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Brothers Brothers is about my relationship with my older brother, Ronin. The book documents my views of my brother, where our lives overlap and becomes a space where my ideas of him become reality. Lately we are both busy and it takes effort to make our relationship work. Throughout our lives, we’ve gone from being best friends to almost strangers and back to best friends multiple times. For the past three years he and I have been going to the same school in Baltimore. Since then we have gotten a lot closer. I think we are at the point in our lives where we are finally as close as we were when we were kids.

Nowadays, we realize how important our relationship is and we don’t take it for granted. He may frustrate me sometimes, but I also expect more from him then anyone else. This is probably because I know he will achieve amazing things. Ronin graduates soon, so I created this project to encourage us to hang out while we have this time together. My hope is that making this book will remind me of the importance of making time for Ronin, even though we sometimes fight and are both busy. And, it did. I now remember why I “even bother.” I love him and it’s worth every moment to keep our close bond.

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