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How to Increase My Penis Size - Simple Tips Every Man Should Know in Order to Get a Bigger Penis

Most men wish they have bigger members because it is a great source of pride. As early as thirteen or fourteen, they have been asking the question: how to increase my penis size and have been looking for ways to remedy a diminutive penis. While it is true that the natural size of one's penis is determined by genetics, there are also ways to alter nature and aim for something bigger and fuller. The most popular technique in penis enlargement is Jelqing. To perform it, hold your penis in a slightly erect position, holding the base with your fingers. Use your fore and index finger to hold it and push the blood flow to the its tip and do the same using your other hand. Alternate between your hands and perform it repeatedly for at least five minutes a day. The idea here is to elongate the shaft by allowing the blood to circulate fully. Also an effective technique that will answer the how to increase my penis size question is exercise. If you are little overweight, you run the risk of having small penis because of the fat that surrounds the base. This fat eats up most of the space that are supposed to be designed on its length. Most fat guys usually have smaller penis because of this. To lose weight, do a lot of aerobic exercises such as jogging and walking. You also need to cut on your fat and calorie intake and instead eat more fruits and vegetables so that the blood flow in your penis will run smoothly. Also pay close attention to this, If you aren't already well-endowed, this is a surefire way to improve how satisfying you are in bed. A long, thick penis will Stimulate Her G-Spot And make your woman climax MUCH more easily than an average or below-average one. Size is needed to provide friction to the clitoris while you're thrusting and to deliver long, satisfying strokes to the sensitive areas inside her. What you are about to discover is something most men will never know when it comes to Getting A Bigger Penis. This is one thing which is an absolute must know for every man out there. You are about to discover an ultimate secret weapon which will make you grow

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How to Increase My Penis Size