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protect poverty focused development aid.

Dear Congressional Leaders, In the last year thousands of Christians have joined Micah Challenge USA and taken action to protect poverty focused development aid. We have signed petitions, held events, met with members of Congress and their staff in district and in DC, and we have prayed with earnest. We are a movement of Christians across the nation who seek to be a voice for people living in extreme poverty. We come from many walks of life, but one thing unites us—Jesus. We love Him, and desire to follow his commands in all that we do. Christ calls us to be a voice for the poor and vulnerable, and that is why we have sent you this booklet with the names and faces of Christians across the country who entreat you to take a stand and protect poverty-focused development aid. At less than 1% of the budget, poverty-focused development aid has tremendous impact on people in extreme poverty. We understand that difficult choices must be made, but these vital aid programs save lives. We believe in a God who is just; a God who cares deeply for people living in extreme poverty. Therefore, it is our responsibility as Christians to take a stand for the impoverished around the world. So please, hear the voices of Christians across the nation who are asking you to take a stand for the impoverished and protect poverty-focused development aid. Sincerely, Jason Fileta, Director of Micah Challenge USA


Programs that work to immunize

These funds are not simply bi-lateral

Aid (PFDA) is foreign aid used

children, provide access to clean

contributions, but are often

for development purposes.

water, train teachers, provide

distributed by USAID through grants

The programs are designed to

farmers with instruction to increase

to trusted private NGO’s. Micah

reduce poverty, encourage

productivity, reach communities with

Challenge member organizations like

economic growth, promote

nutrition education, and provide

World Vision, Food for the Hungry,

the rule of law, good

life-saving anti-retroviral treatments

World Renew, and others like Feed

governance, and enhance

for people living with HIV/AIDS are

the Children and World Relief receive

security in low-income

all examples of PFDA.

financial support to implement


foreign assistance, as well.

The positive impact of PFDA is evident in the numbers of people who have been helped. Through the assistance of USAID programming, Over 3 million lives are saved each year through USAID immunization programs.

1.5 million children have been protected from preventable diseases.

Almost 100,000 households in over 21 countries have gained access to clean water.

Millions of entrepreneurs around the world (many of them women) have started or improved small businesses.

At less than 1% of our federal budget, PFDA has a considerable and positive impact in changing the lives of the impoverished worldwide. As Christians, we care about the people empowered out of poverty through these programs; they are our brothers and sisters. They are unable to vote in our elections, or advocate to our elected officials (you) concerning the necessity and importance of these programs. Informed by their perspective, and with their blessing we take a stand and speak up to protect PFDA.

Our hope is that these life saving programs remain funded and that they may be effective and efficient. We want to see a future in which people are able to flourish without the assistance of organizations and governments, one where they are empowered to provide for themselves. Until such a time as this happens, we believe that U.S. government assistance in invaluable.

As you look through the rest of this booklet, see the faces of individuals who care about the good the U.S. government is doing abroad through PFDA. See the names of people in your country, state, and district who want you to use your voice and vote to stand up for people in extreme poverty. Will you listen? Will you join us? Will you protect Poverty-Focused Development Aid in future budget negotiations?

We pray God guides you, and blesses you as you are burdened with both great power and responsibility.

Dear Congressional Leaders, As you seek to reduce our nation’s deficit I recognize that tough decisions must be made. Here’s where I stand. I stand with people in extreme poverty, and humbly ask that you ensure life saving aid programs remain effective and efficient. I believe it is critical and possible for our nation to reduce the deficit while continuing to save lives around the world. I recognize the difficulty of your task, and am thankful for your service. God bless you. My prayers are with you.

Amy Alvarez, Mary Page, B e c c a Beverly, Luke Biel, Kelsey Biggar, Cory Abercrombie, Dennis Abney, Laurence Agnes, Bindner, Beth Birmingham, Chiquita Phillip Aho, Kirsten Aho, John Aho, Bishop, Chiquita Bishop, Audriana Samantha Akert, Sarah Albright, Alyssa Aldape, Blackwell, Sandy Blasey, Jonathan Kyle M. Aldred, Jessa Aldred, Jeff Alexander, Alicia Blasher, Sarah Bobis, Rachel Bode, J Alexander, Olivia Alger, Honey Ali, Rebekah Allen Boerson, Heidi Boesl, Sarah Boggs, Allen, Tahroma Alligood, Daniela Alonzo, Amy Anna-Marie Boss, Alvarez, Joe Aly, Krista Anderson, Laurel Anderson, Jeff Bouman, James  Anderson Anderson, Joshua A n d e r s o n , A n d r e a J e r e m i a h Anderson, Teckla A n d e r s o n , Bounense, Julie Domenic Michael Andolina, Rae Andreaser, G r e t c h e n Bowline, Katelyn Anselmo, Terri  Arman Arman, Jacob Armstrong, Boyles, Francine Bratthwaite, Will Debra Arnold, Steven Arnold, Alexis Arrate, Christian Arvin, Brauckmiller, Mercedes Brazier, Nicholas Rahel Asera, Benjamin Attema, Ben Attema, Don Auton, Brechbiel, Carrie Bridges, Brianna Brieck, Mariano Avila, Jennifer Baker, James Baker, Ashley Baker, Jared Brinker, Kaitlyn Bronkema , Adam Tom Baker, Rebekah Bakker, Vilma  Balmaceda Balmaceda, Brooks, Eleanor Broun, Danielle Brower, Rachel Balthaser, Kimberly Baltz, April Banfield, Lauren Debra Brown, Deborah Brown, Jason Bantz, Daniel Barber, Laura Barbieri, Karen Barnes, Dave Brown, April Barry, Cyndi Barski, Enizza Bartges, Cindy Baucom, Brown, Shannon Justin Baughman, Jessica Baylis, Noel Beck, Anita Brown, Adam Beem, Rachel Beentel, Jim Beezhold, Cameron Bruckre, Tahni Beidler, Tesa Beikwith, Sophia Beisao, Chelsie Bruno, Jordan Bell, Zack Ben, Nathan Beng, Jane Bennett, Bruxvoort, Talli Buchanan, Beth  Jay Benson, Lisa Beresiwsky, Taylor Buckingham-Brown, Lezlie Bugg, Randal Berghuis, Cody Berna, Emily Berna, Buist, Reagan Burcham, Nick Burner, Trevor Berndt, Sam Bernstein, Justin C. Burns, Samuel Burr, Katherine Teresa Berry, Madelyn Besaw, Burt, Jaclyn Busch, Andrew Busch, James Paul  Beverly Beverly, Paul Bush, Linda Busklein, Linda Busklein, Mary Samantha Ciminillo, Sarah Clark, Brandon K e r e n Dyrness, Leigh Earle, Sara Butler, Charles Butler, Clarke, Jason Clarke, John Clifford, Jayme Custodio, Alfred Eccleston, Ellen Eckels, Andrea Bet Butler, Derek Buursma, Cloninger, Aaron Coe, Oswaldo Coello, Tom Dabrowski, Laurel Edlund, Janet Edwards, Linda Kelsey Byker, Alex Caceres, Tim Coleman, Shayia Collier, David Collins, Sarah Dahl, Allison Dahl, Egnal, Jasen Elcombe, Don Cai, James Calkins, Jarrod Caltrider, Collins, Karla Colonnieves, Destiny Karen Dahmer, Linda Ellsworth, John Elwood, Amy Michael Camp, Nick Campbell, Matt Commons, Andrew Cook, Ashley Cooker, Dalke, Becca Dalrymple, Engelsman, Melissa Engstrom, Josiah Campbell, Erika C a m p b e l l , Dallas Cooper, Janal Daniel, Julia Daniel, Entner, Todd Entner, Jennifer Erickson, K a t h l e e n Campbell, Eric Corbin, Ryan Jonah Daniels, Nuil Darby, Shannon Ericson, Anna Euler, Autumn R a n d y Campbell, Faith Corbin, Dan Spencer Darnett, Cassie Eutner, Annette Evangelista, Brad Evans, C a m p b e l l , Cornell, Tom Daszko, Joyce Davidson, Kaitlin Renee Evans, Vay Facione, Beverly Faro, Savina Canciro, Correll, Mike Davis, Karen Davis, Micahel Davis, Josiah Farr, Melissa Feddes, Stephanie Feldee, Emilee Cantrell, Joe Corus, Jonathan Lynn Davis, Allison Dayten, Ethan Judith Fetzer, Teresa Fife, Samia Fileta, James Carabellese, Ashleigh Carlon, Cosner, Becca Dean, Blake DeFrance, Tiffany Deines, Fileta, Jason Fileta, Elizabeth Flood, Megan Flotten, Anna Carlson, Christopher Couch, Douglas Audrey DeKorne, MaryEllen DeMarco, Chelsea Foster, Hannah Foster, Jennie Fournier, Carlson, Valerie Carr, Thomas Coutlee, Nicholas Brooke Denham, Rebecca Denis, Amanda Margaret Frank, Paul Frank, Krista Frank, Forest Carrasco, Sam Carsten, Delaney Covello, Don Cox, Dennee, Amanda Dennee, Tera Dent, Kendra Frasieur, Calvin Friend, Dawson Friesen, Lisa Carter, Hailey Castillo, Kara Rylie Craft, Denyes, Justin Dernison, John Derrick, Amy F y n e - N s o f o r, Benjamin G., Jessica Ganzevoort, Castle, Sarah Cates, Christopher Derrick, Anton Dersham, Marie Dershem, Steven Josh Garcia, Walter Garcia, Caleb Garcia, Gloria Cates, Mars Craig, Ali Crocker, DeRuiter, Tara DeRuiter, Kori DeSimone, Jill Deskin, William Gardner, Tiffany Gardner, Jordan Catlin, Erik Cederberg, Jamie Joshua Crooks, Katherine DeVeall, Casey DeVries, Kristina DeVries, Garfield, Octavia Garrold, Alicia Gass, Lenda Cederberg, A n d r e w Beka Crooks, Kelsey DeWitt, Nancy DeYoung, Robert DeYoung, Gebor, Jeff Geissler, Anthony Gerig, Chalfoan, Josh Chamberlain, Tony Crosby, Kathy DeYoung, Reinaldo Diaz, Katie Dickey, Lauren Dylan Gerig, Tony Gerig, Claudia German, S a r a Chambers-Moss, Doreen Croshine, Dijkers, Alyssa Dijkers, Edward Dixon, Ashley Dixon, Ava Elizabeth Gerndh, Anne Gerster, Lloyd Ben Chan, Grace Chang, Lovi Charlish, Belinda Crowson, Dixon, Annelyse Dlouhy, Bob Gestoso, Sunia Gibbs, Paul Gibbs, Renee Cheezem, Chu-Chin Chen, Jennifer Marilyn Cullen, Doliber, Elizabeth Dominguez, Kara Mackenzie Gibor, Catherine Gilman, Childs, Justin Cho, Amanda Choin, A m y Doriani, Clare D o u g h e r t y , Sonja Gingerich, Janne Goldbeck, Brandon Chow, Ashley Cunningham, Stephanie Drake, Adam Droscha,Mash Gorkas, Joshua Grace, Christoferson, Jacob David Curtis, Vicky Duffy, Kelly Dunlap, Grace B. r o o k l y n Graczyk, Emily Christoforakis, L a n e e Hollingsworth, Daniel Hooley, R e g i n a H o p e w e l l , Benjamin Hoppe, G a v o n t a Hopson, Regina Hopuriel, Mark A Hopuriel, Brian Horn, T. Hotrick, Janie Houchin, Terry Houchin, B r o o k e Housenga, Katie Houser, Lauren Hovis, Sonn C Howard, Brian Howelton, Chip Huber, Karen Huber, Andrey Hughey, Lindsay Huisiza, Nathan Huizenga, Karla Hunt, Kimberly Hunt, Kate Hunte, Jennifer Hunter, Morgan Husted, Taylor Husted, Joan Huyser-Honig, Bassim Ibrahim, Ruth Imig, David Isaacs, Maria Islas, Aaron Jackson, Sheena Jacob, Simeon Jacob, Joel Jacobson, Linda James, A l ex a n d r a Jansen, Trino Jara, Dynasty Jefferson, Jason J e ff e r y , J o n a t h a n Jerdan, Jon Jimeuez, Katie Johnes, Tony Johns, Melissa Johnson, Holly Johnson, Erik Johnson, Shanna Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Jami Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Elisa Johnston, Meshia Jones, Jessica Jones, Stephen Jones, Kimberly Jones, Tyler Jones, Susan Joseph-Rack, Megan Justice, Tray K, Amanda  Kaminski Kaminski, Gilbert Kamps, Susan Karanja, HaRam Karg, Bernice Karnop, Daun Kauffman, Kori Kauffman, Jenn Kay, Mary Kaylor, Herman Keizer, Jr., Dale Kellar, Eva Kemp, Kari Kennedy, Sharone Ketterman, Tonya Key, David Key, Hannah Keys, Taele Kim, Jenny Kim, Jessica Kimak, Jessica Kimale, Steve McCloskey, Joy McFadden, David Mcgee, Amy McGee, Andrea McIntosh, Josh McKenna, Nic McLean, Sarah McMinn, Katie McNorr, Heidi McPheeters, Stephanie MeCandless, Keith Mehrens, Theresa Mehrens, Emily Meier, Ryan Meinberg, Marshall Melnik, Jessica Melton, Eloise Meneses, Theresa Merrill, Laurel Messer, Anthony Meyer, Zachary Mick, Alina Mileyev, Sarah Miller, Kim Miller, Jennifer Miller, Abby Miller, Kyle Mills, Kim Milter, Teigan Mitcham, Steven Mitchell, Ron Mitchell, David Mitroff, Tom Mohan, Rebecca Molina, Kelly Moltzen, Alexis M o n t g o m e r y, C u l l e n

Kimes, Rebecca Kine, Rebecca King, Charles King, Jen King, Jentry King, Jake King, Kimberly Kirk, Scott Kirycki, Cassie Kitchen, Jessica Klco, Leona Klooster, Ke Knelly, Grace Knight, Ellen Knott, John Knott, Ryan Knowles, Amy Knuver, Lucas Koach, Joel Koehler, Susan Koerwer, Charles Koerwer, Brett Kolomyjec, Sarah Kramer, Su Kraus, JoAnne Krisko, Jane Kristof, Pieter Kroon, Joci Kruger, Clyde Kuemmerle, Adam Kuert,

M o n t g o m e r y, Thelma Montiel, Carul Montoya, Fidel Montoya, Ashley Moon, Taylor Moon, Melissa Moore, Carrie Moore, Randall Moore, Heather Mora, Sarah Mora, T u p p e r Morehead, Jesse Morelli, Samantha Morelli, Amanda Morgan, W. Morris, Brandon Morris, Mikelle Mosier, Joseph Mosnier, Rachel M u e l l e r , John-Peter Mukendi, Maria Mulhauser, Karen Muntzing, Michael Murphy, Joseph Mutheson, Melissa Myers, Tim Naish, Sarah Nakano, Monica napieralski, Matt Narajka, Maud Naud, Brett Nekey, Moria Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Phyllis Neriah, Brandi Newbeck, Grace Nixon, Matthew Nolen, M. A. Norton, Jeuse Nunkees, Tai Nuntapramote, Michael Nunziato, Alicia Nunziato, Michael Nunziato, Elly Nyhof, Terri Obaisi, Obadiah Oechsle, Marie Okamoto, Marie O k a m u t u , Barbara okonkwo, Katherine Omps, Matthew Osena, Kelsie Oswald, Kalie Ouwinga, Irene Owens, Brittany Pace, Andrea Pacheco, Emily Pall, James Pappas, Ivy Parame, Niki Parks, Andrew Parris Parris, Andrew Parris,

David Kuiper, Melissa Kuiper, Gabriel Kuka, Angelie Kuka, Mary Kulikowski, Matthew Kunnari, Tracy Kuperus, Julie Kuzlik, Rachel LaBelle, Cat-Dan Lai-Smith, Courtney Laib, Pat Lampen, David Lampman, Shaina Lane, Willie Langeland, Allison Langelaud, Timothy Larsen, James Lathrop, Cody Laughcin, Carol Laurion, Carol Laurion, Beth Layton, Kristen Leach, Hanna Lederer, Tanasia Lee, Seon Jeong Lee, M a r s h a L e e -Wa t s o n , Darryl Leedom, Charity Leifker, Ryan Leland, Sharon LeMay, John Leung, Jennifer Lewis, Matt Lewis, Summer Lile, Lindsay Lipa, Lindsey Lira,

Granger, Rebecca Grasty, Kimberly Gray, Marjorie Gray, Ben Gray, Brittany Green, Jacqi Green, Frances Greenlee, Mary Greenough, Kelly Gregory, Peter Gregory, Steve Grey, Emily Gries, Nancy Griffin, Aaron Griffith, Darra Griggs, Tom Grimm, John Grisham, Abraham Groat, Justin Gronfur, Sara Grose, Whitney Grossman, Jeremy Grotenhuis, Kristen Grubb, Hannah Guest, Christina Guest, Cathleen Gunnison, Tanner H., Gretchen Haas, Rebecca Habeeb-Silva, Katie Hagberg, Rachel Hall, Heather Hall, Heather Hall, Chris Halstead, Susan Halteman, Cassie Halverson, Bri Halverson, Lisa Hamill, Jon Hammer, Jonathan Hancock, Elizabeth Hanna, Marie Hannula, Colleen Harbison, Jim Harding, Peter Harkema, Josh Harlos, Brittney Harold, Colien Harris, Alexandra Harris, Jayme Harris, Kent Hart, Catherine Hartley, Jay Hartwell, Tera Hasbargen, Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Kelsey Hathaway, Kate Hawkins, Joshua Hawkins, Kate Hawkins, Tina Hayashi, Melissa Heatwole, Katie Heckel, Joanna Heckman, Kristina Hedberg, Kelly Hedgecock, Alexa Heeres, Paul Helbling, Kathleen Helbling, Shelly Helmus, Laura Helwig, Robert Henderson, Amanda Henes, Alexa Hensler, Beth Herber, John Herber, Zach Herber, Shelia Hereford, Sarah Herman, Jennifer Hernandez, Lea Hernandez, Sherrie Herter Herter, Jaclyn Heward, Andrew Hicks, Ashley Hicks, Elliott Higgins, Nicole Himes, Dennis Hobbs, Sarah Hobbs, Kaelynn Hobbs, Elaine Hoekstra, Randall Hoekstra, Charlotte Hoffmann, Ashley Holbrook,

Kathy Lochhart, Emma Lochhart, Kristina Logan, Richard Logan, M i c h a e l Lonergan, Marilyn Long, Jason Long, Marilyn Long, Eddie Long, Junius Long, Mayra Lopez, Juliana Love, Kellyn Lovell, Darien Lozon, Rhonda Lubberts, Kristin Lucero, Joy Lujan, Janie Luna, Kelly Lundberg, Katie Lundquist, Caleb L u t t e n e g g e r, Tammy Lynch, Frank Lynn, Alan MacDonald, Laurie MacKinnon, Shelia Maia, Sarah Maier, Meredith Maines, Justin Majetich, Bobby Majlea, Richelle Maki, Leanna Malkowski, Tiffany Malloy, Teresa Malmquist, Tiffany Mammott, Jared Mann, Heather Mann, Beverly Manuel, Nick Manzer, Tanya Marineau, Debi Marshall, Rich Marshall, Lynne Marson, Hansen Martin, Linda Martin, Tia Martin, David Martin, Zach Martin, Shelia Martinez, Alexis Martinez, Janelle Marx, K a t h r y n Mascanka, Tendai Masiriri, Bruce Mason, Kelsey Matson, Allison Mattocks, Rachel Mauck, Crystal Mayberry, Derek Mayer, Paul Maze, Rachel Mazzaro, Mya McCabe, Hayley McCarthy, Ashley McClew, M a r i L y n n

Stuart Parsons, John Parton, Jake Partridge, Lauren Pasciak, Shana Patterson, Sedric Patterson, Hannah Pearce, Erin Pearson, Jonathan Pedersen, Caitlyn Peel, Thaddeus Pelleyrini, Saritha Pelthongpoon, Drew Penfield, Courtney Pennington, Julie Perez, Matthew Perry, Jordan Perry, David Peterka, Eunice Petersen, Colleen Petersen, Micah Peterson, Jason Peterson, Allison Peuse, Theresa Phan, Craig Philbrick, Adam Phillips, Michael Phung, Julia Pickard, Jonathan Pickard, Jonathan Pickell, John H. R. Pieper Pieper, Ariel Pierson Pierson, D u n c a n Pilkington, Brian Pinick, Sarah Pixler, Reinaldo Pizarro, Peter Plantinga, Joel Ploegstra, Katie Poremba, Jenna Porter, Yared Portillo, Marlene Post, Becky Postema, Chris Postma, James Pothen, Meredith Powell, Matt Praschan, Tim Probst, Heather Promer, Emily Pugliese, Bryn Quintana, Christian

Radziwon, Lauren Sappington, Catte Sattler, Rahman, Katrina Rainwater, Marcia Sharon Sawka, Lyndee Sayers, Nathan Ramaker, Jenna Ramaker, Ashley Scalise, Charles Scalise, Cara Ramming, Julie Randolph, Jonathan Scandrett-Leatherman, Margaret Schaaf, Margaret Rashid, Rebekah Reddington, Katelynn Ann Schaaf, Kyle Schaap, Aldon Schaap, Karen Schaefer, Reisig, Anthony Rewers, Catherine Rice, Emily Scheckler, Jamie Schilling, Lukas Schindler, Mike Heather Rice-Minus, Hannah Richards, Jillian Schmidt, Elise Schubring, Justin Schultz, Rachel Schunk, Rachel Riddle, Robinson Rider, Cassie Rider, Nancy Schutter, Janet Schuurman, Derek Schwabe, Shanna Scott, Heather Ries, Carol Rigby, David Riley, Carrie Riley, Luke Scott, Melissa Scott, Blythe Scott, Christine Scribner, Andrea See, Beth Risher, Courtney Rittenhouse, Michael Ritter, Sefluth, scott Seibold, Cameron Seipp, Carolyn Self, sara sella Sella, Arielle Ritter, Jamie Robart, Nicole Roberts, Alyssa Sellers, Matthew Selmon, Shayla Senft, Carissa Senft, Brandon Justin Roberts, Chris Robinson, Precious Serne, Carolyn Setsma, Kylie Shackelford, Nicole Shaffer, Indu Rodgers, Jana Rodriguez, Johnny Rodriguez, Shanmugam, Sondra Shepley, Andrew Sherwood, Bogdan Shevchuk, Sarah Kenneth Roede, Rachel Roff, Jenni Rogan, Shihadah, Dana Shihadah, Grace Shimer, Geraldine Shoemaker, Rebecca Elizabeth Rogers, Katie Romen, Janet Shoup, Douglas P. Sibley, Carl Siebert, Maylani Siemasz, Pamela Silvano, Root, Christine Rorgd, Victoria Rosales, Janie Silvers, David Sioma, Amanda Sjulstad, Barbara Skochil, Jacob Briana Rose, Jillian Rossman, Ximena Skugrud, Sarah Slater, Jessica Slater, Kera Sloan, Darryl Sluka, Kris Smear, Roth, Karen Rowell, Ben Rowell, Kristia Smith, Diane Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Stuart Smith, Lindsey Smith, Laurie Ruby, Tad Smith, Nicole Smith, Minde Smyth, Krista Sneller, Krista Sneller, Audrey Ruhl, Norm Sneller, Kathy Sneller, Emily Snook, Thamus So`lae, Josiah Jenny Russell, Sohlulu, Gil Solano, Allyson Souders, Victoria Spata, Kaitlan Wendy Sale, Julie Spencer, Lexi Spiess, Deena Spindler, Jonathon Spivey, Sam Salerno, Luke Spoelstra, Reuben Sportel, Megan Spradley, Jenny Stahl, Salik, Samuel Marcia Stamboulian, Adryane Star, Ellie Staricka, Kelsey Sanden, Renee Stark, Jenny Starts, Abbigail Stefanek, Shannon Sanderford, Steiner, Nathan Steveking, Brittany Stichter, Daniel Sanders, Tyler Stitt, Chris Stokowski, Gabrielle R e n e e Stone, Lindsay Stork, Kodi

Stricker, Helen Strom, Carol Stuart, Alexiana Stump, Amy Stumpf, Jes Sudol, Gregory Sullivan, Kenneth Sumner, Kristen Suominen, Danielle Sutherland, nathan Swanson, Brian Swarts, Shandi Swayze, Chelsey Sweeney, Glenn Swier, Jorden Swiridowsky, Mitch Sytsma, Aubrey Sytsma, Alex Szcyna, Susan Talbot, Christina Tamayo, Jane Tanabe, Wu Tang Ting, Victoria Taylor, Dara Taylor, Abby Taylor, Shanice Taylor, Eric Tempelaese, Shawna Templeton, Gennifer Tesar, Joshua Teusink, Dawn Thames, Sunita Thannickal, Galanel Thaxton, Ralph B Thomas, Kara Thomas, Tyler Thomas, Robert Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Kayla Thompson, Jessica Thorne, Natalie Tidswell, Terry Timm, Terry Timm, Megan Tingwald, Jeff Tinnin, Stacie Tippett, Scott Todd, Joelle Tomkins, Erin Toolis, Devin Town, Megan Tracy, Hayley Tragis, Lanae Trambly, Rachel Trans, Duane Tratham, Sharon Trindal, Denise Trombley, Sara Troxell, Joelle Truax, Sundre Tuch-Mornn, Brittanie Turnure, JOHN Twohig, Kelsey Tyler, Rich Uhrlaub, Kathy Umanzor, Dondra Underwood, Dan Underwood, Teresa Unger, Heidi Unruh, Jeff Urban, Adrienne Vacanti, Jeffrey Vamos, Jill Van Beek, Shawn Van Dyke, Jill Vande Zande, Peter Vander Meulen, Ashley VanderGeld, Amber VanderGeld, Tess VanderNem, Amy VanderSlik, Erin VanderSlik, Jenna VanderStert, Nathan Vanderzee, Brittany VanDerziel, Julie VanHaitsma, Katarina VanSlambrook, Kathy Varis, Alison Vaughan, Barbara Vega, Emily Venn, Paul Vliem, Elisabeth Wade, Taylor Walburg, Michelle Waldo, Ashley Walker, Katie Walker, Ashley Walker, Skye Walker, Rebecca Wallace, Ericka Wallace, Bailey Walter, Eric

Walters, Angela Wanak, Edith Waskel, Frank Wehy, Sue Weidemann, Karl Weinner, Jodi Welbom, William Weld-Wallis, Steven Werner, Christen Wernig, Travis West, Derrick Weston, Dave Westra, Susan Whaley, Rod White, James Whitten, Blake Wichtowski, Kate Wiegman, Brian Wierenger, Kristel Wiesner, Rebecca Wiggins, Megan Wilder, Jade Wilia, Glory Wilkins, Glorianne Wilkins, Matthew Williams, Jennifer Wilmore, Richard Wilson, Becki Wilson, Jordan Wilson, Austin Wilson, Sharon Wilson, Arrianne Wilten, Elisabeth Windsor, Kimberly Winkleman, Carly Winstead, Barbara Wodynski, Kylie Wojahn, Elizabeth Wolbrink, Alexa Wolfe, Adam Wolpa, John Wolters, Allie Wood, Bethany Woodcock, Terrence Woodnorth, Anna Woodson, Ashley Wright, Anna Wright, Lydia Wright, Hannah Yackley, Daniel Yakel, Maame Yankah, Kyle Yates, Audrey Yonge, Gretchen Youk, Jennifer Young, Makenzy Zabrowski, Robert Zachritz, Rev, John Zamboni, H Berrien Zettler, Beth Zimmer, N i c o l e Zimmerman, Sarah Zyga, Kristopher Zyp

“As the wealthiest nation on Earth, I believe the United States has a moral obligation to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition...” - President Barack Obama

“One of the programs I am proudest of is the effort that began under President George W. Bush with robust Congressional support to combat AIDS in Africa. Millions of human beings are alive today because the United States and others in the global community are paying for their anti-viral medications…We need to continue this kind of foreign aid investment not just in PEPFAR, but in malaria control, vaccine programs and agriculture initiatives so that we can make similar strides in preventing hunger and establishing a healthier global community.” -Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

“Since the world has existed, there has been injustice. But it is one world, the more so as it becomes smaller, more accessible. There is just no question that there is more obligation that those who have should give to those who have nothing.� - Audrey Hepburn

“For the United States, supporting international development is more than just an expression of our compassion. It is a vital investment in the free, prosperous, and peaceful international order that fundamentally serves our national interest.� - Condoleezza Rice, Former U.S. Secretary of State,

“Global poverty is one of the most pressing moral challenges we face today. Yet, it’s more than just a moral problem that billions of people around the world are struggling to survive. It is also in our national security interests that we reduce global poverty. Populations that struggle in extreme poverty are more likely to become mired in destabilizing conflicts, or worse, become havens or recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations. This is an issue that we cannot afford to neglect.� - Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA)

“Foreign aid must be viewed as an investment, not an expense.” – Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), State and Foreign Ops Chairwoman

“Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right to life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold.” - Brad Pitt

“At a time of change and challenge at home and abroad, these investments will enhance the security of Americans, assure the future American leadership, and help build the foundations of peace, stability, and prosperity in the years ahead.” - Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

“Smart foreign aid is good. In Africa, George W. Bush did a great thing by helping people avoid being decimated by AIDS and Malaria. I do believe that 1% of the budget we have in foreign assistance needs to be maintained. Foreign assistance is helping friends and allies at a time when we need friends and allies.” - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

“In many respects, USAID’s efforts can do as much- over the long term- to prevent conflict as the deterrent effect of a carrier strike group or a marine expeditionary force.” - Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan Lieutenant General John Allen

“Foreign Assistance is not an end in itself. The purpose of aid must be to create the conditions where it is no longer needed.� - President Barack Obama

“Proactively investing in stronger societies and human welfare is far more effective and efficient than responding after state collapse.� - U.S. National Security Strategy

“Foreign aid is not an issue of left and right. It’s about right and wrong. In the toughest times, the choices we make reflect our deepest character and values.” - Richard Stearns, President of World Vision

“We live in a completely interdependent world, which simply means we can not escape each other. How we respond to AIDS depends, in part, on whether we understand this interdependence. It is not someone else’s problem. This is everybody’s problem.” - President Bill Clinton





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