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These are my results from my questionairre for my magazine I uploaded on SurveyMonkey. The results have been accumulated into graphs and charts to make is easier to see axactly what the results are. Four people answered my questionairre.

These are the results for my first question from my survey which is ‘Are you male or Female?’. 50% replied with male and 50% replied with female. This means that I will have reliable results because I have just as many males as females. It also means that my results are not sexist because I have not got more responses from males than females, or females from males. They are equal. However my magazine is aimed at females rather than males so I will be consentrating more on their answers.

These are the results from my second question which is ‘What is your age?’. 100% of my audience replied with 18-24 which is good because that is the age group my media product is aimed at, therefore I would only take their answers on board.

These are the results for my third question from my questionnaire which is ‘How often do you read magazines?’ 50% of my results said once a week and 50% said once a month. This means I have a choice whether to publish my magazine once a week or once a month. I have chosen in-between, which is every fortnight.

These are the results for my forth question which is ‘What type of magazine do you read?’ One person said ‘fashion, gossip, music’, another person said ‘music’, someone else said ‘photography’ and the last person said ‘fashion’. I have already decided that my magazine will be on music and fashion therefore regardless to what the response was I will not be changing my mind. The purpose of this question is to ensure that my audience will be interested in my magazine.

The results for this question have been displayed in a list format. The question is ‘Do you listen to music? (If yes, what type)’. My results were ‘alternative’, ‘metal, hardcore, pop, punk’, ‘country’ and ‘chart’. I am going to pick chart music for my magazine because it is steriotypically more of a females type of music, whereas metal, hardcore and punk are seen to be more of a males genre, and my magazine is aimed at females.

These are the results for question six which is ‘Are you interested in the fashion industry?’ 100% of my responses said yes therefore I am sure this topic will be a success in my magazine.

These are the results for my seventh question. ‘Would you read a music fashion magazine?’ 75% of my results said yes, and 25% said no. The majority of my participants said yes. This means my magazine should be a success.

These are the results for the choice of three colours question. The colours with the highest results are white with 75% and black with 50%. The rest of the colours are all 25%. This means I will definitely use the colours white and black because they are the most popular and I know they appeal to my audience, and I must choose the third colour. I have chosen red because the three of these colours will look classy together. My magazine is expensive therefore it will fit the criteria.

This is question nine. The results for this question are that 50% of my participants read a magazine every week, 25% read one every fortnight, and 25% every month.

This is my final question which is ‘What image would you like to see on the front cover of the magazine?’. The responses I have are; model, image of the main subject advertised within the magazine, an image of a band, and a young woman dressed fashionably. I decided to use a model/young woman dressed fashionably because personally I think that they are suitable for a fashion magazine, and they are the two answers which are the most similar out of the four different ones.

Magazine questionnaire results  

The results from my questionnaire for my magazine.

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