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POINT OF SALE – My magazine would be sold in retailers such as WHsmiths, Tesco and Morrisons due to the wide range of my target audience that would visit these stores. This permits an attraction to my magazine due to the fact that my target audience will be exposed to my magazine a lot. Potentially and ideally my magazine could make a huge breakthrough and be sold in shops such as House Of Fraiser, or Topshop, as these places would be extremely tailored to my target audience as they have elements of fashion too. It could also be sold in HMV, as this would highlight the music element of my magazine, and be exposed to those of have a love for the type of music my magazine talks about, therefore my magazine would be fitting into the environment and expose itself to a wider range of my target audience. ELEMENTS OF ATTRACTION – - The model on my main cover is staring directly at the camera, and therefore staring directly at my target audience. This creates a sense of attraction as people are drawn to things that they can feel connected with. The sense of ‘eye contact’ between my model and my target audience creates a bond, and therefore attracts them to my product. - The overall colour scheme of my magazine compliment’s the idea of quirkiness, and age group of my target audience. The colours of hot pink are quite childish, bringing out the child within my target audience; however the greenblue colour matures the magazines colour pallet therefore moving the age of my target audience up from a child, to an older teenager. Also the black and white images create a sense of maturity, unity and a sense of wealth and an aspect of vintage. The use of these colours creates drama, and stands out from the usual

colours on the stands in retailers at the moment, (yellows, blacks and reds), therefore, it’s much more eye catching and creates a very desirable visual appearance. This creates attraction to my product. - In regards to cover lines and starred stories on my contents page, I used personal pronouns to directly address my reader. Using words like ‘you’ enables my audience to feel like the magazine is talking to them; it makes them feel more involved and creates a more personal implication for the target audience. - My cover lines also highlight things that I’m sure my target audience will be very interested in, for example fashion elements and music artists that will suit my target audience’s preferences. This will create immediate attraction as my audience will enjoy reading the cover lines, and therefore will push them towards purchasing my product. My magazine uses many elements to attract my target audience, from what the magazine actually talks about within the product, to where my product will be sold. The colours used, and fonts, and the models within my product also help as if my audience likes what they see they are much more likely to buy the product. For example, if my target audience think my model is beautiful, they are more likely to buy it rather than buy a magazine with not so good looking models on. Same goes for colours and fronts, if they complement each other my product will be more desirable to look at, rather than colours clashing.

attraction towards my target audience