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June 2014


PORTFOLIO Senior Portfolio Project The Art Institute of Atlanta

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LOFT believes that the best relationships are built on trust. LOFT has become a trusted personal stylist by connecting with women on a genuine level. LOFT brand gives her fashion advice, ideas, and inspiration that make her style aspirations attainable. LOFT believes in offering versatile, accessible, and affordable fashion with undeniably feminine appeal, special, and unexpected details with a (very) flattering fit.

The new brand extension will be introduced as an lingerie apparel line called LOFT Intimates. LOFT Intimates promises the same special and unexpected details, feminine appeal, and flattering fit from the brand she already loves and trust. Every woman knows that clothing only looks as great on the outside; however, only if she has the proper intimates underneath. Not having proper fitting intimates can cause garments to fit less flattering; therefore not allowing our client to put her best self forward. This brand was design in helping women to exude confidences, with a touch of glamour and fabulosity!



Overview:  Brand loyalty  Affordable  Sleek  Comfort Additional value: Better quality for under garments. Also, making it a one-stop shop when the client is shopping. Making sure we cater to her every needs.


Overview:  Multi-brands  Expensive  Not a wide variety  Fun & playful Additional value: Different brands providing the client with more than one option. If the client likes more than one brand, it makes it easier for her to buy both or as many as she likes without leaving the store. Details: Details: Each product will be made Different brands, offering with the same quality as different quality the brand is already known for. Cost: Cost: Underwear $14.50 Underwear $20.00 $20.50 $44.00 Bralettes $19.50Bralettes $39.00$29.50 $89.00 Bandeaus $19.50 Bandeaus $20.00 $29.50 $59.00

Overview:  Affordable  Wide Variety  Great quality  Everyday wear Additional value: Also, a trusted brand that clients love and respect. The brand provides a variety of styles & colors targeting a wide range of clients

Styles/Fabrication/Colors and Sizes xx-small x-small, small, medium, large, & x-large nylon,spandex,cotton, &lace neutrals, pastels, stripe, &

Styles/Fabrication/Colors and Sizes x-small, small, medium, large, & x-large nylon,spandex,cotton, &lace neutrals,

Styles/Fabrication/Colors and Sizes x-small, small, medium, large, & x-large nylon,spandex,cotton, &lace neutrals, pastels, floral,

Details: Great quality product.

Cost: Underwear $8.95 - $10.95 Bralettes $24.95$29.95 Bandeaus $19.95 $24.95

The women’s retail apparel industry is highly competitive. LOFT Intimates will compete with certain departments local department stores and with other specialty retail stores, catalog and Internet businesses that offer similar categories of merchandise. We believe that our focused fashion point of view, product versatility, and strong client service distinguish us from other women’s apparel retailers.

Ages 25-40

College Graduate Working Students Women & Mothers & Teachers

Mid-level to High Income

Modern Fashion Forward Stylish Women

WE GET WOMEN. Real women live ever more complicated lives. They juggle more activities, play more roles and carry more expectations.

District Manager Melissa Murphy

Store Manager Danielle Feeney

Co-Manager Julia Knight

Key Holder/Visuals Micah Davis

Sales Associates

Stock Associate

Position Overview District Manager To direct all activities required to achieve district goals, including sales and profit objectives, client service, human capital investment and retention, payroll and operating expenses, loss prevention, and merchandise presentation. Store Manager, Co- Manager, & Key Holder Lead and direct all activities required to achieve all store goals, including sales objectives, client experience, human resource management, payroll and operating expenses, loss prevention and merchandising presentation while driving both associate and client engagement. Sales & Stock Associate Drives revenue and provides an exceptional client experience through relationship building, product knowledge sharing, and presenting a clean, safe, well-maintained store environment. Consistently achieves individual goals that support store goals.


Ad will be featured on, social media, & email blast

New Arrival Monthly Edit Shoes Accessories Petites



MARCH 5 2015! First Day $15 off of $75 in-store only!

LOFT size 4 x 6



MARCH 5 2015! First Day $15 off of $75 in-store only!



In-store promo cards “shopping bag stuffers”






$12/pack of 4 (12x125=$5,000) $238


Total Furniture Cost $858 Total Fixture Cost $ 1,650 Total DĂŠcor Cost $660

$150 container store

Total cost for one location $3,168

LOFT Intimates location within all LOFT stores.

LOFT Intimates will be placed near the fitting room for easy access & add on pieces clients.

Source of Capital

Ann Taylor LOFT Capital Equipment List Furniture $858

Fixtures $1,650

Equipment $100

Decor $660

Total Cost = $3,268

Location Expenses

Rent $3,000/monthly for 300 square feet

Social Media Expenses

$850,000 views x $.30 cost-per-view = $225,000

$850,000 views x $.24 cost-per-click = $204,000

Advertising and Promotional Expenses

LOFT Glamour Magazine 1 page= $186,645

Wood Sign Holders $15(ea.) X 10= $150

Printing Budget $455

Opening Inventory

6 sizes x 20(ea.) = 120 120 x 8 colors = 960 units 960 units x $14.50 = $13,920

Total Cost

5 sizes x 12(ea.) = 60 60 x 5 colors = 300 units 300 units x $39.50 = $11,850


140000 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0

Ann Taylor LOFT hope to profit of an estimated profit for 2014 is $ 613,000,000.Therefore, Intimates by LOFT received an budget of 20% of profit which estimated to $122,600,00. Only the top 50 region stores will receive Intimates by LOFT product ; therefore leaving a budget of $1.2 million for each location. Starting Cost $648,288 -1.2million budget= 551,712 BOM & EOM

Jan-Mar Units : 81,990 Cash Sales:$70,000

April-June Units : 72,557 Cash Sales:$70,560

July-Sept Units : 54,787 Cash Sales:$49,560

Aug.-Dec Units :137,680 Cash Sales:$123,656

spring cream

sandy peach frosted lavender

morning mist

medium gray whisper white

LOFT tags are originally white, Intimates by LOFT will be spring peach.

LOFT & Intimates by LOFT tag will resemble each other, keeping the brand tag recognizable.

Shape of hang tag & price points will remain the same.

Fonts on Intimates by LOFT tag slightly are different.

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