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02 | introduction

introducing hood to:you, a dairy farm on wheels, direct to your neighborhood HOOD to:you provides neighborhoods with the freshest dairy products direct from local farmers, giving families reliable access to healthy, organic products. The to:you truck will serve as a mini portable dairy farm, supplying consumers with fresh milk, cheeses, butter, eggs, yogurt, and much more. We are firm believers in quality food at an affordable price, with socially responsible practices. Find us at:

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04 | why us?

by purchasing from hood to:you, you are supporting social responsibility Why do our customers choose HOOD to:you? Because by supporting us, they are also helping local farms, making healthier choices for their families, and choosing to make a difference in waste reduction. Not only are our products certified organic and guaranteed to be fresh, they utilize reusable packaging that is better for the environment.

06 | logo

we strive to deliver quality dairy goods and smiles

Our logo features an abstracted smile for the “u� at the end of to:you. We think it’s important for customers to head home with delicious dairy, but just as important for them to leave with a smile on their face. A black logo is used for labels, while the two colored logos are for the milk bottles, promotional items, and signage.

logo | 07

08 | colors

our bright palette is inspired by warm summer days

Our colors are grass green, daisy yellow, cream, olive, as well as black and white. Each color matches milk of a different fat content, with the exception of black. White: 100% Cream: 2% Daisy Yellow: 1% Grass Green: 0% Olive is used for the logo printed on the bottles.

colors | 09

grass green cmyk: 30|0|100|0 rgb: 191|215|48

daisy yellow cmyk: 0|0|100|0 rgb: 255|242|0

cream cmyk: 0|0|30|0 rgb: 255|250|194

olive cmyk: 20|20|90|20 rgb: 174|157|33

10 | typeface

we’re committed to our typefaces and use them in all of our printed material Our typography is meant to be used together, with the serif type being used for headlines and the san serif for body copy. The top example on the adjacent page is Clarendon Roman, the middle example is Eureka Sans Regular, and the bottom example is Eureka Sans Small Caps.

typeface | 11

Clarendon Regular

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Eureka Sans Regular

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Eureka Sans Small Caps

12 | pattern

we love bright and cheerful patterns

ttern tteern

14 | labels

the labels for products will be printed on round kraft paper stickers Stickers will be various sizes, ranging from 1.625” diameters to 2.5” diameters. Each sticker will feature a “Use By” section where the farmer or salesperson will handwrite the expiration date. Stickers must match the correct color lid:  White for Whole Milk (100%) Cream for 2% Milk Daisy Yellow for 1% Milk Grass Green for Fat Free Milk (0%) All other labels do not need to be color coordinated to lids.

labels | 15

18 | packaging

we have milk bottles in three sizes, each with interchangeable caps for convenience Our milk bottles come in the following sizes: Small: 16 fl oz Medium: 32 fl oz Large: 64 fl

packaging | 19

22 | packaging

milk bottle caps are color coded based on their fat content

packaging | 23

24 | packaging

products other than milk use the same kraft label

Our other products are labeled by hand on the same basic kraft sticker.

packaging | 25

32 | truck

our truck will carry all of our products and bring them to you for convenience The to:you dairy truck will go around the neighborhood, making a stop every couple of blocks. The truck will have a “fill it yourself� station where customers can bring their glass milk bottles to be refilled. New customers can also purchase bottles. There will be a variety of other dairy products on board as well, including eggs, butter, and other staples. Cheeses can be sampled, as well as ice cream and other treats. Specials will be posted on the chalkboard at the rear of the truck, above a recycling bin.

truck | 33

Specials Cheeses: Invierno- Vermont sheep milk cheese, soft, rich Crowley- Intense, hard, sharp Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar Butters: Rosemary Herbed Butter

34 | event

a branding event will feature family day at the park, promoted by postcards The event will be catered by HOOD TO:YOU, where families can sample dairy products and meet some animals that supply the milk. Parents can exchange recipes, learn about upcoming events, and learn about the benefits about TO:YOU products. Children will have activity books teaching them about barn animals and farms, as well as games and arts and crafts planned. Schedules for the dairy truck will be distributed, as well as free reusuable bottles. Postcards will be mailed out approximately a month before the event.

event | 35




Join Us... When: Colchester Park Burlington VT

Where: March th, :

PM to :


What: A fun afternoon for the whole family,

with wholesome snacks provided by HOOD to:you. Come meet some local farm animals, learn about upcoming events, and sample a variety of organic dairy products.


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