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"NFSJDBO)JTUPSZ&YIJCJUT Pearce Museum, Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas Civil War and Western American Art The Pearce Museum at Navarro College includes two collections that focus on documents, artifacts, and photographs related directly to the American Civil War and works of art depicting the historic and modern American West. The Civil War collection has more than 15,000 documents, as well as a number of photographs and three-dimensional artifacts that directly relate to the period 1861–1865 and are original to that time period, or were written or made within the life of a participant in the American Civil War.




The 2017 American Studies Association of Texas Conference will be held Nov. 9-11, 2017, in Huntsville, Texas. "4"5$POGFSFODF)JHIMJHIUT XJMMCFJODMVEFEJOUIFOFYUJTTVF "4"5.FNCFSTIJQ


The Western Art collection has 250 works of art in a realistic style that directly relate to the historic and modern American West. The collection is both two-and three-dimensional and includes media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, egg tempera, and guache, as well as bronze and alabaster sculpture. Bullock Museum, Austin, Texas, Sept. 2, 2017-Jan. 7, 2018 American Spirits: The Rise of Prohibition More than 100 rare, period artifacts and multi-media presentations on the history of the era, and a re-created speakeasy where visitors can explore the fashion, music, and culture of the Roaring ‘20s. Bush Presidential Library, College Station, Texas March 6, 2017-Jan. 7, 2018 The Legacy of Ranching: Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future This exhibit highlights strong legacies and examines how livestock industries helped shape the state, from early Spanish Land grants to the present day descendants. Recordings of oral histories, an original video narrative, hands-on educational activities, 250 artifacts and a historic chuck wagon centerpiece are included in this display. Museum of the American GI, College Station, Texas April 2017-Jan. 2019 Over There: America in WWI In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the event, The Museum of the American G.I. presents a centennial commemoration of America’s role in the Great War. Join us as we explore American life before the war, its build-up as the U.S. recruited and equipped its soldiers, the efforts to fund the war effort through bonds, frugality on the home front, and life for the men and women who served “over there.� The exhibit features more than 40 original posters, uniforms, restored trucks and the only operational FT-17 Renault tank in North America.

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