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A collection of projects


Mi Zhou + Mariah Harrison






This project is to design a bike rack for the MoB+StoreFront design studio and also the neiberhood. The main idea behide this design was the location of the bike rack and also what can this bike rack represent. The loaction is 205-207 E. Broad st.There will be a bus stop in front of the bike rack. Therefore we decided to make a “bench bike rack” that people can park their bikes and also sit on the bench. Plan

Side section

The shape of the bike rack on the side is the letter M which represent the MoB studio. Since VCU is being really supportive about this MoB studio, so we choose the color of the bike rack to be the VCU color “black & yellow“. The bike rack has multiple functions, not only that it has a bench, but also there will be a code lock attached in the side of every black frame, and the two different levels of the parking frame on the back can avoid the problem of bike handle bars hitting each others.

Detail parts

Bike Rack

mOb + Storefront for Community Design

Bike Rack

For MoB+Storefront Design Studio

Re-think the dumpster

Sub Rosa Pop-up cart

Up Side Down


This idea came from the “big change of the neighbourhood.”The sheds will be the big change. This Shed will be up side down, and the“roof“ is going to become a plat form which people can sit on and hangout. The Shed it self will be in a square shape that will be easy to store things.

Up side down shed idea

Shed inspirations

Public Restroom

Branding for “For Colored Girlz“

Re- Thrift store

Mutation- The DNA of 20th Century Design

Gallery elevation 1

Gallery elevation 2

Gallery room 1

Gallery elevation 2

Flip book detail

Panel detail


A collection of projects  

Some projects that I did with the mOb + SFCD. Some of them are individual project, others are group projects.

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