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Don Rice: Celebrating 50 years with the Borger News-Herald 1960s-1970s Section 1 March 23, 2012

PAGE 2A Friday, March 23, 2012

Don Rice: 50 Years

Borger News-Herald

Some truly catty photos!


Thank You Don for all you do in the community! Congratulations on 50 Years.

1201 Fairlanes

Borger, Texas Don took pictures of these truly unique cats back in 1961. These Siamese kittens belonged to Gerald O. York, Sr. and Myrtle York, and were named ErnieGee and Hi Lo. The table setup was done by Gerald York, Jr.

Borger News-Herald

Don Rice: 50 Years

Friday, March 23, 2012 PAGE 3A

Don Rice: The community thanks you “Don Rice........What can I say..... He is a legend when comes to Pictures for the Newspaper. The first pictures from the 1970’s to 1980’s & 1990’s, Phyllis Grove Heston, Lindsey Furniture Ads. School, fashion, airplanes, cats, cars, United Way, Fish Fry, wedding ads. He covered the all the Miss Borger Pageants. In 1977 My sister Kelly Grove Gibson won. When windsurfing was popular at Lake Meredith, he was there with his camera too. He took pictures in 2004 for the Parade of Homes. Now 2011 to 2012, he takes pictures of our daughter, Madison Heston, a student at WTHS. Every time I see him with his camera. It brings back lots of happy memories. I SMILE.” Phyllis Grove Heston

via the CB radio in his vehicle. When news broke and he was out in the field, you could always reach him on his trusted CB. As the years passed and technology improved, now you can usually hear Rice coming before you see him as he has his ever-present radio at his fingertips to keep up with happenings around the county. We often speculated, as quickly as he would respond to something newsworthy happening in the middle of the night that he must sleep fully dressed with his radio clipped to his belt and his big camera around his neck, truck keys in hand, ears alert for the sound of his radio, ready to dash out the door when duty called. Don is truly an icon and from the experience of working with him for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say he is one of the most precious resources the BorgerNews Herald has. Someone who knows the back roads of the county as well as the main “Don and I are honored to have had the opportunity to work with this streets and who is respected by law enforcement, emergency manageaward winning photographer for the many years we were associated with ment, local government and other entities as well as by all of the individuthe Borger News-Herald and to count him as a friend. als with whom he has contact is truly a treasure. Don Rice’s eye and talent for capturing the perfect shot at just the right An avid model plane enthusiast and boater, Rice’s love for photography moment has served the newspaper well for the 50 years he has been on is equaled only to his love of family. His wife Linda and son Don deserve staff. From explosions and accidents, gorgeous photos of the natural beau- kudos for all of the meals Rice has missed through the 50 years of service, ty around the county to the fun shots of kids, sporting events, and families the middle of the night scrambles to cover a breaking story and for all of enjoying Lake Meredith and other local activities, Rice seems, on some the times his evening at home was interrupted as he was “out on assigndays, to be everywhere at once. ment” at an event in Hutchinson County. The memories of Rice walking the sidelines at a Borger Bulldog footTo Don we extend a hearty “Congratulations on 50 years of providing ball game, rushing out of the office to cover a fire or accident, seeing him the subscribers of the Borger News-Herald with an exceptional pictorial roam the streets and roads of the county looking for that “unique and history of Hutchinson County and beyond! You are a true icon and a woninteresting” wild art shot and then seeing the hours he spent carefully derful photographer who has captured the true spirit of the county and of developing his film or sitting at the computer downloading his photos are the people who reside here. We are proud to have had the opportunity to treasured memories indeed. There have been few events that have hap- work with you and wish you many more ‘great shots’ as you continue to pened that Rice has not covered with his Nikon in hand, snapping photos provide this all important service to your local newspaper and to the resiright and left and documenting the history of our county. dents of Hutchinson County. ” Years ago, when I first began at the BNH, we communicated with Rice Judy and Don Allen

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Answering the call

Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co. 9455 FM1559 Borger, TX 79007 806/274-7213

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Don Rice: 50 Years

Borger News-Herald

A little beauty queen!

(Original Cutline) - 1966 WINNER - Pretty little Karen Diane Kossey, winner of last year’s Miss Minnow Contest, held in conjunction with the annual Lake Meredith Festival, will greet the 1967 winner during festivities here next week. Small-fry beauties will parade before the judge at 8 p.m. June 1.



on 50 Years!!

Karen Kossey-1966 Miss Minnow

What a catch!

Thank You for your hard work & dedication!

U.S. Inc.

(Original Cutline) - GOTTIM !! - Steven Kossey, 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kossey, 1008 Plemons Road, Phillips, got his deer Tuesday afternoon while hunting with his dad on the Canadian River. The deer dressed out at 85 pounds.

Borger News-Herald

Don Rice: 50 Years

Friday, March 23, 2012 PAGE 5A

Don Rice: The community thanks you “One of the cutest pictures we have of our daughter, Stacy Wade, is her sitting on our front steps with a sparkler around the fourth of July maybe 1964 or ‘65. I think she was around four or five. Thank Don for the wonderful picture fo her.” Jim Wade Katy, TX “On behalf of the National Park Service employees who care for the public lands at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area and Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, I want to send our best wishes to Don Rice who is celebrating 50 years of photography with the Borger NewsHerald. What an accomplishment, Don! You have made many of our park visitors your subjects of fun-filled pictures for subscribers to enjoy, year after year. We thank you for all your time and effort with this.” ************************************************** Cindy Ott-Jones Superintendent Lake Meredith NRA/Alibates Flint Quarries NM

friends I had made over the years. Actually we were more than friends, we were family. Don was and is someone very special to me. He even rescued me one Sunday morning when I was leaving for church only to discover I had locked my keys in my car. One phone call and less than 5 minutes later Don had me on my way. I really appreciate that man. I hope everyone at the paper realizes that Don Rice is one of the main reasons that the News-Herald still has a heart beat.” Kay Swinford

“Don Rice is the best neighbor anyone could ask for. He’d give any of us the shirt off his back. He has helped so many people with no expectation of anything in return. And he’s a great photographer, too!” Danny Ray Park and Ramona Barker, neighbors “Don, Congratulations! 50 years, same employer! Wow! Four years ago, when I was a newcomer to Borger, I didn’t know who was who. You were always at the events Dan and I attended, so I just assumed you were Mr. Borger. I grew to love Borger because of the kind people, but it all began with you. To me, you will always be Mr. Borger! Thank you for always making me feel welcome to the fine City of Borger. Borger is proud to have you, and such a fine job you do!” Rachelle Redd, Dorm Director, Frank Phillips College “I remember way back when Don was probably just out of high school or college. He would come into Barney’s Pharmacy with his camera. He had a gleam in his eye and a skip in his step because he was sweet on the little girl behind the counter at the soda fountain. She was the soda jerk and he was looking to impress. I think he may have married her. Years later, he took a picture of me after I had caught what the time was the largest catfish out of Lake Meredith at about 21” long. I still have the picture, a black and white 8x10, in a frame.”

“Congratulations, Don Rice. You took this picture at the Livestock Show about 1970. It’s one of our favorites.” Best Wishes, S.T. (Red) and Paula Isbell

“My recollections and getting to know Don Rice began some thirtyplus years ago. I had a general interest in aviation and specifically radio controlled model airplanes. Don helped my wife select the right radio gear, engine, and airplane for a beginner which was then given to me as a Christmas gift. Don had also volunteered to help me build the plane, one of his own designs, and learn to fly it. After many nights at his house building the plane and answering many questions about how and why, it was finished Bob Neeley, Sanford, 95 years old and ready to fly. Don then spent many hours at the local flying field helping me learn “I worked for the Borger News-Herald for 30 years. I was blessed to to master R/C flight. Most afternoons Don was hardly able to fly his own have had the opportunity to work with Don Rice for all those years. He is planes as he stayed busy teaching and helping me and lots of other begintruly a wonderful, caring human being. Totally loyal to his friends. The ner pilots. He was always there with an encouraging word or any needed day always began with Don’s “Howdy, Howdy!”. He has always done parts. the job at hand, but not a day went by that he didn’t go above and beyond Don’s patience and teaching skills allowed me to learn to fly R/C planes what was expected of him. Any thing you needed was always responded and then continue to enjoy the hobby for many years. Over the years there to with “We’ll get her done”. were several local flying clubs. Don was always there to support everyone Don always loved what he did for a living. Back in the day when work- and provided great photos for contest notices, newspaper and magazine ing for the newspaper was more fun than work, Don was always around. publications to advertise what the groups were doing. Thanks, Don!” If we needed something to close out a page he always had taken some kind of picture that would fit right where we needed a filler. Alan Bates When I left the paper in 2004, it was so hard to leave behind the many

Celebration Family Church of Fritch, Texas

Is Pleased To Congratulate

Lowe’s Supermarket Of Fritch


The 50th Anniversary of

DON RICE!! 316 E. Broadway Fritch 806-857-2976


On 50 Years of Service To Hutchinson County!

Thank You Don Rice

For All You’ve Done Your Community! Sho Jim’sFor Diamond

Celebration Family Church Sunday Service Times: 9:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. 811 E. Broadway Fritch, Texas 806-857-3830

The area’s only

519 N. Main St. • Borger 274-2370

PAGE 6A Friday, March 23, 2012

Don Rice: 50 Years

Borger News-Herald

What an explosion!

Don was on hand the day a tank car explosion occurred in Borger. This particular event occurred on Dec. 15, 1973. The top picture shows the tank car prior to the explosion, the second one shows the explosion occurring, and the bottom photo is the explosion from six miles away. Don described the explosion as being so powerful that it actually blew the front windows out at the Borger News-Herald offices at that time.

Borger News-Herald

Don Rice: 50 Years

Friday, March 23, 2012 PAGE 7A

An award-winning photo

Don said this picture was taken in the 1970s. He said it won first prize in a National Press Photographers Association contest.

An interview with Don’s better half, Linda Rice

Regarding how long Don has been with BNH: “There are not a lot of people who have integrity like Don’s got.” Regarding what it’s like to live with a guy who gets up at all hours of the night to take photos: “I just ignore him. I block it out. But if he doesn’t get up when the scanner goes off, I say, ‘Don, did you hear that?’” The Rices will be married 43 years in April 2012. They married about seven years after Don came to work at BNH. Regarding how they met: “I worked at Barney’s Pharmacy just down the street and he would come down there and get a Coke.” Don moved to Borger from Spearman where he worked as photographer. J.C. Phillips hired him to work at the BNH. He was born in Wellington and raised in McLean. Don had a twin sister named Donna who died in her twenties. Linda said, “They were nine pound twins!”

Thank You For All You’ve Done For Your Community!


First Southern Baptist Church 520 Overland Trail • Fritch, Texas 806-857-3395 •

“Donna was very smart and taught school in Stinnett before she died.” He has two sons, Donald Lynn Rice and Daniel Kent Rice. Donald is a photographer and Daniel is retired. The couple has ten grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. His hobbies include flying radio-controlled airplanes, fishing and camping at the lake and working with his tractor.

The City of Fritch Applauds


For His Faithful Service To The Public! We Appreciate You! City of Fritch

104 N. Robey • 806-857-3143




Don Rice on 50 Years Of Great Service!

108 North Main • Borger, Tx 806-274-3461

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Don Rice Special Section 1  

A section honoring our longtime photographer for 50 years of service to the Borger News-Herald.