Rosedew Mist, P275, refreshes your skin and perks you up in an instant.

Hidratante, P525, contains rose water and argan oil that work to hydrate and firm your skin post-bath.

2 Pack a Benefit Travel-sized Dandelion Blush, P800, for a soft, pink flush wherever you go.

6 For a soft, cottony scent that’ll keep you on cloud nine, spray on Adopt Eau de Parfum in Fleur de Coton, P495.

3 Urban Rituelle Petit Parfum in White Peony and Rose Buds, P550, is Blair Waldorf’s room in a tube.

7 Gently cleanse away your makeup with The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, P695.

4 Get petal soft puckers courtesy of Maybelline Rosy Matte Lipstick in Rosy Peach, P299. 5 Flor De Mayo Aceite


Cosmopolitan • february 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

8 Keep your hands nice and nourished with Kracie Aroma Resort Hand Cream in Dreamy Bloom Rose, P295.



holy grail

ALL THE PEELS For the days when your skin needs a little pick-me-up. Micro-peels are gentle chemical exfoliants that help shed off the dead skin cells on your epidermis, making your skin appear instantly brighter and smoother. Plus, you can expect it to absorb other skincare products better, making them more effective.


Kracie Cure Natural Aqua Gel, P1,500, looks and feels just like water but will visibly rub off your dead skin cells right away!

Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Advanced Brightening Mask, P1,250, has trademarked the ingredient Melavoid, which prevents the loss of your skin’s radiance.

Doll Face Brilliance Illuminating Face Polish, P1,250, contains two sizes of beads: maxi beads to slough off dead skin, and mini beads to refine skin texture. This two-step peel simultaneously replenishes your skin with Vitamin C as it resurfaces the top layer. Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel, P3,995 for a set.

relax with the gentler version of their classic peel. You’ll feel your skin tingle as it brightens your complexion. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive, P2,250.


Harness the power of quinoa to accelerate your skin’s turnover for smoother skin over time. Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, P3,185.

See Shopping Directory for details.

FEBRUARY 2017 • Cosmopolitan


nice try

Cosmo editors give their two cents about these strobing staples.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter, P1,395. There’s enough pigmentation in it to cover any darkness while brightening and illuminating my under eyes, without adding unnecessary and unnatural shimmer. —Gaby

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow, P625. This shimmery, easy-to-apply powder was made for the makeup newbie (a.k.a. me). —Dyan

Carmen Claire Lightbulb Moment Liquid Illuminator in Lucky Penny, P350. I’ve tried tons of highlighters, but this one, with its fun little rollerball applicator and a foolproof formula you can swipe on and blend without a mirror, is still my fave. —Marla

MAC Strobe Cream, P1,800. The silky-smooth formula is perfect for a subtle all-over glow! —Chandra

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam, P1,500. I love how this highlighter is matte— it’s great for girls with oily skin like me! —Ange

Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick in Medium, P499. Combining a contour and highlighter in one stick makes it super easy to use, and this shade flatters Pinay skin tone. —Paula

62 LM

Cosmopolitan • february 2017 See Shopping Directory for details.

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Cuba, P795. It’s very light and blends into my skin nicely, giving me a naturallooking flush. —Happy

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB, P1,850. This eight-hour sleep in a tube has the right amount of light-catching shimmer that makes my skin look supple and dewy as opposed to just glittery. —Bianca




EARTHLY BEAUTY “I can’t live without sunblock. My freckles are genetic, and based on my mom and sisters, they’re going to multiply. I love them, but I want to take care of my skin too. I use Neutrogena, it’s the only one I could find that has the perfect balance of providing a strong SPF without being harsh on the skin.”


Climate change researcher Manna Vargas talks conscious choices, sensitive skin, and her gorgeous freckles.

1. REAd THE LABELS. “I try to stay away from brands that don’t disclose all the ingredients. I definitely prefer if the ingredients are naturally derived. The less synthetic chemicals, the better.” 2. SUppORT BRANdS WHO SUppORT THE ENVIRONMENT. “I like brands with reusable packaging. I also like small mom-and-pop brands that sell naturally derived products. The brand Pili has lipsticks, soaps, and other stuff made from pili nuts.”

3. dO YOUR RESEARCH. “It’s hard because sometimes brand’s claims are just PR stunts. You have to check how transparent they are.”

“I usually just wear thick eyeliner when I go out at night. If I wear shadow, it’s mostly neutral. I hardly wear foundation, but I do use concealer under the eyes and to highlight. I can’t do my brows. That’s one thing I really need to learn.”

64 LM

Cosmopolitan • february 2017

“I’m not a purist, but there’s a sense of empowerment in making conscious beauty choices. With makeup, we get so excited and just keep buying everything. When you think about how your purchases impact the environment, you’re taking the control back.”


“When I do wear foundation, I wear Bare Minerals. It’s light enough to let my freckles show through, and it stays fresh. The true litmus test for that was on a long flight—usually you wake up and your skin feels so dry and you feel so ugly, but when I used this one, I still looked fresh at touchdown.”


BEauty notEs

MAKEUP IN TRANSIT Your ultimate guide to gettiNg PrettY iN a moviNg vehicle.

Ain’t nobody got time to put their whole face on at home. Here’s how to make the most of the extra minutes during our morning commutes, when we can get our looks together and take a few deep breaths before stepping out into the world.




Make sure your canvas is fresh. Keep micellar water wipes inside your bag to cleanse your face right before applying makeup. It’s good for cleaning up makeup accidents, too—we all know they’re going to happen. Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes, P299.

3 Pixi by Petra MultiBalm in Baby Petal and Sheer Sculpt, P650.


They’re the easiest to use, and they won’t break in case you accidentally drop them on the floor. There are makeup sticks for contouring, highlighting, blush, and even for your brows. They’re handy and easy to use: just swipe them on and blend using your fingers. Make your products multi-task and use them on your lids and lips as well.



Skip the bottles of liquid. You wouldn’t want them to spill all over the seats! Let’s not even talk about the dirt Laneige x Lucky Chouette sponges and brushes BB Cushion, accumulate when you P1,950. leave them at the bottom of your bag. The compact is now your best friend. Just make sure it has a mirror (you need it) and that it has some skincare benefits, especially if you skipped moisturizer this morning because you overslept. Again.



Do not attempt to apply eyeliner and mascara while the car is moving. Take advantage of the city’s heavy traffic and carefully wing your liner and apply mascara while waiting for the car to move.

Celeteque 24-Hour Volumizer Mascara, P645.

FEBRUARY 2017 • Cosmopolitan


Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the story, Morning glory? Wake up in an oasis of color. BY BIANCA MASCENON PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHAIRA LUNA

Watercolor WonderWall Freckles are here to stay, so we might as well have fun with them. Flick (like you would for preschool art projects) some face paint or liquid liner onto your cheeks and over your nose using a stiff brush. Layer on pastel colors then top it off with a neon or metallic color to add dimension.

a Flush oF supernova Draping, a technique where you use blush to highlight and contour your face, is back. Try it out by blushing all the way up to the temples, using a lighter shade along your cheekbones and a darker shade underneath.

electric eyes Not an eye shadow pro? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fine. This year marks the return of bright colors, and we want them everywhere. Haphazardly paint on highly pigmented shadow on your lids, and maybe even let it spill over down your cheeks and over your brows for a fun look.

underneath the sky Give your lids a dreamy wash of color by blending two different pastels together. Choose the lighter color for the center of the lids and the darker one for the edges. Run a fluffy eyeshadow brush back and forth on the lids to blend the colors together.


hello, oMbre For fuller looking lips, line the perimeter with a dark liner and fill in the rest of your lips with a lighter lippie. Then, use a lip brush or a cotton swab to blend the harsh lines away. You could also opt to pat a lighter shade of lipstick on the center of your lips, blending outward.

(TEXT) Gaby IGnacIo. (PHoTo and sTylInG) danIka RIo navaRRo.

EmpowErEd, EnlightEnEd, and bEttEr than EvEr

in it to win it While we’re all for seizing the day and might even (unironically) go YOLO once in a while, there’s also a lot to be said about having a good, solid blueprint for your life. Whether it’s knowing what tools you should have to deal with anything life might throw your way, figuring out how to strengthen your support system, or even assessing if you need a reality check, we’re all about learning how to ace this adulthood thing.


30 Things

WorTh having By 30 It’s not lIkely you’ll have all of these by the tIme you turn 30, but they’re worth addIng to your bucket lIst.


a proper maTTress

(text) emma markezic. (PHOtOS) (maiN) SHutterStOck (kettlebell) fOtOSearcH.cOm (cOcktail) emily kate rOemer/StudiO d.

As in, not one you picked up from someone else’s house or at a shop with a supermarket-like checkout. You’re probably going to have to get down on more mattresses than Leo DiCaprio to find the right one but it’s worth it. And get some good pillows while you’re at it. Tempur is a solid choice. Oh, and thousand-thread-count sheets. Less than a K, say no way.


a decenT Bag

A Chanel quilted number may still be out of reach but be sure to spend a good amount of money on a quality handbag. Brands such as Kate Spade and local labels like Fino, The Tannery Manila, and Katre are all up there on the quality meter. Look after it and it’ll serve you for years.


The folloWing shoe WardroBe:

One pair of boots, one pair of heels, one pair of flats, one pair of sandals, and one pair of white trainers. All leather, all kept in their original boxes. You can have 87 other pairs if you want, but just make sure these puppies are among them. Voilà, your shoe-drobe is complete.


a full seT of screWdrivers Because you need to be able to fix things yourself—and you need the tools with which to do so. We’re all strong, independent women here.


a seriously juicy sTory

Because you want to get the really crazy stuff done in your 20s while you still can. This will become the story you tell over after-dinner sherry well into your 40s, 50s, and beyond.


a car (and The aBiliTy To drive iT) Sure, grabbing an Uber or a Grab is super convenient, and you won’t have to think about important things like maintenance or insurance, but the freedom that comes with having your own ride is priceless.



an emergency fund It’s just a matter of time before you need to pay for a root canal, a totalled car, or—gulp—legal fees. These things are about 489 times scarier when you don’t have the money to pay for them—and 348 times more humiliating when you have to ask the ‘rents to shell out.


Whether it’s a fancy gym membership or regular yoga classes, by now you should know what kind of exercise you enjoy and can realistically fit into your schedule. No, shopping does not count. Yes, sex totally does.

11 a valid passporT

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer—and the best time to do it is before you have kids or after they move out.



a favoriTe drink A mojito, a G&T, an espresso martini, even a velvety smooth Pinot Noir— have a beverage that you order just because you like it.

suiTaBle insurance

You already know that having medical aid is a

non-negotiable. But you should also have sorted a reasonably comprehensive car, house, and/or contents insurance, and a strong income-protection plan (in case you find yourself unable to work). Oh, and travel insurance for any time you leave the country.

a financial adviser

It sounds grown-up because, well, it is. It’s also very useful and nowhere near as expensive as you think—most get a percentage of any policies you take out. Ask your friends and family for referrals.

a proper WorkouT regimen


an invesTmenT Most likely a house. This could also refer to a business investment or shares— but the maintenance of your biggest asset should be taking up the brain space in which tequila shots used to live.


decenT poTs and pans And plates. And wine glasses.

FEBRUARY 2017 • Cosmopolitan



We’ve all got a douche or two in our past. But by now you’ve hopefully also had that ex who, while it didn’t work out for you, was a decent guy.

an acTual filing sysTem

This does not include a shoebox under your bed. It does include an Excel spreadsheet, and probably an accountant.

17 decenT

underWear Throw out anything with holes or Disney characters; replace with lace or highquality cotton.

18 the knowledge thAt you cAn’t chAnge the length of your legs, width of your hips, or shApe of your feet.

19 78

a lapTop

No, your phone isn’t a tiny computer. You need a real one, with a keyboard.

Cosmopolitan • FEBRUARY 2017

20 A friend who mAkes you

lAugh so much thAt sometimes A little bit of pee comes out Because that friend will be a total riot in the nursing home.

21 22

a Business card Even if you’re a student or your company’s stationery budget doesn’t stretch far enough to get you one, it’s worth having one made. You’ll be amazed how often a card comes in handy.

A piece of furniture you’ll love coming home to

An amazing armchair, a vintage sideboard—something that you’re proud to show off when people come over, and that won’t break if you bump it.

23 24

25 26

a Will

We’re not talking about the will to refrain from eating three donuts in a row—we mean a legal will to take care of fun things such as debt (cars, houses).

an opinion on Who you WanT To voTe for Going to a voting booth and randomly ticking boxes doesn’t cut it. You should have a grasp of what the major parties and candidates stand for, and which ones float your political boat.


28 29

a savings accounT

a go-To lip color

Handy for urgent meetings to running into former flames. You’ve had time to sample brands and colors, and know which ones take you from “You look tired,” to “Did you just go on a vacation?”

LinkedIn is a career wish list waiting to happen. Don’t be afraid to add people you’d like to end up working with one day.

The folloWing WardroBe iTems:

A classic jacket, a crisp white shirt, a good watch, and a pair of well-fitting jeans. Wear all at once to be mistaken for Audrey Hepburn. Or Kate Middleton.

a docTor

Not a place where you see a different doctor every time, like some medical merry-go-round. We mean a doc who knows your history, and who might one day know your kids’ names.

a linkedin profile


Not to be confused with #7, this one is for general happiness induction. Call it The H Fund as a reminder—and don’t feel guilty about dipping into it every so often.

a sex Toy

One that you’re quite fond of. Seriously, we really hope you have one of these in your life by now.

(PHOtOS) (bra) cOurteSy Of cOSmOPOlitaN uS. (liPStick) jON PaterSON/ StudiO d.


an ex you’d recommend To someone else

DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T STRESS IT! LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD EVERY DAY with life hacks from celebrity stylists Cath and Maita. Follow them o on

As you may know, stress makes the body prone to losing nutrients, which can lead to dull, haggard-looking skin. Stresstabs is a multivitamin jam-packed with nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals that work from within to help replenish what stress took away. It is a hassle free beauty-hack!

ASC P033P091616S

Where My Girls At? It’s time we had each other’s backs.


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

ated more often with women than with men. As a result, instead of being allowed to channel competitiveness in healthy ways, women are pressured to keep these insecurities under the surface, creating a breeding ground for underhanded, catty behavior and a tendency to constantly compare yourself to the next girl. As social beings, self-comparison is inevitable—it’s when your train of thought becomes

self-destructive or vindictive that a clear line ought to be drawn.

Friends And FreneMies Consider the concept of the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). There are women who delight in having a less attractive friend in their company for the sole purpose of looking more appealing in comparison. Even

( T E X T ) Ch a ndr a p E p ino. (p hoTo) r ob s a r T E jr . (M a k E up) TaT in ya ng. (h a ir ) r ay Mond g a l a n g . ( s T y l i n g) E r i k a M o d i n a . (M o d E l s ) j a n i n a M a n i p o l , j o a n n a k E n n E d y. (o u T f i T s) E v E . s hoT on lo C aT ion aT s a p p hir E blo C. s p ECi a l T h a nk s To rE a l l i v ing.


llow us to tell you something you already know: Every day of our lives, women are surrounded by expectations. We need to look good, bring our A-game to work, and keep our social lives afloat, among a slew of other demands. If you think about it, men are held to the exact same standards. Here’s the key difference, though—they aren’t chastised for being open about their competitive drives. Think about it. When two dudes are vying for a senior position at work, there’s nary a fuss. Sometimes, this behavior is encouraged, even praised. On the other hand, when two women are engaged in something that remotely resembles some kind of competition, their every move quickly becomes fodder for office gossip. Why are catfights between two or more women regarded as a spectacle rather than a nuisance? The very act of openly competing against another woman appears to run counter to the “swimming duck” metaphor women have been indoctrinated to follow: stay calm on the surface, but paddle like your life depends on it under the water. What’s the deal? In a society where women are often on the receiving end of scrutiny and criticism, it can be tough to keep up your self-esteem. The idea of having insecurities tends to be associ-

want to attract aren’t at an abundant supply, at least from a personal vantage point. The result? Women begin to see other women as a threat, not only in career-related arenas, but also in terms of male attention. Women with insecurities tend to associate their value with factors outside of themselves. And when you measure your worth through things that are often beyond your control, you cope by using other women as a scapegoat. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters, for example, are competing for publicity in the same industry, and their biological relations only up the ante. But their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians clearly shows that their sisterhood is stronger when they support one another than when they’re verbally tearing each other apart in the confessional segments.

ForGet the hAters

“There is room for all women to be beautiful, accomplished, and happy.”

in healthy friendships, that underlying competitive mindset can rear its ugly head, especially when you go beyond physical appearance and include successes at work, financial capability, and romantic prospects. How often have you dealt with that sinking feeling after hearing about a gal pal’s new boyfriend, promotion, or trip to the Maldives? Yes, you’re genuinely happy for your friend—but at the same time, you can’t help but feel just a little bit resentful. The movie Mean Girls called this sneaky, underground environment “Girl World.” When girls one-up each other, they foster an environment wherein it’s perfectly acceptable to become the “alpha girl” at the expense of others. The root of the problem lies herein: We engage in competition with other women, whether consciously or subconsciously, as a survival mechanism of sorts. Society’s hard enough on women. The men we’re geared to

It’s important to keep in mind that this illusory competition between you and other women is just that—an illusion. Granted, there will always be women looking to tear you down. But a competition is only a competition when both parties are in it to win it. The solution? Slap on a figurative pair of horse-blinders and laser-focus on your own success. It’s perfectly normal to want to climb the ladder; however, there’s virtually no need to tear down other women in the process. As mentioned earlier, society’s hard enough on women already, so the best thing we can do is egg each other on and realize that there is room for all women to be beautiful, accomplished, and romantically happy. Life isn’t some rat race where only the best women win. Once you climb out of the mindset that you need to edge other women off to come out victorious, you create for yourself a supportive, non-threatening environment for you to reach your goals. Your energy is concentrated on becoming the best version of yourself. And isn’t that what counts?

february 2017 • Cosmopolitan


You follow their feeds, you Like their posts—but you haven’t talked to them in years. Why do we haunt the people from our past?


Cosmopolitan • februarY 2017

Let me reassure you that I am not an internet stalker. But I will never resist the slightly shameful urge to pore over my ex–best friend’s Instagram pictures. Everyone has a friend or an ex like this, right? Research into social networks has shown that people now maintain old connections they would have forgotten in the past. A 2012 study found that 57 percent of couples stay Facebook friends after a breakup, and many continue to interact on FB even

when they don’t IRL. Unless you’re a compulsive pruner of contacts, you carry a hive of exes and ex-friends around with you. Some call the trend haunting: a relationship that ends IRL but lives on in comments and Likes. Val and I are a textbook example. We maintained a Thelma-and-Louiselevel BFF-ship from age 12 to the third year of college. As people are known to do, we both changed a lot in school: Val, in particular, fell in with a new

( T E X T ) c a i T ly n d E w E y. ( P H O T O ) g E T T y i m a g E s .

Do you Haunt your former frienDs?

group of liquid-eyelinered art-school girls. We talked less each semester, transferring our confidences to newer friends. The last time I saw her, during an ill-fated long-weekend trip in 2010, we could barely sustain a conversation. But I still cared about her life as only a secret-sharing, hairbrush-singing best friend could. And so I checked in on her Facebook every once in a while and made a compulsion of Liking all her Instagram photos. From a distance, I watched Val go to grad school, move to New York, break up with her boyfriend, and score a job at an art gallery. She Liked most of my photos too: of my boyfriend, whom she’d never met, and my own apartment, which she’d never seen. It’s eerie to watch the life of someone you once really loved unfold on such a small screen. We’ve grown accustomed to this sort of casual surveillance of former classmates or coworkers, but the practice gets messy if you’re still plagued by…feelings. I missed my friend horribly, even after several years. I missed trading clothes, late-night messages, and the easy assumption that she’d always be there. Sometimes, after getting a notification from her, I’d feel morose—it seemed such a sad, tenuous shadow of the way we’d

been before. Recently, when I got engaged, it occurred to me that under different circumstances, Val would’ve been the maid of honor at my wedding. But now, our only exchange on the subject was her Liking a photo of my engagement ring. “I think we’d be really good friends if we met today,” I said to my fiancé as I scrolled through her feed, self-defeatingly wistful. Oddly, Val and I ended up liking a lot of the same stuff as we grew up: gardening, yoga, dogs. Even our boyfriends were both named Jason. “Stop looking. You’re letting it make you miserable,” he said. He may be right. “It benefits almost no one to maintain online ties with an estranged friend or ex,” explains Tara Marshall, PhD, a research psychologist at Brunel University London and a scholar on social media and relationships. And while Val and I simply drifted apart, for close friends who go through a more dramatic change, it’s important to create some emotional distance to adjust to the new reality. “I always recommend going cold turkey for a little while,” she says. “Once the dust has settled, the negative feelings will subside, and maybe then you can have a normal Facebook friendship.” Sure enough, deep down, I knew I’d maintained this gossamer connection less out of interest in Val’s life and more out of hope that we could be friends again. In late May, having finally admitted as much, I sent Val a Facebook message, my

“It’s eerie to watch the life of someone you once really loved unfold on such a small screen.”

thought but a hollow one. You really can’t tell how someone’s life has turned out based on the photos she takes of her food. “How do you feel when you see my Instagrams?” Val asked. “Sad, honestly,” I answered. After Val left, I remembered something Marshall had said about exes and exfriends. Many people mainfirst to her in half a decade. tain online ties out of morbid We agreed to meet for coffee curiosity or schadenfreude, she said, but others struggle at a shop of her choice—an with letting go of someone artisanal-toast type place. they were once close to. I had I came looking for the belonged pretty firmly to old Val, the one who truly the second camp, and some considered The O.C. high combination of Val’s artart—but this Val referful Instagramming and my enced anarchist philosophy own nostalgic self-delusion and palled around with a Nietzsche translator. She was had allowed me to believe we could somehow be close smart and interesting and all-around lovely, and I wish again. In person, of course, Val wasn’t the girl in her InsI could tell you something profound happened over the tagrams, and she wasn’t the 18-year-old I still had in my four hours we spent drinkhead. But it no longer seemed ing our (sustainable, fairfair to feel sad about that. We trade) coffee. In truth, the tone hit somewhere between all change, and there’s no an interview and a promising preventing that. All we can first Tinder date: We wanted really control is whether and how much we dwell on it. to impress but lacked familSo, sitting in that snobby iarity. I found myself saying coffee shop, I pulled out my stuff like “So, what’s new?” and realizing that everything phone and thumbed to Val’s Instagram, crowded with was: her career goals, her pictures of art exhibits I’d new politics, her last three never attend. It was with a breakups—I had no sense of sense of gratitude—liberathose from her pictures. tion even—that I tapped the At one point, I asked Val Unfollow button. why she’d followed my Instagram, and she said it made her happy knowing my life had turned out the way I’d wanted it to. It was a nice februarY 2017 • Cosmopolitan


i f You are Single, you know that feeling when you’re working until 9 p.m. and your colleagues left hours ago to relieve the yaya, make it to the in-laws’ dinner, or attend their spouse’s office party. Of course, the struggle to manage familial obligations with work is real. But at present, women are almost as likely to be single as they are to be married. In the US, around 46 percent of adults aged 25 to 34 are unmarried. Yet most socially approved pauses in life still accrue to those with families. And all the single people? Well, they are left to pick up the slack while their colleagues honeymoon or head to Suzie’s school play. The assumption that a single woman’s life is less crowded and stressful, or that her schedule is more flexible stems from old assumptions about what exactly gives a woman’s life meaning. For generations, women were defined by and their worth measured on their roles as wives and mothers. Now, although we’re beginning to get used to the idea that women can live independent professional, sexual, and social lives, we still fall back on the impulse to revere wifeliness and motherhood, to think of them as the driving and fulfilling forces of female life. This is something I learned firsthand as a person who worked singly into my 30s. I pitched in to work longer hours around my peers’ honeymoons and maternity leaves, even when I was paying my own bills, maintaining an apartment, and responsible to friends and family without the benefit of a partner’s emotional support. I was stretched as thin, in terms of time and emotion, as


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

Single? You DeServe a Break Too

Just because you aren’t married or don’t have kids doesn’t mean your time isn’t valuable.

No, there’s no ring on this finger. Yes, I do have a life, thankyouverymuch.

at any other point of my life, yet I felt the assumption that, as a single woman, I had nothing better to do with my nights or weekends than work. But that wasn’t true. I had obligations to myself and also to the friends who filled my life with needs as authentic as any spouse’s. When I fell in love, married, and had children, it’s true that my stresses changed, but people were more likely to acknowledge them as such. They urged me to relax, to take time for my husband and baby. As challenging as balancing life and work is, at least when you’re married, people recognize that you have a life. But single women have lives too. A night out for a girlfriend’s birthday can be just as pressing as dinner with a husband. A weekend spent at a political rally just as crucial as one spent at a parent-teacher conference. In a country that still does not guarantee new parents compensation for time taken after birth or adoption, it’s crazy to suggest that we talk about paid time off for those without children or partners. But if we want to account for the growing number of unmarried people in the professional world, we must also account for the fact that it’s not just brides, grooms, and new parents who require the chance to catch their breath, to flourish, and to live very full lives. And if we can’t quite imagine guaranteed personal leave for single people who have their own needs, perhaps we can at least afford them a little more consideration. Stop weighing women’s lives on a scale that measures mostly marital status. We’re all more complicated than that.

(TE X T) rEbEcca Tr aisTEr. (PHOTO) bEn gOldsTEin/sTudiO d.


From the mouths oF BaBes

(TE X T) Gaby IGnacIo. (PHoTo) DIX PErEz. (GrooMInG, HaIr, MaKEUP) VIDa JaUcIan.

Sometimes, you just need an objective opinion. We asked three kids a few questions about life, love, and everything in between. This is what they had to say.

our experts share one cool thIng aBout themselves:

gaBBy anIÑon, 7

“I can do cartwheels!”

I don’t lIke my joB But I have to work— what do I do?

and the answer will come to you.”

my BFF and I had a FIght, and now we what do I do IF there’s aren’t FrIends. what do I do? a Boy I’m datIng But M: “Find a new my parents don’t friend.” lIke hIm? V: “Just do it.”

G: “Find a boy that you and your parents will like.”

G: “Talk, then you’ll become friends again.”

I’m conFused aBout what I want to do wIth my lIFe. help!

what do I do IF there’s a Boy who lIkes me, But I just want to Be FrIends?

V: “Think about what you want to do your whole life.” G: “Don’t be confused. Enjoy your life

M: “Believe him. Just believe him.” G: “Go away from him.” V: “Just don’t make him cry.”

how do I get my Boss to lIke me? V: “Don’t let the boss get too bossy. But do what he or she likes.” M: “Hug them! And kiss them! “

G: “Do your best in school! Or in the office!”

my sIster Is my parents’ FavorIte. how do I deal wIth thIs? G: “Be yourself— your mommy and daddy love you just the way you are.” V: “I’d go to my best friend’s house and ask him to cheer me up.” M: “Always remember that mommy and daddy are my favorites!”

what Is the Best way to relax and deal wIth stress? M: “Have a play date with mommy!” G: “Spend time with your family and write in your diary.” V: “Play video games!”

vInch santos, 9

“I enjoy playing Mortal Kombat.” maky go, 5

“I like playing with my baby brother!”

FEBRUARY 2017 | Cosmopolitan



t’s the little things I notice. Kara has a strip of blonde in her brown hair; I could see it through the slivers of light slicing across the shadows in our bedroom. Her lips are tinged pink from kissing (that’s my doing). Her eyes are lined with tears (also my doing). Her clothes are in a heap on the floor (there’s a recurring pattern here). I fall in love with her in fragments, by the mental pictures I collect. Is love too strong a word? It’s only been three weeks. “Hey, when was our first date again?” Her eyes flutter open. “The day after our graduation. June 27th.” I’m really bad with dates, but I don’t want to forget. Not this. Not her. There were a lot of things I didn’t know why I loved (or hated, or feared, I could do this all night) until we met. So many half-baked thoughts I never bothered to articulate until she coaxed them out of me. And so our friendship— for lack of a better word— was spent telling each other the things we’d never told anyone else. Philosophizing about the world’s sad state of affairs. Daydreaming about the tangential timelines that followed what-ifs. In a matter of weeks, we had unburdened ourselves. Our lips were two open wounds that healed each other. But the month is nearly


over, and New York is 13,600 kilometers away. It’s funny how two people can go from skin-to-skin to finding themselves on opposite ends of the Earth. “Lesley,” she whispers. “You’re zoning out again.” We had been in sev-

Cosmopolitan • february 2017

eral classes together. We had both written for the school paper. Her house was only ten minutes away from mine. In the past four years, our paths had inched just close enough, but never intersected. Kara had no good reason to send

me that facebook message, but she did. I had no good reason to reply, but I did. And I definitely shouldn’t have asked her out, despite being fully aware of my impending departure, but I did. How the hell did I find myself in this situation? A sacred silence passes between us before she leans over to press her lips against mine. “No one has ever written or talked about me the way you have.” “That’s because you’re Sonata No. 14, and all the girls you’ve dated can’t tell the difference between Beethoven the composer and Beethoven the dog.” Here’s the thing about finding love too late: You build a beautiful cage, careful not to cross any lines. It’s the worst iteration of that childhood game—that one about the floor being lava—except it’s two hearts trying not to shatter themselves in the process. Because inevitably, when the date on your plane ticket is the same as the one on your phone screen, you don’t want any collateral damage. “Hey. You and me, Kara. No matter what happens. We’re gonna be alright.” The microwave beeps, as if to stir us from the haze. Lasagna’s ready. I walk over to kill the beeping. On the display, three letters: “-End.” Not much we can do about that. To be continued next month.


Many the Miles cOSmO fIcTION

(text) angelica gutierrez. (photo) louie aguinalDo.


LOVE DON’T COST A THING Valentine’s Day in Manila can get pretty hectic—people lining up at flower shops to buy last-minute roses, special dinner menus with sky-high prices, and the crazy traffic. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy a romantic evening with your boyfriend (or girlfriend). Why not whip up a special meal at home, spray your sheets with a relaxing pillow mist, and Netflix and chill? “It’s the thought that counts” may sound corny, but it’s so, so true.


The SeconddaTe SecreT Sure, THe FirST DATe iS CruCiAl. BuT iT’S THe second THAT giveS you A True SenSe oF HiS love PoTenTiAl. Here’S everyTHing you neeD To MAke iT HAPPen.

We put so much energy into first dates. We chat on apps, exchange witty texts, and eventually (hopefully), meet in person—often after hours of anxiously decoding his messages and trying to suss out his level of emotional investment, all before ever laying eyes on each other in the flesh. “People get so fixated on the first date, but really, that’s just a quick look,” says Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to, who helped conduct its sixth annual Singles in America study. But after surveying experts and sifting through exclusive-to-Cosmo research about romantic success, we were surprised to learn that, in many ways, date number two is much more meaningful than we ever thought. “That’s when you start to learn about your shared interests, ideas, and goals— all the things that can knit people together,” says Fisher.

Why Date tWo Matters The thing is, first dates usually aren’t amazing…and they’re not


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

heinous either. They’re…somewhere in the middle. And because we’re not totally swept off our feet, we’ll often just shrug our shoulders and move on without planning to meet again. if you’re not sure about a person, why waste another two hours with him? Well, here’s the reason: Turns out that guys who are serious about finding love (read: not just out for a hookup) are willing to put in that extra time. According to data from’s 2015 survey of more than 5,500 people, single men and women who are actively looking for commitment are 74 percent more likely to give a date a second chance. Plus, a full half of men and women believe that someone from a just-okay first date can grow on them, and if you think about it, they’re right. “When you first meet someone, you know so little about them that you put too much emphasis on the tiniest details. your date might say one dumb thing and you assume that means he or she isn’t that smart. But data shows that the more you get to know a person, the more you get to like them,” Fisher says. “When it comes to dating, you may be focused on thinking of reasons to say no. But a smarter dating strategy may be to think of reasons to say yes.”

Wait for it… it’s also the second date where shit gets real and you figure out if the person is worth pursuing. “Meeting up again allows you both to get past the generic


The percenTage of guys who are more exciTed for a second daTe Than a firsT daTe.

you might feel that attraction at the beginning, or it might happen after a couple of dates or even after years of being friends,” Fisher confirms. So that’s why you want to get to that second date. And besides, second dates are fun! Sixty-one percent of single guys and 70 percent of single women are more excited by a second date than by a first date, according to the Singles in America survey. So go for round two. To up your odds, here are some science-backed ways to increase your chances of scoring that second date.  

( t e x t ) emily c. john s on. (p hoto) nick onk en.

your first-Date GaMe Plan

11.25 The average number of days single men are willing to wait for a second date before writing you off.

surface stuff, and research suggests that the more you interact, the more your conversation matters,” says Daniel McFarland, PhD, a professor of sociology and organizational behavior at Stanford university. Plus, you may need some extra time to feel a spark…and truthfully, sparks don’t matter all that much anyway. exclusive data from okCupid shows that 79 percent of guys would still pursue a relationship with someone they thought was great even if they didn’t feel an immediate spark. “There’s such a myth of instant fireworks, but the brain system that governs romantic love can be woken up at any time.

Grab dinner or drinks if you don’t do the whole dinner/drinks thing on date number one, you’re way less likely to get to date number two. Go to a pricier restaurant’s research shows that indulging in fine dining makes you 50 percent more likely to see each other again. Have cocktails We know: duh. …or susHi Seriously better odds—maybe because you avoid a sexy vibe–killing burrito belly. …or sometHinG sweet Purdue university researchers found that when you eat or drink something sweet, you’re more likely to be interested in pursuing a relationship with the person you’re with. strike a power pose (yes, really.) A recent study found that speed-daters who spread out their limbs and stretched their torsos—literally taking up more space— were 76 percent more likely to get a

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The ideal number of hours for a firsT daTe for a shoT aT daTe Two. (second daTes Typically lasT up To 3 hours.)

yes to a date. (if you want a head start, choose a profile pic for your app that shows you power-posing too. That alone could up your odds of connection by 27 percent.)

elevate your Conversation


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look for these seCret Cues Don’t stress these thinGs keep an eye out for these little tells to gauge whether or not your date is feeling it. is His voice GettinG louder? That’s a sign he’s excited, according to research in the American Journal of Sociology. are you lauGHinG at tHe same tHinGs? research from the university of kansas shows that if you find yourselves cracking up at the same time, it’s very indicative of romantic interest…and that translates to another possible meet-up.

wHo pays for tHe date The Singles in America survey shows that in terms of getting to the second date, it doesn’t really matter who pays, although splitting the check is always a safe bet. wHetHer or not you kiss onehalf of singles think that a kiss is appropriate on the first date, but you’re good either way. sex on tHe first date it actually doesn’t affect your second-date odds. only 6 percent of men expect to have sex on the first date. And expecting anything is really lame, so steer clear of those dudes.

(photo) nick onken.

brinG up politics Want to increase your second-date odds by a whopping 91 percent? “Discussing real-world topics gets you past the surface and shows you’re engaged in something deeper,” Fisher says. sHow off your Humor and smarts Fifty-six percent of dudes will want to get to know you better if you’re funny or charismatic. And 42 percent of guys will date you again if they’re impressed by your brainpower. if you’re into your date, make it known Forget that tired crap about not showing your cards. A guy who’s looking for a relationship is 71 percent more likely to want a second date if he can tell you’re into it. “They sense they’re already over the barrier of winning you over,” Fisher says.  


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(TEXT) gaby ignacio. (PHoTo) gErry robinson. (grooming) davE grona for cynos insidE HaircarE.

Stalk him on Instagram: @nelsonbanzuela25

“My dream date would be somewhere romantic, like the beach.”


HOTTER These Tips are designed To make

W H E N Y o u ’ v E B E E N D at iN g F o r . . .

DAYS SEND A STRATEGIC TEXT anticipation is half the fun, so on the morning of your date, text what you’re most looking forward to—like “i just want to feel you on top of me”—using emoji as needed. he won’t be able to think about anything except what he wants to do to you.

KISS LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Crank up the sexual tension with fluttery, innocent, mouth-closed pecks. as you get to the make-out zone, suck deeply on his tongue for a couple of seconds, then let go. not so innocent! he’ll die to see what else you have in store.

SLO-MO YOUR SEX start with a sultry strip-down, one item at a time, until he’s got a look in his eyes that can only mean must. have. You. now. studies show doing “everything but” primes your brain and makes you more likely to orgasm than without a warm-up. so guide his hand and show him how you like to be touched, then reward him with a handjob to remember.

SChOOL hIM Welcome to Turn me on 101: straddle your eager “student” while he sits in a chair. stay upright, keeping your knees wide for shallow penetration, which will tantalize you both—the first few inches of your vagina and the head of his penis are crazy-sensitive. encourage him to pay attention to your clit, the girls, and your booty, and show him how to earn an a+!


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SEX AT EVERY STAGE Your nexT session sTeamY and saTisFYing, WheTher You’re neWlY hooking up or long-hauling iT.







While he’s texting you en route to your date, reply with a picture of your panties around your ankles and a simple “Can’t wait.” Trust us, he’ll never be more on time for anything in his life.

The next time he’s on top, try the Coital alignment Technique—o-worthy because it combines penetration with clitoral stimulation. While inside you in missionary, he’ll move his body up a few inches and gently rock his pubic bone against your clit in a grindy action. This slight adjustment ups your orgasmic potential by about, oh, a billion percent.

With time comes trust (yay!) and… familiarity (womp). introduce novelty and adventure with some lighthearted Bdsm. Tie him up or blindfold him (or both!), and run your tongue along his body, starting at his ears, and working your way down to his Calvins, and then…not his Calvins.

ROCK ThE LOvE bOAT While he’s entering you from behind—already a great move for your g-spot—keep your back straight, and rock your hips from front to back so you’re the one steering the ship, aka controlling his thrusting (and those aforementioned g-spot feels). up your speed right as you’re about to…o Captain! my Captain!  

FACETIME wITh A TwIST While he’s away on a trip, FaceTime him instructions on how to touch himself while you watch in your sexiest skivvies. (a hot, nearly naked woman telling him what to do is an image he won’t soon forget.) Wayyy better than whatever the two hotel TV channels are showing.

( T E X T ) J IL L H A MILT O N . (IL LU S T R AT I O N S) M A R IN A E S ME R A L D O. (p H O T O) NI c k O Nk E N .


hUM ALONG You’ve graduated from the basics, so bust out this advanced move: While you’re going down on him, hum as you go. higher-pitched mmms add faster vibrations, and lower ones are deep and throbby. mmm mmm, good! (p.s. This works both ways, so encourage him to reciprocate!)

GET bUzzY it’s time to introduce him to your little friend! The next time you’re getting it on in missionary, hand him a pebble vibe (which has a nonthreatening, nonphallic round shape in case he’s a toy newbie) to hold against your clit as he moves. When he sees how much it enhances his thrusting, he’ll want the three of you to be together forever!

it’s the month of love, so splurge on the We-Vibe Classic (p8,480,, a vibrator that fits inside you, while leaving room for his package too (sharing is caring!). place your order, then unwrap your fancy new toy together when it finally arrives.

SwEETEN UP SUNDAY Turn a lazy-morning spoon sesh into something worth waking up for. While you’re both lying on your sides, keep your legs close together as he thrusts from behind. it’s super intimate, and the tight positioning of your legs means he’ll feel bigger than a breakfast sausage.

PLAN A SEXY GETAwAY  after a vino-fueled dinner, lean against your hotel-room balcony’s sliding-glass window (or leave the blinds open and lean against a wall). Wrap one leg around his lower half as he enters you. The upward angle means awesome g-spot stimulation, and there’s nothing hotter than the chance you might be spotted.

GO REMOTE even a grocery-store run gets hot when you slip the Vibease panty vibe in your hanky pankies and let him toy with you from the produce aisle via smartphone ($119, see if he can make you lose your %#@& in public.

TRY TANTRA STYLE For slow and steady awesomeness, he slides inside you with long, lazy thrusts. Touch his chest and neck, making sure you maintain eye contact—instant intimacy! it’s the kind of sexy afternoon that’ll help remind yourselves why you work so damn well together. february 2017 • Cosmopolitan


manthropology Your Guide to the Male Brain


DECODE HIS TEXTS A guide to understanding man shorthand. let’s cook dinner tonight. WHAT IT MEAnS:

I just lost P20K betting on the NBA.

ha, that’s crazy. WHAT IT MEAnS:

I didn’t read your paragraph-long text.


I was gonna say something awesome but dropped my phone in the toilet.

I picked up some wine. WHAT IT MEAnS: Sex, please.


PerCeNtage Of PINOy meN whO DON’t mIND DatINg a gIrl whO’s haD mOre sexual PartNers thaN they haVe.

the husstle


1. YOur “SEEkInG” STYlES ArE OuT Of SYnC If you’re an

cosmo’s dating coach Matthew hussey tells you if you should call it quits before you get in too deep.

Source: Survey of 400 reSpondentS


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

guy who has a similar level of drive as you. There’s nothing sexy about being your boyfriend’s life coach.

3. HE nEvEr lEAvES YOur SIDE The guy who

explorer at heart, and he’s content watching The Office reruns on the couch, consider that a red flag. If you’re all about the new and he’s addicted to the old, you’ll be in an endless tug-of-war.

wants to spend all his time with you may seem romantic, but he'll also try to stop you from doing anything that doesn’t involve him. If he presses you to ditch hobbies, passions, and friends, it’s time to ditch him.


4 . YOur CHEMISTrY IS... OkAY Sex may get better as the

If you find yourself annoyed at his lazy tendencies early on, be wary, because that’s one trait that won’t magically change when he gets a better job or finally joins that gym. Choose a

relationship moves forward, but chemistry often doesn’t. “But he’s such a nice guy, he has a stable career, and my friends love him...” I get it. Now go find someone with those traits who also turns you on.

(Photo) Nick oNkeN.


(text) adapted from “feminist fight club” by jessica bennett. (illustration) alysse asilo.

Get that Goal,

win at life

is it Me, or was that sexist? You’ve been interrupted, overlooked, and underestimated (sometimes even by yourself). Today, you fight back.


t 96

the eneMy

the Bropropriator In an office setting, the Bropropriator appropriates credit for another’s work: presenting your ideas as his own, accepting credit for your idea, or sometimes doing nothing at all and still ending up with credit. the fiGht Moves touGh talk It’s hard for someone to take credit for your idea if you deliver it with such authority that nobody can forget it. Speak up—no ums, sorrys, or baby voices allowed. Use active words. Not “I wonder what would happen if we tried…,” but “I’d suggest we try.…” thank ’n’ yank Yank the credit right back by thanking them for liking your idea. It’s a sneaky yet highly effec-

Cosmopolitan • february 2017

tive self-crediting maneuver that still leaves you looking good. “Exactly. So glad you agree! Now let’s talk about next steps.” winGMan Find a buddy— and maybe, even a buddy who is a dude. Let him back you up publicly in meetings. Have him affirm what you say. When somebody tries to take credit for your (or others’) work, watch as he speaks up: “Yeah, like Jess said.” the eneMy

the stenoGraphucker The Stenographucker treats you like the office secretary, even when it’s clear you’re not: asking casually if you’d “mind taking notes,” cc’ing you on his travel arrangements, or ordering you to “grab coffee” for a client.

the fiGht Moves

the Bad Barista Do what digital strategist Aminatou Sow does: When male colleagues ask her to make coffee, she tells them politely that she would be happy to do so if she only knew how— her mother told her never to learn how to make coffee (so she wouldn’t end up having to make it). The copymachine equivalent: “I’ve broken the copy machine so many times, I’m not supposed to touch it.” throw to a Bro That is, backhand this assignment by suggesting another guy for the job. “I’m actually on the hook for a big presentation right now. But you know who’s actually great at making spreadsheets? Brad over here.

(illustration) alysse asilo.

The Feminist Fight Club was forged one afternoon a few years ago on the upper level of a Manhattan McDonald’s over milk shakes and fries. It was just three women then, each a low-level staffer at a television show you likely know. One had been performing the duties of a job two rungs above her pay grade but without the title or compensation. Another, after four years as an assistant, had been “promoted” but without a raise. She was now sitting in a windowless closet she called the cloffice (closet office). “We felt like we were stuck,” she explained later. “We had no network, no mentors. And we recognized that—in our office, anyway—a man’s opinion just meant more.” We weren’t naive. We knew sexism existed. But this was a different form of it—subtler, friendlier, more insidious. How, one woman wanted to know, could she get the guy who always interrupted her to shut up? What could she do, another asked, when her ideas were presented without credit? None of this was overt discrimination. Often, these were guys we liked. Together, we felt strong enough to take on this strangely subtle enemy. For years, the Fight Club tactics were passed quietly between us, cradled like precious gems. But the time has come to talk about the club. This is not a drill.

chanGe your outlook

Brad is excellent at making spreadsheets.”

If you’re on the other side, don’t assume because a new mom leaves early that she’s not pulling her weight, and try not to penalize working parents if they have to adjust their schedules every now and then. What matters is that the work is getting done.

no volunteers allowed

Research shows that women are more likely to say yes to secretarial tasks…and to volunteer of their own accord. We know, saying no can be difficult. But here’s one thing that’s not: not offering in the first place.

fiGht for flex tiMe

the eneMy

(illustration) saskia wariner.

the Menstruhater

The Menstruhater assumes that anytime a direct assertion comes out of a woman’s mouth, it must be “that time of the month.” The Menstruhater is Donald Trump. But he’s also that mostly likable bro who comes up to you after a meeting and asks, “Are you okay? You seemed really upset.” the fiGht Moves the Burn “Nope, Josh, I’m not on my period—but your sales reports look to be bleeding this company dry.” “Oh wait, Sam, I’m confused. Do you mean the time of the month when I conduct your performance review?” the disMissal Take a deep breath, and keep an even tone. Speak deliberately. Your anger is valid, but channel it into strategic offensive maneuvers. Don’t give him an easy way to say “See?” the Justification Show a hint of anger and people will assume you’re acting out of feminine irrationality, while a man’s anger is assumed to be a logical response. It’s possible to hack this double standard, though, by emphasizing why you’re upset. Joan C. Williams, the author of What Works for Women at

the eneMy

the Manterrupter

Remember Kanye West grabbing the mic from a stunned Taylor Swift? When confronted by a Kanye, the key is to prevent him from getting a word in while simultaneously acting like you are the chillest person in the room. Keep your pauses short. No matter if he waves his hands, raises his voice, or squirms in his chair, just keep talking.

Work, gives a script: “If I look angry, it’s because I am angry, and I’m angry because you have jeopardized [insert shared business goal here].” the eneMy

the lacthater

The Lacthater views moms as uncommitted (god forbid a woman be committed to her family and her job). The Lacthater may not even realize he (or she) has made such unfair assumptions. But this cognitive shortcut is real. Just three little words on a woman’s résumé—parentteacher coordinator—make her 79 percent less likely

to be hired, half as likely to be promoted, and offered considerably less in salary. the fiGht Moves

shout your coMMitMent Ask for a meeting to lay out your career goals post– maternity leave (assuming you have one). Make it clear that you’re still the same ambitious employee (if, that is, you are). In a study of married parents applying for an engineering job, those who included a single sentence about being willing to make sacrifices for work were more likely to be hired. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying it out loud.

Research has found that more flexible hours, compressed workweeks, and more autonomy may actually make employees more productive (and happier) than the traditional 9-to-5. So if you’re in charge: Advocate for parental leave—and encourage both men and women to take it—and policies that value getting work done over spending time in the office. the eneMy

the underMine-her

The Undermine-Her slowly chips away at your patience and your public perception by reducing you to your sex, your race, or your age. He’s the guy who thinks it’s okay to call you “kiddo,” “honey,” or “young lady” in a roomful of colleagues or who screws up your “ethnic”-sounding name over and over again. the fiGht Moves earMuffs If it’s a one- or two-time thing, ignore him. Some Undermine-Hers are like a kid brother pinching you until you react. Don’t. Keep on keeping on, like the boss-ass bitch you know you are. psychoanalyze It’s easier to plot your response to the Undermine-Her if you know where the behavior is stemming from. Is he jealous of your power?

february 2017 | Cosmopolitan


Famous Impost-Hers Michelle oBaMa

as a young woman, the lawyer and former uS first lady used to lie awake, asking herself, Am I too loud? Too much? Dreaming too big? “eventually,” she said, “I just got tired of always worrying about what everyone else thought of me. So I decided not to listen.”

Jodie foster

after she won an academy award, the actress said she expected someone to knock on her door and take it back, saying, “excuse me, we meant to give that to…Meryl Streep.”


sororicide threat ahead!

That whole Queen Bee syndrome? What if I told you it was bullshit? That, in fact, conflict between women is perceived differently? When women disagree, it’s viewed as irreparable, but when men do, it’s just part of work. Address conflict with a woman directly. Say, “I think we got off on the wrong foot.” Have drinks. Even if you don’t like her, show her you’re there for her like an underwire bra. Insecure about his own? Does he mean well but is oblivious and simply needs you to explain things? confront hiM If he’s your supervisor or someone you work with, then most likely, it’s in his best interest to make you look good. Explain that. “I’m trying to establish myself on our team, but I worry it undermines us when you refer to me as ‘young lady.’ I know you don’t mean it like that [adjust this coddling to your own comfort level], but I’m afraid others don’t see it that way.”


when the eneMy is you

the iMpost-her Impostor syndrome wasn’t coined as a term until the 1970s, but it’s safe to assume women have always felt it: that nagging feeling that, even after you’ve done something great, maybe you don’t deserve the praise—that you’ve tricked everyone. It’s time to stop devaluing yourself. the fiGht Moves winGwoMan Talk to a colleague or friend. Has she felt like an impost-her too? Knowing this is a thing that

Cosmopolitan • february 2017

others feel will help make it just that: a thing, but not your thing.

this is your Brain on loGic Ask yourself what

evidence exists that you are any less qualified than anyone else to do this work. Now ask what evidence exists that you are qualified. Make a list of at least 10 things.

learn to peacock

The words you say to yourself can actually change the way you see yourself—promoting confidence before and during a nerve-racking event. So write yourself a Post-it or talk to yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you are as fan-fucking-tastic as your male coworkers. Refer to yourself in the third person—“Jessica, you are awesome”—just like LeBron James does. Practice these words out loud: “I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

Meryl streep

When asked if she would always act, the woman with the most Oscars in history replied, “you think, why would anyone want to see me in a movie? I don’t know how to act, so why am I doing this?”

sonia sotoMayor

The uS Supreme Court Justice has written that while she was an undergrad at Princeton, she “couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d been admitted because of some clerical oversight.”

vaGffirMative action now! forM your own fiGht cluB. Learn how in feminist fight Club: an Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace, and at feministfight

(illustrations) saskia warner.

AKA the womenemy, or the mean girl.

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Chinggay nuque Co-Founder, Witty Will Save the World

On hOw great things start frOm small beginnings: “I told Tonette [Jadaone; Witty Will Save the World co-founder] I would help her with operating a business, even if I didn’t know how to run one. That was the start. We started with no money at all! We began selling on Multiply, and I remember being ecstatic when someone we didn’t know at all would order. We thought it would only be friends who’d buy from us, out of pity!”

On staying inspired: “I have to keep making people laugh. Natawa sila kahapon, kaya kailangan matawa rin sila ngayon. It’s pressure, but it’s a fun kind of pressure. Inspiration can come from anything I watch or see. You have to read, you have to watch TV and movies, you have to know pop culture. Nag-install ako ng Pokemon Go at Tinder para maka-relate! Wala akong napala masyado.” On having the right mOtivatiOn tO start a business: “Don’t rush. You can’t go into it thinking you’re going to make it big immediately. You can’t intend for it to go a certain way—you just have to work really hard. My mom


told me that you’ll know if something is for you if it feels right and easy, like it wasn’t a hassle, and like it all came together.”

On knOwing when tO gO with the flOw: “There wasn’t a conscious effort to think of our brand as a persona. We didn’t really plan and think and consider it as a marketing strategy. We thought it would be a onetime thing with the planner. Tapos, ay, bumenta siya! Yay, may pera!”

On knOwing if business is right fOr yOu: “Based on what I read and what I hear from other people, I don’t think business is for everyone. Having restraint is important. A lot of people tell me they don’t have the discipline to keep a

“I have to keep making people laugh. Natawa sila kahapon, kaya kailangan matawa rin sila ngayon.”

Cosmopolitan • februAry 2017

business running without a boss. Not everyone can be their own boss.”

On wOrking with friends: “There’s a lot of trust between me and Tonette, which is why we’ve never had a problem. I think it’s about finding the perfect partner. She’s my longest relationship!”

On why fear isn’t always a bad thing: “I was afraid of failure, so I can’t give the advice that you shouldn’t be afraid. Siguro dapat matakot ka? I feel validated when people

say the writing is good, and it’s okay to need validation in business. Comedy is a different art form—it has to be communal, and people need to laugh at you.”

On what makes it all wOrthwhile: “If you asked me before, I would have said I want people to say, ‘Ang talino ni Tita Witty,’ but I don’t think that anymore. If anything, it’s not just about making people laugh out loud; it’s about wanting readers to feel a little lighter during their day.”

(TE X T) Gaby IGnacIo. (PHoTo) daIry darIl aG. (HaIr & makEuP) El aInE GanuEl a s.

As one-half of the Tita Witty persona, Chinggay turns a droll, sardonic, and (sometimes painfully) accurate eye on all things Pinoy.


S t r o n g

i S

t h e

n e w

S e x y

got CArABAo MiLK? Not only is it creamier and richer than cow’s milk, but with 58% more calcium, 40% more protein, 44% more phosphorus, and 43% less cholesterol, it’s apparently healthier too*. Plus it has more fat which, contrary to popular belief, is a good thing. “Vitamins A, D, E, and K need the assistance of fat to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body,” says Michael Angelo Genato, Group CEO of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. “Fat also facilitates brain function—it’s a source of energy for brain cells, and improves memory, motor, and speech skills.” And when you buy carabao milk, you support local farmers, too. More reason to get that extra slice of kesong puti! *SOURCE: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PHILIPPINE CARABAO CENTER AT PCC.GOV.PH


A workout that can increase your glow? Count us in! Elissa El Hadj, Alessandra Ambrosio’s trainer, tells us how.




TARGETS Core and butt 1 Lie on your back, your body in

TARGETS Legs, butt, core 1 Stand with your legs wide, feet and knees

an X shape. 2 Sucking your abs in, crunch your head and shoulders off the floor, drawing your right hand up to tap your left foot, which should raise off the floor to meet it. 3 Repeat on the other side and continue alternating as fast as you can.

slightly turned out into a plié position, holding a kettlebell in front of your chest. 2 Bend your knees deeper into a squat. 3 Propel yourself up a few inches off the floor, keeping your knees bent the whole time and holding the kettlebell firm.

STEP 2 BUrPEE wITH HIgH PUll (hands on the floor, shoulderwidth apart) with a kettlebell between your hands. 2 Using your core strength, jump forward into a squat position, grabbing the kettlebell. 3 Then, in one fluid movement, lift the kettlebell over your head


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

TARGETS Butt, legs, and core 1 Stand tall with feet a little wider than

hip-width apart and hold your kettlebell close to your chest. 2 Drop into a squat position, then explode up into a jump, while turning 180° to face behind you. 3 Land back in a squat position, before repeating in the other direction. You will wobble. This does not make you any less fierce.

ver wondered where your post-gym youthful glow comes from? The answer, according to celebrity trainer Elissa El Hadj, is a hormonal reaction that basically gets your metabolism firing on all cylinders: “When you “push your body to its maximum capacity for a short amount of time, it releases the human growth hormone (HGH), which is responsible for cell regeneration and muscle tone.” Try each of these moves with a 15-lb kettlebell for 40 seconds, and rest for 20 seconds in between. Repeat the set four times.

TARGETS Whole body 1 Begin in a high plank position


TIP If pushing yourself to your limits for this long is too much at first, El Hadj recommends 30 seconds at a time instead of 40. But when you’re ready, don’t increase the time—use a heavier kettlebell.


TARGETS Whole body 1 Stand up tall with your feet

hip-width apart, holding a kettlebell closely in front of your chest. 2 Lifting your knees high, run on the spot as fast as you can for the full 40 seconds. We said the full 40.

(text) elissa el hadj. (PhOtO) dix Perez. (sittings) angelica gutierrez. (hair and makeuP) elaine ganuelas. (styling) cel dayacaP. (mOdel) brei cabreira garcia. (sPOrts bra, leggings) all nike. (shOes) stylist’s Own. (kettlebell) tOby’s sPOrts.


while standing tall, before starting over. It’s pretty much a burpee with added weight.


No more late nights surfing the web, making crazy self-diagnoses. Finally, some solutions to the top Google sex-distress searches.


Cosmopolitan • february 2017

up to one-third of women say sex hurts, according to a study in Obstetrics and Gynecology. “Communicating with your partner is key,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of She Comes first. Suggest lube if you’re suffering from vaginal dryness, for example, or switch to girl-on-top, which gives you control over how deep he goes. Not helpful? Talk to a doctor. Painful intercourse can be a symptom of endometriosis and vulvodynia, a result of dysfunctional pelvic-floor muscles, and a side effect of some birth control.

(text) robiN hilmaNtel. (Photo) tamara schlesiNGer.

Pain During Sex

Bleeding During Sex It could be

that things got rough without enough lube, which tore vaginal tissue. Or it could be an indication of a bacterial infection or STI. In very rare cases, uterine cancer may be to blame. Don’t freak, but do call your ob-gyn if this has happened more than a few times. Tell her the amount and color of the blood, says Jessica Shepherd, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the university of Illinois at Chicago. Dark blood is usually left over from your last period, and pink blood is likely because one is about to start (NbD, obvi), but bright red may signal a health problem.

Peeing During Sex Women Who have given birth vaginally may complain of urinating during intercourse—if the problem is fairly minor, doing Kegel exercises three or four times a week can help. If you haven’t given birth, it’s more likely that sex put pressure on your bladder, making you feel like you need to pee, says Kerner. as always, it’s a good idea to empty your bladder before and after getting it on.

Crying During Sex beyond makIng you

blissful, orgasms also spur a potent neurochemical cocktail that includes oxytocin, which can bring on the waterworks. Or the cause of your sobs may be “underlying emotional issues that are wrapped up with sex or your partner,” says Kerner. If you think it’s the first reason, let your partner know so he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. for the second, a therapist with experience in sexual issues can help you work through it.

Farting During Sex Queefs happen when air is pushed into the vagina, then released. Traditional toots can also occur. “The back wall of the vagina sits over the rectum,” says Monica McHenry Svets, MD, an ob-gyn with the Cleveland Clinic. “During sex, that wall is compressed.” Kegels (and a sense of humor) help, but if you’re passing gas regularly, see a pelvic physical therapist to assess if you have pelvic-floor dysfunction.

coNtr acePtioN

PErIod APPS ArE NoT bIrTh coNTrol Do not trust a period tracker to keep you baby-free. Researchers studied 53 of the most popular fertility-calculating apps and websites and found that just four were reliable (Clue, My Days, iPeriod, and “While most apps were in the right vicinity, they either predicted too wide or too narrow a fertile window,” explains lead researcher Robert Setton, MD, an obstetrics and gynecology resident at Weill Cornell Medical College. That means whether you’re using an app to avoid sex when you’re ovulating or to have more of it because you want to get knocked up, you may end up doing the deed on the wrong days. Dr. Setton’s rec: If you’re using the fertility-awareness method as contraception, have a backup. —lISA fReeDMAn

What kind of underwear is healthier for my vag—cotton or silk? Cotton is a breathable fabric, while silk...not so much. And because yeast loves dark, moist places, you want your undies to breathe. That said, most underwear actually has a cotton crotch, regardless of the rest of the fabric. I recommend women skip underwear at bedtime, since a lot of people sweat when they’re asleep. If your crotch gets pretty sweaty in general, change your underwear twice a day. soUrce: JeNNiFer ashtoN, md, ob-GyN aNd abc News chieF womeN’s health corresPoNdeNt

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ginger Miso dressing makes 4 servings

Whisk all ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Store in a mason jar or an airtight container for up to two weeks.

Love your Lunch Go ahead and over-order on the salmon-avocado rolls. New research finds that sticking to Japan’s diet guidelines—which prioritize grains, vegetables, fish, and meat—can help eaters live longer. “It’s food that makes you feel energized and light,” says JapaneseAmerican chef Candice Kumai. Reap the benefits with her bento box. 106

Cosmopolitan • february 2017


start with heaLthy grains

Sprinkle crushed sesame seeds on one cup of cooked brown rice— great for fullness and digestion. “Rice is the essence of Japanese meals,” Kumai explains.


add protein

Try fish (we love sushi-grade tuna from Seaside Market in Baclaran) or tofu (cube and toss with sesame oil, low-sodium soy sauce or tamari, and lemon juice). Go for 4 to 6 ounces. Per

Japan’s diet guidelines, pork, chicken, beef, or eggs also work.


top with nuts and produce

If you’re adventurous, exotic foods like adzuki beans, umeboshi plums, and sea veggies are Kumai’s faves, but it’s fine to use these easier-to-find basics: Nuts and seeds—an ounce of cashews, walnuts, or almonds adds texture, flavor, and good fats. Greens—sautéed spin-

ach is a staple in Japan, but kale still has tons of antioxidants and iron. Avocado—it’s full of healthy fats, potassium, fiber, and vitamins. Roasted sweet potato— cube (skin on) and toss with coconut or olive oil. Roast for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.


finish with sauce

Drizzle su ( Japanese rice vinegar) or tamari on the rice and Kumai’s Ginger Miso Dressing (above) over the greens.

(photo) ted cavanaugh. (food styling) chris lanier for apostrophe. (prop styling) emily mullin for hello artists. (additional reporting) angelica gutierrez.

1 tablespoon miso paste 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 2 teaspoons fresh grated ginger 1 tablespoon roasted sesame oil

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this milkshake Brings all the Boys and girls to the yard And they’re like, it’s too pretty to eat! From its chocolate-and-sprinklescovered mug to the sugary rainbow trimmings on a bed of whipped cream, the Nutella and Banana Milkshake from Sugar Factory (P825) is a visual— and more importantly, delicious—masterpiece. Craving something with a kick? Their best-selling cocktail Goblets are good for sharing. Topped with dry ice, its smoky effect is a cool Boomerang just waiting to be captured. Sugar Factory (@sugarfactoryph on IG) is located at G/F Shangri-la at The Fort, 3rd Ave. cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.



ComIng BaCk One girl visits her former home in Melbourne, Australia, and falls in love with the city all over again.


had almost forgotten I had a plane ticket to Melbourne until I received a check-in reminder in my inbox. Even then, 48 hours before my flight, I was undecided whether or not I should make the trip. I had bought the tickets during one of those stroke-of-midnight, surprise seat sales. Now, I understand that seat sales are ultimately gambles. A bet that in between your purchase and your flight, your travel plans won’t change. That your boss grants your vacation leaves, that your visa application gets approved, that your longdistance relationship survives. I was pretty confident, though. My boyfriend and I had invested heavily in closing the 6,000-kilometer gap between us, flying in and out every so often. It burned a hole in my pocket, but I was of the belief anyway that travel was an


investment. A partner, even more so. It turns out he didn’t feel the same way. The breakup was swift since there was nothing to blame but the distance. The recovery was long and torturous for the same reason. Melbourne was my home for two years, but much of the city I discovered through him. I didn’t want to be the crazy person crying in the cafe where we met, in the park where he taught me how to play football, or at the hardware store where we bought pots and plants for our garden. Who was I kidding, though? There were hundreds of other cafes in Melbourne, the park spanned more than 60 acres, and I wasn’t going to enter a hardware store out of my own free will anyway. The city just had to be big enough for the two of us.

( T E X T A Nd p HOTO S) dI A N A J O S E . (F L AT L Ay p HOTO A Nd S T y L ING) d A NIK A RIO N AVA RR O.

It was terrifying to be back in Melbourne on my own, but it was also familiar. This was me in 2014, my entire life packed into two roller bags. It was my first time moving abroad, my first time in Australia, my first time living on my own. Even finding the tram stop to the city was a victory. Retracing my steps then, I fell in love with Melbourne all over again. I never seemed to have enough time in Manila. I would wake up before sunrise, eat my breakfast on the go, still lose all my time in traffic, then have all my appointments pushed back and over each other until my lunch break had somehow disappeared. By the time my day ended, I would have a few hours left before it all began again. Life in Melbourne was relaxed, unhurried—true to the great Australian motto, “No worries.” The city’s iconic trams are the main form of transport. They are slow, often clunky, but they always get you where you need to be, on the dot. Work is a strict 8-5 affair. With the entire night ahead of you, you could head out for a show in the theaters of Collins Street, catch a gig in the hipster suburb of Collingwood, queue for the newest restaurants on Flinders Lane. On long summer days, you would even have enough time to go down to St. Kilda Beach to enjoy the sunset. It’s not just in the culture though; it’s also in the lay of the land. Melbourne puts on a slow show, and if you want to see it, you just

have to sit still and wait. Wander down the smaller streets, and you will find a cafe hidden in a warehouse, a staircase that leads to a decades-old vinyl store, an unmarked door that opens up to a sake bar. And of course, layers and layers of world-renowned graffiti, including works by Keith Haring and the anonymous Banksy. I didn’t know these secrets when I first moved to Melbourne, either. Some of them I learned about from my boyfriend, friends, and strangers. But most of them, I discovered myself. I used to spend my time walking aimlessly, trying to get to know Melbourne inside out. In a way, the city kept me company when I didn’t have anyone yet. The more I knew of it, the more I felt at home. My feet didn’t miss a beat when I returned to Melbourne. I still knew all those places by heart. And I discovered even more. A tattoo parlor behind my old house. A cozy Italian restaurant in a garage in Carlton. A burger joint in a discarded train car, perched on a rooftop in Collingwood—really. I was worried there wasn’t anything left for me in Melbourne when my relationship ended. The trip reminded me that this city was my home before it was ours. And that in itself was a reason to come back.

But it turns out the city wasn’t big enough for the two of us. Right as my trip was coming to a close, I saw him. He was on one side of the intersection and I was at the other. I heard his voice before I saw his face, but my reaction was immediate. I felt physically sick from terror and excitement and confusion. A long-distance breakup is like a controlled explosion. Everything was falling apart, but it was so far removed, you didn’t quite feel its impact. Suddenly, on opposite sides of Elizabeth Street, it became all too real. There was so much I wanted to say—I wanted to say sorry and fuck you and I hope you’re doing well and also, goodbye. But none of those words felt right. They wouldn’t change anything. In a few days, I was going to be 6,000 kilometers away, and it would be like I was never there. The pedestrian light turned green and around me, people started crossing. He was ten feet away, then five, and then before he could see me, I had ducked safely into the crowd. I didn’t call out his name.


Brighter than SunShine The ideal desk is equal parts personal and functional, like illustrator and creative director Megan Diño’s “playground.” Located in the sunniest corner of their family library, it’s home to her drawings, paintings, and art materials. “Apart from serving as a gallery of sorts, some of my favorite watercolor exercises are on the wall to remind me of my progress and to serve as references,” she says. Everything on her desk has a purpose (or two): a Pixaresque lamp for her lighting needs, a LEGO pencil case that doubles as a brush holder, and so on. “The best tip I can give is to know how you work, so you can arrange your stuff accordingly. I’m right-handed so my materials are on the right side, and my main light source is on the left. It’s also better to have a suking karpintero who can customize stuff for you at a cheaper price.” Megan adds, “For those who are into making things, use what you create as décor. Seeing your work on display will give you a sense of fulfillment and inspire you to create more.”


Cosmopolitan • february 2017


Create an inviting workspace that is uniquely yours, like artist Megan Diño’s desk.

plans this weekend?

Made by HaNd


Treat yourself to a day of creating at The Glass Bar. There is a shift in the air the moment you step inside The Glass Bar in Antipolo. Away from the city noise and surrounded by vibrant colors, you have space to breathe and collect your thoughts. You have time to create, and here, there are nothing but options. Take something old and abandoned, like empty liquor bottles, and turn them into one-of-a-kind creations through glass slumping, a technique that re-shapes glass. Pick up a brush and paint on glass, or write a message—a proposal even; this is a thing that has happened—on a bottle. Use the bottles available or bring your own—the choice is yours. The Glass Bar is also home to other fun art workshops, from pottery and mosaic to sewing and beer brewing, so a return trip (or two or three) is all but guaranteed. The Glass Bar (@theglassbarantipolo on IG) is located at Crescent Moon, Sapang Buho Road, Brgy Dalig, Antipolo.

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Cheese, Louise! matCha siGnature tart (P60 per piece), Kumori These are the tarts your parents warned you about. They’ll take you out on school nights and leave you wanting more. But who can resist a bad boy?

Feeling bleu this Valentine’s Day? Cozy up with Manila’s cheesiest creations—no boyfriend required.

hanjuKu Cheese (P48 per piece), Kumori Ever wondered what it’s like to bite into a cloud? These luscious treats are as dreamy as your office crush.

Keso Cariño BaBy Boo (P188 for 6 pcs.), Calaboo These dead ringers for xiao long bao are like your high school boyfriend: comfortable and familiar, with just the right amount of zing.

Cheese tart

Gourmet Keso Brava Boo (P212 for 100g), Calaboo Aged cheese with a garlicky twist? Totes husband material.

tiP! Don’t let the boys fight over you— separate strongersmelling cheeses so they don’t overwhelm the milder ones.


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saLt & CamemBert, honey & GorGonzoLa, PorCini & Gouda CooKies, (P580 to 620 per 10 pcs.), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Make a long-term commitment to these light, crispy treats—they’ll take good care of you, promise.


(P80 per piece), Lava Cheese Tarts Crispy on the outside, oozing molten goodness on the inside. This is the one-night stand you absolutely deserve.




Make Your Color Last


Benefit Greenbelt 5, SM Megamall Careline At major department stores Carmen Claire Celeteque At major department stores Clinique Cure Doll Face Elizabeth Arden At Rustan’s department stores Estee Lauder At Rustan’s department stores Eye of Horus Human Nature Jo Malone Juice Kiehl’s KiehlsPhilippines Kracie Laneige Laura Mercier At Rustan’s department stores L’Oréal At major department stores and supermarkets MAC Make Up For Ever makeupforever. Maybelline At major department stores Origins At SM Beauty in SM stores Philosophy Pixi Revlon At major department stores Simple At select supermarkets

Sleek At SM Department stores The Body Shop thebodyshop. TheFaceShop ThefaceshopPhilippines Urban Rituelle shop.beautybar. Yllume


AldoPhilippines Armstrong & Smith instagram. com/armstrongandsmith Bench Bershka Burton SM Mega Fashion Hall Call It Spring SM Aura Premier Charles & Keith Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall Cotton On cottononPH Ever New The Podium Factorie Greenbelt 3, SM Megamall Forever 21 SM Makati, SM Megamall Fringed H&M House of Chokers houseofchokers Mango Miss Selfridge Greenbelt 5 Owndays The Landmark Makati Parfois ParfoisPhilippines Primadonna primadonnashoesofficial Private Storey privatestorey

Promod Trinoma, Greenbelt 5 Pull & Bear Sfera SM Makati, SM Megamall SM Department Store (SM Woman, What Women Want) Stradivarius Topshop Power Plant Mall True Religion At Shangri-La Plaza and S’Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila Uniqlo SM Mega Fashion Hall Vero Moda SM Mega Fashion Hall Zara SM Mall of Asia

Don’t you just hate it when your hair color doesn’t last? Aside from styling tools and the crazy heat outside, it may be because you’re using products that don’t work for you. Try Wella’s Brilliance line: It features Microlight Crystal Complex that keeps your color vibrant and your locks healthy. It also has antioxidants that protect keratin from harmful free radicals, so your hair color lasts longer.

For more information, visit

LIFESTYLE Apostrophe

apostrophe_ph Calaboo CalaBooDairy Common Room commonroomph Etsy H&M Home Kumori The Landmark Makati Lava Cheese Tarts SM Aura Premier National Book Store Quirks Robinsons Department Store The Craft Central The Stockroom thestockrm Tickles Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory SM Mega Fashion Hall, Greenbelt 5 Typo Greenbelt 5

Love Yourself

Taking care of yourself isn’t only about drinking your meds when you’re down with the flu—it’s also about keeping yourself healthy to avoid getting sick in the first place. AXA Philippines provides premium health plans that include outpatient consultations and diagnostic exams. These can also be used anywhere in the world, a.k.a. you won’t have to spend a fortune on health care when you’re out of the country.

For more information, visit

horosc A pair of eclipses this month brings plent y of change for ever yone—rethink partnerships during the lunar eclipse on the 10th, and look for new ideas during the solar eclipse on the 26th.

3.21–4.20 That creeping feeling something is off? Listen to it. When Jupiter goes retrograde on the 6th, consider the right direction for you. Time with people you trust will help you focus. Y o u n e e d : To walk a new path. a r i e s G u Y : He’s secure enough to welcome advice. Help sort through the options on his plate and he’ll prepare a five-star spread for dessert…

4.21–5.21 Mix yourself a business-andpleasure cocktail, then toast to all aspects of your life moving in sync. As Mars shifts into your zone of privacy on the 3rd, get centered and ready for the limelight. Y o u n e e d : To network! t a u r u s G u Y : He needs a vote of confidence as big opportunities head his way. Cheer him on and he’ll go b-a-n-an-a-s for you when you’re alone. .

5.22–6.20 Your badass future is calling—pick up! Seize any chance to travel, because moving out of your comfort zone will inspire a brilliant idea near the lunar eclipse on the 10th. Y o u n e e d : To express yourself. G e m i n i G u Y : One of his off-the-wall ideas just might stick. Give him your honest take and he’ll clear a little space on his desk for two…

6 . 2 1 – 7. 2 2 Be honest with yourself about what you want now. A stressful situation near the 22nd presents what looks like a no-win choice, but if you trust your heart, you’ll be victorious. Y o u n e e d : To let go of the old. c a n c e r G u Y : His emotions are getting the best of him. Showing him it’s safe to open up may take your connection to the next level.

7. 2 3 – 8 . 2 2 On the 10th, a rare full moon lunar eclipse brings single Leos an epic chance for love— which may mean saying “boy, bye” to a stalled relationship. Get a change of setting when Mars opposes Jupiter in your travel zone on the 27th. Y o u n e e d : To indulge. L e o G u Y : He thinks it’s makeor-break time, so go for the grand gesture and get it, girl.

8.23–9.22 Months of hard work are finally paying off! Ask for that promotion or raise on the 16th, then shake your other moneymaker on the 26th to emerge from your booty blackout. Y o u n e e d : To stay calm. V i r G o G u Y : He’s focused mainly on his job now. But after the 26th, he’ll remind you why his talents are in high demand.

VirGo Leo cancer Gemini taurus aries pisces 114

Cosmopolitan • FeBruArY 2017

(text) aurora tower. (StILL) CourteSY oF Jo MaLoNe.

2.19 – 3.20 Time to focus on you! Pay close attention to your health right at the start of February. The Sun enters your sign on the 18th, making it easier than usual for you to express your technicolor vision. Y o u n e e d : To be assertive. p i s c e s G u Y : Mixed signals don’t mean he’s ghosting. Hit pause, then check in with him after the 18th to see if he’s worth your (play) time.

ope 9.23–10.22 ease off the gas. Jupiter brought you win after win over the last six months, but when the lucky planet goes retrograde on the 6th, you must reassess what is working and what isn’t. Y o u n e e d : To trust your gut. L i B r a G u Y : Cupid’s arrow hit him straight on. He practically has emoji hearts in his eyes! Gaze right back during a long weekend sexcation.

10.23–11.21 This will be a key month for you at work if you tune out distractions and drama. Stay true to your core crew and shrug off haters on the 22nd, when your ruler, Pluto, tangles with Mars. Y o u n e e d : To balance going hard and going home. s c o r p i o G u Y : He’s all work, no play until after the 18th, when he’ll make it up to you during an allnighter with your fave props…

11.22-12.21 everybody wants some of your shine! Look to make lasting friendships when the Sun influences Saturn on the 14th. Love sizzles near the 23rd. Whether you’re single or a couple, you need to bring the heat! Y o u n e e d : To let loose. saGit tarius GuY: He is a busy, busy bee this month. Propose a fly-by quickie he can’t refuse.

12.22–1.19 Cozy up, Cap. Venus moves into your home zone on the 3rd. Nuzzle close to the people and pursuits you love most to replenish your spirit, and stay zen if conflict arises near the 22nd. Y o u n e e d : An A+ massage. capricorn GuY: He’s dying for a low-key night with you. Have a bubble bath, then take it nice and slow in bed.


0 1 . 2 0 - 0 2 .1 8

steLLar Gifts: You’re determined and you never let conventional rules hold you back, often making you a trailblazer in your chosen field. BLind spots: Your stubbornness and defiant nature can sometimes leave others frustrated. Your month: The full moon lunar eclipse in your zone of relationships on the 10th will spur you to widen your circle. When verbal Mercury makes a helpful angle to your ruler uranus on the 20th, you’ll find the words to speak your truth. Your Year: Learn to mix vision with strategy and you’ll be unstoppable. You might decide to settle into LTr bliss or kick it with someone different if you’re single. Get down and dirty in March, then shift some focus back to your hustle in May and June. You need: To say what you want.

capricorn saGittarius scorpio LiBra

Your beAutY secret

Turn heads with a fresh citrus-y scent— perfect for Sunday brunches or afternoon dates with your guy.

best MAtches

aries: You adore his can-do attitude. Leo: You encourage each other to reach for the stars.

AQuArIus GuY LoVes: Women who inspire him and can take charge (in and out of the sack). hates: Mind games and sneaky behavior that test his trust. dream date: A day-crawl to his favorite spots, where he can show off his good taste and learn what makes you tick along the way. Win him oVer: By letting him see the real you. FeBruArY 2017 • Cosmopolitan




AndreA BelduA The 22-year-old photographer and industry fave takes you to her happy place.

“There’s always something to be grateful for. When you’re more mindful of being in the moment, you get to enjoy life more.”



“I’m most comfortable watching people, looking for moments, and immortalizing them, so I’d say that my happy place is really behind the camera. I used to be into more traditional arts like drawing and painting, but when I picked up a camera for the first time for a college elective, I realized that photography was my true passion. That’s what gets me up in the morning, knowing that I’ll be taking my camera out for a new adventure. I’m so grateful to be able to pursue my passion every day— both for work and for play.”

WHy you Need to quIt CreepIN’ oN your ex-BFFs

plus: Gabbi Garcia and

ruru madrid sofia andres and diego loyzaga

pleats to meet you

5 fun ways to wear this trend (p.s. It’s here to stay!)

your skIN’s NeW seCret WeapoN

Work this into your routine and get ready to glow!

solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico #sosBolZ = #couplegoals

Flip over for our H-o-t m cover!ain

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