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Harvey Hood


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Harvey Hood is the only large-scale


that values quality, taste, and convenience equally. For busy New Yorkers who have kids

(or are kids at heart) WHO WANT TO SMILE when they look in the fridge.

Who is Harvey Hood? Harvey Hood is a microbrand offshoot of the HP Hood LLC dairy company, established by Harvey Perley Hood in 1846. As our name begins to imply, we are concerned with returning to our parent company's roots and making straight-from-the-farm dairy products accessible to a wider audience than other craft dairy brands are able to reach. Essentially, Harvey Hood seeks to create a new atmosphere for dairy in the market, combining unparalleled product flavor and quality with a fair price, fun design, and an emphasis on making a personal connection with our customers.


What do we do?

Products and services Our product line includes skim and whole milk; salted and unsalted cultured butter (commonly referred to as “European-style”); and Hoodsie Cups, 3.6oz cups of ice cream split down the middle with chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other, available in both 12-packs and singles. There are two ways to purchase all of our products: sign up for home delivery from one of our friendly milkmen, or ask for them at one of the Harvey Hood ice cream trucks found all over the city. Harvey Hood is something of an exclusive microbrand in that our products are only available in New York City, specifically Manhattan and Brooklyn. While this may initially seem like a strangely small scope for a microbrand with such a large parent company, we think it makes perfect sense. First of all, our farms are located just a couple hours away from the city, meaning that all our products remain local—but more importantly, our labels don't lie when they say “farm-fresh”—the milk you're buying in the afternoon was almost certainly given that morning. Geography also plays a different part in the efficiency of Harvey Hood: by relying on a system of home delivery and roving ice cream trucks to get our products into our customer's hands, we are best suited to serving a smaller area of dense population. That also makes for the highest concentration of potential customers on the smallest footprint of land. Finally, the novelty of exclusivity also serves to raise awareness of Harvey Hood—but it will be. the quality, flavor, convenience, and fun-factor of our products that keeps customers coming back for more.


Happily serving New York's Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs



Why should you care? At the risk of sounding trite, you should care about Harvey Hood because we really do care about you. We want you to be more than satisfied with the products we offer, in terms of their overall quality—flavor, aesthetic, and freshness included—and in terms of your experience interacting with us, be it at home during deliveries or at one of our ice cream trucks, beating the heat with a Hoodsie Cup or grabbing a quart of milk on your way home. The fact that our ice cream trucks offer our full line of products, not just our ice cream, is a particularly important asset for new and potential customers—it's easy to try Harvey Hood's milk, butter, and ice cream before committing to our home delivery service. This feature of flexibility and convenience is unique to our brand; no other dairy offering home deliveries can say that they too have one-stop dairy shops driving around New York City. Furthermore, we would like nothing more than to develop reciprocal relationships with our customers, accomplished by our annual Free Ice Cream Day every June 30th, different limited-edition Hoodsie Cup flavors available at trucks than available at home, and a personal milkman who makes all of your deliveries, just like it used to be. It's nice to connect.





This is our logo. As you can see, it’s made up of two components for the sake of versatility: a logomark and a logotype, which can appear together or as separate signifiers of the brand. The logomark features a glimpse at the company’s eponymous milkman character, created to bring humanity and relatability to the brand. He appears youthful, a deliberate gesture meant to underscore the overall aesthetic direction of Harvey Hood and to connect with the target markets: families, children, and young adults.



Harvey Hood


These are the colors we use. Bright, no?

(oh and black and white, of course)

We chose these colors to represent Harvey Hood because we think they embody perfectly the image we want to project: one of vibrant youthfulness with ties to vintage Americana. We use these colors boldly on packaging both as ornamentation and as a desegnator within product categories—for example, skim milk features a label with cyan as its dominant hue, whereas whole milk is assigned a primarily red label.


By replacing these grays with our colors, this becomes...



To take one look at any component of the Harvey Hood brand is to know that it comes from us. This happens because we employ a modular design system across all of our materials to ensure visual cohesion without rote repetition. This system combines our aforementioned logo and color palette with a handful of complementary typefaces, bold geometric patterning based on diagonal striping, and a trove of ornamental shapes and flourishes to really bring things together.


Who doesn't love flexibility?





Harvey Hood offers a simple, yet comprehensive line of dairy products, including skim and whole milk, salted and unsalted butter, and ice cream cups, in our classic chocolate/vanilla combination as well as other limited edition flavors introduced throughout the year. Though our line of products might appear somewhat sparse to the uninitiated shopper, one taste of any of our items is enough to understand that less really is more when it comes to Harvey Hood.

Quarts of skim and whole milk, fresh from the farm


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“Cultured” butter, also sometimes known as “European-style” butter, is butter that has been made from a fermented cream resulting in the richest, most quintessentially buttery flavor possible. Naturally, Harvey Hood could offer up nothing less.



A note on our packaging design At Harvey Hood, we value our looks. That's why we put almost as much care into our packaging designs as we do our dairy products (which is to say bordering on obsessive) because we believe that, for our of products to be successful, they need to look as good as they taste and taste as good as they look, all while maintaining a connection to Harvey Hood's inherent values and intent. Opening up the fridge or freezer only to be confronted with visual monotony is no good in our eyes, which is why our milk, butter, and ice cream products really stand out. From the fourth-grader grabbing a Hoodsie Cup for dessert, to the bleary-eyed teenager making a bowl of cereal at noon, to the hurried parent throwing dinner together in a rush, Harvey Hood's products aren't merely eye-catching, they're smile-inducing. And that's before you factor in how good they taste.


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Harvey Hood


Home delivery truck





rvey Hood

Ice cream truck

Two vehicles, two ways to buy. Harvey Hood understands that a company offering a flexible shopping experience is a valuable company for busy New Yorkers, which is why we offer two modes of securing our products: either through home delivery or by paying a visit to one of our ice cream trucks. This way, we honor your needs perfectly, whatever they may be.






Invitation features event details on reverse

New Yorkers, meet Harvey or, “Free ice cream for all!� Given the great hype companies like Chipotle, Ben and Jerry's, and Rita's Water Ice have created surrounding their simple annual brand promotion events, we see no problem in utilizing their tried and true formula to create a successful brand launch/promotional event of our own—free ice cream for all on June 30th from now on. Who can argue with that? The reason that these kinds of promotional events are so successful is that they put the product directly into the hands of the uninitiated consumer with no effort involved on their part and no expenditure. In one fell swoop, the potential customer is not only brought into contact with your brand, it's virtually impossible for their experience to be a negative one, ensuring a positive consumer awareness of Harvey Hood. The next time they come into contact with one of our products or see one of our trucks on the street, the potential loyal customer will be reminded of the day we handed them a Hoodsie Cup with a smile and be that much more likely to go for another positive experience with us.


Harvey Hood




Getting the word out Event promotion will occur through ads pasted up across New York, event cards given out at street level, and invitations sent through the mail. Contents of letter enclosed with mailed invitations: “To celebrate the launch of our new farm-fresh dairy brand, we want to give everyone in New York a free Harvey Hood Hoodsie Cup on June 30th! They will be available at all Harvey Hood ice cream trucks located throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. And while you’re at it, ask to try our amazingly delicious milk, served up by the glass, and our Europeanstyle butter, paired with crusty bread from Bouchon Bakery, both available to be sampled! If you love our farm-fresh dairy products (and we think you will), know that it's more than easy to have them at home— you can choose to have them delivered to suit your schedule by one of our friendly milkmen or purchase any of our lucious products directly from one of our prominent ice cream trucks, like a convenience store on wheels.”


Harvey Hood Brand Book  

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