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24/7 Card Allows You To Make Hassle-Free Purchases During Your Vacation In The Philippines Have you ever been to the tropical country of the Philippines? Have you visited its finest beaches and popular diving destinations in Boracay and Palawan? Have you snapped photos of its perfectly formed Mayon Volcano? Or experienced shopping and enjoying the night life in Manila? If you have not done any of these yet, pace yourself up and start inviting your loved ones to book for a flight and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime. You do not have to worry about handling every bit of purchase and expenses you will be making in this vacation for we introduce you to 24/7 Card - the newest Visa prepaid debit and remit card that enables you to make hassle-free purchases during your vacation in the Philippines! With the all-new 24/7 online prepaid card, you can shop and pay bills electronically for free or pay by check directly from your account wherever your next Philippines tourist destination is. Rest assured that during any payment or transaction, 24/7 Card will keep it simple and convenient. Guaranteed that we will keep track of your payments when they are being processed. Your purchases are paid directly from your bank account which means you will not experience any annoying or upsetting late fee or interest charge. 24/7 prepaid debit card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide where you can pay for your expenses. 24/7 online prepaid debit card also allows you to send money online to your loved ones in a faster and safer way wherever they may be around the world. We may not know where your dream vacation is but we guarantee you one thing: there is no price tag that you can put in the experiences that the Philippines will offer to you. Happy vacation!

About 24/7 Card -- Conveniently shop anywhere in the Philippines by swiping your 24/7 Card! This visa debit card is widely accepted online and almost anywhere in the world.

24/7 Card Allows You To Make Hassle-Free Purchases During Your Vacation In The Philippines