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NOG Final 2012 For each of these questions write your answers in full paragraphs. State your answer or opinion, and explain it. Where possible, reference Scripture verses and passages or at least use Bible stories or events to support your answer. 1. God is in control of the world and the flow of history. What does this look like? How does God maintain control? 2. Is God completely immutable (unchanging) or is He dynamic in some ways? If dynamic, in what ways or aspects is He dynamic, and in what ways is He unchanging? Discuss how this relates to His ability to change His mind. Can we trust God? 3. Contrast Exodus 33:1-2 (a promise or prophecy of God) with Judges 2:20 – 3:6. What kind of prophecy must Exodus 33:1-2 have been? Why? What does this say about the way God controls events? 4. What is time? In your opinion how does God relate or interact with time? In other words, is God interacting in real time with people or is He outside of it? How does this view affect your view of prayer and intercession? 5. Explain Gen. 18:21 in regard to God saying, “I will go down and see . . . if not I will know . .” 6. Explain Gen. 22:12 in regard to God saying, “. . . for now I know . . .” 7. Read 1 Kings Chapter 21. What did Ahab do? What was his moral state? What did God say He would do to Ahab? How did Ahab respond? How did God respond? Discuss why there was a change in God’s course of action. What implications does this have for you and future ministry?