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Membership Mathematics We’ve heard it before: ‘members are the lifeblood of any association.’ That’s true, but I don’t think it goes far enough. Members are the body, heart and soul of any association, because so many donate their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ for the good of their group. They are: An industry’s voice. A profession’s leaders. Driving forces in their communities. Connections that create value for their members. And NARI members are: Ethical. Honest. Talented. Generous. Fair. Compassionate. Welcoming. Proud. And very invested in who we are, what we do and what we stand for. What do our members give us? They provide us with a representative voice to government – local, state and federal. They make us compete – if you want to beat your rivals, you better raise your game; your rivals aren’t going to lower theirs. They give us a marketplace presence and a community identity – we’re remodelers and we’re professionals. The community needs to know us, because we understand they will entrust us to reshape something near and dear to their hearts – their homes. The community knows us better if we’re under the NARI banner. That banner gets bigger, bolder

and stronger as our membership grows. We’ve been running a membership campaign since last fall with iPad tablets as ‘best recruiter’ incentives. That reward is great and we should all pursue it, but there is a ‘stronger equation’ at work here. Every new Miami Valley NARI member is one more ‘influencer’ for ethical practices; for fair, honest pricing; for adhering to the highest business standards. So, this old saying is also true: ‘You’re known by the company you keep.’ That’s accurate, whether talking about good ones, or unfortunately, the bad ones in our industry. So each new NARI member is an ambassador for all that’s right about our profession, and they help us ‘grow the good.’ That’s why our upcoming issues of the Miami Valley newsletter will focus on our members – to know them better, and appreciate them as NARI’s heart and soul. Watch for them in November. It all adds up, so ‘do the math’ – and bring in a new NARI member today! Sincerely,

John A. Puslat, President Miami Valley NARI Owner of Window & Door Designs LLC

NARI, Greenstar Form Alliance to Encourage Green Remodeling Practices GreenStar to award project certification points to NARI Green Certified Professionals The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and GreenStar have formed a strategic alliance to provide green training and certification to the remodeling community. GreenStar is a leading residential building standards and certification program available in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. This program certifies homes via an objective, third-party verification system that assures consumers that their remodeling project meets the program requirements and is constructed as designed. NARI’ Green Certified Professional (GCP) certification prep program “High-Performance Remodeling” has incorporated GreenStar training, and GreenStar will now award points toward its project certifications for those who have earned a NARI GCP. “NARI’s High- Performance Remodeling course and GCP certification provides remodelers the technical tools needed to build GreenStar certified projects,” says Dan Taddei, NARI director of education and certification. “The industry has been looking for a way to recognize projects like such as additions or kitchen and bath remodels as being remodeled green— GreenStar does it.” “GreenStar marks a new era for remodelers across the country,” says Michael Anschel, GreenStar’s director of development. “Now there is finally a comprehensive, robust, legitimate green

remodeling tool that anyone can use. The debate over what constitutes ‘green’ is over. Remodelers can certify everything from a bathroom, kitchen, or even windows and siding replacement, all the way to a whole home remodel and offer something unique and valuable to their clients.” Both NARI’s GCP and GreenStar focus on the holistic view of the house and its interactive systems, focus on areas such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, water conservation, resource efficiency and site and community impact. ABOUT GREENSTAR: GreenStar, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2007 and has developed a leading residential building standards and certification program created to promote healthy, durable, high-performance design and construction for both new and existing homes. An objective, thirdparty verification system assures consumers that the new home or remodeling project meets the program requirements and is constructed as designed. A wholesystems approach applies the five (5) key concepts of green building programs – Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency (including durability), Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Conservation, Site and Community – to the traditional building process.  The MNGS program improves the impact of green building programs on individuals, their families, the community, and the environment.

Since we’re kicking off our focus on members this month, it is also a very good time to talk about the benefits of NARI membership, nationally and within our Miami Valley chapter, for new and existing members alike.

Benefits of NARI Membership

Those benefits: Help you adapt to the pressures of a changing economy; improve your ability to compete; identify new markets for business and increase sales leads; access timely, relevant, actionable information; improve internal company organization and efficiency; attain credentials that increase your credibility; network with industry peers; reduce cost and time to market with downloadable tools; improve the perception of the industry for future employees; influence policy in Washington D.C. to advance and protect the industry; win recognition with a prestigious awards program; inform and educate consumers about the professionalism of the remodeling industry; inform and educate consumers on remodeling “right”; earn money-saving discounts only available to NARI members, including insurance programs. Add in our annual Consumer Remodeling Guide, company exposure at Homeworld, our Miami Valley NARI CotY Awards program, our great educational and social programs, and NARI membership adds up to a great deal for professional remodelers in the Miami Valley!

October Membership Meeting: Don’t Miss It! There are many items that factor into the operation of your business material costs, labor, scheduling, training, client relations, and a variety of outside influences that can impact a residential remodeling company today. But there are hidden ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that can also significantly affect your company. They are legal in nature, and the old expression that ‘ignorance of the law’ is no excuse is certainly true, if these are not reflected in your contract materials. Save the date for Tuesday, October 22, and plan now to join Michael Sandner of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling as he details ‘Mandatory Inclusions for Proposals and Bid Submissions.’ The Membership Meeting begins at 7:30 AM with networking and breakfast, and will be held at the Miami Valley NARI Chapter office. Michael will detail those specific provisions of the Home Construction Service Act (HCCSA) that impact on the documentation you provide to your owner – prior to, during and after construction. If you’re a remodeler with a contract that exceeds $25,000 entered in to anytime after August 31, 2012, you need to know how to comply with the Act and avoid the penalties for non-compliance: Possible pursuit by Ohio’s Attorney General, voiding of your contract, recovery of economic and noneconomic damages, and the possible award of attorney’s fees. If you miss this session, you won’t know what you’re missing – so don’t miss it!

How can I get an iPad without spending big $$$$?

With Miami Valley NARI’s New Membership Campaign!

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Let’s Nail It!

In November, Miami Valley NARI launched its new 8 7 membership campaign. Though we want new members to 6 5 keep our industry and association strong, drawings based 4 3 on recruiting new members are getting all the buzz. Steve 2 1 Jobs may be gone, but you could own part of his legacy if you’re able to recruit new members. What’s the story? For each new member you recruit, you’ll be entered to win an iPad; the more you recruit, the more you’re entered to win. The iPads will keep coming throughout the campaign, and a drawing will be conducted at the Membership Meeting immediately following the sign up of the tenth new member. So, if you recruit two of the ten new members, you‘ll be entered twice – and so on. Recruit your industry friends; tell them the advantages we enjoy as members, and you don’t have to tell them that you could win an iPad - keep that one to yourself until they are an eligible member and begin recruiting! This campaign continues through November 2013.

Miami Valley NARI October 23 Happy Hour Get Social with your NARI Colleagues! Mark your calendars! Wednesday, October 23 is 2013’s final Miami Valley NARI Happy Hour! Our host is Heather Craaybeek of RSVP Ohio, and the event will be from 5:30 until 7 PM, at El Meson. And Halloween is one week later, so feel free to be ‘creative’ in your attire!


Miami Valley NARI Remodeler October 2013  

This is the October 2013 issue of the Miami Valley NARI newsletter, The Remodeler

Miami Valley NARI Remodeler October 2013  

This is the October 2013 issue of the Miami Valley NARI newsletter, The Remodeler