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interior + industrial designer

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name: Mia surname:Vucic place of birth: Croatia, Zagreb

2012. - ZDA - Zanetti Design Architettura

e-mail: mobile Italy: +39 3888 199560 mobile Croatia: +38598 1633 241

Croatian - native language Bosnian - Serbian - advanced speaking and writing skills English - advanced speaking and writing skills German - basic conversation level - 2002/08. Italian - basic conversation level - B1 diploma at “Instituto Italiano” Spanish - 2nd level diploma at Language School “IN lingua”

education 2011/12. - Master Degree - SPD “Scuola Politecnica di Design” - Major - Interior Design 2008/11. - Bachelor’s Degree - University of Zagreb, Faculty of Arhitecture, School of Design - Majors - Industrial Design, Photography 2008/09. - Majors - Industrial Design, Typography, Visual Communications 2004/08. - Secondary School - XVIII. Language High School exhibitions 2010. and 2011. - Work shown at Zagreb Fair Show “Ambienta”


computer skills Operating Systems: Windows and MacOS Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, SketchUp, Rhinoceros 3D, 3Ds Max, Solidworks, Keyshot, Dialux, AutoCAD


/ Via Cesare Ajraghi, Milano /

Residendial project / renovation apartment, condominio torre del parco, v. magistretti /

New concept / la feltrinelli Village /

Future of bookstores - the place of interaction between people, learning and experiencing. Concept is about adaptation to the future. So every generation can feel comfortable at the process of getting familiar with using new way of reading books, from children to elderly people.

The whole interior design in about merging past and future so people can still recognize the La Feltrinelli look but at the same time realize progress and evolution. The interior consists of original La Feltrinelli book shelves and six self services that present the La Feltrinelli future, where people can search La Feltrinelli world and it’s upgraded application, where people can find every book in the shop and find it’s correct place in it, as well as ordering, downloading and buying the books, gadgets, theater and cinema tickets, games etc.

Step to the future is presented as this futuristic, organic multifunctional shape used for sitting and interaction with La Feltrinelli digital world through the upgraded La Feltrinelli App


Wire mesh

Porcelan parque

Model of the interior space

On the left is children’s area of the shop, Piazza Portello being area mostly visited by elderly and young families this is one of the important areas in the store. In this case multifunctional shape is a part of children amusement as well as the wall where they can draw and write, on the paint layer on which the drawings are easily erasable. On the other side is the space for instruments.

Movable la Feltrinelli The self service is used to promote and present La Feltrinelli all around the cities, in the metro stations, squares, parks. Where people can see where is the closest La Feltrinelli bookshop, map of the city, it is usefull for buying tickets for theaters and cinemas and other events.

While waiting for metro, bus or just sitting and relaxing in the park they can search the whole bookshop’s digital data base, ordering, informing themselves or downloading a book in their smartphone or tablet.



INSPIRATION Three images collected in the initial sessions showing three different aspects of interiors. FORM Different parts of a whole TEXTURE Materials and finishes in connection with feelings and emotions EXPERIENCE A memory to take back CONCEPT Margiela has two sides of design – Fashion and Interior. The space must show the two aspects of the designer. We created a dual function of the space, one with the Apart Hotel and the other Fashion Runway and Retail.

INTERIORS The façade and ceiling are the strongest point with Shape forming the space. The color palette is black and white with a little splash of a bright color like red or blue. Margiela’s x-rayed works are used as the graphic. The furniture is all straight lined and simple in contrast with the haphazard ceiling and façade. From function to form everything is kept simple and minimalistic.


The Ground Floor and First Floor were designed with 7 luxurious rooms - 5 double rooms and 2 duplex. Every room transforms into a backstage dressing area, runway and retail. The furniture and furnishings can be adjusted for the transformation.

Section A - A 1. Apart Hotel 2. Runway

Section C - C

RECEPTION Reception on-line is over the application on any smart phone. Having your personal account client becomes a member of Margiela, the they can book appart hotel, check in, on-line key, ask for service of need. Account shows the level of client, they previous purcheses, needs....

foodmarket in the future / EXPO 2015. / Milan /

Concept In the future, due to lack of agricultural land, the agricultural fields will come into the city. The parks, which are a solely a piece of ornamentation, will be used as agricultural fields.

People will be able to come to the park, see food grow, shop directly for fresh food while walking in the park, order and eat freshly cooked food and contribute to the park by composting. Everything in the same park.

We developed the concept for Parco Sempione, the largest park in Milan, the location of the Expo 2015. The whole park is transformed into a piece of agricultural land where fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grow as per season. We have designed an application for apple or android phones which will guide the people through the space. People can come and see the vegetable grow and shop for it directly while strolling in the park on the application. They can also order freshly cooked food to eat choosing from the ingredients or from the menu. The application sends the orders to the outlet where the fruits and vegetables are packed automatically in the factory and food is prepared in the kitchen as per the order. The application tells the people the time taken for their order to get ready. Hence, it becomes a fast experience as people don’t have to wait. They can pick up their package when it is ready.

Kitchen - preparation of meals

Factory - preparation of raw orders

Factory - pay with smart phone, open, carry

Kitchen - freshly cooked food waiting warm in the box

Model 1: 100 scale

Once done with the eating, people can compost the waste in the park and help compost faster by playing on the application when they approach a compost box. It is a complete experience of food which can be a slow or fast entertainment as well.

Consumption area One stop shop, eat and relax. Convenient for people living in the city. Low cost and natural food.

system of furniture

/ design frei / Hotels and touristic apartments *** / **** /

Project is about system of furniture that can fit any plan without a feeling of furniture being “put in�, but having an arhitectural meaning and making a merged atmosphere between elements.


wall cover night stand


wall cover mirror hanger





mirror wall cover TV

The system consists of six dimensions that are multifunctional. All of them have one function the same and that is wall covering. All of the furniture is self standing. Wall coverings are made so they can unite the space, any space, giving the arhitectural meaning and in the same time cover plugs, wires ect. One of the main advantages are that it can be used for the hotels as well as cheap turistic apartments, depending of the material used in the production. Prototypes of both versions were presented in Zagreb at Fair show “Ambienta� 2011.

wardrobe door head board wall cover mirror

Here are some of many possibilities how to put elements together for more affordable, low price range touristic apartments


apartman *** / sob a 1 / varij anta1 B-B























This are two examples of furniture system designed for hotels are following the International hotel standards for 3 and 4 * hotels.





System of furniture for hotels and apartments is made in colaboration with Croatian Turistic Association and Croatian Interiors Association “Hrvatski interijeri” .

Detail of the handels

Mounting TV on wall covering and wall

Detail of the bed construction and it’s edge

chair / triplex /

Project chair called the “Triplex” is conceived highlighted in the form of constructiveness. Chair focuses on a clear transfer of strength Over leg counterfort on the 4-point layout square cross section. Chair “X” with its airy construction affects as spatially and graphically interesting.

Functionally complete element connecting the chair further suggest a common intersection of the backrest, seat, armrests and legs directions. Chair acts structurally clear, firm and easy!

Chair is comfortable in using and at the same time representative, and operates a modern and focused on visual design and silhouette. The structure is made of beech while other pieces of wood to match are optional.

Hair dryer / curve /

The aim was to create a hair dryer for home use and travelling with the characteristics of excellence. The result is a hair dryer smaller, ergonomic, innovative, easy to maintain.

It has the shape of an ellipsoid, with a switch on the side. On the upper side is the inlet, on the bottom side there is a part formed like a elliptical cylinder in with is the electric motor and copper wire. The new format allows drying without unnatural wrist twisting, a mesh inside the hole for intake prevents entering and burning long hair. When you pause or don’t use a hair dryer can be respited in straight exhaust area, and the cord can be wraped around it.

Hair dryer / sphere /

Exploring the application of an hair dryer, I realized that all dryers have a “gun� shape that is awkward when self using due to unnatural bending of the wrist.

This solution looks like two merged spheres. Hair dryer is used holding one of two spheres in hand. That sphere is covered with rubber against slipping. Ball is average fist size which contributes comfort use. Between two balls there is a disk that serves as a switch. Rotating the disk we switch on and off the device. That part with smaller diameter is used for wrapping cable. Another sphere in which the air exhausts is used for laying aside when you pause during drying or not using.

/ photography /

All photographs are taken by analog camera without any kind of retouching Camera: Contax 139 Quartz

Mia Vucic Porfolio  

Porfolio of my recent and student industial and interior work as well as photograpy

Mia Vucic Porfolio  

Porfolio of my recent and student industial and interior work as well as photograpy