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This is what I recommend to be the content of the test. Structure the questions, etc., according to how you would considder most wise and beneficial to the students.

The Nature of Man Final Exam CLOSED BOOK, closed notes, but open Bible and open to the Holy Spirit. 101 Points possible 6


This course emphasized what three presuppositions about the way God deals with man? a. b. c.



What is the two-fold God-given purpose of man? a) b)



How are the three parts of our personality designed to work together. Illustrate it with the Semi-truck illustration. (What are the head lights, tractor engine, steering wheel, trailer)

Our emotions are caused by our __________ ____________ (Mt.6:21) and our ______________ (Ph.4:8)



Definition: The will is the ability to



Read Ro.1:31 and explain why sin is unnatural.



In addition to being strengthened by the Holy Spirit, what are the other three requirements necessary if a person is to be held accountable for his actions? a. b. c.



Define: "Moral law": The description of _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________.



In the physical realm: Physical Law is a control by using a c_________________ and allows no f______________ because that which is caused is not ________. Under the same set of conditions the cause always produces the same ____________ If hot water burns you, it is not ________________________ for that action and Is not worthy either of ____________ nor _________________________



Moral Law a. A description of how things __________ to occur in the moral (spiritual realm) b. The means of control is __________________


10. An influence is an ____________ to ____________. You can say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a ‘good’ influence and you can say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a bad influence.


11. State the significance of 1Cor.10:13 “There is no temptation...” in regard to influences.


12. A compelling force is a c A temptation is an i


that leaves no room for choice. .

13. Regarding an influence, God, in His faithfulness guarantees that He will not __________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


14. List the five different means God has for controlling men and societies and directing the course of history? a. Influence coming from ___________________________________________________ b. Influence coming from ________________________________________________ c. Influence coming from __________________________________________________ d. External control using __________________________________________________ e. Through __________________________ where God deals with an incorrigible people who are entirely corrupt and God is left without basis for continued_____________________ and wisdom has no alternative except ____________________________________________________


15. What is Governmental Providence? It is an occasion when God must temporarily remove any option except ________ so an activity can only go in one direction, in order to establish a specific ____________________.


16. Read 2Tim.2:20-22 and explain what Paul’s point is and what determines whether a person is a vessel unto honor or a vessel unto dishonor.

5 ______ total 101

17. A law without consequences is not law but merely _____________________________ check the actual point total (mine is wrong at the left) 93/101 = ?? % grade